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WELCOME TO COOLIFE SPA(Gay Men,Male,Female Whole body oil massage)

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Body Scrub

Removing dead skin cells aging, rough skin, make the skin smooth and delicate texture showing. While exfoliating the skin to remove surface coverage of black pigment, and the elimination of oily spots, skin white and shiny. scrub the skin can also promote blood circulation and metabolism, cell regeneration is more smooth, soft skin showing fresh state.

Reservation treatment can get a free body scrub.

Body Scrub:180RMB/Now 100RMB.

What is Spa?

SPA is the Greek SOLUSPARAQUA acronym, meaning healthy in the water. It refers to the use of natural water resources combined with bathing, massage and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, to meet the human sight, taste, touch, smell and thinking to achieve a physical and mental carefree enjoyment. Sources SPA seriously pursue this casual way of beauty, you will find it is a very old history. It is reported that around about the 15th century, Europe has a Belgian called Spau small valley, the valley has a mineral-rich hot springs tourism, wellness area, there were many nobles here on vacation convalescence, which SPA is the original form. After the 18th century European aristocracy in popularity as the preferred nobles leisure, physical fitness, and the 20th century in Europe again set off a wave SPA, and was introduced into China in the last century.

China Gay Men Massage Spa Picture

When the SPA landing in the Chinese beauty market, understanding and methods of operation of its domestic beauty industry insiders have Several. Currently authoritative argument that, SPA is a combination of multiple elements of professional beauty therapist, water, light, aromatic oils, soothing music from decompression, can help people to achieve physical, mental and spiritual fitness, modern urban people to pursue mental and physical beauty of an inevitable requirement. Modern SPA is a new concept of health and beauty, which include facials, body treatments, hydrotherapy, massage, aromatherapy, therapy, and other five senses to relax the body, mind activities, people lost in the constant pressure of work the feeling of belonging a spiritual and inner harmony.

What experience spa need to pay attention? Do SPA

Do SPA, there are a lot of stress and pay attention to the problem.To get a perfect regular SPA treatments, we must first consider selecting a strong professional beauty institutions. Furthermore, nor is it what people can or suitable SPA, SPA may also occur as do some side effects, including:

1, heat-sensitive skin, producing rash, itching;

2, environment unsanitary infection;

3, hyperthermia effect, some users will have in the short term discomfort,

weakness, fatigue and other effects, but will gradually return to normal;

4, violent impulse generated water damage and the like.

Therefore, professional advice, the following people are not suited SPA:

1, the mind or consciousness, senile dementia, mental deterioration and impaired balance,

in order to avoid unintended flooding;

3, diabetes or hypoglycemia;

4, the light and heat sensitive;

5, blood pressure poorly controlled hypertension and postural hypotension;

6, cancer patients.

Professionals also suggested that a time not

too long to do SPA, the frequency can not be too high, otherwise the body more harm than


SPA Why are tepid?

Once upon a time, SPA has become a very fashionable term, the current Beijing have played SPA beauty salon colored cards to attract customers. Then reflect the customer how is it? They SPA how much they know about it? SPA consumer always tepid reasons where is it?

First, the price is expensive. It is understood that Beijing is currently most opened SPA beauty salon business, ranging in price 60-600 yuan. Have done SPA Miss Wang told reporters at a regular salon SPA feel very good, after the whole of the human spirit did not the same, but if you stick to do so every week, Huaxiao too, afraid I can not support . A beauty salon manager admitted that they often play the promotional card for the first time to attract customers, but due to high cost, preferential measures only previous occasions, this is very likely to cause loss of customers.

Second, the beauty therapist level difficult to be guaranteed. SPA beauty therapists do not like ordinary beautician, knowledge and experience they need more medical and other aspects of the development of a range of care to the body on the basis of ordinary beauty. In addition to various beauty school training, it is difficult to see the beauty industry more standardized and authoritative beauty therapist training and examination.

China Gay Men Massage Spa Picture

Third, from an environmental and health perspective, a lot of people kind of awareness psychologically, always think in public occasions such private behavior is not very practical. Since there is such a concern, would not relax the purpose is to talk about?

Fourth, SPA equipment cohabitation. According to insiders, a beauty salon providing SPA services necessary for conventional instruments and equipment are available for face-lift slimming body sculpture instrument and energy resonance instrument, detoxification whitening promote blood circulation and seaweed body wrap machine and the capsule using thermal effects activation of body tissues near and far infrared body detector. SPA is also very particular about the use of products, mainly divided into two categories: one for different skin types and skin problems, a variety of professional skin treatments needed, with cleansing, moisturizing, activation, repair and other appropriate action series; the second is to promote blood circulation, soothe the nerves, to achieve detoxification, anti-aging, bereavement, sedation and other effects of various aromatic oil products.

Cultural perception of beauty-Spa

Due to the influence of Chinese culture, history and civilization of two ancient Indian civilization, so the Asian spa philosophy from the outset, we have a strong cultural flavor. This is derived from the previous emphasis on the perception of the West in terms of spa, it is a perfect complement. In Asian spa club where you can not only by actual experience of therapy to "find the beauty of youth," the happy, but also by its exhibit culture, let you from the heart, once accepted by the spirit inside and outside the United States baptism. If Western-style spa is a beautiful experience, that Asian spa culture is perceived beauty.

China Gay Men Massage Spa Picture

Any one thing, when given the cultural flavor, which itself also has a wealth of content, it is even more plump and lively. Asian spa implied a strong cultural heritage, not just a beautiful body, but also cultivate a spirit, and allow people to follow the beautiful process, share experience distant, long-lasting cultural charm.

Cool life spa: harmony of the mind, which is Western and Oriental spa treatments are respected goal, in the pursuit of goals in the process, some of the Oriental and Western spa spa health museum exhibited the way what is the difference?

Modern Western treatments for the body has begun to gradually shift from the treatment of surface depth, the root causes of inquiry. And in the East, then gradually turn to simplify the treatment of deeper, trying to find an easier surface treatment. It is a fusion process improvement and upgrading. Oriental therapies, for example, contains its own cultural heritage behind, but in China, but because some traders seek to make quick money, does not respect the cultural essence of therapy.

Whether it is Western or Eastern spa treatments, they simply seek the same, that is to help people find the "Fountain of Youth", so that the face of eternal youth, life, health, happiness.

Cool life spa: More and more Western-style spa introduced the concept of oriental therapy, what do you see? What do you personally interested in oriental therapy?

East meets West is a trend, but also a necessity. But this requires a process. Now some traditional Chinese treatments or Asia or the West is unlikely to be understood and accepted, they were transferred to the West, Westerners with their cognitive way to understand, so that tends to deviate from the original intention, even adulteration. All conventional treatments full of ancient wisdom have a certain deep-rooted element of their development needs exotic phase of growth, the need for effective integration with the local culture.

As for preferences, I am a very loyal traditional oil massage to clear the meridians followers, I have participated in some professional aromatherapist, so I understand that after this experience how good aromatherapist.

About the beauty of spring with the opposite sex SPA

Spring, is the beauty of life, health is to achieve a balance. However, they are busy bringing numerous mind, sub-health body, gaunt face. This spring, I hope every woman can enjoy a quiet return to the heart of the SPA, enjoy heterosexual SPA brings body balance conditioning. In the spring, with the opposite sex SPA, go to a beautiful and elegant appointments and let dissolve tired, let the mind back, Shu Huai relieved.

Appointment time:

Afternoon and evening heterosexual SPA makes people more comfortable, but as a dating party before going to an appointment, spend the first 10-20 minutes, sit and let the troubles of body and mind slowly settling, feel, and tell yourself that today you to take yourself. You should try to arrive early some SPA Center, it is best to arrive 20 minutes before the beginning of treatment, his restless heart, into the SPA Center quiet environment, relax, and enjoy the comfort of a romantic date bar.

Date place:

Beautiful and elegant appointments, in some brand awareness for most people recognized senior SPA Center, so that both can feel comfortable space design, and can be integrated into an atmosphere of quiet elegance, while the reassurance of professional services. Into the high-end SPA Hall, arranged around the furnishings to make you feel pleasure, aromatherapy oils breath, let you relax, every corner has been carefully designed, leaves out the window the sun coming through the seam, beautiful flower, listen to the voice of nature, simplify your thoughts.

Appointments in:

Anxiety aside, get past all of life's troubles, remorse, anxiety and depressed are dissipated in an instant, feeling only now, at the moment. Let this become a lifestyle to enjoy. Calm down, the SPA conditioning underway, slowly take a deep breath, let the air inhaled deeply abdomen, and then spit it out slowly, breathing with the breath, step by step to relax every part of the body.

End date:

The precipitate heart, after heterosexual SPA conditioning, and then spend some quiet time alone, sipping herbal tea, sitting in a natural environment, close to the water or under the sun, or in the cozy interior of the iceberg. Feeling the body's blood circulation rapidly, the skin soft to the touch, the body of waste toxins are eliminated from the body, let yourself revel in the joy.

Dating with the opposite sex through the SPA, your body, mind, flexible can be fully relaxed, let yourself in the pressures of work, the home lost a spiritual and inner harmony.

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Beautiful as ever graceful as ever

Irish folk have such a legend, in the distant horizon, there is a place, no sorrow, no regrets, so there is no joy and happiness.

Philosopher to interpret this sentence, any one thing has two sides and we must learn to look at the problem comprehensively. Poets do not think so, they loudly chanted: month wanes, people have joys and sorrows, the matter ancient difficult wholly! Indeed, the world of things, always leaves regret, together, parting the beginning, as the full moon, the moon will face the same.

As a woman, he's Huarongyuemao, set thousands of pet in one, even if encountered little setbacks, there are always heroes save the United States appear in due course, in the most beautiful encounter favorite people, from happy to live ....... In this practical too good! But Qingdao cool life spa know, women know that this is just fiction or fairy tales inside routine.

"If as shown signs of life, anything for autumn sad painted fans," Nalanrongruo sentence, there is a feeling of Shaohua gone, Iraq lost more sad. Indeed, some regret in life can not make up, but today, with the Beijing night as incense, and some regret but can digestion. For example, the soft rush of feet walking in the mortal world of you, at midnight, when keyed, no longer have failed to keep youth and beauty and lament, no longer need to experience that love him, not the most beautiful face and tangled pain. In the course of the night, such as Beijing and Hong lasting bonds, you will find that Beijing night as incense to you is not only a time counter-attack, reproduction flowery face and devil's body, as well as healthy living, and access to and the pursuit of beauty ability and happiness.

Bali Spa massage is the best way of decompression

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Cool Life Spa is a return to nature enjoyment and relaxation, SPA seeks to do in the natural environment. Hearing to feel flowers, smell the grass natural atmosphere, but also try to be close to the natural visual and tactile body to stretch.

Ba Islands massage oils are mainly lavender, with lemon and other essential oils, the main role is to promote blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, relaxed mood, as well as calming lavender itself the role of sleep. Aromatherapist first began to push back from the oil massage. Essential oils feeling sweet, warm. Very special kind of incense is very warm, is not pungent, very comfortable fragrance. With the unique method of massage. You will feel warm behind, every stretch tendons are feeling. Aromatherapist tactics are just the right weight properly. Warm, comfortable, stretch, listening ear music, unconsciously, you were asleep. After absorbing all oil until push until the end. After completion, the whole body warm, not very smooth skin, tendons of the whole body seems to have been opened up, very stretch.Welcome to experience the Cool Life spa appointment.

Bali heterosexual spa massage masseur feelings-coolifespa

Warm candlelight, beautiful music, elegant incense, and masseur exquisite detail the way ... this moment you can forget all the hustle and bustle of the city numerous and worry, enjoy wandering around in Bali heterosexual SPA is pure and romantic in the quiet heart, let the deposition has long been completely exhausted and the pressure relief and release. Pursue a higher level of quality of life, longing for a more generous creature comforts, in all aspects of pressure from family, work, physically and mentally fatigued to suffer in silence established fact duty-bound soul may have fallen to the brink of collapse, then Bali SPA will show signs a than the "quit" also stick effect makes downright change.

China Gay Men Massage Spa Picture

With the best way to do the most wonderful spa in Bali SPA Bali Bali spa-- six farewell farewell heavy work to bring the long-term pressure! Bali spa-- farewell competition brought pressure! Bali spa-- with people bid farewell to the annoyance! Bali spa-- trouble farewell female body gynecological problems arising! Bali spa-- unhappy farewell boring sex life brought about by the body and fun on! Bali spa-- emotional farewell brought boredom! Achieve; the same physical and psychological support / spiritual alike / Bali spa feelings oil fragrance accompanied by the aroma of roses gentle and clearly heard; lying in bed, let masseur flexible hands brushed each piece tight, filled with pressure muscle, gentle breeze, soft music drifting ears. The feeling of being loved pet in the "dearest" is not around, you can still get. The holiday of their own, to a SPA tour it, to appease the injured muscles, soothe impetuous soul.

Tasting heterosexual Spa Five Principles of Art

China Gay Men Massage Spa Picture

How to distinguish a painting impressionist, surrealist or graffiti? Fortunately, the creation and identification Although there is no set formula can be, there are channels to follow. Surrealism "abnormal" but "Hop Road", that is to say: although the Yibiao outside, but within reason, that is "anti-life in line with common sense and artistic way." Pay attention to the human a priori, instinct, the subconscious and the dream is the experience of its "Road", as well as to achieve an absolute or transcendent real scenarios.Tasting heterosexual SPA arts also vary with the song "Tao" in essence, that connotation, atmosphere, essential oils, techniques, SALON, the only side to coincide five qualify dubbed "SPA" in the name.