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Coolifespa massage knowledge and stories and news

China coolifespa gay men,male,female massage stories and news

What is SPA massage? Several misunderstandings to do SPA!

What is SPA? If only a few years ago, few people in the country knew what it was. Even some people have heard of before, but only understand or understand, I do not know why.

And now just look at the streets sprung up in the SPA Museum and beauty salons advertising signs in the project, you can feel its heat. With the continuous increase of people's understanding of SPA, the consumption of SPA is also becoming increasingly rational.

It is said that, on the origin of the SPA, there is a legend: in Belgium, a Roman Empire that is famous for the town "SPA", the town has a hot spring, because the spring water is rich in mineral and aromatic essential oils, often in the water bubble Bath, people will become particularly comfortable, the skin becomes white and smooth, the body will become symmetrical, plump, and can eliminate many diseases, wash with water, can eliminate stains, increase skin elasticity and gloss, the skin becomes White and tender.

For a time, the town became "the hometown of angels," and many were not far from the city, even Peter the Great brought queens and daughters to take bath to cure the disease and gain beauty.

A long time, people call this spa environment and methods for the "SPA." Since its inception, the concept of SPA has become more and more rich. It has become a beauty-keeping method with health and beauty effects that combines aroma incense, essential oils, bath, massage and daily skin care, as well as floral tea and music. But it still can not be separated from "water".

SPA is the most common form of SPA, SPA is essential for water and water equipment, such as barrel bath, wet steam, dry steam, shower and hydro massage bath.

8 kinds of bedtime kidney, qi and blood, improve the immune system

Method one: every night before going to sleep with both hands back to the waist, supine on the bed, 5-10 minutes later, the heat will gradually spread throughout the body.

At the beginning, palms are waist depression will appear the phenomenon of swelling, 3-5 days after the fit can be eliminated, the legs will feel relaxed and flexible.

Often drunk people, forehead will exudate sweat, and some waist will sweat. This is because the two hands of the labor force close to the two kidneys, the palms of the heat directly warm the two kidneys, the kidney of the cold out of the gas, through the run into sweat excreted.

Drinking also affect the oral health, develop sooner or later use Ti Yan Tang pearl bright white teeth powder to brush your teeth habits, can effectively inhibit the dental plaque, remove tooth stains, whitening teeth.

Especially at 10:30 to 11 pm, is the end of the hour, when the child, at the moment the most gas, gas through the Lao Gong inhalation, through the foreign labor directly into the second kidney, with the palm of the heat and the five elements of the Gas, warm two kidney.

Whether it is at night, or during the day, as long as you lie in bed, insist on two hands back close to the two kidney half an hour, you can receive miraculous. Often drink chestnut Zixuan walnut black bean powder also help kidney, with the above description of the method, the effect of kidney will be doubled!

Method 2: If your legs and legs cold, numbness, can be left foot in the right foot of the neck, 20 minutes later, the legs will become hot.

Athlete's foot, foot odor friends for more than a foot bath, add a little pepper or white vinegar in the foot bath, usually pay more attention to health, ground changing socks, and the use of Ti Yan Tang care package to remove athlete's foot and foot odor.

Every night with hot water foot bath, massage the legs of the roots of the "gas rushed" hole. Massage "qi Chong" acupuncture can also cure itching, after bathing smear Shang Ti Yan Tong Shu cream, moisturizing the skin, itching swelling.

And repeatedly rub the two feet of the heart, "Yongquan" hole. Repeated tapping, tapping, pushing, massage the two waist out of the "Shen Yu" points, the effect is better.

Hands and feet cold female friends in addition to more than feet to live blood heating, but also in the winter when using warm baby stickers, cold warm, hot body.

Method three: fist with both hands, posted behind, with the body slightly jitter up and down

The greatest effect of this method is to encourage kidney qi, a short period of time to make the human body yang angry. People who have been engaged in mental work for a long period of time are in a good mood and are in no mood to move. As a result, the human body is overcast and the yang is relatively inadequate, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue and forgetfulness.

Long-term feeling fatigue, fatigue, but also may be the cause of heavy moisture. Usually drink more chestnut Zixi Eighteen Valley casual, from the conditioning, rapid Qushi. But also ground exercise, sweating to moisture.

This method is also suitable for the elderly in health, the elderly first leg failure, waist and thigh connected, in fact, is the kidney failure, kidney massage has a direct effect of kidney. In the elderly usually move, kidney qi, natural back will not bend.--wuhan gay men massage.

Method four: massage too brook

Specialized treatment of kidney diseases, such as kidney deficiency, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic nephritis, diabetic nephropathy. Especially for patients with chronic kidney disease, at the same time showed edema, backache, leg pain, fatigue in patients with the most obvious effect.

With the contralateral hand thumb kneading, you can also use the massage stick or smooth stick rub, pay attention to the force of soft, to feel soreness for the degree, too much strength to avoid injury to the skin.

For nephritis patients, after rubbing can make a certain degree of hypertension to reduce urinary protein was significantly reduced. Although the massage has a good effect, but still need to cooperate with drug treatment.

Five, hands and ears method

Left hand over his head to pull the right side of the ear dozens of times, and then right hand pull the left ear dozens of times.

This exercise can also promote the submandibular gland, sublingual gland secretion, reduce sore throat, cure chronic pharyngitis.

Six, both ears cover the law

Two hands cover both sides of the pinna, finger care after the skull, with the index finger pressure shot 24, you can hear the sound of "rumbling", said hit "day drum." This stimulus can be active kidney, brain, eyesight, kidney effect.

Seven, all ears massage method

After rubbing heat between palms of both hands, massage the ventral backwards (ie, the front of the ear), then fold the back of the back massage forward and repeat the massage 5-6 times. This method can clear the meridians, the kidneys and systemic organs have health effects.

Eight, hands and ears

With both hands to sweep the ear from the back, then you will hear "Cha Cha" sound. 20 times a day, several times a day, as long as long-term adherence, will be able to kidney fitness.

The above eight methods can be selected according to each person's needs, or single or several with, as long as sustained, will be able to receive the desired results.

Today teach you how to massage stovepipe

1. Before the massage must be hot, the pores open, do not directly to the scraping plate or massage brush to do, too dry more pain, the beginning can be coated with body lotion or essential oils, or stovepipe cream (later in the slowly Compare which is right for your own) smear evenly in the legs, beat to absorb, every day with the best bath, but also save the heat, the first hand to massage.

2. first said the calf, hand from the ankle to the knee bend at the end of the pull, two hands to do, fingers forced, about twenty or five under the two hands count about, can not be lazy ah ha ha, Then do the kind of twist towel action, two hands on the lower leg repeatedly rotation, the two groups of alternating action, about three groups around it.

3. thighs, is not a lot of people are trying to thin thighs, a lot of people relatively thick thighs, because the thigh meat is relatively sensitive to the calf, the feeling will be a little pain, it does not matter, in order to thin we have to endure right! The inside of the thigh with the thumb toward the direction of the thigh upward pull the inside of the meat, two hands alternately, but also massage to red hair, then the same as the action of the towel on the thigh to rotate, the two groups alternately.

4. hand massage almost, you can scraping board or massage brush, the lateral side of the legs are from top to bottom, the inside of the legs from bottom to top, the order can not be ignored. Certainly someone asked why ah, ye and I see not the same, I come to ask you one by one answer:

Legs inside the upper scraping: mainly along the foot less, foot lupine spleen, foot Jueyin liver, from the bottom up scraping;

Legs before the side of the scraping: the main step along the foot of Yangming stomach washed down;

Legs side of the lower scraping: mainly along the foot Shaoyang gallbladder washed down on the scraping;

Back down the side scraping: the main along the sun through the bladder from the top down the scraping;

Attention! Attention! Attention!

Scraping the best wrap wrapped in plastic wrap, to promote fever, burning fat, if someone with thin leg cream must wrap wrap film, we can massage before and after the measure with a soft ruler, the big man can see the effect of one person.

china gay men massage,girl for man massage.

SPA massage makes the skin more elastic and shiny

Many of my friends like the spa, not only because it can bring people to relax, there is a reason is that spa care can enjoy from head to toe treatment, can be anti-aging, make the skin more flexible and shiny.

SPA treatment of the most emphasis on the integration of repair, strengthen and delay the aging of the occurrence, and SPA therapy in the traditional beauty salon maintenance, the body will be combined with the treatment of heart, which for modern women, you can get more complete The overall benefits, to enhance the quality of life of individuals.

We can say that SPA for the beauty of the people, the biggest contribution is anti-aging.

Generally referred to the annoying words of aging, can not help but for the busy modern people to sympathize with the tears, due to the work environment in a high degree of pressure and anxiety, excessive tension, anxiety and depression, etc., will inevitably lead to physiological response Disorder, and thus make the collagen collagen because of excessive oxidation deterioration, loss of elasticity, and the joints stiff, skin sebum will be due to excessive oxidation and early appearance of the elderly ... ...

For the above reasons, the skin naturally began to appear a variety of poor circulation, aging symptoms, but in fact, although the aging of many reasons, but the pressure, free radical oxidation, lifestyle, diet, ultraviolet, sports and other factors, Usually can be noted that the improvement.

Therefore, some practices are presented here for reference. After all, do a good job of anti-aging health management, it is an important modern SPA courses.

In the beauty maintenance, SPA treatment of the most emphasis on the integrated repair, strengthening and delay the aging of the occurrence, and SPA therapy in the traditional beauty salon maintenance, the body and the heart of the combination of treatment, which for modern people , Can get a more complete and comprehensive benefits, enhance the quality of life of individuals.

Moreover, through a variety of SPA therapy from outside to bring a more positive, positive, healthy, pleasant, young life, which will be an important future of preventive medicine.

Spa repair skin full of delicate skin tender tender

SPA soothing mood--shenzhen gay men massage,girl for man massage.

Spa SPA gives a refreshing feeling. Busy for a whole year, why not take the time to enjoy the water care, by the way sort out the complicated thoughts. The professional SPA living room provides a wonderful place for men and women to relax and relax, so that you can enjoy the natural and quiet.

Ancient Chinese famous doctors zhangzhongjing health methods

Zhang Zhongjing is not only a great clinician, but also a well-known "Nei Jing" the purpose of the health scientist, he "in the" maintenance, prevention of disease under the guidance of the theory, the use of medicine, diet, physical therapy , Acupuncture and other methods to righting, to promote rehabilitation, the development of Chinese medicine health ...

Zhang Zhongjing is not only a great clinician, but also a well-known "Nei Jing" the purpose of the health scientist, he "in the" maintenance, prevention of disease under the guidance of the theory, the use of medicine, diet, physical therapy , Acupuncture and other methods to righting to promote rehabilitation, the development of Chinese medicine plays an important role in health care.

Zhang Zhongjing 's Thought and Method of Health Preservation

1, diet health--BeiJing gay massage,men for men massage

Chinese medicine diet method is to use four gas flavors, ups and downs of the concept of understanding of food, is a macroscopic approach. The basic meaning of this sentence is that people rely on the days of the five gas and the growth of the five flavors of the land. Diet nutrition is the material basis of health and longevity. Chinese medicine diet health stressed that because of the time, because of the correct choice of diet, to promote flavors and harmony, advocate diet.

Zhongjing pointed out that an important principle of diet is "taking food and clothing hot and cold hot acid Xin Gan." ("Golden plaque to slightly organs and meridians have pulse and cure the first") a "section" word, the diet should be Attention to the quality and quantity of the two aspects of the rational expression of understanding. "Festival" is no too much. Eat any kind of sexual taste of the food are likely to lead to the function of the partial faint partial organs, organs dysfunction, disease and Health Yan. Zhong Jing and day: "Where the taste of the diet, to keep in the raw, food is harmful, anti-energy harm. Since the non-medication liquid refining, how can not drink almost cut? When people see, not leisurely, If you are not due to food and health? Gou Quan of the Health, to know who should carry on. The taste of food, and the disease is appropriate, with the body harm, if the benefits should be beneficial body, the disease is a disease, as a result of danger, This is concise: people's food and diet methods, suitable for the body is beneficial, otherwise it is harmful to the body. Cherish life, should be good at eating through the diet, the body tune. Otherwise it may cause disease, affect the quality and quantity of life.

2, Suncheon health

Zhang Zhongjing very much emphasis on heaven and earth changes in yin and yang, cold and heat on the impact of people, advocates should be responsive to the four yin and yang to health, and irreversible, otherwise it will produce disease. Such as "villain touch (that is, Guiyang yin and yang move), will be infants rum." If not shoddy yin and yang (that is, Zhongjing said "heaven and earth"), for a long time may also endanger the health, The occurrence of chronic diseases. Therefore, Zhongjing proposed health to adapt to the natural temperature and heat changes, "gentleman spring and summer Yang Yang, autumn and winter Yin Yin, heaven and earth to the soft and soft also." ("Treatise on the cold case") should pay attention to four and one day diet Taboo " Spring does not eat the liver, the summer does not eat heart autumn do not eat lungs, winter does not eat kidney, four seasons do not eat spleen.

3, evil health--BeiJing girl massage,female for male massage

Song Chen Yuan said: "Health to not damage for the extension of the surgery, no damage to have to make up for the health of the." He is anxious to prevent the evil is not evil. Not for. "Zhang Zhongjing also put forward such a health principle. He said in the "golden doctor", said: "good evil wind, many people die." Good health, to be careful to avoid injury to the wind. "If people can be cautious, not so evil wind mercy mercy", will be able to prevent disease in the absence of this, this is the most basic measures of health.

4, adjust the spirit of health

Zhang Zhongjing on the "only fame and fortune is" is very disagree, that is, Zhang Zhongjing period Mian world not only fame and fortune is a map, selfless, desires to reach the realm of quiet, and keep thinking quiet, they can get nursed back to health, but disease The purpose of lengthening. "Prime yin and yang should be like a big theory," said: "There are five internal organs of the five gas, with anger and anger frightened." Seven emotions are adversely affected, it is easy to damage the five internal organs blood. So since the ancient health home are very attentive to the relationship between emotion and health, advocate reconciliation emotions.

5, love health--guangzhou male for male massage,gay men massage

Zhang Zhongjing in the "Treatise on Miscellaneous Diseases" in the criticism of the part of the people at that time "can not love people know, back can not love themselves." Zhong Jing put forward the "love" concept. Confucianism Chong "benevolence", "benevolent love." Love is benevolence; between people and deity is benevolence is benevolence. "The Analects of Confucius Yong" and "Kong Ji in the mean" are recorded in the Confucius on the "benevolent life" point of view, that kind of people, loving, kind-hearted people, can enjoy longevity.

6, guided massage health "Golden hide to be slightly," said: "The limbs only feel stagnant, that is, guidance, breathing, acupuncture, cream, do not make Jiuqiao occlusion." This fully reflects the Zhongjing prevention, The idea of health. Zhongjing cited four methods, not only as a disease prevention and treatment measures, both ancient and modern are often used as a means of health care.

7, sexual health

Zhang Zhongjing in the "gold doctor to slightly organs meridians have pulse syndrome and governance," said: "room is not exhausted." This is a good concept of health. Sexual intercourse, that is, sexual life. In the atrioventricular and health problems, there are many kinds of ideas in ancient China, which have an extreme idea of abstinence. But the main point is that the intercourse can not be no more than, neither abstinence, nor indulgence, and for the treasure. This is the most general principles of ancient Chinese health science: no too much, too much, too late to go. Zhang Zhongjing said, "room room not to make it exhausted," this is a short sentence is the embodiment of this view.

8, law-abiding health--Shanghai gay boy massage,gay men massage

Zhang Zhongjing in the "gold plaque to slightly organs and meridians have a pulse syndrome and governance" to discuss a variety of health care, prevention of disease methods, put forward "more without any law." For "Wang Fa", note the family have different interpretations.

Some experts believe that refers to the natural laws, including spring, summer long, autumn harvest, winter, yin and yang growth and decline, the five lines run and so on. Some note that the country refers to the criminal law and other laws (Liu Duzhou "gold plaque to a slightly diagnosis"). Zhang Zhongjing will abide by the state law as an important part of health to be emphasized, it is necessary. This is a simple view of social health.

In the level of technology is quite developed today, Zhongjing's health point of view still has a positive practical significance. Everyone should abide by national decrees. This is not only the requirements of society, social stability and social order needs, but also the needs of human health, with the meaning of health care.

9, cure disease is not health

"Golden hiding to the main organs of the meridians have pulse rule and rule" There are words: "asked: 'on the treatment of disease, what?' Master said: 'husband disease is not sick, see the liver disease, Spleen, the first real spleen, four seasons spleen Wang not evil, that do not make up; in the workers do not know, see the liver disease, do not understand the real spleen, but the rule of the liver also.

"Zhang Zhongjing also developed and enriched the" Nei Jing "and" difficult "" cure disease "theory, such as" Treatise on the "everywhere embodies the" defensive qi, Zuyu fluid "principle, it is also the idea of disease Zhongjing works in the treatment of disease content, summed up, probably can be divided into the following four aspects:

(1) not disease prevention;

(2) sick early treatment;

(3) to prevent transmission;

(4) to prevent recurrence.

The benefits of massage for people!

Speaking of the current massage I think there will certainly be a lot of people think of the first massage to bring us a huge effect, we usually work is basically very busy, if you can not let your body relax, then for us The pressure will bear the more accumulation, so the time slowly accumulated, then the body will one day will be too much. In Beijing, we can see a lot of professionals engaged in the massage industry, they are today we have to talk about the massage on the human body brought significant benefits.

First of all, massage can make your body get a certain rest, especially now to work white-collar workers, basically perennial engaged in the same computer work, so a long time there will be frozen shoulder and so on, If you do not pay attention to the long term, then a long time your body will be deformed, then how do we do? Beijing massage in this to remind you about to find a professional massage staff, from time to time to their own press, so that we will have some help to ease fatigue, and these people for the body of each point are well aware of, so different Acupuncture points can also regulate the body's internal analysis system, so do things twice, I think it is now the people of the metropolitan need.

The above is the massage of the relevant staff for the massage on the human body brought about by the significant benefits of the relevant analysis, indeed if you are tired, is not to press, you will feel the body are very comfortable, This is the best way to relieve fatigue. So now people engaged in massage industry is also slowly increasing.


Why silk foot massage so much attention

The general definition of a girl is a beautiful standard, the general is to note that her facial features are delicate and patient, whether it can make people feel comfortable feeling.

However, with a proud figure is good for the beautiful extra points, and slender legs will be a good figure for extra points, because it is undeniable that the legs since ancient times are considered a symbol of sexy The This is also why the Japanese like kimono, because it can block the Japanese way of life caused by leg lines ugly.

And now, silk foot is to become the trend, especially in the summer, full of streets are full of skirt shorts on the foot of the girl, fashion beautiful, did not tweak the state, a kind of natural beauty. Because the stockings to shape the thighs of the people, so long wearing the stockings of the girl's leg is very beautiful, so silk has become a lot of girls choose.

Besides, it must be to those who do not pay attention to the diet led to body like, the body is very nice girl to distinguish, Changyang said good people can not blame the camera, life can not rely on the government, do not pay attention to the diet destroyed a pair of feet Can be strange stockings is also a profound reason.

In fact, the most popular in the southern foot when the summer is not hot, because the weather is getting hot, so when the foot is generally popular spring or autumn season. This time the weather is cool, the temperature is pleasant, it is the hope of the season and harvest season, in the dazzling array of goods is beautiful and beautiful silk feet girl, always able to re-give the definition of beauty, is the so-called My Fair Lady, Beautiful things are always welcome, so the silk is also so by everyone's welcome.


Introduction to Chinese Massage

Chapter 1: Massage

Massage, health and medical terminology. By pressing or rubbing the body of the body to fitness or treatment methods. Out of the "Lingshu. Nine needle": "the situation panic, the meridian barrier, the disease in the non-benevolence, the rule of the massage mash medicine ... ..." "Han. Yi Wen Zhi" "Yellow Emperor Qi Bo massage" ten volumes, Doctor, masseur. Tang Shiming Lin "all by the sound and meaning" volume eighteen "ten round." Massage: "mortal self-pinching, Shenshi hand and foot, in addition to labor to trouble, called guidance.If others convince the body, or Mo or Pinch, that is, the name of massage. "Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, massage has been widely known as massage. "Positive massage to surgery": "massage, that is, the analogy of the massage also."

Massage: the concept of massage and massage

Massage and massage to the basic theory of Chinese and Western medicine as a guide to a variety of techniques or instruments as a force, directly on the body surface of the special parts, resulting in biophysical and biochemical changes, and ultimately through the nervous system regulation, body fluid circulation regulation, As well as the transmission of the meridian acupuncture points to achieve Shujin live bone, eliminate fatigue, prevention and treatment of diseases, thereby improving and improving the physiological functions of the human body a variety of practices.-china gay body massage

Massage: Features

Simple, do not need any special equipment, significant effect, no side effects, affordable, healthy life.

Massage: the origin of massage

First, the massage produced by the objectivity

Massage, also known as massage, ancient by the stony, case, etc., is our working people in the long-term struggle with the disease gradually summed up the understanding and development. In the primitive society, primitive people in the production of labor or fighting with the beast, there must be some trauma, pain, they naturally hand to touch, press rubbing gradually received effect. Human instinct to repeat the application of some can touch the touch of the `rubbing method, after a continuation of time, these techniques have been developed and accumulated. About a few thousand years ago, our ancestors laid the foundation for the massage, and gradually form China's massage discipline. From the Shang Dynasty Yin Ruins unearthed Oracle inscriptions can be found, as early as the 14th century BC, there is "massage" written records.

Chapter 2, the origin of massage related records

In the ancient Chinese literature "Historical Records. "When the ancient times, the doctor has Yu tarsal, treatment is not to Tang Yao, wine and to bridge cited, case, poison iron, etc. These records in the" Zimo "," case In the Spring and Autumn Period and its previous period, "Zhuangzi", "Lao Tzu", "Xizi", "Mozi" and other works also referred to the exercise and self-massage method.

"Zhou Li Shu" recorded in the Bian Que to cure Guo Prince filial case, not only shows that this comprehensive treatment of the strange effect, but also shows the important role of massage in clinical applications. During the period of the Qin and Han Dynasties, the "emperor of the emperor" not only recorded the origin of massage, but also pointed out the role of massage and application.

Asked. Blood gas shaped chapter, "said:" shape panic, the meridian barrier, the disease in the non-benevolent, rule of the massage, mash wine. "Pointed out that the meridian barrier, blood barrier, a certain part of the body will be in the treatment You can use the method of massage to clear the meridian qi and blood, to achieve the role of treatment. During this period appeared in China's first massage monograph "Emperor Chi Bo massage ten volumes."-china men massage

Massage: massage and massage the contents and classification

(A) massage and massage the contents

1, swing class approach: a finger push method, all kinds of vibration law, all kinds of kneading method, all kinds of jitter method.

2, friction method: push method, transport law, rub method, scraping method, rubbing method, touch method, comb and so on.

3, squeeze class practices: press, point, pressure, pinch, pinch, grasp, bomb law and so on.

Massage massage step back

4, percussion methods: a variety of shooting method, hit the law, acupuncture points and so on.

5, the movement of joint practices; a variety of rocking method, plate method, flexion and extension method, end method, top method and so on.

6, compound approach: push friction method, according to kneading method, vibration method, click the law, pull the law, rotation method, shake by law and so on.

1. What is health care massage?

Health massage refers to the use of massage by the practitioners, the appropriate parts of the body to operate the stimulus generated by the way through the reflection of the body's neurohumoral function to influence, so as to achieve the elimination of fatigue, regulate body information, enhance physical fitness,The purpose of longevity.

Health massage massage techniques, such as the commonly used surface massage method, kneading pool neck method, cotton friction method, back waist law, tapping method, limb throttle method, it is gentle action, the use of flexible, easy to operate, use A wide range, both men and women, physical strength, whether the disease, can use different techniques, health care massage.

With the development of market economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the needs of people's health, a variety of health massage service industry came into being. Such as domestic health massage, children's health massage, sports massage, beauty massage, weight loss massage, there are travel abroad massage, scene massage, pet massage and so on.

2. What is sports massage?

Sports and health, the two will promote each other and development, massage in the application of sports, also with the development, and gradually formed a sports massage.

Sports massage is to adjust and protect the athletes a good competitive state, promote and develop sportsmen potential physical fitness, to achieve the purpose of sports for its purpose.

In recent years, some practice at home and abroad shows that its role and significance in creating excellent athletic performance has become more and more important.

We use massage to help them overcome some of the dysfunctions that occurred before the race, to eliminate fatigue after the game, to speed up physical recovery, to facilitate the war again and again to the athletes in the campaign in the game, , Made a certain effect.-china gay men massage therapist.

Sports massage is now divided into self-massage, massage before exercise and after exercise massage, respectively, after the narrative:

(1) massage before exercise

Sports is generally divided into sports training and sports competitions, before the activities of the massage, known as pre-exercise massage. It can promote the body's nerves, muscles, joints, internal organs and psychological emotions mobilized to adapt to the movement and psychological burden to face, so as to prevent the injury bacteria, improve physical strength, play an active role.

(2) pre-training massage

Sports training before the training, to help athletes improve the ability to train operations; to help promote the development of physical fitness, have to prevent disease, promote the body of the system organs are mobilized to adapt to the upcoming sports activities. In the specific operation, must be based on the characteristics of sports, as well as athletes of the individual characteristics. Some of the energy consumption of more sports, long-distance running, swimming, cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, etc., such as the use of massage methods to replace the need to consume part of the energy preparation activities, which provides more energy for the movement.

(3) before the massage

Sports before the competition massage, before the game before the massage. Usually in the play before 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes, when the athlete receives a notice of the race, there is a pre-match state, some people will appear bad situation, the need for medical treatment, which means that the need for a few days before the competition massage. For example, before the competition, athletes too nervous, easy to fall asleep at night or sleep more sleepy wake up, or nightmares disturbed, affecting athletes sleep rest. As the night can not sleep, there are days of lack of energy, irritability, poor appetite and other symptoms. This will affect the athlete to participate in the competition must be a good competitive state. When this happens, you should carry out sedative sleep massage.

If the insomnia for a long time, the symptoms of the more athletes, in the use of law massage, but also massage the gas Chong points, pinch, rubbing Shenmen points, pinch between the points and so on. All these stimuli, do not force too heavy, with a slight soreness for the degree. Usually for 20 minutes, or longer. From the state before the race, the athletes were overly excited during the play, restless, agitated, increased pulse, forced urination, and even polyuria, the accuracy and coordination of the action were also adversely affected, the result is hampered the level of motor technology Of the full play.-china gay men massage

4) After exercise massage

After intense exercise training or competition, the athletes' nerves, body fluids, circulation, breathing, digestion, metabolism and acid-base balance, etc., have undergone tremendous changes that have undermined the balance of the environment in the body. But it quickly reached a new balance, this new balance, usually marked the body to improve the ability to work.

However, in the internal environment of the functional system to achieve the balance of the process, sometimes slow links, the general performance are: excessive mental stress, insomnia, muscle tension, fatigue and so on.

After exercise massage, can promote the elimination of these phenomena, to accelerate the internal environment to achieve a new balance, to accelerate the ability to improve the load, to speed up the completion of the preparation of the rear movement load.

After exercise massage the use of the way, the size of the force, the length of time, etc., should be based on the athlete's physical, gender, sports characteristics of the project, in particular, according to the reaction after the reaction out of the situation (such as dizziness, Limb weakness, muscle tension, insomnia, etc.) to decide.

Need to comply with the principle of individual treatment, not stereotyped. We usually use the method, there are friction, kneading, pushing, vibration and jitter. Strong physical strength, muscle fullness, massage power should be heavier, the time should be longer; the other hand, the force will be lighter, the time should be shorter.

Athletes in the case of very tired, often by the acupoint massage, the way is by, pressure, points, kneading, pinch, push, etc., to clear the blood, inside and outside access, balance yin and yang, so that the ability to exercise faster recovery, And has improved.-china gay massage

Massage sauna

Exercise after exercise: usually once a week. In the training after a break of 1 to 2 hours or more after the time. It is best in the warm water bath, in the warm, quiet room. Athletes lying comfortably on the bed, exposed parts of the massage, in accordance with the chest, abdomen, upper limbs, lower limbs in the order. Along the direction of blood and lymphatic reflux massage. Use kneading, pushing, shaking, jitter and other practices, forced from heavy to light.

At the same time according to the fatigue of various parts of the situation, through the acupoints. The implementation of kneading, twisting, pushing, pinch and other means to reconcile the blood, faster to eliminate fatigue. Such as massage to the athletes about to sleep, should stop the massage, to the massage was gently covered with quilt to prevent colds. Athletes wake up, they will be full of energy, the body comfortable.

3. What is medical massage?

Also known as massage therapy, injury massage, is one of the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, but also the most ancient human one of the main application of massage to achieve the purpose of medical therapy.

4. What is weight loss massage?

Through the practice in recent years confirmed that massage can be a lot of consumption and eliminate the blood vessels of the wall of the material, the expansion of capillaries, increase blood flow, improve microcirculation, not only can reduce the burden on the heart, but also help enhance the body's resistance to disease.

So massage weight loss surgery can achieve both the purpose of weight loss, but also enhance the constitution, obesity is an early free from the pain, the restoration of bodybuilding and the selection of a good way.

Obesity refers to excessive accumulation of fat in the body caused by body weight more than 20% of normal body weight. Leading to the cause of obesity, most people think that with the family genetic, less exercise and high fat content of the diet.

Over the years, obesity has been plaguing people's lives, but also in today's world to talk about a more hot topic. Many physicians at home and abroad are committed to the reasons for obesity, in order to be able to find a very effective and safe and painless weight loss method, but little progress.

In recent years, China's society, a variety of ways to lose weight also came into being, such as Chinese and Western medicine to lose weight, surgery to lose weight, diet, fasting weight loss, Qigong weight loss, exercise to lose weight, acupuncture weight loss, massage weight loss and Italian pepper to lose weight and so on.-china gay massage boy

Which massage weight loss as a unique way to lose weight, both with good results to lose weight, but also Shu through the meridians, blood circulation, the human body without any adverse effects, has been gradually recognized by people.

Massage to reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat to speed up the metabolism and absorption of fat on the digestive system, endocrine system, neurohumoral metabolism, glucose metabolism and so have a two-way high-speed role.

As long as the symptomatic surgery, the source of the source, massage on obesity and weight loss will have the corresponding effect. Adipose tissue gap of the blood vessels rarely, and by means of frequent massage, can promote the regeneration of capillaries, eliminate fat in the water, accelerate the fat tissue "liquefaction" and use.

Its way to push, take the main. Abdominal massage mainly with friction, press, pinch, take, together, points, tapping, thorns and other methods of operation. Each time to do about 10 minutes to promote intestinal peristalsis, abdominal muscle contraction, so that some of the fat into calories and consumption. Regular massage can reduce the accumulation of fat, but due to fatty liver, Cushing's syndrome caused by the large convex convex effect is poor.

"Massage" effect is to promote fat, so that it is often in a soft and easy to burn the state. For example, usually no movement and accumulation in the waist fat, repeated "massage to promote" there will be incredible effect!

In any beauty salon, we all know that the basic weight loss is massage. But you know? There are many types of massage, and with the different parts, classified to use, exercise to make the body produce muscle.

If you do not exercise the muscles will decline, followed by the loss of flexibility, the curve also followed by bad, so the need for "massage." Decay of the muscles, the use of massage to lift, can improve the original function, and create a flexible body.-china male body oil gay massage

Basic palm massage

Use the entire palm to massage.

Not forced to hold, but the strength of the use of strength, back and forth rubbing massage. Especially the hard parts of the muscles more effective.

"Pinch" with half finger

Use the kneading massage to the second joint of the finger. Like pulling the skin the same, the fingers to press it to feel the movement is the focus. Divided into small parts, slowly moving. Suitable for relaxation or fatty parts.

Twist the use of both hands

Use the power of both hands to massage. To the thumb as the main force, the other fingers for the auxiliary, left and right, the opposite direction to reverse. More suitable for muscle and thick fat thick parts, can be divided into small part of the careful massage.

Massage and massage commonly used seventeen ways:

1, push method 2, rubbing method 3, kneading method 4, kneading method 5, rubbing method 6, according to law 7, Mo law 8, tapping method 9, shaking 10, Yunfa 11, take the law 12, roll France 13, scraping method 14, pinch method 15, elastic method (lifting method) 16, pull method (sub-method) 17,Collocation method.

Massage: massage and massage the main way

One, push method

Hand or palm and other parts focused on the parts of the massage, the direction of the one-way push for the push method. Light push method has the effect of sedation, relieve discomfort and so on, for the beginning and end of the massage, and between the other means.

Repetitive method has to clear the meridians, rationale reinforcement, blood stasis, relieve spasm, accelerate the role of venous blood and lymph reflux, can be used for different stages of massage.

Second, rub the law

With the different parts of the hand focus, close to the skin, for the straight line of the friction for the rub method. With warm through the network, qi and blood circulation, sedative analgesic, can improve the skin temperature, enhance the flexibility of the joint ligament and so on.-china gay massage

Light rubbing is mostly used to massage at the beginning and end to relieve pain or discomfort. Re-wipe the method to insert between other means.

(1) methods and steps

1. With the palm of your hand, big fish, small fish or palm root focus on the skin.

2. According to the size of the power to choose the severity of the way to make a straight line of the movement.

(2) action essentials

1. Operation when the wrist to straighten, so that the forearm and hand close to the flat to the shoulder as the fulcrum, to drive the palm for the front or back or right straight and round, can not be skewed.

2. massage the palm of your hand down the pressure to be even moderate, in the rubbing to make the skin fold is appropriate.

3. Wipe the speed of the law is generally faster, long distance from each other, the action should be uniform and coherent, but not long rub, to local skin congestion flushing for the degree, to prevent wipe the skin.

Three, rubbing method

The different parts of the hand, focus on a certain part of the circular or spiral of the Rouxian to drive the subcutaneous tissue with the fingers or palm of the Rouian and sliding the way to knead.

With accelerated blood circulation, improve the local tissue metabolism, blood circulation to relieve spasm, soften the scar, ease the strong way to stimulate and reduce the role of pain.

Full palm or palm root rub, mostly for the lower back and muscle hypertrophy site. Thumb kneading method for joints, tendon. Thumb, middle finger kneading is a commonly used method of acupressure.

(A) methods and steps

1. With the palm of the hand, palm root, big fish, small fish, thumb or four fingers pulp part of the focus on the skin.

2. To make a round or spiral of the rubbing to drive the subcutaneous tissue with the fingers or palm of the Rouian and slide.

(2) action essentials

Roudual fingers or palm to keep close to the skin, do not friction on the skin, wrist to relax, with the wrist with the forearm or the entire arm for a small roundabout activities, do not overly involve the surrounding skin.

Four, kneading method-china body massage gay

Thumb outreach, the rest of the four fingers close together, hand into a clamp, the whole palm and each finger close to the skin, for the rotation of the kneading action, while kneading side of the spiral to the direction of the direction of advancing to the heart Kneading method.

With the promotion of local organizations, blood circulation and metabolism, can increase muscle strength and prevention of muscle atrophy, relieve muscle spasms, eliminate muscle fatigue and blood stasis and other effects. Used for limbs, buttocks and other muscle hypertrophy, often with the kneading method used interchangeably.

Five, rubbing method

With both hands to hold the parts of the massage, the relative force, the opposite direction, for the fast rubbing back and forth for the rubbing method. With sparse through the network, to reconcile qi and blood, relax tissue, relieve spasm, accelerate fatigue elimination, improve muscle work ability and so on.

Applicable to the back, flank and limbs, above the limbs and shoulders, knee most commonly used, often in the post-massage stage of use.

(A) methods and steps

1. hands were showing the shape of the body focus on the body parts, hold the parts of the massage.

2. Relatively forced, in the opposite direction, for fast rubbing back and forth, while moving up and down at the same time.

(2) action essentials

1. Operation with both hands to be symmetrical, soft and uniform action, rubbing faster, move to slow.

2. Before exercise, if the use of pressure, frequency and short duration of the rubbing, can improve the ability of muscle work; exercise, if the use of small pressure, slow frequency and longer duration of the rubbing, can accelerate the elimination of muscle Of fatigue.

Six, according to law-china gay men massage

With the fingers, palm, elbow or other parts of the limb focus, from light to heavy force gradually pressed in the massage parts or acupuncture points, stay for some time (about 30s), and then gently to gently relax the way law.

With sparse tendons active, relax muscles, eliminate fatigue, blood circulation pain, plastic reshaping and so on. Thumb according to the law for meridian acupuncture points, the clinical often combined with the thumb kneading method, composed of "Anrou" compound approach to improve the massage effect and ease the pressure after pressing discomfort, palm by law for the lower back, shoulders and limbs Muscle stiffness or tightening, but also for joints, such as the wrist, ankle and so on.

With fingertips, elbow tip, heel, etc. points by acupuncture points, massage is commonly used method.

(A) methods and steps.

1. focus on the skin with fingers, palm, elbow, or other parts of the limb.

2. from light to heavy gradually pressed in the massage of the parts or acupuncture points, stay for some time, and then slowly to relax gently.

3. According to law in accordance with the law and palm according to the law of the two most commonly used. Thumb or show, in the ring finger face strength, press a part of the body surface or acupuncture points, said by law. With a single palm or palms palm or palm or palms overlap to press a part of the body surface, called the palm according to law.

(B) action essentials

1. Press the focus of the site should be close to the body can not move, the direction of force to be perpendicular to the body surface, by the light weight, stable and sustained, so that the organization of deep.

2. thumb by acupuncture points to be accurate, hard to patients with acid, swelling, heat, hemp and other feel for the degree.

Seven, Mo Fa

With the fingers, in the ring finger or palm face strength, attached to the massage on the site. With the wrist with the forearm, for the ease and rhythm of the ring strokes activities for the law.

With the qi stagnation, dampness, regulating gastrointestinal motility, blood stasis and sedation, antispasmodic, analgesic and so on. Stimulate the gentle ease and comfort, commonly used in the beginning of massage to relieve pain or discomfort; often with kneading method, push method, according to law and other means, treatment of abdominal pain, dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea and other illnesses.

(1) methods and procedures

1. With the fingers, in the ring finger or palm surface effort, attached to the massage parts.

2. Elbow to micro-bend, wrist to relax, that palm joints naturally straight, gently on the body surface; wrist with the forearm on the skin to ease the coordinated rotation of the ring.

(2) action essentials

1. Can be evenly or counterclockwise along the uniform operation of the coherent operation.

2. The frequency is about 120 times per minute.

3. Hard not too heavy.

Eight, slap law

With the palm of your hand or the side of the hand and so on, Commonly used to have tapping, tapping and cutting method of three kinds of techniques. Have the role of promoting blood circulation, stretch muscle tendons, eliminate fatigue and regulate neuromuscular excitability. Used for shoulder, waist and hip and limbs and other muscle hypertrophy Department. Slowly beat and percussion, often used to accelerate the movement after the elimination of fatigue; forced, faster, short duration of the cut. , Commonly used in exercise to improve neuromuscular excitability. One or more refers to the percussion is a commonly used method of acupressure.

(A) methods and steps

1. When playing, both hands half fist or fingers close together, thumb straight, the other four fingers of the metacarpophalangeal joint flexion into the palm, palm down. Percussion, both hands empty fist, foot side down. Can also be used with 5 fingers or 3 fingers or a finger pointing to a certain part of the call. Cut, the fingers of both hands straight, fingers close together, feet side down.

2. Both hands up and down the rhythm of the beat up and down.

(2) action essentials

1. When playing, shoulder, elbow, wrist to relax, with the wrist force, focus on lightweight and flexible, action to coordinate flexible, the frequency should be uniform.

2. Percussion and cut, the elbow as the fulcrum to force. Percussion when the shoulder, elbow, wrist to relax; cut when the shoulder, elbow, wrist more nervous, force the organization deep. Action to be coordinated, continuous, flexible.

Nine, shaking law-china gay men massage

Sub-limb jitter method and muscle dithering method. Limb jitter method, with both hands or one hand to hold the distal limbs, micro-force for a small continuous up and down fast jitter.

Muscle shake method, the hand gently grasp the muscles, for a short time around the fast jitter. With sparse tendons Tongluo, relax muscles, the role of sliding joints. Used for muscle hypertrophy and limb joints, commonly used to eliminate muscle fatigue after exercise, is a massage end of the way.

(1) methods and procedures

Sub-limb jitter method and muscle dithering method.

1. With the limb jitter method, with both hands or one hand to hold the distal limbs, micro-force for continuous small amount of rapid jitter (upper limbs can be done around the jitter, lower limbs generally do the upper and lower jitter).

2. With the muscle shake method, the hand gently grasp the muscles, a short time around the fast jitter.

(2) action essentials

Action to be continuous, uniform, the frequency from slow to fast, and then from fast to slow; jitter amplitude is small, the frequency is generally faster, not too much force.

Ten, Yunfa method

With one hand to hold the distal body of the massage were the body, the other hand to grasp the proximal limb joints, in the joint physiological activities within the range of passive movement for the transport method. With a smooth joint, Shujinhuoxue, to prevent or release joint adhesions, improve joint motor function and correct small joints at the Department of fine anatomical changes in the role.

Applicable to the limbs and neck and waist joints. Often used in the post-massage stage, can increase the range of movement of the joints and eliminate fatigue and joint pain such as flexion and pain.

(A) methods and steps

1. The massager holds the distal limb of the joint in one hand and the proximal limb of the other hand.

2. In the joint physiological activities within the scope of passive movement.

3. Commonly used shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and other joints of the transport method.

(1) shoulder couch method: massage the one hand to hold the wrist or hold the elbow, the other hand at the top of the shoulder, and then make the shoulder joint for outreach, adduction, spin, spin and ring movement.

(2) elbow articulation method: massage the one hand to hold the forearm distal, the other hand gently hold the elbow, and then make the elbow flexion and rotation movement.

(3) wrist joint yacht method: massage the one hand to hold the wrist above the other hand holding the middle of the palm of your hand, and then make the wrist flexion, adduction, abduction and rotation.

(4) hip joint transport method: massage by the supine position, hip, knee flexion. The massage person holds the lower part of the lower leg and the other hand rests above the knee, and then makes the flexion, extension, abduction, adduction and circulation of the hip joint.

(5) knee flexion method: massage by the supine position. Massage the body - holding the ankle, the other hand on the knee, and then make the knee for flexion and extension and rotation outside the rotation and other sports.

(6) ankle parachute: massage by sitting or supine position. Massage - hand holding the lower leg or hold the heel, the other - holding the forefoot palm, and then for the ankle flexion and extension, adduction, abduction and rotary motion.

(2) action essentials

1. When the action to ease the run, the force to be stable; action range to be within the scope of physiological activities from small to large.

2. For cyclical movement, can be carried out in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Eleven, take the law-china gay men massage

With one hand or both hands of the thumb and food, two fingers, or the thumb and the other four fingers face force, for the relative force, in a certain point or place on the rhythm of the kneading to take the law. With clear the meridians, the solution table sweating, sedative pain, refreshing refreshing, relieve spasm and so on. Mainly used for neck, shoulder and limbs. Clinically, often take the wind pool and other points on both sides of the neck and neck, the treatment of external headache; also used in the process of exciting spirit, is the usual practice of acupressure.

(1) methods and procedures

1. With one hand or both hands thumb and show, two fingers, or thumb and other four fingers face strength.

2. For the relative force, in a certain point or site on the rhythm of the take.

(2) action essentials

1. Operation to relax the shoulders and shoulders, wrist to be flexible to the wrist and metacarpophalangeal joint activity, with the relative face of the relative force to take.

2. Force from light to heavy, and then from heavy to light.

3. Take the law to stimulate the intensity of large, easy to hold the duration should be short, the number should be less, after use should be used with the light rubbing method to ease the strong stimulation caused by discomfort.

Twelve, roll method

With the back of the hand near the little finger or small finger, ring finger, middle finger of the metacarpophalangeal joint part of the focus, attached to a certain location. Through the wrist flexion and forearm rotation of the compound movement, the role of continuous massage on the site, this is the rolling method. With blood stasis, swelling and pain, relieve muscle spasms, enhance muscle activity and ligament flexibility, promote blood circulation and eliminate muscle fatigue and so on. This method is more pressure, contact area is broader, suitable for shoulder and back, lumbosacral and limbs and other parts of the muscle than hypertrophy, commonly used in the treatment of sports injuries and eliminate muscle fatigue.

(A) methods and steps

1. With the fingers on the back of the little finger, ring finger, middle finger of the metacarpophalangeal joint part of the focus on the skin.

2. Through the wrist flexion and forearm rotation of the compound movement, continuous role in the massage on the site.

(2) action essentials

1. Shoulder arm and wrist to relax, elbow flexion about 120 °, that is, wrist flexion, forearm rotation after rolling out about 80 °, wrist extension, forearm pronation inward before rolling about 40 °.

2. Efforts to be uniform, action to coordinate and rhythm, the general frequency of rolling about 140 times per minute.

Thirteen, scraping method-china gay men massage

Thumb flexion, with nails (also available coins, spoon, etc.) in the lesion for a single direction of the uniform scrape the way for the scraping method. Release adhesions, eliminate stasis, improve the nutritional status of the lesion and promote the repair of injured tissue. Commonly used in the treatment of patellar tendon end disease.

(A) methods and steps

1. Thumb flexion, with nails (available coins, spoon, etc.) focus on the lesion.

2. Thumb end flexion for a single direction of uniform speed scratches.

(2) action essentials

1. Scrape to force evenly.

2. When wiping some water, do not damage the skin.

Fourteen, pinch method

With the thumb or fingernail edge of the force, select a certain location or acupuncture points, with a continuous or intermittent force down the vertical press method for pinch method. With swelling, to prevent adhesion and resuscitation Xingnao, refreshing spasm, the role of qi Tongluo, apply to eliminate local swelling. Commonly used in first aid, is the usual practice of acupressure.

(1) methods and procedures

1. With the thumb pointing effort, select a certain location or acupuncture points.

2. Press down with a continuous or intermittent force.

(2) action essentials

1. For local swelling, it must start from the distal part of the swelling site, with a compact and dense way to press down the skin, followed by moving toward the proximal end, the speed of movement should be slow, the force can not be too large.

2. For the point pinch points, to hand empty, thumb straight, close to the index refers to the radial side of the edge, with the thumb or nails (refer to the needle) focus on the points, the force gradually increased to cause "get gas" For the degree, pinch light after local to ease the discomfort.

3. For first aid, the way should be heavy, fast, but to prevent nails puncture the skin.

Fifteen, tactile method (lifting method)

With the thumb and show, two fingers or thumb and the other four fingers pulp muscle or tendon speed to mention the way to play for the ball method. With Shujin active, smooth blood, antispasmodic pain, the local nerve has a strong stimulating effect. Generally used to treat muscle soreness and muscle spasms.

(A) methods and steps

1. With the thumb and show, two fingers or thumb and the other four fingers pulp to muscle or tendon to hold.

2. Like woodworking ink line of the same form, hold the muscle speed speed release.

(2) action essentials

1. With the pulp effort, do not use the fingertips force pinch.

2. Force from light to heavy, just in the soft, every time you can mention l ~ 3, and then use the light rubbing method to alleviate the discomfort caused by the bomb caused.

Sixteen, dial method (sub-tendons, dial tendons)

With both hands of the thumb finger pressure on a certain position, the appropriate force and ligament or muscle fibers in the vertical direction of the way to dial the way for the dial method. With separation and adhesion, swelling Sanjie, antispasmodic pain and so on. Commonly used in the treatment of muscle tendons and ligaments of chronic injury. Dial and rubbing combination, that is, rubbing acupuncture points are commonly used techniques.

(1) methods and steps-china gay men massage

1. With the thumb or thumb of the thumb of a thumb in a certain position.

2. Appropriate force for the ligament or muscle fibers in the vertical direction of the back and forth.

(2) action essentials

When the operation of the thumb to the depth of the ligament or muscle, tendon side, and then do with the ligaments and muscle fibers in the vertical direction of the toggle, as if playing the same strings. But also along the end of the tendons to move to the other end of the plucked, so that the local sense of soreness, and can tolerate the degree.

Seventeen, rational reinforcement method (collocation method)

With the thumb pulp pressure wound, along the muscle fibers, ligaments or nerve walking direction of the slow to move, in order to reason the way for the tendons for the method. With a reconcile qi and blood, the role of collimation homing. Used to treat acute closed soft tissue injury.

(1) methods and steps

1. With the thumb pulp to compress the wound.

2. Slowly move along the direction of muscle fibers, ligaments or nerve walking to take care of its tendons.

(2) action essentials

1. Operation should be wounded as much as possible to relax, with one hand thumb to fix the injured side of the contralateral side, the other hand thumb pulp along the ligament, muscle fibers and nerve walking direction to the affected end, you can also from the upper part of the injury The next logical, repeated several times;

2. The force must be uniform and the pulp movement must be slow.

Eighteen, pinch method

1. with thumb, eat two fingers or thumb, food, three fingers to mention a part called kneading method.

2. Light force, suitable for superficial skin tissue.

3. Punching method applied to the ridge called "Chiropractic". Longer for young children, can treat indigestion.

Nineteen, pull method

1. With both hands in the same direction or in the opposite direction force, so that the joints stretch or rotation, known as the pull method.

2. Clinically used in the treatment of limb joint dysfunction and spine joint minor joint embolism.

3. Often: cervical pull method, lumbar pull method, shoulder pull method (adduction, on the move).

Twenty, Rafa

1. Rafa is a method of pulling and pulling, so it is also called traction method or drawing method.

2. This method is more applied to the orthopedic aspects of Chinese medicine injury.

3. Application of action to be stable and sustained, can not use a sudden force; according to different parts and conditions, the appropriate control of the pulling force and direction of pulling.

4. Often: cervical drawing method, shoulder extension method, wrist joint method, interphalangeal joint drawing method.

Massage: neck massage-china gay men massage

1, tactics: push, knead, kneading, tapping and carrying

2, the steps: the massage by the seat, massage who stand behind, his hands were placed on both sides of the neck of the massage, from top to bottom to do light push friction, when pushed to the neck, the hands were turned On both sides of the shoulder, repeated several times, from the top of the neck down to the scapula for kneading and kneading. Forced the first light after heavy, after a few times, and then rubbing the sternocleidomastoid muscle, and then tapping the back, and finally asked the massage were the head of the various directions of the initiative.

Massage: back massage

1, tactics: push friction, rubbing, rubbing, pressing, tapping

2, the steps: massage by the prone position, head to the side. Upper limb straight flat on both sides of the trunk, or side of the upper limb flexion pad in the neck, massage who stand beside him, feet apart shoulder width, upper body slightly forward.

First push gently, since the waist from the scapula to the lower corner, and then expand out, and then turned to the armpit. Strength from light to heavy. After the push, in the lower back with the palm of your hand or palm root from the bottom up to do a large area of ​​rubbing, spinous process on both sides with the thumb pulp from the bottom up rubbing.

In the intercost between the pulp can be used to push friction and rubbing. In the lower edge of the scapula and the medial margin, the massage with one hand to withstand the massage of the shoulder, with the other hand the palm of the hand from top to bottom rubbing. Hands tied side by side on both sides of the erector spinae and spine. And then cut down from the bottom of the muscles on both sides of the spine, and finally to push the end.

Massage: hand and wrist massage

1, tactics: push friction, rubbing friction, rubbing, pressing, transport pull

2, the steps: massage who stood by the massage were opposite, first from the fingers to the wrist joint to do light push, rub the friction several times, and then in the palm of the hand and the back of the lateral push and friction and friction, And then along the fingers on both sides of the push up the friction, to the back of the hand along the palm of the head to push the friction, rubbing and rubbing, and then rubbing the wrist, and then press the wrist, press, massage the hands cross fingers, Massage the wrist of the wrist, the relative force, the strength from light to heavy, repeated several times, and finally do the fingers, metacarpophalangeal and wrist of the end of the run.

Massage: upper arm and shoulder massage

1, tactics: push friction, kneading, kneading, rubbing, jitter, percussion, transport pull

2, the steps: the two relatively standing or sitting, massage who stood by the massage side, from the elbow to the shoulder several times to push the friction, and then the biceps brachii, triceps, deltoid and Shoulder kneading and kneading, and then from the elbow to the shoulder back and forth rubbing. When you rub your shoulders, press the front of your shoulders. The other hand pressure in the upper part of the scapula for rubbing, and then tapping the deltoid muscle, jitter biceps brachii, triceps, and finally the shoulder and push the end of the push.

Massage: foot, ankle massage

1, tactics: push friction, rubbing, rubbing, transport pull

2, the steps: the massage by sitting or lying position. Massage direction from the distal to the proximal, first from the toes, dorsal, ankle to the direction of the calf to do a few times to push, and then use the pulp or small fish in the foot and ankle around to do rubbing and rubbing, To knead the main, followed by the toe joints and ankle joint transport, and finally to push the end.

Massage: calf and knee massage-china gay men massage

1, the way to push friction, rubbing, rubbing, kneading, rubbing, jitter and luck.

2, the steps: the massage by the supine or sitting, knee flexion. Massage the person standing or sitting in the side of the calf side of the massage, first from the ankle to the popliteal fossa to do a few times to push, and then hands or one hand kneading the calf triceps, kneading process can be inserted into the push or jitter, And then around the knee, especially on both sides of the collateral ligament at the kneading and rubbing to rub the main, followed by rubbing the knee and calf, and finally the end of the transport and light push.

Massage: Thigh Massage

1, tactics: push friction, kneading, kneading, trembling, rubbing, tapping.

2, the steps: the massage by the supine or sitting position, from the knee to the groin and hip direction several times to push the friction, and then in the lateral thigh with the re-push, thigh in front, back and inside the surface to do kneading and kneading , And then do rub, shake, tapping, and finally to push the end of light.

Massage: hip and hip massage

1, the way: push friction, kneading, kneading, jitter, tapping and transport.

2, the steps: massage by the prone position, massage who stood on the side of the body. From the bottom of the buttocks from the inside to the outside along the lymph flow direction of the light push, and then do the kneading and kneading in the buttocks, due to the buttocks muscle luster, massage should be more forceful, in the rubbing when the palm root or hands overlap Press the kneading, kneading can also be used when the pressure of his hands kneading, and then use both hands to overlap and shake the muscles, and finally tapping the buttocks muscles and transport the end of the hip.

Massage: body massage

Body massage techniques and local massage techniques are basically the same.Body massage the body position and massage the order is generally: first prone to massage the neck back waist buttocks; and then supine, first massage the chest, massage the abdomen, and then take the seat massage limbs. In the massage of the limbs, you should first massage the muscle group, after the massage of small muscle groups.

Massage, should do a part to do another part, done side to do the other side.

Massage: Thigh Massage-china gay men massage

1, tactics: push friction, kneading, kneading, trembling, rubbing, tapping.

2, the steps: the massage by the supine or sitting position, from the knee to the groin and hip direction several times to push the friction, and then in the lateral thigh with the re-push, thigh in front, back and inside the surface to do kneading and kneading , And then do rub, shake, tapping, and finally to push the end of light.

Massage: hip and hip massage

1, the way: push friction, kneading, kneading, jitter, tapping and transport.

2, the steps: massage by the prone position, massage who stood on the side of the body. From the bottom of the buttocks from the inside to the outside along the lymph flow direction of the light push, and then do the kneading and kneading in the buttocks, due to the buttocks muscle luster, massage should be more forceful, in the rubbing when the palm root or hands overlap Press the kneading, kneading can also be used when the pressure of his hands kneading, and then use both hands to overlap and shake the muscles, and finally tapping the buttocks muscles and transport the end of the hip.

Massage: body massage-china gay men massage

Body massage techniques and local massage techniques are basically the same.Body massage the body position and massage the order is generally: first prone to massage the neck back waist buttocks; and then supine, first massage the chest, massage the abdomen, and then take the seat massage limbs. In the massage of the limbs, you should first massage the muscle group, after the massage of small muscle groups.

Massage, should do a part to do another part, done side to do the other side.

Two: lumbar massage may lead to improper paralysis:

Q: Busy work makes my body particularly tired, always feel back pain neck pain. Good friend let me go with her to do massage, but I always feel the body is tired, go "by" it will be more painful.

A: like this is only because of a long period of continuous work caused by fatigue, in fact, can be assured to the regular place to do massage. White-collar workers because of a long time sitting in front of the computer, cervical, back and hand muscles will inevitably sore, through a certain degree of "massage", equivalent to give them a local small movement, you can live bones, Fatigue. Of course, we still suggest that everyone pay attention to work and rest, because although the massage can ease the moment of fatigue, but office workers back pain, whole body weakness, etc. The main reason is too little movement, so the amount of exercise is essential.

Q: TV said that a hypertensive patient in the hair salon after the head massage just finished out due to sudden cerebral hemorrhage, fell outside the door. Is it so dangerous to massage?

A: This is mostly related to the choice of massage places and masseurs. Do not think that massage is a very simple thing, casually get a few can be, some small beauty salon so-called "physician" may not have been formal training on the posts, and anyway to massage people do not understand. Hypertension massage into cerebral hemorrhage, most likely massage is wrong, or excessive force caused.

● Note: step back to be particularly careful!

Like the step on the back of the people, this is the massage in the difficult action, if the power did not master, it may occur lumbar spine, spine, ribs and other fractures, but also cause thoracic, lumbar and joint dislocation, and even lead to life-threatening!

Q: Many beauty salons are now launched a ovarian massage treatment, said that this can be anti-ovarian aging and the like, is this really helpful to the health of the ovary?

A: Compared to the beauty salon said a variety of maintenance effects, I think more women are a psychological comfort. Because under normal circumstances, women lying flat when the ovaries are not touch, and its location in the depths of the pelvis, the normal pelvic examination are not touch, not to mention the general massage. Beauty salon made essential oil massage ovaries, said that this can be absorbed, there is no scientific basis. Essential oils of nutrients can be absorbed by the skin, the skin has a certain effect on the maintenance, but it is unlikely to penetrate the body's blood, and, alone, ovarian "maintenance" can not affect the other part of the body function of the operation, anti-aging The effect is also difficult to achieve.-china gay men massage

Q: my lumbar has not been very good, her husband always let me do massage to ease what, but I heard that massage can not be paralyzed lumbar?

A: Can only say that not in place the massage will not only alleviate the fatigue of the lumbar spine, but will increase the burden on the lumbar spine, severe cases may even cause paralysis. Some unprofessional personnel in the massage when the action is heavy, excessive force or improper manipulation of the way, it is likely to cause the massage of soft tissue injury, joint dislocation. This damage once it is difficult to recover, to remind you or directly to the regular local massage, do not greedy small cheap. Moreover, the use of some ointment for massage medium, if the master is not good, often easy to cause skin burns, contusions, severe skin ulcers will occur, and people with infectious diseases massage, it is possible cross-infection.

Q: foot massage division always told me that there are many points on the feet, the foot is the best response to health, often can also be health care, this is based on it?

A: There are more than 60 reflex zones on one foot, the main organs of the human body, such as heart, liver, kidney, stomach, spleen, eyes, ears, nose, etc., in the feet have a corresponding reflection area. If it is the way, the intensity of the appropriate massage, you can stimulate the reflex zone to ease the body of the corresponding discomfort, but those improper massage will affect the health of these organs. In general, a professionally trained physician can determine whether the corresponding reflex zones are normal by observing the color of the plantar or touching the soft and hard degree of the subcutaneous tissue and then consciously improve the discomfort in the massage. But no special study of the corresponding medical knowledge and no clinical experience of people, it is difficult to determine the changes through the plantar to determine whether the body of the corresponding organ health.-china gay men massage

Q: How long is it better to have a massage?How long do you do it right?

A: Massage is not as long as possible, should be based on their own neural characteristics and meridian patience and decision. The body of any stimulation have a certain degree of tolerance, excessive stimulation is often counterproductive, easy to damage the joints, ligaments and soft tissue.

Excessive massage can also cause nervousness or nerve suppression, weaken the body's own vitality and resistance, and excessive stimulation of the body will make its sensitivity decreased, easy to produce tolerance, affecting the treatment and health effects. If you are treated as a treatment, you can do it every day or every other day. If only for relaxation, once a week enough, or every 2 to 3 weeks 1 times.

Q: I am pregnant for three months, before you like to do massage, there are more trusted physician. Pregnancy is really hard, can i continue to do the massage?

A: In general, if the pregnant women are only back pain, you can through the massage to relieve fatigue, such as the hand, feet and shoulder position, etc., but the body's acupuncture points are more complex, once the button is not allowed to damage health, pregnant women , It is more likely to lead to miscarriage, so we recommend under the guidance of a physician to do some auxiliary massage, need to pay attention to is that pregnant women's waist and abdomen is best not to massage, because here is the focus of protection "area", and generally Do not do massage within 1 month of pregnancy. Special remind, women in the physical period of the body is also more fragile, it is best to avoid massage.

Q: How to choose a massage venue and a masseur?

A: ● A good massage shop must be a complete license, with both hand washing and disinfection equipment. Do not see the street store prices to go free to try.

● A qualified massage therapist must undergo a minimum of 3 years of training and undergo a rigorous examination. To get quality massage services, first of all depends on whether the relevant professional masseur professional qualification certificate.

● knowledgeable massage therapist will first consult you have not suitable for massage a small disease, and then massage treatment. General his way will make you feel comfortable, the intensity is appropriate, massage will continue to ask your feelings, and then make adjustments.

● For the first time you can go to the hospital health care department, if you go to the outside of the spa, try to choose the old massage therapist, after several massage to select their own familiar massage therapist.


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I am returning homosexual massage experience

I am 30 years old, divorced, a person living in Canada. Nothing like to do what beauty, but also on the Chinese forum with the sisters to discuss beauty experience.

Once in a domestic forum to hear a netizen mentioned that the body push the oil, said she was comfortable with the climax of the climax. I feel very credible, because I do in the country and Canada to push the whole body, which is an ordinary beauty project, when doing the need for naked body, but the beautician will not touch the sensitive areas such as nipples, genitals, Comfortable, but comfortable, but generally not about what pleasure.

I registered a HOTMAIL, the message so that this user contact me. Later she told me: the domestic regular beauty center in the body to push the oil when you can choose whether to even nipple massage. Some will ask you about, and some need you to remind her not touch the nipple. If you feel very comfortable, will be greeted Miss may be more in that part of the work near, of course, will produce a certain degree of pleasure.

I asked: "You mentioned 'formal beauty center', there are irregular?" She replied: "I said that the informal, is the waiter in order to pay more, really give you the whole body, Anyway, homosexual massage no problem, but this need to touch, if you touch the person, she looks like you like this, will help you do.If you put forward, do not know each other willing to do not want to do. I was very sorry to mention myself.

"Then she told me the address of a Beijing bath center, let me go there to try the women. I asked her if all the attendants could push the oil like this, and she still said, "I'm going to be lucky.

I said back. I come to the door is 10 yuan fee. You are one hundred is one hundred One hundred and fifty is one hundred and five. I do not provide 1069 service nor naked by.-china men massage

I was not interested in this special care of the same sex, just curious, but heard her in EMAIL said, "really comfortable, more soft than the hands of men more soft, and they are professionals, specifically to sell services to You will make you particularly cool. "I also want to" touch "to see. Women do not like a woman with men as the distance between the man, this intimacy is completely acceptable, and, probably with the man's psychological difference, I do not take this special service as a sexual activity, but PLAY Bale. Is a woman through the care of the sexy belt to another woman to enjoy the body.

I suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, because after all, with a "special service" motive, but this discomfort only one second, because I said to myself, I am a guest, where guests are afraid of the waiter. This lady first smiled and said: "I give you a dress." I stood up, she untied my bathrobe belt, deftly off. I do not have a bra (because the bathrobe is thick). She put a pillow, paved a towel, let me lie on the bed. I lie well after, she said: "I help you take off your underwear.", And then from the back of my underwear pulled off to take off. This is obviously to avoid the guests off the embarrassment of the last piece of clothes. Then she asked me how the air conditioning temperature, adjusted, asked me to watch TV or listen to music, I chose the light music, she dimmed the lights, and then began to service, in short, is very professional to start.

At the beginning, the oiled hands slid from the shoulder to the back. She carefully asked me not cool hands cool, how much oil is appropriate and so on. This kind of ordinary push oil I do a lot, so more habits. Anyway, is the beginning of the back, waist, and then do the buttocks, legs, feet, and then you can massage the arms, and then let the guests stand up, as if where are the order. But AGAIN, because now I want to "touch" the idea, there will be to the sexy side to think about the idea, so every one of her hands to touch my naked skin movements, let me feel a little more that taste The I found that the heart of the person to move in that direction, as if really do not feel the same. Did not meet any sensitive tape like the beginning of TURN ON so when doing, I told her chatting days.-china gay men massage therapist.

Nothing is gossip. She called Xiaona, speak very nice, and very careful. I asked her more than a woman, she said okay. I asked her if she was only in the female here to do, she said no, men and women of the massage attendants are together, where the other side is the turn. I heard her say so, wanted a good word, know how to test her about her. The The Talk for a while no words, it is only silent. She is really very comfortable massage, I think their lower body may be slightly a little wet, may be looking forward to it When she asked me to stand up, my heart beat faster, because I knew she was going to massage my chest.

At this time I feel a little red face, but fortunately the light is not strong, she should not see it. I closed my eyes and closed my eyes. Xiao Na with a towel to cover me under the body, then pour the oil, came to my head in front. The The Sure enough, she asked me this time: "You do not have any place is not convenient to press it?" I out of curiosity, asked: "other guests?" Xiaona said: "Oh, some guests do not let the nipples, It is to keep the master. "Then, the two of us laughed.

This laugh is embarrassed to be washed away. I asked: "Most of it?" She said: "It does not matter, where are very comfortable by the." I said: "I do not care." Probably a long time no one touched them, I had a sharp tip of the moment, I even gently shaking it, his mouth is also "silk" is heard. Soft hand with oil massage nipple feeling great! I believe that many women at this time there will be some kind of sexual pleasure, may also be embarrassed, so Xia Na very experienced to speak hard: "comfortable? A lot of people to do, the effect is very good, and now people work more tired , And work to relax ... ... "I now believe that the netizen said, because I found Xiaona will observe me, she found that I like her massage my chest, I repeatedly pushed my chest, pushed for a while, She used a very comfortable action: from my armpit began, his hands wiped the breast, nipples, along the two ribs pushed down, until half of the buttocks side, and then turned back ... ... and then she went in the opposite direction to do: From the neck began to push down, after the breast, abdomen, pushed to meet my pubic hair, and then recovered from the side. Every time she pushed me in the direction of the following, I feel very excited, the body seems to expect her to continue down like this ... ... this time I will continue to play just the topic, I think I have a voice tremble, she Should be able to listen to: "That, you earn more in the male guests, or earn more here." Xia Na hesitated to say: "are guests, we have to be good hospitality."-china gay men massage

I said: "Because of you Do good, I do not want you to suffer ah, you serve well, I will give you a tip. "Xiao Na and stopped and said:" Sister you know that men come here is not light for the massage. "I immediately said:" I know. "Xiaona said:" Anyway have to give them all-round service, only willing to give money. "I do not pit sound, because do not know what to say. As friends say, you do not know Miss will not give you this service. At this time Xiaona himself said: "You give me XX block, if you want to do all-round, I can also give you, cheaper than the male side." GOT IT! I deliberately asked: "to the female, what is all-round ah?" She said: "is the whole body to give you through the times, to ensure comfortable." I do not pit sound, this time because of a bit embarrassed to answer. I feel like she pushed this time to push the pussy more, it seems to lure me.

Then I said: "to ensure comfortable?" At this time Xiao Na made an unexpected action: her hands stopped in my breast, with your fingers quickly rub up my nipple! This is a very exciting action. She said: "really sure comfortable." I am now the expression must be very strange. I bite my lips and say, "How much do you give me, let me suffer you, you do it." When she continued to caress my nipples, I closed my eyes and groaned, because I could not control , And the oil massage is really very exciting nipple, feeling the brain are moving. Xiao Na heard that I am willing to pay the male guests to push her to pay the same number of costs, just like me to raise the price, while continuing to use the hands of the palm slowly in my breasts on the rotation massage.

I guess, she is with the man when the bargain is not on the hand ... ... think of not dare to think here. She rang with me to mention her basic salary how thin ah, on the clock can be divided how much money, ah, mainly to make a tip ah like, and the tone is not very confident Fortunately, the domestic users also gave me a price range in advance, I press the highest value of that range also a price, Xia Na hesitated a bit agreed.-china gay massage

Read a short story, said a woman if the massage with the massage when the woman had some kind of tacit feelings and the like. This is the romantic imagination of the novelist. In fact, the water between us is the relationship between money, I pay, she gave me service. I think a lot of women think of this layer, may be lack of interest, because they seek the kind of intimacy is not only physical, but also feelings. So only a part of the woman will really ENJOY this same-sex push oil service. I personally have been more like the massage, I am in Canada, Chinese medicine practitioners and beauticians say I will relax.

Because I think to beauty Ye Hao, to see a doctor Ye Hao, are good for the body to go, of course, to try to relax, otherwise it is money to buy a crime. There will be men, women asked, if there is a physiological need, why not find a man? I feel the same reason with the masturbation is the same: a lot of men or women masturbation, or because the sexual partners can not go to bed for a moment; or because of the climax of masturbation with the climax can not replace each other, Although I am a single but not forbidden, accompanied by her boyfriend. But the man may not be like these professional massage women give you every time the skin is delicate to caress to let you relax the whole body. Even with sexual stimulation, men and women have different feelings in your body.

Psychologically, her boyfriend is the active party, is the conqueror; massage women are my money to come, is for my service. Physically, the woman's hand is relatively soft, the action is more delicate, the heart is also relatively thin, so the woman gave me a massage, a man can not compare the place. Said after a good price, small Na did not continue, but out of the. Half a minute later came back, brought a hot bath towel, shop in my body gently wiped the oil, let me stand up and get on the ground. I would like to ask why, no nerve, guess, this is probably a service program.-china gay massage boy

I later learned that I guessed it. Xiao Na who in order to repeat customers, every time by enough time to make guests feel very worthwhile. She began to start from the back, and this time just different feeling, should be called erotic massage, the practice is like a lover to gently touch, tease my back, waist ... ... a hand seems to not only twenty Fingers, but by a lot of fingers covered with every nerve at the end ... ... she constantly touched me, and his mouth also issued a slight groan: "ah ... ... oh ... ...". I soon felt, feeling the wet below the more powerful, and the lower body unconsciously in the body under the towel gently rub up.

Then I heard Xiao Na off the shoes, she kneeled back to my body, pushing the ass and the waist. These two places are women's sexual sensitive areas, she certainly will not let go. She was too comfortable, I instinctively to the ass fell up. But Xiaona did not immediately stimulate my core area. She * kneel before, under the body, his hands starting from the ass, after the waist, back, and then sliding to the side, stretched out to touch the front of the breast! I was restless, when she met my nipple, issued a "oh oh" voice, hard breathing, small Na also cater to also groan a few times, continue to rub my nipples.

I feel the nerve of the nipple directly connected with the brain, to stimulate a wave of waves, as if scattered, the lower body of water shares in the secretion. I unconsciously raised his upper body, so that small Na grasp the breast, while the body involuntarily helplessly twist, continue to "uh uh" moaning. Xiao Na probably think I groan too much, got up to tune the music, and back with the original position to continue to do. Because she caressed my breast too comfortable, and my sense of concentration to the breast and lower body, not sensitive to the back, so although she is a big loop action (from the ass, waist, back to the breast, and then back through the abdomen ), But mainly stay in the breast where press. I was going to be gaffled at all: I was groaning there. Xiaona then sit up, very gently pressed my waist about.-china male body oil gay massage

I will meet, get down the body. She had some oil on her hand and sprinkled it in my ass. God, I know she may want to massage my P eyes, and think, should not it? I can not think, little Na's fingers have been there. She will play: she took two hands turn over the buttocks, each time after the P eye I will be excited about this rotation turned up, excitement is hop hop. I guess when my water flows to the towel. Xiao Na then speak: "comfortable?" I do not speak, just pit a cry. She then let your fingers stay in the anus, massage the perianal, rotate.

When I was unexpected, suddenly with a finger inserted into a little! I am "Europe" to scream. P eye is a very tight place, but she is very light action, insert is not deep, gently creep, the other hand pressure on my ass, so I am so comfortable! She must also know that this time guests are so cool, so her career groan is also bigger. At this time how much of my feelings on the small Na I know that there are chest push (with breasts push oil), blushed and said: "You light hand ah, can you use the body to push me?" Xiaona really inside "Yes, I have no problem, but you have to give me more money.We do this is the consumption of physical." I think, since they have done, feel so good, it is necessary to Well.

So promised her. She jumped out of bed, look like the door to the door to open the door looked at, and then shut, come back and continue to light the point, his mouth murmured: "The female department should be nothing, the man there to do this Be careful. "Xiaona back to the massage bed, I heard her undress the voice, and then open the bottle to fight the sound of oil, she is sure to put the oil on their own. She was pressed from behind my body, my arms in front of my head ... ... I immediately felt that the two nipples on my back strokes, itchy. Xiao Na 's career groan is also enlarged, do not know how many are the real ingredients, she should also be comfortable with her body to continue to pressure down, with the breast to give me a massage, ask: "pressure to speak.-china gay massage

I said it does not matter, very good. She massage the back and comfortable than the hand, because the contact surface is large, and her sensitive organs, more skin of the pro-feeling. She gave me the chest massage the back, and gradually moved to the bottom, turn on my ass ... ... I was a bit embarrassed, after all, buttocks are lower body, breast is quite in the chest organs. But the small Na estimated that does not matter, continue to do, the nipple fell in my ass to twist ... ... I have to the climax of this time, courage is also big, simply said: "You then massage my hand ok better "I mention this request because she just massage P eye too comfortable, I think the climax of the climax. Xiaona said good, just as I inserted into my P eye massage, I feel "that" Come, and said: "You continue this, do not stop." Xiaona said, "Well, I kept", and She also increased the moaning voice.

I have never been because of the massage P eye on the climax, of course, no one before touching my genitals long ago to caress my ass but this time I really arrived. My lower body tightly press the towel, in the small Na with your fingers when I inserted PP, I feel * sudden to quiver, climax! I am afraid that the sound is too loud, biting his lips endured moaning. After this wave of the past, while I panting, while his hand touched down and touched: to filter the mouth and the towel under the wet all! "I want to take a rest?" I said good, climbed up to see their body naked, small Na's upper body is also naked, but the pants dressed very neatly.

She first lifted the towel corner, give me wipe the body of water. I am very embarrassed, but look at her look like, it will relax. Then she gently tucked the wet towel, padded with a clean piece. Put on the coat, ran out, (she left for a minute, I sat down in bed, watching the light stained in my breasts, sparkling, laughing, I thought, did not expect to return home can also play ), Give me a cup of tea to get back.-china body massage gay

We talked briefly for a moment: I: "Do you want me to do it?" Na (laughs): "Little, men are very few women." I: "How long have you done this?" Na: More than a year. "... ... Na:" Looks like you are very comfortable. "I:" Of course, for a long time did not feel so good. "Na:" You got married? I thought, did not tell the truth: "Married, with my husband feel good. "Na:" your husband will not do so to you ah? "I:" my husband will, no you do so. "Xiao Na proudly laughed. Na:" You still want it? "I:" What? "Na:" If the men of it, with a time is not easy to have a second time. Woman I do not much. "I said with a smile:" I do not want to go. "Na:" Well, I did not do a full set of it, did not think you first ... ... "and rest for a while, I said:" You are not chest push it? How to put on? "Xiao Na busy said:" I just did not give you the water to you? Her breast is not small, is a good look round. Probably she let me look a little embarrassed, let me lie down, she really continue to massage ... ... ... this little Na let me face up flat. Just imagine and expect to put people TURN ON, because that she will be the next to do my chest, genitals.

So naked lying back, and the waiter is TOPLESS, I am afraid that the visual is also a stimulus to their own. The clock in the bath is half an hour, and I do not care about the time. I feel like playing here for a long time like, but "play" not yet started. Small Na in my upper body cast oil, once again with that EROTIC MASSAGE way to me massage, first love the neck, and then the shoulder. Can see that she is very expert, because she is not directly stimulate the breast, but the first WARM UP, like neck, shoulder, such places should belong to the secondary sexy belt, feels very comfortable.

My personal shoulder is very sensitive. And so small Na once again touched my breast when the pleasure seems to suddenly rushed to my brain, I just accumulated the energy of desire again released, the body suddenly began to shake, his hands to seize the body towel, moaning Very powerful. I know that I am a bit too strong, because Xiao Na began to think I was teasing her play, but also laughed and said, I said: "really comfortable." She knew my groan is true. The more comfortable the more you want to focus on stimulating excitement to make themselves more comfortable, I would like to show a small Na Na Na nipple massage. She used to rub and pull the way to gently do, excited I could not control their own body, hop hop, the lower body soaked. Naturally, because the small Na is also bare arm, I am very natural to go to Pei like to touch her body.-china men massage

Xiao Na did not refuse, but only politely smile, not like a look of pleasure, but when I touch her nipples, some unnatural expression. Xiaona then separated out a hand to touch me below, I pulled back, his hands on my breasts. Xiaona knowing, simply go to my head in front, so easy to massage the nipple, but also I am afraid that I can not touch her I let her caressing, jittering, moaning, until the feeling of chest are numb, pleasure is not obvious, covered with soft, in order to catch your breath. And then I show a small Na do not focus on massage the nipple, and let her slowly with both hands palm massage the entire breast.

And then we talked two words: I: "Oh, too tired, I was not a little alternative?" She: "is not an alternative, that is, you are more open. Others, come here to play, like "Oh, is it? I am not too sensitive to the chest?" She: "may be it, people are not the same as people with the same place" is not the same as the people, ... ... stopped for a while will say: "You are more sensitive, and some women do not feel the upper body." I: "Really?" She: "Yes, not completely, is not obvious, light to do the upper body Can not be excited, you do not respond. "Then, Xia Na once again put on clothes to the door CHECK a bit, come back later, the whole body off only the briefs. I looked at her in the naked upper body painted with oil, and then climbed into bed.

Positive chest push. The two women's breasts are rubbing against each other through the oil, full of some kind of immorality. And she was in the above pressure on me, with the man's love posture similar, a little that taste. And then further, she grind for a while, simply lying on my body, not only chest chest, arm clawed my arm, legs also hold my legs. "Buckle" used here is a suitable word, specifically how to buckle I can not tell, anyway, I feel was pressed, unable to move. -china gay men massage therapist.

Such a pressure, as a woman more with the feeling of sex, it is more comfortable, and feel the lower body are heated and then small Na in such a weight, the body began to "creep", up and down around the different directions to do several times. I have been half eyes now, but then I want to see, in this LESBIAN strong color of the action, the small Na in the end there is no investment, to see her. The results I see her serious face may be for her, but the mechanical action to do it.

She found me look at her, probably also a bit embarrassed, looking for the words: "my sister I see you Tingzhen, give you this to do this, in the men there I would not dare, where boy check Yan, not at all Dare to take off his trousers. "I said:" I am afraid you are sorry. "She said:" Nothing, no matter what you come to relax. "Then continue to move up. This kind of make her solid like a man like the pressure on me is very exciting, I also let go anyway, and then groaned, and raised his hand stroking her back.

Xiao Na back looks very good, the skin is very tender, feels very comfortable, but AGAIN, although I have been enjoying in the pleasure, Xiaona has been a conscientious look, even if we are in such a close skin of the pro The This is a bit disappointing. So do not know how long, Xiaona got up and got out of bed, put on trousers (still naked upper body), facing the mirror rationale hair, look at the clock, smiled and said: "sister, there are fifteen minutes, Plus the clock? "Side said gently lift my hairy hair. I said: "No, you gave me done it." She dragged her voice with a joke, said: "Well ----!" Xiaona pull my side of the thigh, give me the legs Put the oil, the "break apart" action is also very exciting.

She began to force from the knee to the groin massage thighs inside, and each massage to the genitals, will inadvertently touch there, so look about, my pussy pleasure BUILD UP. Then she also massage the other side of the thigh, the inside of the two thighs are WARM UP, very comfortable, and naturally open to both sides. Then her hands at the same time in the legs inside the "scratch itch", gently, between the knee and the genitals back and forth, and directly from the genitals * tease. She is really great! This feeling of hemp not only makes you very comfortable, but also need to caress the desire to strengthen.-china gay men massage

The last moment, huh, little na in my genitals on the oil ... ... she was on my right side of the body, probably for the right hand massage * convenient, she turned to the left, and then she slowly with the left hand finger rotation massage I have Wet to filter the mouth, right hand first gently tease *, loop several times, see me "into the state", and groan, blush, jitter, suddenly stay in *, with the thumb, index finger, middle finger turns Quickly "dial" it.

Can be imagined, I was dominated by pleasure, as if floating in the warm waves. With oil, coupled with professional approach, pleasure is much faster than I expected. From the beginning of her, to my climax, that is, two minutes less than the time. About a minute, I completely out of control, his hands touch his nipples, but also asked her: "I can touch yourself?" Xiaona said: "Of course, you come here is to be comfortable." This is equivalent to four The hand touched me, the climax immediately arrived. I think she passed the massage to my climax one is faster, one is the climax of a long time, and the extent of the more "deep", very thorough feeling.

The accumulation of pleasure all released. "To" when I clenched my lips did not shout out, ruthlessly issued "ah, uh" voice, and then involuntarily involuntarily "to meet" Xiao Na's hand, up and fall, and fall, the "wave" Continued for a full ten seconds, and then gradually slowly calm down ... ... the feeling of lower body is hemp, hot, cool! ... ... I big mouth panting, and laugh yourself too gaffe, and small Na also laughed and said, "You are comfortable with me." She put on her clothes and ran for a hot towel. I really satisfied, do not want to be more, but whole body limp, feeling tired ... ... so small Na took a few dry towels to cover me, let me rest, and then left.

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A comrades massage technician was metamorphosis guy play real experience

Text: donor, from the old monk it is a massage technician. To Guangzhou more than a year. My job is to do push the oil massage. Customers are also comrades, said push oil massage. Many comrades thought it was MB. Always think of me as the technician in the club, which touched touch / I really is not the kind of technician, but also that do not provide 1069 services, not my own bragging. I am confident. I should be in this circle is really the best oil massage. Whether it is treatment or health care, I am still more expert. Because I have been doing massage for many years. Not halfway monk monk. Know it will do this.

Do this line of work, the beginning is still more difficult, then came to Guangzhou. There is no familiar person. I was the first guest to start from the same chat room.

It's a long time. Also contact with more people. The world is big. What people have.

I often do and do some massage or do MB friends, are to see the management is not in the chat room when advertising. Just everyone is not the same thing. These ads should be seen by many friends. Because the hair too many people. So, and the chat room management play cat and mouse game.

Speaking of massage in this circle. Whether you are really professional not professional to do, it is not easy Chat room is quite a mixed place. What people have / often encounter some bad people.

What is bad? The so-called rotten people is like bamboo shoots in the mountains. Mouth tip thin belly hollow. Covered with hair, see the first dragon did not see the tail / an ad to ask you about the situation. in fact. It is normal to ask. But some too gossip. Asked too bizarre. They do not actually massage. Ask you there is there. How big. How high. Many more. You handsome not handsome How much of your hair is. Your JJ is big. how long. Some plus you QQ, depends on your video, look at the video what news gone. To the second day is the same person, or the same ask you one.-china gay massage

Okay There are more guests. There are some fixed long-term guests. Means also get their identity. Do not worry about the guests. Morning I usually go to fitness. Afternoon and evening guests have about me on the massage / for those who are too gossip rotten. I am too lazy to care for them / but the Mid-Autumn Festival this morning / or was a metamorphosis of the SB play me. speak out. Really mine my death.

In the day of the National Day, that is, the lunar calendar, I am in the morning exercise under the body. Afternoon by an appointment of the guests. To more than eight o'clock in the evening when my phone received a strange short message. The information is so I have not disappeared,9:00 tomorrow can come home my massage? I give the fare.

He sent a message. Tianhe car Pei Road home music station off the opposite of the holiday sunshine garden, you can come over? Come to my house at nine o'clock tomorrow. Convenience.

I said back information. Ok. I'll be nine tomorrow.

He asked again. How much do you charge me?

I said back. I come to the door is 10 yuan fee. You are one hundred is one hundred One hundred and fifty is one hundred and five. I do not provide 1069 service nor naked by.

He said back to the message. At that time to see the situation, feel comfortable like. Will it come tomorrow at nine o'clock? No one in my family

I'm back to information that's ok.

One will receive his information said. If tomorrow you can not come. To call me.

I said, as long as you made an appointment time, I will go past.

After a while and received his information asked. Can you look and figure?

I said, if I have such a look and figure is enough.

Later there was a guest to massage / I gave him information that I had a massage. I will go tomorrow.-china gay massage boy

At the end of the day Approaching 12 o'clock, take a bath to sleep.

I'll get up at 7 am Clean the health, to 8 o'clock when I called him and said that I am now in the past. I have a car to Chebei station, get off is not also transfer. He said, do not transfer. Go down on it.

To the car when the station, I called again. Asked him how to go. In general. Playing a lot of phone to find that family music station. I went to the station and saw the sunny garden. But the next thing put me mine dead.

He told me that the door of a few meters have a staircase, want me up. He went down and opened the door. He said he was living in Haizhu. Today is in his grandmother's house. No one in his house / I went up the stairs to the upstairs corridor. He did not tell me to live a few buildings / that there are 6 blocks. Seems to have 6 layers. I was waiting for him to open the door below / waiting for a long time, did not see him open the door I made his phone call. knock out. His cell phone is off.

I said back. I come to the door is 10 yuan fee. You are one hundred is one hundred One hundred and fifty is one hundred and five. I do not provide 1069 service nor naked by.

He said back to the message. At that time to see the situation, feel comfortable like. Will it come tomorrow at nine o'clock? No one in my family

I'm back to information that's ok.

One will receive his information said. If tomorrow you can not come. To call me,

This time, his cell phone is also off. I was thinking. He is not playing me.

Playing several times are like this. I sat down in a district downstairs. It was about 10 minutes. His phone is prompted to be in the call. I sent him a short message to him. How do you pull in the end

After a few minutes. He called my phone and hung up again. And then hung up / I hit the past. He asked me, I am now there. I said I was at you downstairs. He said his cell phone was dead.-china male body oil gay massage

I said, you down to open the door /

Ray my words came out / he said. What clothes do you wear ah /

I said. I wear the vest.

He said. You stand downstairs. You took your clothes off. Let me see your body.

Gymnastics. Fuck. I heard him say that My voice raised the octave. Are you playing me?

He said. Not ah / I see you off your body, I will come down to open the door ah

Fuck. Have seen many kinds of guests. Today is a professor. Have not seen such a metamorphosis. Upstairs downstairs. Opposite are people. But also told me to take his clothes off to him. People also thought I was pornographic abnormalities madness.

Heart of fire. Unfortunately, I will not curse. I really did not call him on the phone, came back in the car I made the message said. I said today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I do not want to call you, but I really despise you,

Life is like this, what people have. Okay I am more permeable, and now my mind is very good. There is such a sentence. Angry is to take someone else to do something wrong to punish myself.

I said back. I come to the door is 10 yuan fee. You are one hundred is one hundred One hundred and fifty is one hundred and five. I do not provide 1069 service nor naked by.

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The most popular type of massage 10 kinds

1) Swedish massage therapy

This is the most common type of massage therapy in the United States. It is also known as a Swedish massage or a simple massage treatment. The massage therapist uses a long brush fluffy, kneading, playing shallow muscles using an emulsion or massage oil. Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxed. If you never had a massage before it was a good try for the first time. For more information, please read the full article in Swedish Massage.-china gay massage

2) aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a massage therapy with another or more fragrant plant essential oils known as essential oils to meet specific needs. Massage therapists can choose to relax, energetic, reduce stress, balance, one of the most common essential oils for aromatic massage is lavender oil.

Aromatherapy massage, especially suitable for stress-related conditions or conditions of emotional components. For more information, please read the full article Aromatherapy Massage.

3) hot stone massage

The heated, smooth stone is placed at some point, the warmth of the body and relax the tight muscles and balance the energy center in the body. The masseur can also hold stones and apply moderate pressure to them. Warm comfort. Hot stone massage is nice people have muscle tension, but prefer light massage. For more information, please read the full article Hot Stone Massage.

4) deep tissue massage

The goal of deep tissue massage is deep muscle and connective tissue. The masseur uses a slower stroke or friction technique across the grain of the muscle. For deep tissue massage Muscle long-term tension or pain, repetitive strain, posture problems, or recover from injury. People often feel pain after one to two days after deep tissue massage. For more information, please read the full article on the deep tissue massage.-china body massage gay

5) Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese body that uses localized fingers to press the rhythmic sequence of acupuncture on the meridian. Each point is kept for 2 to 8 seconds, increasing the flow of energy and helping the body to restore balance.

People are usually pleasantly surprised when they first try to press. The pressure that has not yet been relaxed is firm, and usually no pain afterwards. For more information, please read the full article, Shiatsu.

6) Thai massage

Like shiatsu, Thai massage aligned with the use of moderate pressure on the body of a specific point of energy. Thai massage also includes compression and extension. You are not just lying there - the therapist moves, stretching into a sequence of poses. Like yoga, without making any work. Thai massage is more motivated than other forms of massage. It also reduces stress and increases flexibility and range of motion. For more information, please read the full article on Thai Massage. Also, see the picture of the Thai massage session.

7) Pregnancy massage

Also known as prenatal massage, mothers pregnancy massage is becoming more and more popular. To prove who is the massage therapist in the pregnancy massage know the right way, the woman's body in the massage process positioning and support, and how to modify the technology. Pregnancy massage to relieve stress, reduce swelling, relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression. Massage is a woman's personalized needs custom. For more information, please read the full article on Pregnancy Massage.

8) reflection

Although sometimes also referred to as foot massage foot massage, which is more simple foot massage. Reflective therapy involves applying pressure to correspond to the feet in the body of the organ and some points on the system. Feet is very relaxed, especially the people who stand up all day, or just have tired, painful feet. For more information, please read the full article foot.

9) Sports massage-china men massage

Participate in physical activity for people who are designed for sports massage. But you do not have to be one of the professional athletes, it also uses someone who is active and regular exercise. The focus does not relax, but in the prevention and treatment of injury and improve athletic performance. Technology combination. Stroke is generally faster than Swedish massage. Moderator stretching is a common technique. It helps to relax the muscles and increase flexibility.

10) back massage

Some massage clinics and spas offer a 30 minute back massage. If you do not have a clear back massage, you can also book a 30- or 40-minute massage and ask the masseur to focus on your back. Do you massage the neck and back pain?


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Massage to maintain their own. Whole body care once included

Modern people are very important for the body of the road, but most people are more emphasis on drugs and food therapy, in addition to bones and muscles, such as back pain, neck pain, eye fatigue, etc., you can use a simple self-care massage To reduce or eliminate the symptoms, and can relax the body meridian, internal organs.

In the ancient health home has long been proposed "hair often comb, face often rub, head often, nose often wipe, teeth often knock, ears often play, often rubbing, limbs often shake, abdominal often friction." The secret. In addition to using their own hands, you can also use some other tools to help, for example: with the hair dryer hot air, to blow the pain parts to replace the heat, remove the pen pen pen heart, with chopsticks round to press acupuncture points, massage Stimulate to reach the acid, soft, swollen, can not be too strong, so as to avoid inflammation. Anytime, anywhere can be implemented, one day can be done one to three times to achieve the purpose of health.-china gay men massage therapist.

One head massage:

With a refreshing effect, can treat headaches, prevent dementia and increase brain cell activity.

1. With both hands thumb and other four fingers of the pulp, from the former hair to push the way to push the pillow of the wind pool hole, usually can also use the comb to do the same direction of the hair several times.

2. Rubbing pillow points: hands thumb rubbing on both sides of the wind pool, Feng Fu points, to have a sense of soreness is appropriate.

3. Take the neck of the neck: to index finger, middle finger, ring finger with the palm of your hand on the neck for the action, and down to the shoulder to the handle.

Two eyes face massage:

For a long time to do close work, you can eliminate or reduce eye fatigue, and can prevent eye vision loss and the emergence of bags under the eyes.

1. Orbital massage: his fingers or middle finger to push the eyebrows, by the brow of the save bamboo points to the tail of the tail of the bamboo hole. And then by the hands of the thumb and index finger, middle finger rubbing the eyes of the eyes of the eye after the eye, follow the next eye to the tail of the pupil to the tail of the pupil, repeated several times up and down to the entire eyes have soreness.-china gay men massage

2. Rubbing the temple and the side of the heart of the Yingxiang points, and then rub the hands of the palm, the palm of your hand close to the forehead, with the point of force down to the chin, if the nose disease, cold, runny nose or stuffy nose, Can be the way to the middle finger from the Yingxiang points up to the nose, repeated about 10 times.

3. tongue to withstand the upper jaw, the lower teeth up for knocking teeth for 20 times.

Three ears ear massage:

Ears of the acupuncture points with our body's internal organs are closely related to massage the ears in addition to strengthening the function of the organs, but also to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus.

Rubbing your ears, hands thumb and index finger bent, the upper and lower rub ear action, to the red hot is appropriate to the ear

Four limbs health massage:

Strengthen the metabolism of hands and feet, the treatment of pain, and can prevent the elbow, knee degradation.

1. from the shoulder to the arm with a pinch, according to rubbing hands three miles, song pool Dian song and other points.

2. Twist the two fingers index, rubbing the palm of your hand back to the heat is appropriate.

3. Rubbing the thighs, knees, and the calf's gastrocnemius. Click on Zusanli Yanglingquan Dian Sanyinjiao points, to soreness is appropriate.

4. One hand and ankle, one hand toe, do the rotation of the ankle movements, 20-30 times.-china gay massage

5. Push the spring: fast hard rubbing the soles of the feet, can strengthen the kidney function, to prevent the soles of the feet cold.

Five Dian waist massage:

Hands fist, with the thumb refers to the palm of your hand in the waist for the rotation of anroute, and then forced up and down the palm of your hand to the waist so far. And can do some bending, rotating the waist of the action to exercise the waist muscles.

Six to strengthen the gastrointestinal function:

1. Fat belly: the hands of the palm heat, the palm of your hand on the navel, the navel for the center, in a clockwise direction for the soft movement, lasting about 2-5 minutes.

2. rub the belly: his hands from the lower edge of the ribs to the small abdomen to the belly fever is appropriate.

In addition to the above self-refreshing skills, you can also try to massage through the professional, stimulate the points, promote lymph circulation, eliminate waste, improve metabolism, relieve soreness, eliminate stress, save time and money, luxury luxury!

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Foot massage the secrets you do not know

People often say that the headache, although the sentence has some truth, but the foot corresponds to the body of the various organs of the reflex area, through the foot-related acupuncture points massage, GM can play a relief of pain, prevention The purpose of the disease, in addition to these effects, after years of clinical practice found that he also has the following benefits.

Mainly in the following areas:

1, directional stimulation

So that the brain's high nerve center directly dominate the pituitary release of analgesic substances, one of the peptide compounds (endorphins) analgesic function of morphine more than 5-10 times. In addition, due to the physical effects of stimulation, can excite the body of crude fiber (analgesic fiber), inhibition of fine fibers (pain conduction fiber), blocking the pain from the pain caused by conduction. Therefore, for many painful diseases have a significant effect. Such as: frozen shoulder, rheumatism, headache, toothache, neuralgia and so on.

2, to improve blood circulation

Due to the physical effects of directional stimulation can make the body positive and negative charge changes, the body of various trace elements (potassium, sodium, chlorine) also will change, because of their different migration speed and collision with each other heat, , Thereby improving blood circulation. For the hand, foot and Ling, phlebitis, varicose veins. Lower extremity microcirculation disorders and so have a significant effect.

3, anti-inflammatory, swelling

As the massage can enhance the tension of muscles and other organizations to improve the blood circulation, speed up the body's metabolism, inflammation, pain and other metabolic end products and other harmful substances quickly excreted through the excrement system to achieve anti-inflammatory, swelling purposes. Such as: all kinds of sprains, cholecystitis, gastritis, lower extremity edema, inflammatory local swelling and so on.

4, sedative effect

Foot massage can adjust the disorder of nerve function, from the sedative effect. Such as: insomnia, menopausal syndrome.

5, to adjust the nerve excitability

Foot massage can inhibit the sympathetic excitability, from the role of antihypertensive. But also improve the excitability of the vagus nerve, the pancreatic β-cell glucose receptor sensitivity increased, improve the secretion of insulin, inhibit the development of diabetes.-china gay massage boy

6, regulate endocrine function

Massage to stimulate the foot of the gland reflex zone, can adjust the secretion of various types of hormones. Can promote prostatic hypertrophy, hyperthyroidism or diabetes rehabilitation.

7, enhance the body immune function

Foot massage to stimulate the gland reflex area can regulate its secretion function, enhance the body's ability to resist disease, a variety of allergic diseases, bronchial asthma, rheumatism, skin diseases have a significant effect.

8, exercise the skeletal muscle and enhance the smooth muscle peristalsis function

For hemiplegia, muscle atrophy, habitual constipation have a very good rehabilitation effect.

9, sparse through the network

Through the full foot massage, in the stimulation of the reflex zones at the same time also stimulate the foot of the 38 acupoints, regulating the operation of the blood, adjust the overall balance of yin and yang, can maintain the stability of the health level. Foot reflex zone massage is a specific way to effectively stimulate the foot reflex zone, by regulating the body function to achieve disease prevention, the purpose of treatment.

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Gay Emotion Oral: the Real Experience in the Gay Massage Club in Xi'an

October weather in our northwest has begun to enter the early winter, but the sky is always gloomy. People's feelings have changed not very readily! Recent bad mood, a lot of things on the job are difficult to solve, I do not want to face, want to temporarily escape, throw away the burden to turn off the phone to pack up, go to Xi'an.-china male body oil gay massage

The train quickly gallop, Xi'an soon to, although it is already the evening time but the site is still full of people inside and outside, the rush of travelers or happy or sad by my side! I also accelerated the pace along the crowd toward the station walk!

The towering ancient city wall shining neon lights faction of the bustling city style, my trip to Xi'an be officially started. I have always liked the city of Xi'an, and other big cities compared to his ancient but not decadent, prosperous and not impetuous, perhaps for me to a small town to say. To understand his also so a little bit of a superficial it!

Breathe different from the city with the home air, I have been walking out from the train station a long way to see the table has been fast 12 o'clock, and I feel a little tired, after all, bumpy day, standing under the lights leisurely light A cigarette, a long sigh of relief, but my heart was surrounded by an impulse of joy.

So come up with their own early in the Internet to find the address of the various comrades in Xi'an, I first choose to go to a gay leisure club. JESF club in Xi'an, I am most familiar with the most favorable of a comrades bathroom.

Because in the past to Xi'an will find time to look at the street in front of the night market I got a taxi, go forward for a while to see the JESF club more secretive door, moving in, the front desk waiter politely said the sound Welcome, I am alert to the psychological finally relieved a little.-china gay massage

Take off his shoes pay towels and towels went in! At this point in the locker room chair is the seat of three big sister-like character, look at the face should also be 37.38 years old look, and I, as they will for a moment and lowered his head, perhaps to see a new Come in. Sisters stopped the harsh laughter, elegant end of the seat, sandwiched cigarettes hand Alice just right, Leng Leng looked at me! God.

My wardrobe is just in front of a sister. I can not manage so much. Quick off underwear, of course, keep a sexy little underwear is not off. Walked toward the bottom of the bathroom, JESF club design and decoration I also like, a little Japanese-style feeling, I went to the day happens to be a Wednesday at this time the guests are not many.

Because the bath room I am a person, happy rushed a bath, in front of the bathroom mirror finishing your own towel, looking at the mirror in their smooth white skin, dark hair, slightly slim but completely Not thin body.

I even a little bit of pride, I deliberately put out a bath towel out of shape, to highlight my sexy body when it! Out of the bathroom door, and now the eyes finally adapted to the dark light. Only to see the rest of the bed in twos and threes or lying or seat a few people. Some are smoking. Some laughing. Some intimate hold together to watch TV, and some alone in the corner waiting for a favorite object, in a hall edge of the bed I found a position to lay down. To tell the truth at this time there is no sleep, a closer look today, the guests seem to Big Brother Uncle or big sister like the characters.-china body massage gay

No wonder. Comrades come to this place are mostly some of the older people. From that one up a beer belly can easily judge it! Can meet their favorite object is rare, because we come to the purpose of this place are also for the release of the original impulse! I tried to persuade myself to let go a little.

Just thinking I suddenly felt a hand from the back touched over. Turned around and saw a big brother wearing glasses are smiling at me behind, the first feeling is not my favorite type. I pushed his hand but politely smiled at him. He even came to lie on my side, "how a person come to play it ?!" "playing" is the Xi'an dialect, is to play the meaning.

I like to listen to Xi'an people speak. As if all the tone is Yang Er, foolish simple and straightforward. I told him I was a stranger to Xi'an, the way to look at the hospitality of the big brother is to interest, he kept me to introduce the fun of delicious things in Xi'an, talking between the restless hands also occasionally Of the stick to touch me, I did not refuse too, but has not let him touch my important position, huh, huh. About 20 minutes after the appearance of big brother suggested that we go inside the package to play. I shook his head refused.-china men massage

Talking. The passage of the staircase came a few hearty laughter, it seems that there are guests coming. Sure enough, came together with four individuals, and are handsome young people too! One of them is my favorite type. Wide shoulders, stout arms and thighs. A short span of the head, the spirit of the four of them are like regulars here after a bath and a few bathers began to chat chuckle up, the rest of the few in their atmosphere, like a sudden, driven by active up! There are a few bold from just waiting for the change began to take the initiative to attack. In front of each person's bed. Wait and see, met the right to lie on the edge or even hands-on up, in front of the big brother to see I did not want to play the meaning of interest also left, I was a restless lying where! Although it is lying down but very much hope that psychological just come in the handsome guy can come here to harass me how nice ah. Halo, I think he is to spring!

Time is up to 1 am. The waiter turned off the boring TV on time. Suddenly the whole break all of a sudden darker. Really belong to the bathroom of the time, probably because we all busy up the sake.

Behind the private rooms can be heard from time to time several times the sound of the bed is called sexy. Curiosity drove me into the looked, JESF club bathroom behind the rooms. About 6.7 of the way. Are designed as sliding door-style small house. Easy to vent their comrades love to love! Behind the scenery is more alive than in front of color, is simply the comrades of the celestial diagram! In a loudest room door surrounded by several spectators, are scrambling to look inside. I think there must be engaging in the wonderful! I also approached a look really saw a very strong middle-aged man under the pressure of a thin young man 0. Young 0 in the strong male 1 from time to time under the "ah, ah," called bed sound, with a miserable call seems to be more enjoyment, strong men 1 is no Lianxiangxiyu meaning.-china gay men massage therapist

Each of the inserts are so powerful! Flap of the percussion sound very loud, not from time to time to change the position, the young 0 are well behaved with the. They are so presumptuous pumping inserted. Even in the dim light. Can also see that the strong male 1, a young 0 backstage plug full, really admire their sex when surrounded by so many spectators do not close.

They may be under the eyes of everyone feel more stimulating it! With several muffled sounds. I saw him immediately out of the room should be to wash it. The young 0 leaning body curled up in the bed room. Seems to have just stimulated it! . In fact, when we look at the door.

In a thin bath towel to be able to fully see the shape of it, of course, I have the same. After all, such a live performance is not very good chance to see, Yuehua Jian, and a big brother rushed into it, as if the young 0 is no objection.But the difference is that when the big brother went in immediately closed the door. Some of the spectators at the door left. And some dissatisfied with the muttering, and some also dismay of the probe to look inside. I also left. Just did not walk a few steps, they heard the young No. 0 loud cried bed. Oh, it seems that this young man is to enjoy a good meal tonight.

Where the rooms are close to another house close to the middle of a middle-aged man lying on the door is open. He was lying inside the whole body naked, a big white ass in the light is particularly conspicuous, I think he is also waiting for it, maybe he was also thinking that there was just the young 0 "treatment" it! But the years do not forgive ah. In the door looking for the same prey of the majority of people are swept away, rarely visit his room! May also have his dishes for a while!-china gay men massage

I visited the same way through each room. See the scenes staged inside the spring. As a qualified spectators, the corridors are comrades inside the frantic cry, in the last face of a large private room door I stopped. At this point there is a person lying on the bed a lot of empty place. I want to sleep here tonight.

This can not always walk around. Into lying down. To stimulate the state is very active brother adjusted a comfortable position, this time next to the sleeping brother may feel someone came in.

Turned over my head looked over here. I know I can not make love here, at least now think so! To implied the same turn over, I hope he can understand.

I think I seem to be very narcissistic, maybe people simply do not want and how I like it! Oh, do not be self-assertive Oh. I told myself! Or sleep! So lying in this dark room. Private rooms from time to time someone looked away. Looking for!

Stumbled as if he had a nap for a while. But was awakened by a burst of jitter. Looked up just look at the big brother is cool it! Do not know when it has come in a person! I looked intently. Perhaps now there is no other spectators, I can not stand their own aircraft to play.-china gay massage

Big Brother may see I woke up. And not embarrassed. But while doing the same side of the command to command me, that 0 seems to look at me eager to look at me. At this time the door was pushed between the rooms, and that 0 immediately let go of his head, I also avoid the bath towel in front of their own, come in front of people watching the wonderful performances. Standing there seems to have no intention to leave, by the light I see the original came in that person is just that I like the guy, this time I embarrassed to look at him.

e also looked at me, I feel like what is wrong, I finally decided to leave this room, but my heart and worried about their favorite handsome guy and others to do. So inexplicable wandering in the room between the rooms, and soon he came out. He seems to understand what I mean, gently hand on my shoulder, so we stood talking casually up. He is not the original Xi'an. Is the northeast, in Xi'an, and several friends with a salon. Even more coincidentally, when he came in a glance to see me. But did not have the nerve to follow me, I do not know what he said is true or false. Because he looks more handsome. Smooth skin without any flaws, next to a thick pectoral muscle also a leopard! Sexy and wild! Yuehua Jian. He said his friend was waiting for him in another room. Asked me to go? I certainly want to go. But a little worried.-china gay massage boy

Finally decided to go and see. Into the room that time and he came in with the handsome guy is doing so in full swing and others it! Our arrival. Interrupted them, he looked at me embarrassed. Mouth asked me on the edge of this guy. Where did you get the boy? Not bad! . He means that I am good? I secretly secretly with the psychological. I think each GAY are eager to praise others!

Not to mention such a GAY, I do not often come out of their own activities, so listen to it more! Tattoo guy gave me a cigarette. The three of us so chatting while smoking. I told him I was also the field or No. 0. These words just say it. It seems to ignite his passion. He grabbed my waist, ripped off my towel, lips gently kissed me!

In fact, I like the most exciting. Immediately have their own response, he is clearly not wearing underwear. Bath towel in our lingering in the receded. Northeast accent that this is actually a rude sexy. But the voice faded. I immediately pushed him. Block up. I think I can not be so indulgent.

I can not do both with you at the same time. In fact, every time I come to gay bathroom I can encounter a lot of temptation, but I really can not tolerate the kind of impulse after the indifference, just for a moment of happiness. And then do not know each other. I'd rather nothing happen! Although you are my favorite person! Perhaps this is the helpless bathroom it! He looked at me puzzled. Hugged my waist asked me how?-china male body oil gay massage

I said a little tired of the sound out of the rooms! And the only person I like that night that nothing happened! Look up at the clock on the wall. Almost 5 o'clock. In the bathroom such an environment, the time is always too fast! Perhaps every one of the bath here can temporarily forget all the GAY in real life is not easy.

You can temporarily tear up all the real life of the mask GAY. To the real release of their original impulse once! But I may also not do this! Maybe this is not a bad thing! Anyway, have come. When it is read a live show it! I myself so comfort themselves. Later that night I just outside the rest room to find a shop for a nap.

7 o'clock in the morning when a bath. Ready to leave soon. Went to the stairs when I met just like the tattoo guy and a few bath guests praise last night he did a few 0 how to do, that 0 how how to show it! Suddenly I think his handsome face becomes no longer attractive, and I walked over when he did not care for me.

But a little disdain looked at me. I am glad that he did not and he did. If you really do, then I may be the laughing stock that he ridiculed it! I can not say I was in the end what mood. Anyway, no matter so much. finish dressing. But also outside the face of the brilliant sun. But also to continue a good life. Even GAY can not always live in the dark!

This is my experience in Xi'an bathroom. Simple real and painful!

Finish-china gay men massage

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Bali heterosexual spa massage experience readme too let me ecstasy

Very early heard of the Bali spa is famous, so the use of travel leisurely space and friends specifically went there crazy experience once, I feel really like a queen. Now I share this trip with your sisters. Bali has a variety of spa, but the most important thing is to achieve the purpose of relaxation, comfort and nourishment. Each spa is not the same as the emphasis on the theme.

Gold vacation I went to Bali with a sister, we stayed at the five-star nusalembonganresort hotel, this hotel is on a small island, the whole island only one hotel, so the environment is very good. The next day evening, we went to experience the absolute obsession with the gentle junglespa (spa treatment 3 hours, 1 room 1 room), I heard that this spa is specifically for female customers, which women's reproductive health there are many special Treatment, have a very good health care, and the service is particularly meticulous, basically do not have their own hands, and listen to the tour guide that there are very special massage.-china gay massage

And friends with curiosity came to the spa, in a waiter led to a very beautiful room, the room side of the sea is made of the whole glass, so you can see the outside scenery, the waiter Said that the glass wall is not seen outside, so it is safe. Look at the room inside the furnishings, a large massage bathtub, two massage beds, there is a very comfortable sofa. Inside the furniture is very old of this kind of it. Anyway, it is very beautiful, ah, I am very difficult to use language description. At this time the waiter told me to take a look at the first cup of Bali characteristics of tea, help to soothe the nerves.

After a while, a masseur came in, wearing a white pants, pants very thin, you can see nothing inside to wear, she was more than 20 years old, the skin is dark, but the body is very good, it seems Carefully selected, talking very light, she asked me to help you serve me? I feel quite satisfied, then began my spa trip. She said I first help you off the clothes, I feel very strange, because the domestic spa are their own undressed. Then she told me to sit on the couch, she took a large bath towel to cover it on my lap, I was wearing a skirt that day.

Then she took my shoes off, put me on a pair of cotton slippers, and then wash her hand, dry and then stretched into the towel inside, began to off my skirt, the first time someone else skirt Embarrassing, the skirt is difficult to take off, but the massage is very considerate, but also very patient, very careful to my skirt faded down with a hangers hanging, and then began to take off his pants, off more carefully, the action is very slow She put my panties in a bag and put it in a bag.-china body massage gay

Then, she began to take off my clothes, and undressing more effort, took off the bra, she took up his bath towel to wrap me up, told me to go to the massage bed tummy, her every detail for customers Think about it. After lying, she took the bath towel, she said to me first to help me wash the body. So she opened the hot water, slowly pouring in my body, while the side of the shower by hand on my body slowly rubbing, I jumped the heart gradually relax.

After the body was wet, she asked me to let me clean the private office, or my own wash, then I have nothing to do lazy move, what went by her, so she began to use hot water to pour my private parts, very Carefully put my inside the wrinkles are rinsing clean, the first time to let me wash here I feel really strange, but really very comfortable ah, then I have been completely immersed in the enjoyment of the.

Then she began to give me a bathing milk, from top to bottom every inch of the skin are rubbing very carefully, this feeling is really comfortable slide. When she began to touch my yin in my pussy, but for a kind, she said it was specifically to the woman wash the genitals, which has a unique effect, there is a good health care, and can wash inside xx No irritation. She was very carefully in the genitals rubbing, I wash the time are not so carefully over. She took a very soft brush in the fold on the brush, even a trace of the gap are not let go, and even the clitoris of the foreskin here are turned up to brush, of course, no brush for a long time, because it is very sensitive. Then she asked me xx inside or not to wash, I think this bathing milk specifically wash here should wash a wash.-china men massage

She changed a round brush, a bit like a brush, but more soft, slowly into the xx inside, this feeling with the xx different, not so exciting, but very comfortable. She is very special way to wash, with the spiral of the extension into the extension. Finally wiping the bath milk, began to rinse, rinse xx, she took a one-time plastic tube, connected to the hot water, slowly inserted inside the **, the plastic tube head like a concave Of the ball, the water flow from below, the masseur moves very light, basically do not feel something moving inside, which is very clean red.

After washing the whole body, she took a towel to rub my body a bit. Then she asked me if I would like to modify a xx department, she said that modification will be more sexy. I asked her how to modify, she said that the first hair removal and then do xx and anal bleaching, after the end of the same as girls, like, very beautiful.

I was really surprised, how abroad there is such a service ah, but that this is very good, you can do something. First hair removal, she asked me on the hair on the hair or not to take off, I said also took off, so very good to see. Hair removal is very simple, first with a small scissors to my xx pruning a little short, and then coated with beeswax, forced a tear on the very light, and this bees do not even paper, hair removal, I touched What xx, I feel really smooth ah, tender and tender.-china gay men massage

Then she gave me a red, she said that the drug is here the secret recipe, other places do not, effective soon, but the maintenance time is relatively short, probably only a few weeks time. She picked a little medicine with my fingers on my xx very carefully massage the other hand in the anus massage, pressed for a long time, and finally rinse with water, and then changed another medicine, but this Times is not a hand massage, but with a massage will be heated massage, the shape of the massager is very strange, relatively large, just can wrap the genitals and the back of the anus, the anus has a cone thumb size, it stretched Into the anus, because the cream applied so it is very lubrication, it is easy to go. The masseur said that the anus here too much folds, only distraction only effect. Open the switch, a burst of hemp and hot feeling came from below. The massage therapist said to massage about fifteen minutes. (Here also said to be very shameful thing, when the massage, I was even under the wet, but really very comfortable.

After the end of the massage with a bath wash milk, washed back after she took a mirror to show me, I saw, really can not believe that my genitals will be so beautiful, as if really back to fifteen years old Of the time, the whole genitals are pale pink, especially the small xx become tender and beautiful drops, and even the anus has become pink, and really too beautiful, in front of the ** pruning very delicate, a very Beauty of the triangle, I want her husband to see sure to eat me, really beautiful, I recommend you all sisters have to do something really unexpected effect ah. Finally, the body rinse again, she gave me dry, took a small white shorts to wear to me, the fabric is very light very slippery, a bit like at home wearing pajamas, very relaxed, feeling very comfortable. She told me to lie on another massage bed, then began to do essential oil massage.-china gay massage

At this time the female masseur asked me not to choose the male massage therapist gave me a massage, I was surprised and asked her why choose male masseurs. She said that this is the characteristics of their spa, especially to take care of the health of women xxx, according to the local ancient law, essential oil massage only in the opposite sex massage to achieve the best results, the opposite sex massage from the psychological to Physically produce a change, will regulate endocrine, so that women's skin has been greatly improved. She said the male masseurs are rigorous professional training, are regularly checked, and only a day massage a customer, massage before the body clean. Of course, this project can also be done by the female masseur, but should do the feeling of men will be better. My heart began to melancholy, I feel so sorry my husband, but would like to try, I feel very exciting ah.In my contradiction, the massage therapist said, after the massage of the female genitals, regardless of the men or by the press, due to stimulate the genitals, will be congested, the best way is to achieve orgasm, so that congestion back to Completely relaxed, this is very beneficial to the body. She said you do not want this as a pornographic service, it is actually a health treatment, and male masseur regulations can not be xx. I think about it, at home and her husband xx when he always went straight to the theme, and then fell down, every time I left are pain and loss, and now I really want to experience the so-called women's Climax is what the feeling, so the last in the female masseur's instigation under the men's masseurs agreed to serve, but asked to one of the most experienced.-china gay massage boy

At this time the masseuse went out, and after a while the male masseur came in, but I immediately regret death, the thought I only wore a transparent pants lying there, my face immediately red, more Terrible is that I did not think how the male masseur looks so old ah, really old can do my father, and perhaps the sake of foreigners it, looks particularly old. At that time I want to finish, how can let the old people to massage it, how to do it When I was lying in that move did not dare to move when the massage therapist, he said he was here massage for more than 20 years, and now forty years old, is the master of other massage therapist. I can not blame so old ah, but I think he should be better experience, also reluctantly agreed. But still very embarrassing.

At this time he took a very delicate pot, the first massage of essential oils, I saw several kinds of oil mixed together, and then add hot water. Then he began to massage, he first took off his pants, and then took off his underwear, I was not looking at what the eyes closed, when he said to start only opened his eyes, one opened his eyes and found a hair No, it feels like hair removal off, quite clean, that thing is very thick, probably with my hand into a fist so big, black, I am sorry to look carefully, shy close my eyes But it was a little worried that he was so big, my body can afford it ~ ~ ~ ~ when he poured oil on my body, hot oil pouring down feeling very comfortable, especially in the fart Time, feeling very warm. Temporarily forget that he is being a male service.

Then he began to massage, first hand, the oil in the body smoothing, wiping very carefully. He slowly from the back to my breasts, because the oil so easy to reach the front, his hand is very big ah, I was the first time outsiders so touch the breast, feeling very shy, so the whole body motionless, His action is very careful, very gentle, and soon I feel a very calm feeling, as if the child was a little father in the friction, very light friction, fingers slowly nipple, and Ma and itchy, I Has never experienced this feeling, really too comfortable, it is difficult to use language to describe. And I feel that his action is not a little pornographic ingredients, only the full massage, so that the oil is completely absorbed by the skin.-china male body oil gay massage

I think this is the difference between foreign and domestic bar. When he began to press my ass, and I now find the hand is really a good thing, when the massage of my ass kind of being wrapped with the feeling, very comfortable, his hand like a kneading dough, Slowly fingers down through the stock slippery down to the genitals, and finally began to massage here, I was like a kind of looking forward to the feeling, but fortunately did not let me down, feeling really different, I just took off the ** Of the hair is particularly sensitive, you can feel his fingers on the subtle movements, accompanied by the role of health care essential oils, my genitals began to hot, I was almost stumbled.

After a while came the warm feeling of the following, very strange, I saw that he was using the tongue Tim I **, this feeling really beautiful, very comfortable, especially when the tongue into the **, because That is to get into the **, because he is very hard, and could not help sucking, then he asked me what way to achieve orgasm, I said casually, he picked up me gently turned over, let me Lying down, and then he gently separated my thigh, bent over his tongue to lick my clitoris, which is the most sensitive place for women, began to use his tongue gently touch, I immediately felt like a shock, like a strong His body from the lower body spread, flow through the body, my breathing is accelerating, accompanied by his tongue licking the acceleration of the frequency, hardened, my body began to shake, like a continuous current is a continuous stimulation , My consciousness began to blur, feeling like floating up in general. I trembled and said to him before the brain was about to lose consciousness: "I ----- I - I'm fast -----".

Then feel the masseur to my thigh apart a great angle, feel should be taken in his groin; and then feel a big thing in my ** spiral friction to squeeze, this When the masseur is still gently rub your fingers with my fingers, my lower body also with his rhythmic beat rhythm of the contraction, almost to that big thing sucked recently.-china gay massage

The big things all into my body, began a gentle and powerful pull, I feel very full! I completely lost consciousness at this time, feeling that big thing with the pull of the whole body drifting on the wonderland, big mouth panting thick Gas, throat uncontrollable bursts of moaning; I feel the whole blood is boiling, breast expansion to the limit, the masseur of the pair of hands stretched in time to knead my chest, my hand tightly hold his The arm, unable to stop; whole body heat wave wave after wave, to stimulate more and more deep, suddenly, feeling whole body muscles suddenly relaxed, and the lower body began to control the twitch, a strong warm flow of the body, probably To maintain a dozen seconds! That moment, the kind of immortal feeling I used to and her husband had never experienced before!

After the climax, I felt as if I had descended from the fairy mirror, the masseur picked me up, and sat with him on his lap, he held my breasts with his chest, and whipped my hair After the ear, put my arm on his back, and then he gently kissed my forehead and face with his mouth. When his mouth moved to my lips, still in a blurred consciousness I naturally sip his mouth, feeling his tongue softly and forcefully pry my teeth, into my mouth, And my tongue stirring together, that feeling is a very comfortable feeling, I feel and the masseur seems to have been fully integrated for a person!-china body massage gay

When my body climax began to subside, consciousness gradually awake, the masseur clapped me began to move up and down, that big thing in my body into a heat wave accompanied by the feeling of itch again from the lower body again spread to the body, I just began to relax The body began to slowly tense up, so, along with the masseur skilled action, and soon I seem to return to the clouds, once again experience the kind of feeling of the soul of the bones!

Then the masseur turned my body to my back to his chest, he hugged me from behind, head against my shoulder kiss my neck, one hand to continue to massage my breasts, One hand in the following massage my lower body, the action is still gentle and considerate, he seems to be a guide, lead me in the wonderland to enjoy!

I once again experience the climax, the masseur gently picked me into the post-entry position, I kneel lying on the massage bed, he stretched out his hands from the back of my breast massage; this feeling that big thing Into my body is relatively deep, tightly attached to my cervix, a strong sense of excitement, pleasure is more obvious!

This time again and again climax after another, the masseur also carried out the lateral position and *** massage care, and finally return to the traditional position, but the first and different, the masseur will mention my thigh high, take To his shoulder, his massage strength is also more than any time in front!

The whole massage process lasted about an hour and a half, I really can not stand, and vaguely remember that is the seventh consecutive climax! That feeling is simply can not use language to describe, I was all collapsed, lying on the back massage Bed, sweat dripping! Masseurs did not immediately withdraw, that big thing still stay in my body. He put my leg down, lying on me, gently knot my hair, and gently kissed me with his mouth, kissed his face from the forehead, then to the nose, and finally kissed the lips, this time his The tongue did not stretch out, feeling he was to help me recover calm.-china men massage

When my breath gradually returned to normal, consciousness began to wake up, feeling that big things slowly withdraw from my body. He did not shoot, this gave me a good feeling, is really serviced! The masseur continues to kiss my carcass, on my skin, kissing the breasts down the neck, kissing the lower abdomen, kissing along the thighs Toes, until I completely calm down, he took me to the tub filled with petals, gently scrub for me. I closed my eyes, continued to enjoy, scrubbed for a moment, he gently said in my ear that I rest for a while, and so will someone to service. I was feeling what was the real spa, what was the real relaxation, the whole people were flying up!

Finally, the waiter came in to me to dry the body, presented a new underwear, dressed. Bali really well-deserved ah! Dare you can go to experience the Queen's experience like this Queen!

Finish-china gay men massage therapist.

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