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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Grand Gongda JianGuo Hotel Beijing Picture
Grand Gongda JianGuo Hotel Beijing Map Picture

Gongda JianGuo Hotel Beijing

4.0 Gay Men Massage Grand Gongda JianGuo Hotel Beijing Picture

4-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Grand Gongda JianGuo Hotel Beijing Picture
Gay Men Massage Grand Gongda JianGuo Hotel Beijing Picture

Address: W Dawang Rd, Chaoyang Qu, China, 100022

Beijing, China, 266000

Phone: +86 10 5910 2068

Hotel details

The Grand Gongda Jianguo Hotel (Beijing Gongda Jianguo Fandian) is located inside Beijing University of Technology within close proximity of the central business district and only a five-minute walk from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Badminton and Eurythmics Venue.

On offer are various rooms including business standard rooms and business suites. This Beijing hotel also offers travel, foreign exchange and postal services.

A variety of dining options are available including Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisine. There is also a lobby bar offering various drinks and wines. Recreational facilities include a spa and fitness center, a disco and a chess/card room.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Beijing,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Beijing coolifespa gay men,male,female massage stories and news

Bone pain

Now there are a lot of people will be easy to have some bones and muscles of the problem, this is because of the pressure caused by life. People work if all day facing the computer, it is easy to neck and gingxian pain.

If it is other aspects of the work, Taiwan fatigue will also cause other aspects of the body bones pain. In particular, many men no matter what the work is, life will occasionally need to do some heavy physical activity, coupled with the pressure on the work, bones and muscles are more common problems. Although the pain is not a serious illness, but it is necessary to go to Beijing silk club club to relax.

Bones and muscles pain in many people do not seem sick, it will not have any big problems, may be over a period of time just fine. But sometimes, the body bones pain may be some hidden dangers, and dragged a long time will lead to some serious problems.

So the Beijing silk club will do some related health care project is necessary, especially when people feel the body bones and soreness is very serious when this time it is necessary to do some loose bones and health care items, so that the body meridian Able to clear, while allowing the muscles to relax.

Silk foot is now a very popular project, that is, wearing a stockings of the technicians to provide some of the foot to do some similar to the massage massage project. Through the stockings to contact the skin, more smooth, will feel more comfortable.

And coolifespa the technician has a professional footwork, by pressing, point, step, slip, twist and other foot so that the body's shoulders, chest, back, legs, nose, fingers and other parts can get some corresponding Relax. Gradually, bones will not sore, the body will become more relaxed and comfortable.


Beijing Coolifespa club provides more attentive service

Sometimes when we read the news, we will hear about the Beijing club, because this type of place is indeed very complex nature, and some of the club which carried out the transaction, not just a simple massage service, or other Some of the maintenance of the body of the service, there may be involved in the yellow type of service, so that the existence of these clubs will naturally cause public attention, but we can not think all of this type of place, there will be some of the transactions behind, or There are a lot of clubs are certified, the absolute service is legal, and all the services are able to see people, that is, things on the desktop, not what we imagined so dirty, so even if there are some The club is not authorized, this is a small part of the proportion.

When the police were involved in all the Beijing Institute of the investigation, some large-scale service is still a good ban, the final result of the remediation is still very impressive, and few people respond to this type of massage service is not appropriate, there is a Children should not feel.

In fact, people in Beijing where the consumption of the crowd, are very economically rich, or leisure time more people, because such a club above the standard, is a very high consumption, and each time to carry out this type Service, it takes several hours before they can play the effect, can really achieve a certain degree of physical maintenance standards, so these two conditions at the same time with the circumstances, can accept this place, for people to provide Relax, decompression, maintenance services, these conditions are we can understand.

Finish.-beijing gay men massage

Bali SPA is a paradise for pleasure

Bali day, we have a family of three always in the evening when walking, always thought that the sea and the beach is the most beautiful scenery of Bali, only one day a dusk, we inadvertently met a set off in the sunset Amazing rice fields, such as the pastoral scenery is the city we can not resist the temptation, suddenly remembered the student era to read that Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring": the land is open, houses like, Terraced land and canal traffic ...

The city's dusk, to see the car is always busy crowded traffic, noisy noisy rush flow, and that dusk, walk in a foreign country village road, it seems accidentally into the Tao Yuanming's terraced rice pasture, in front of a life Green and sunset golden shine of the scene, the kind of nature of the most primitive fresh stretch in this quiet and wonderful dusk, and the unique mellow rice, so you have a "long in the cage, the complex back to nature" Of the fun, it is difficult to have the language to express such a beautiful scenery, which has true meaning, want to forget the forgotten words, at this moment, if you can choose, really want to do that in the paddy field of gold, you can so calmly Growing up in heaven and earth, or do the dusk of that burst of breeze, you can in such a beautiful scenery in the gentle life of all the fleeting life ...

Summer trip, let me see the Bali at first sight, really fell in love with the beautiful island, August Bali left me too much good memories, even after returning to Shanghai has been immersed in the Those memories, with the words again count the memory of Bali, as if let me back to those romantic and happy day ...

Bali experience of the spa

It is said that Bali SPA is a paradise for pleasure, we have experienced in Ubud has so far can not forget the SPA, were put on loose robe, were lying on a small bed, to absorb the fresh aroma of aroma, in the sleepy Enjoy a gentle massage, essential oils mixed with wonderful floral smear on the body, feeling very special, small room is half open, you can see the endless green outside the window, the daughter is also in the room while waiting for us, while taking pictures, while Playing with the house fun furnishings, a small room filled with fresh aroma, the whole person in the beauty of the massage under the unconsciously with the aroma of essential oils into another ethereal world ...

In the half awake, the masseur gentle voice will wake me up, remind me to go to the bubble petals bath, open the curtain, the huge bathtub has been adjusted the water temperature and shampoo the petals, soaked in full of rose petals Of the warm water, the wind around the water, a pool of fragrance suddenly opened the body of every pore, the mood is also filled with fragrance in the bloom to open ...

Finish.-beijing gay men massage

Sub-health-coolifespa gay men massage

Resulting in the body appears "third state" the reasons for the state, mainly in the following areas:

1, psychological imbalance

The ancients said: everything is the work of their own, 100 to shake their hearts. Highly intense competition, intricate a variety of relationships, people think too much, never restless, not only will cause poor sleep, and even affect the body's neurohumoral regulation and endocrine regulation, and thus affect the body's normal physiological function of the system;

2, incomplete nutrition

Modern diet is often too high calorie, nutrient insufficiency, coupled with excessive artificial additives in food, artificial breeding animal maturity is short, nutrient deficiencies, resulting in a lot of important human nutrients and obesity increased, the body's metabolic disorders.

3, noise, depressed

Technological development, industrial progress, increased vehicles, increased population, so that many people living in the city's living space is small, much noise interference, the human body's cardiovascular system and nervous system have a lot of adverse effects, people irritability, depressed mood.

4, high rise, air conditioning

High-rise buildings, the room closed, the use of air conditioning throughout the year, long-term in this environment, the air in the negative oxygen ion concentration is low, so that the blood oxygen concentration decreased tissue oxygen utilization to reduce the impact of normal tissue cells Physiological function. Therefore, people living in high-rise floor to often walk to the ground, the use of air conditioning, to timely ventilation.

5, against the times

The human body in the evolution of the process of forming the inherent law of life movement - that is, "biological clock", she maintained the process of life movement blood and the law of metabolism. Against the times, it will destroy this law, affecting the body's normal metabolism.

6, practicing without rules

Life is movement, life is still resting. The human body has a lot of commonality in the process of life movement, but there are also individual differences. Therefore, practice physical fitness should be a very strong individual knowledge. Everyone in different periods, the physical condition of the body are in a dynamic change. Such as physical training, improper practice, will inevitably damage the health of the human body.

7, indiscriminate use of drugs

Improper medication will not only have some side effects on the body, but also damage the body's immune system. Such as a little cold, a large number of taking antibiotics, not only will destroy the normal intestinal flora of the human body, but also make the body produce drug resistance; slightly tired, a large number of taking yang tonic, wanted to add nutrition, but actually Hold fire and fire.

8, Nei Lao trauma

Traumatic strain, excessive sexual intercourse, trivial thinking, life disorder most likely to cause a variety of diseases. People's refined gas, such as oil, God fire, fire too busy, the oil is easy to dry; God is too use, the refined gas is bad. Only one one relaxation, static and dynamic combination, work and rest, in order to avoid the old trauma caused by various diseases.

9, six prostitution seven emotions

Six evil: wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire is the four seasons of climate change in six performance, referred to as six gas. "Liu Qi Yin Sheng", referred to as "six prostitution." Seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thinking, sad, fear, scared. Sad sad, rage injury liver, worry about the spleen, sad lungs.

Finish.-beijing male body oil gay massage

What are the benefits of abdominal massage

Massage the health of the human body a lot of benefits, different parts of the massage, the benefits of the body is different; often massage the head, can help everyone wake up, often massage the face, can help you face-lift; that often massage the abdomen and what benefits? To get a brief look at it together.

Massage the benefits of the abdomen:

If you often rub the abdomen, which will help the body to maintain the spirit of pleasure, before going to bed by rubbing the abdomen, help to sleep, to prevent insomnia. For patients with atherosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, Rouxie abdomen can quench the anger, calm, blood circulation, can play a good role in adjuvant therapy.-beijing men massage

Abdomen according to the specific method of operation: the general choice at night before going to sleep and get up before, empty the urine, wash their hands, take the supine position, knees flexion, body relaxation, left hand in the abdomen, palms facing the navel, On the left hand. First clockwise direction, around the umbilical rubbing belly 50 times, and then counterclockwise direction rubbing 50 times. Anrou, the force should be moderate, energy concentration, breathing naturally, perseverance, will receive a significant fitness effect.-beijing gay men massage therapist.

It is noteworthy that the abdominal skin suppurative infection, or abdominal acute inflammation (such as enteritis, dysentery, appendicitis, etc.), should not Anrou, so as to avoid the spread of inflammation; abdominal cancer, should not be rubbed to prevent cancer spread or Bleeding. Roufu, the emergence of intra-abdominal warm feeling, hunger, or produce bowel sounds, exhaust, etc., also belong to the normal reaction, do not worry.

Tips: massage the benefits of the abdomen is very much, but should pay attention to the correctness of massage, if the massage is not correct, most likely to suffer.

Abdominal massage weight loss techniques to lose weight

There are a lot of obese people who do not love sports. Often eaten on the bed or on the sofa, their belly fat is quite obvious. This time if you choose abdominal massage weight loss techniques, can be said to bring these obese people with unexpected results. What are the benefits of abdominal massage to lose weight? The following for everyone to explain the lower abdomen massage weight loss techniques on the benefits of the body. Hope to help everyone.-beijing gay men massage

1. Abdominal massage weight loss techniques can promote body fat, making it often in a soft and easy to burn the state. Can be their own body to speed up the metabolism, which is conducive to the health of the body. There is no movement and the accumulation of waist fat, insist on doing abdominal massage weight loss practices will have unexpected results.

2. Abdominal massage weight loss techniques can also be a lot of consumption and eliminate the blood vessels of the wall material. Can also expand the capillaries, increase blood flow to improve microcirculation. In addition can also reduce the burden on the heart, is conducive to enhancing the body's resistance to disease. Adhere to do so, you can also achieve the ultimate goal of conditioning the body.-beijing gay massage

Abdominal massage weight loss practices, the amount of exercise is not large. But it is very effective, not only the weight loss of other people to do this is also very effective. Every day as long as spend more than an hour, to do this abdominal massage can achieve very bright results. It is really good for those who do not love sports and worry about losing weight. Believe that weight loss is a very difficult exercise, abdomen massage weight loss practices to many people brought the gospel. For the majority of people who worry about weight loss, I believe this is a great choice. Finally bless everyone to achieve their own weight loss goals as soon as possible.

Abdominal massage benefits teach you how to operate correctly

Abdominal massage has a lot of benefits, you can play the role of weight loss, but also play a health care effect. Chinese medicine that the abdomen is "the root of all diseases, to be dynamic", the massage on the abdomen will make you more and more healthy. So how to carry out abdominal massage? Here to introduce the operation of abdominal massage method.

Abdominal massage operation of the specific operation:

(1) to do abdomen levator ani exercise for 2 minutes;

(2) push the abdomen method:

The general choice in the evening before going to sleep and get up early in the morning (not in the case of excessive hunger or full meal) emptying urine, wash your hands, take the supine position, exposing the abdomen, abdominal muscles to relax, knees flexion, concentrate On the abdomen, uniform focus, moderate speed, driving the subcutaneous tissue with the movement, around the navel, the next under the abdominal, double Tianshu, air sea, Guan Yuan and other acupuncture ring to do the ring massage to the navel as the center, Horizontal, off the yuan, the right cross-clockwise direction to do ring-shaped teeth 10-15 minutes, and then around the Zhongwan, the right cross, Guan Yuan, left large cross-clockwise direction to do ring friction 10-15 minutes to make patients with abdominal slightly Red fever, massage at the same time do abdominal breathing;-beijing gay massage boy

(3) point method:

With the thumb pulp placed in the acupuncture point, gently rubbing to make the feeling of local soreness, each point massage 3-5min, the points for the Zhongwan, Tianshu, large cross, Guan Yuan, gas sea points;

(4) to do abdomen levator ani exercise can be 2 minutes. Every night before going to bed to carry out the above massage 30min.

Choose a reasonable acupuncture points, "Zhongwan" for the heart of the curtains have two-way regulation of gastric motility, so that patients can eat hunger to control the amount of food;

"Tianshu" has blood stasis function, there are two-way regulation of bowel function, the clinical treatment of constipation and both for the treatment of loose stools, diarrhea, improve the intestinal environment, change the intestinal absorption function, change the "intestinal - liver "pathology. Zhongwan with Tianshu with spleen qi phlegm, smooth triple qi airway effect.-beijing male body oil gay massage

"Big cross" large cross for the foot lunar and Yin Wei pulse intersection points, there are dehumidification Sanjie, qi spleen, through the role of gastrointestinal;

"Guanyuan" for the small intestine raise points, the main benefits of gas, the auxiliary air line water, with "air sea" replenishing liver and kidney, air from the original power, gas is spleen health, spleen can be wet.

To the umbilical as the center of the above points with each other played a total of spleen dampness of the power. To acupuncture points with the way to strengthen the blood circulation, dredge the meridians, in the increase of abdominal muscles and smooth muscle blood flow, and clear the meridians at the same time, but also to the gastrointestinal organs and other organs of active activity, thereby strengthening the digestion of food, Absorption, excretion, relieve diabetic patients with epigastric fullness, anorexia, stool does not tune the clinical symptoms; and direct role in the abdominal subcutaneous fat, reduce abdominal fat, and then adjuvant treatment of fatty liver.-beijing gay massage

This massage method is easy to learn, high security, not subject to external conditions, the application of large groups of patients.

Acupuncture points

Zhongwan: umbilical 4-inch (umbilical and xiphoid midline)

Large cross: umbilical next to open 4 inches (navel on both sides, nipple straight)

Gas sea: 1.5 inches under the umbilical (umbilical and Guan Yuan connection point)

Tianshu: umbilical next to open 2-inch (navel and large horizontal line of the midpoint)

Guan Yuan: 3 inch under the umbilical (umbilical as the starting point of the lower abdomen, then the edge of the small thumb is the point)

What is the role of abdominal massage? How to do it? What should you watch out for?-beijing body massage gay

Chinese medicine advocates: abdominal massage health law, mainly on the abdomen area for regular massage. Chinese medicine believes that the five internal organs in addition to heart and lung are hidden in the abdomen.

"Lingshu" records: "There are chest and abdomen, the Tibetan government of Guo also." Means that the abdomen has a protective effect on many organs. If long-term adherence to abdominal massage, not only can enhance gastrointestinal digestive function, but also help to treat a variety of gastrointestinal problems.

Western view: from the modern medical point of view, massage the abdomen, the internal organs, abdominal muscles by external pressure, so that accelerated gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also promote the secretion of digestive juice, promote food digestion and absorption, so that intestinal smooth, Disease treatment, health and health effects.

Therefore, there are bloating, constipation symptoms, the regular massage for the abdomen, uncomfortable symptoms will be reduced. Digestive function is not good people, often massage the abdomen, often have a good effect.-beijing men massage

Clockwise massage the abdomen, easy to help digestion: It is generally believed that clockwise massage the abdomen can promote intestinal peristalsis, help defecation, reduce constipation symptoms.

Massage direction: right lower abdomen - right upper quadrant - left upper quadrant - left lower abdomen And counterclockwise massage the abdomen (that is, the opposite direction with the clockwise) is likely to play antidiarrheal effect.

Here to introduce the way to massage the abdomen clockwise: semi-lying lying in bed, or take the seat, the body relax, the right hand on the palm of your hand, left palm on the back of his right hand, that is, push each other push, according to clockwise massage Abdomen, from the right lower abdomen from the push up to the upper right abdomen, and then across the abdomen in the umbilical to the left lower abdomen, and then pushed to the original count as a circle.-beijing gay men massage therapist.

Generally in the morning after the massage, can promote morning defecation. And postprandial bloating, dyspepsia and habitual constipation in patients with abdominal discomfort or 10 to 15 minutes after the meal. Massage time control in 5 to 30 minutes, or clockwise massage for a circle, a total of 100 massage.

Massage when the moderate force, breathing naturally. In addition, massage the best when the abdomen to eliminate distractions, try to imagine a smooth defecation of the scene to promote the defecation through conditioned reflex. Massage after many times, constipation will generally have different degrees of relief. When the gradual formation of the habit of regular stool, massage the number of abdomen can be reduced.

The implementation of this method, some people at that time will produce meaning; some people adhere to a week or so, will increase the number of defecation. Generally use this massage for two weeks, gastrointestinal function will gradually strengthen.-beijing gay men massage

Clockwise exercise, pregnant women should not be: the best before the evacuation of urine, do not immediately eat when eating massage. Local skin infections, abdominal malignancies, gastrointestinal perforation, visceral bleeding, appendicitis and peritonitis and other emergencies, should not be abdominal massage.

As the woman's abdomen is softer, pelvic genital organs, massage should be slightly lighter, more to take semi-recumbent or sitting; men take the position, the intensity can be slightly larger. Pregnant women should not massage. Massage after the abdomen may be some reaction, such as bowel sounds hyperthyroidism, anal exhaust, etc., these are normal, do not worry too much.-beijing gay massage

In addition, massage the abdomen is only an auxiliary treatment in daily life, long and stubborn constipation patients, but also in the daily diet and living habits to be noted. Usually astringent astringent astringent things, because the convergence is easy to make qi stagnation, solid astringent can increase the symptoms of constipation, like ginkgo, lotus seeds, Gorgon, chestnuts, pomegranates, etc., should eat less;

Can often eat can be gas, Runchang things, such as bananas, honey, rich in dietary fiber vegetables. Often sitting in the office of office workers, do not sit for a long time, should walk more, activities, which is effective to speed up gastrointestinal motility, you can also choose to swim, brisk walking, climbing and other aerobic exercise to promote smooth bowel movements.-beijing gay massage boy

Often massage the benefits of rubbing the abdomen

Rub the belly every day to the body is good

Modern medicine, rubbing abdominal, you can increase the abdominal muscles, increase the gastrointestinal wall of the muscle tension and lymphatic system function, so that active gastric secretion, speed up food digestion and excretion, and can improve intestinal peristalsis function, so that constipation is alleviated. And often rubbing the abdomen also on diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases are also adjuvant therapy,-beijing male body oil gay massage

1 to promote bowel movements, the elimination of constipation

Roufu can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle, increase the gastrointestinal wall of the muscle tension and lymphatic system function, thereby enhancing the digestion and absorption of food, significantly improve the size of the intestinal peristalsis function, which play a role in promoting defecation , So as to prevent and eliminate constipation, especially for the elderly.

2 abdominal massage is conducive to weight loss

Because rubbing the abdomen can stimulate the peripheral nerve, through the severity of different speed of massage, so that the abdominal wall capillary flow, promote fat consumption, received a satisfactory weight loss effect.-beijing gay massage

3 Anxious before going to bed to help sleep

For those who do not sleep well, you can rub the abdomen before going to bed, help to sleep, to prevent insomnia. For patients with atherosclerosis, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, Rouxie abdomen can quench the anger, people calm, blood circulation, play a role in adjuvant therapy.-beijing body massage gay

4 rubbing stomach to prevent stomach disease

Because the occurrence of gastric ulcer disease and gastric acid secretion is too much. Often Roufu, can promote the increase in prostaglandin secretion, to prevent excessive secretion of gastric acid, prevention and treatment of ulcer disease. Late adhere to Roufu, then Shugan Jieyu, conditioning the spleen and stomach, can lift the liver pain, bloating discomfort, loss of appetite and so on.-beijing men massage

5 to prevent postoperative intestinal adhesion

Patients in the wound completely healed, the self-abdominal friction, can prevent the occurrence of intestinal adhesion after surgery. Generally should be in the morning every morning before 10 am, 3 pm and every night before going to bed each rub 1 times. Rouxian can promote intestinal peristalsis, is conducive to local tissue on the exudate after surgery to absorb.-beijing gay men massage therapist.

Rubbing the belly method

Usually rubbing the belly of the words to choose before going to sleep at night and get up before the morning.

You can first emptying urine, wash your hands, and then take the supine position, knees flexion, the body to relax the left hand in the abdomen, palms facing the navel, right hand stacked on the left hand.

First clockwise direction around the umbilical rubbing belly 50 times, and then counter-clockwise Anrou 50 times. Anrou, the force should be moderate, energy concentration, breathing naturally, long-term past, will receive a significant fitness effect.

Three-line massage method:

Third line refers to the left chest to the navel; heart to the navel; right chest to the navel. Can stand or supine, body relax, two hands first and tail overlap affixed to the abdomen, Respectively, along the three lines slowly pushed down.-beijing gay men massage

Each line for three times and then press a line, until the abdomen fever as well. Action to ease, breathing to be natural, the intensity should be moderate, you can unlock the clothes and clothing can also massage.

Prevent liver cancer to do 4 points

1 cause of prevention is critical

From the etiology of liver cancer in the occurrence of chronic hepatitis B is one of the most common causes, so the prevention of hepatitis B is also a powerful means of prevention of liver cancer, hepatitis B vaccination in hepatitis B vaccine can be described as a killer, according to their own situation, timely or full Vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, the prevention of hepatitis B. Indirect prevention of liver cancer is of great value.-beijing gay massage

2 active treatment of primary disease

Clinically, if suffering from chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, etc., should be timely targeted treatment, the integration of the indicators. Syndrome differentiation, the disease control in the best stable state, to reverse or not development, can be described as cirrhosis, liver cancer effective control of the key link.-beijing gay massage boy

Tips: treatment of liver disease, be sure to go to the regular professional hospital, for the cause, condition, comprehensive treatment, not disease disorderly investment medicine, not only the disease can not be effectively controlled, but also delay the best time to treat the disease, Liver cancer prevention and treatment is extremely unfavorable.

3, to prevent liver cancer, a reasonable diet is the foundation

From the liver cancer predisposing factors, poor eating habits is also the leading cause of liver cancer, experts recommend that anti-cancer need to diet in a reasonable diet, to avoid mildew, pickled, smoked, alcohol food to prevent cancer Factors that produce, accelerate the cancer of liver cells.

4, to prevent liver cancer, need to maintain a good attitude

Positive and optimistic attitude, can mobilize the body's immune system, thereby improving the patient's immune system, so the daily life, bogey too pessimistic, desperate, violent storm, pay attention to appropriate physical and mental exercise, Anti-cancer, to help health.-beijing gay men massage

Liver cancer patients diet

1 easy to digest

Under normal circumstances, the disease will lead to impaired liver function in patients, in addition, there are a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms, so liver diet, need to ensure that food is easy to digest, do not eat too hot or cold food, do not eat crude fiber Food and excellent food to ensure the normal digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract.

2 low fat and protein

In life, patients often have dyspepsia, nausea and other symptoms, if you eat too much high-fat foods, will increase these symptoms, so liver cancer diet, the need to light diet mainly due to less food intake, therefore, But also need to increase the heat of food, in addition to the appropriate control of protein intake, so as to avoid hepatic encephalopathy.

3 add vitamins

The body contains enough vitamins, often able to effectively anti-cancer, therefore, liver cancer diet, eat some foods containing vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, with anti-cancer effect, so patients need to eat some vitamins Fresh vegetables and: fruit, carotene into the human body, can be converted to vitamin A, patients can also eat some carotene-containing food.

Treatment of liver cancer recipe

1 lily drink

Usage: fresh lily wash, set the pot, add 500 ml of water, fire to boil for 3 minutes, change the fire to cook for 30 minutes, divided into drinking, and even served.-beijing gay men massage therapist.

Efficacy: Yin and heat.

Indications: liver cancer is a hot poisonous injury, abdominal fullness, hot flashes night sweats, dry stool, short red urine.

2 gold flower gourd drink

Honeysuckle, old loofah.

Usage: honeysuckle, loofah were washed, set pot, add 1000 ml of water, fire to boil for 3 minutes, change the text to cook for 20 minutes, filter juice, sub-drinks service.

Efficacy: Qingrejiedu, Tongluo pain.

Indications: liver cancer is a hot poisonous injury type, threatening the next tingling, dry mouth dry hot.

3 crab hawthorn powder

Crab, hawthorn, rice wine amount.

Usage: the crab, hawthorn co-drying, research into fine spare. Each time 15-20 grams, with yellow wine delivery service, 2 times a day.

Efficacy: detoxification stasis.

Indications: liver cancer is a hot poisonous injury type, abdominal distension, such as drums, dizziness, dry stool, dry mouth dry hot.

Every day to keep the lower abdomen you will find their belly getting smaller and smaller, before the obesity caused by high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease problems have also been alleviated, and because the massage has the role of regulating blood, so the whole blood The regulation will also be a great help.

Although the massage of the abdomen on the health of a great help, but not everyone is suitable for it is for some malignant tumors, or other patients with acute abdomen, pregnant women, postoperative, physically weak people are Not suitable for massage.

Finish.-beijing male body oil gay massage

Welcome to coolifeSpa gay men massage in beijing.

Men's impotence massage top secret method

Men's xxx massage can make the xxx blood circulation, can improve the quality of sexual intercourse and genital health. And sexual intercourse is different, so pay attention to the middle do not ejaculation, massage can be finished ejaculation. (Note: each action to do 20 to 30 times, to be fully lubricated, the lubricant can be used massage cream can also be used baby oil) left hand holding the xxx root, right hand thumb soft scrotum front.-beijing gay massage

First, massage the groin with both hands thumb, index finger, middle finger pulp to the xxx root direction from outside and inside symmetrical massage on both sides of the groin, massage the force should be gentle and comfortable not pain for the degree of about 50 times.

Second, twist fine sperm to his hands thumb, index finger, middle finger symmetrical twist xxx root, scrotum above the spermatic cord, the force to appear mild soreness or comfort for the degree, about 50 times.

Three, rubbing the testicles to the index finger of his hands, the middle finger to support the same side of the testis below, and then press the thumb on its, as the number of beads as gently rubbing both sides of the testicles, the pressure to testicular pain or slightly soreness is appropriate, About 150-200 times.-beijing gay massage

Fourth, pull the xxx and testicles with the right hand or left hand to the xxx and scrotum together in the palm of your hand, gently pull down 150-200 times, the tension to the xxx and testicles are slightly sore or slightly on both sides of the lower abdomen Feel like.

Fifth, the massage to the left hand massage right foot heart Yongquan 100 times to the right hand massage left foot heart Yongquan 100 times, if the night after the hot water foot massage massage therapy is more ideal.-beijing body massage gay

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Local massage treatment of impotence generally wake up in the morning or night before going to sleep by the patient's seat or semi-recumbent position, soft, easy to operate, through local massage can promote blood circulation, improve local nutritional status, regulate local nerve function , Thus promoting the improvement of penile erectile function, and then through the psychological adjustment to achieve the purpose of treatment of impotence. But in use should pay attention to the following points: manual treatment to keep the genitals skin clean, genital inflammation or skin disease, should be cured and then do.beijing gay men massage

Patients should be done when relaxing, once a day, the tactics should be gentle, should not be too much force, otherwise the effect is poor (if the pain appears, indicating excessive force, to be adjusted tactics). Techniques generally 2-3 weeks, when more than a penile erection, if the erection is not strong, as the law together with the stretch, with a simple pull the scrotum. Approach by the patient to do their own, after 3 weeks, as appropriate, by his wife instead, and then gradually transition to the same room. This method of functional impotence effect is obvious, and organic impotence should be used in conjunction with other therapies.

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Beijing, referred to as the "Beijing", the capital of the People's Republic of China, the central city, the national center city, the megalopolis, the national political center, cultural center, international communication center, scientific and technological innovation center, the CPC Central Committee, the People's Republic of China The seat of the People's Congress, the Central Command of the Chinese theater resident.

Beijing is located in the north of the North China Plain, Yanshan back, adjacent to Tianjin and Hebei Province. Beijing's climate is typical of the northern temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate.

Beijing is the first batch of national historical and cultural city and the world has the world's cultural heritage number of the city, three thousand years of history gave birth to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Badaling Great Wall, the Summer Palace and many other historical sites. As early as seven hundred thousand years ago, Beijing Zhoukoudian area appeared on the original population tribes "Peking Man". In 1045 BC, Beijing became thistle, Yan and other princes of the capital. Since 938 AD, Beijing has become the Liao capital, gold in the capital, the capital of the Ming and Qing Dynasties capital. October 1, 1949 became the capital of the People's Republic of China.

By the end of 2015, the city's resident population of 2170.5 million, an increase of 18.9 million more than the end of 2014. Among them, the resident population of 822.6 million people, accounting for the proportion of the resident population was 37.9%. In 2015, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Beijing will be 2.29686 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.9% over 2014.

July 31, 2015, the International Olympic Committee President Bach announced that Beijing and Zhangjiakou 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held the right to host. Beijing became the world's first city to host both the Summer Olympic Games and the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Origin Of The Name Of Beijing

Beijing is a city with three thousand years of history of the ancient capital, has different names in different dynasties, roughly counted more than and 20 nicknames.

Yandu, according to historical records, in Eleventh Century BC, when King Wu of Zhou Shang, in Yao Feng Di, in Sioux City in the capital, Yan Feng Zhao gong. Because of the ancient capital of the Yan state Yandu is named. Yan, Warring States, is said to be due to the proximity to Yanshan, the Chinese are called "yandu".

Beijing is a city with three thousand years of history of the ancient capital, has different names in different dynasties, roughly counted more than and 20 nicknames.

Yandu, according to historical records, in Eleventh Century BC, when King Wu of Zhou Shang, in Yao Feng Di, in Sioux City in the capital, Yan Feng Zhao gong. Because of the ancient capital of the Yan state Yandu is named. Yan, Warring States, is said to be due to the proximity to Yanshan, the Chinese are called "yandu".

One of Youzhou, ancient kyushu. I name, first seen in "Shang Shu Shun Dian", "Yan said Youzhou." Han, Wei, Jin and Tang Dynasty have been set up Youzhou, the rule in this area of Beijing.Beijing, Beijing refers to the country, Beijing has become the country after all, also called the capital.

Nanjing, Liao Taizong in the first year (938 years), the original Youzhou rose to quiet Du Fu, built Nanjing, also known as Yanjing, the capital of liaoning. At that time the capital of Liaoning Province in beijing.

Most of the Yuan Dynasty, gold palace now Beihai park reconstruction of the center of town, Kublai Khan yuan nine years (1272) renamed Dadu, commonly known as the yuan dynasty.

Beijing, Ming Hongwu (1368), Zhu Yuanzhang conquered the Yuan Dynasty, in order to pacify the North recorded merit, Yuandadu renamed beiping.

Beijing, the first year of Yongle (1403), the Ming Emperor Yongle Emperor Yongle obtained the throne, he will do when the king fiefs into Shuntian Peking House, built in Beijing City, and is ready to move to the capital, it was officially named as Beijing, has been more than 600 years of history.

In eighteen years the capital, Yongle Yongle (1420) moved to Beijing and renamed the capital, until the Qing dynasty.Jing Zhao, in two years (1913) in the waste Shuntian, Jing Zhao, the central, its range includes most of today's Beijing area, in the seventeen years spent in Jingzhao place, to Beijing for beijing.

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