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Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Changsha,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Bitaoge International Shuihui Hotel Picture
Bitaoge International Shuihui Hotel Map Picture

Bitaoge Shuihui Hotel

4.0 Gay Men Massage Bitaoge International Shuihui Hotel Picture

4-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Bitaoge International Shuihui Hotel Picture
Gay Men Massage Bitaoge International Shuihui Hotel Picture

Address: 228 Chezhan N Rd, Furong Qu, Changsha Shi, Hunan Sheng, China, 410001

Phone: +86 731 8227 8888

Hotel details

Pittao brand was established in 1998 in Wuhan, "green, healthy, fashion, distinguished" business philosophy for the rapid occupation of Wuhan market, became the backbone of the Wuhan leisure industry.

In 2008 the board of directors of the company to assess the situation, forge ahead, invest nearly 100 million yuan to build the Pittao International Water Hotel, business area of 18,000 square meters, since the laying of the brand in the city of Changsha leisure hotel industry first position.

2010, the company once again invested 180 million yuan, effort to build a business area of 26,000 square meters of the Bitao Court water world hotel, in order to achieve the Bita Pavilion brand group management model, the same year was rated as the only five-star leisure in Hunan Province Hotel.

Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Changsha,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Changsha coolifespa gay men,male,female massage stories and news

Silk foot massage

Many people in the foot massage after a few times, you can have a very obvious role, and can be very intuitive to see their body slowly in the better, but there will be some more special reaction, but these reactions Are not to worry about, are a normal reaction, is not on people have any bad things, so do not go to fear, do not because of this stop their own massage course.

Foot massage, it is likely to make their own sleep increased, in the course of massage will make people feel tired, so at this time will want to sleep, this reaction is normal, do not need to worry about, Is a normal adjustment, there is it will be very easy to sweat, and even sweaty taste, which is no need to worry about, which is in the body of their toxins, there are some metabolic products , Sweating on the description of their own blood circulation, there is a good change, and accelerate the cycle of blood can make their own more energy.

After the foot massage, there will be increased their own urination, which is to explain their own bad things in the body is being discharged, it is also a good response, will make people get a slow change in the body , A lot of time will want to drink plenty of water, their own drinking water demand will increase, which is no need to worry about, drink water is a very good thing, all of these reactions are do not need to worry about, they are Is the normal reaction after the massage, which is a good phenomenon, that their body has a good remission.

Finish.-changsha gay men massage

"Bionic" movement

Many people love the winter bed, in fact, can also be carried out in bed several imitation of animal fitness activities:

Imitation cat arches: wake up every morning, lying on the bed, distracting his hands, straighten his legs, pursed his hips, like a cat arched as the arches as force, and then put down the high Alice's hips. Repeated a dozen times, can promote the body qi and blood flow, prevention of back pain and other diseases.

Imitation dog walking: the same as the dog walking, the limbs to the ground, right hand and left foot, left hand and right foot together to move forward to move the body. Every day to walk 20 steps, can prevent the long standing or walking caused by low back pain, stomach ptosis, hemorrhoids and lower extremity swelling, especially for the prevention and treatment of low back pain.

Imitation locusts Alice legs: the body prone, elbow bent, his hands attached to the chest below the bed. Then the upper body looked up, feet close together and as much as possible, slow 3 times the abdominal breathing, several times a day. To follow the action of locusts, especially for women.

Imitation camel yoga: this is to follow the camel movements yoga posture. First of all, hands on the waist, knees kneeling on the ground, and then slowly to the upper body to the back, up to almost can not support, with both hands holding the feet of the ankle, to maintain this back posture to Abdominal breathing repeated 3 times.

This method to the thigh and abdomen of the muscles are fully exercise to prevent fat deposition, favorable weight loss. At the same time, due to abdominal tightening, stimulating the intestinal tract, the effect of prevention of constipation.

Spring is a high incidence of disease, friends can go to Beijing Health Center to do a boost to enhance the immune treatment project, through professional health equipment and professional physician conditioning, make your body more healthy and more dynamic. Beijing Health Center is a good place for your leisure.

Finish.-changsha gay men massage

Chinese medicine health, around the humble four massage artifact

One: traditional Chinese health around the humble four massage artifact: Artifact one: comb

Now people's living conditions are good, also began to pay close attention to health care work. Particularly among the most popular TCM. Traditional Chinese medicine in the massage can help us to ease the physical discomfort, today we come to introduce you to help us a few small objects to massage. What kind of small objects can help us massage health? Let's take a look at it! Absolute surprise!-changsha men massage

Traditional Chinese medicine massage can help us to ease the physical discomfort, but not everyone can be a good grasp of massage techniques. Today we recommend around us four very common small objects, so that they help us to massage, easy to achieve the purpose of health care. What is specific, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce one by one!

Artifact One: comb

Usually comb with the comb can have a lot of usage, generally comb comb round horn comb is better.

Comb neck, anti-flu

The early general of the cold will feel sore back pain. Neck after a Dazhui (bow, the top of the neck after the highest uplift depression at the bottom), is the yang the most Sheng place, combing here can Qufengzhan cold, detoxification, relieve the initial cold. Usually every 5 to 10 minutes to the rear of the neck feel heat is appropriate-changsha body massage gay

Comb breasts, scattered bleeding

There are a lot of meridians and acupuncture points around the breast, if the liver qi stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis is easy to rely on breast hyperplasia, nodules and other diseases. We use the comb to exert local stimuli, can play to clear the meridians, blood circulation, Ruanjian Sanjie role, help us to ease the chest discomfort.

Specific methods: in the breast at a little lotion, and then comb (preferably jade comb) and chest to maintain a 45-degree angle, from the breast root slowly comb to the nipple, the intensity of soft, to feel comfortable is appropriate, each 5 ~ 10 Minutes can be; if nodules, lumps, comb can be used in the local Anrou. Comb can also take the red peony 20 grams, 30 grams of Prunella vulgaris, dandelion 30 grams, after decoction with a towel dipped in medicine hot compress, strengthen blood circulation, heat Sanjie effect.-changsha gay massage

Comb abdomen, stomach tone

Intraperitoneal soft organs are more, it is recommended to use the comb around the navel clockwise circular comb, can promote gastrointestinal motility, help excretion. Diarrhea can be used to comb the corner point rub in the abdominal cavity (navel on the four inches) and Tianshu points (next to the navel open two inches, about one), regulate gastrointestinal function.

Artifact II: hair dryer

Chinese medicine speak "cold heat", where the cold, feeling pain, you can use hair dryer to blow a blow, with hot air to relieve pain. Hair dryer is most commonly used to relieve pillow, shoulder cold, dysmenorrhea and discomfort. Blowing before the proposed hand to try a good temperature, aimed at the discomfort parts blowing 5 to 10 minutes. Dysmenorrhea can also cut a ginger on the navel, and then use the hair dryer blowing, can play the role of cold in the cold.-changsha male body oil gay massage

Artifact three: rolling pin

We can use rolling pin to help us roll the body more parts of the skin, like legs, shoulder and neck. Using similar to the traditional Chinese medicine in the "rolling method", in the local pressure repeatedly rolling, can relieve local sore pain.

Knock on the popliteal fossa, strong waist

Chinese medicine has an old saying called "back in the request", the back of the disease can be knocked through the hole (located in the popliteal fossa) to ease. The specific method is: sitting in a chair, knees slightly bent, with a rolling pin from the back side of the horizontal tapping knee knees, each time about 10 minutes.

-changsha gay massage boy

Rolling spring, extended life

This method should be with the medicine of the Chinese medicine, but the child is now rare, can be used to replace the rolling pin. Put it on the floor, his feet a little hard to step on the front and back rolling, imitate the old drug mill drug action, can effectively stimulate the soles of the feet of the Yongquan, played strong Gu Shen, longevity role. Heel pain can also roll in the heel, to stimulate the local pain threshold, so that pain threshold increased, relieve pain.-changsha gay men massage

Artifact four: spoon

Spoon general selection spoon handle longer, spoon round smooth smooth stainless steel spoon, spoon handle used to acupuncture, spoon for scraping.-gay massage

Eye point, can eyesight

(Eyebrows), the temple (eyebrows), the temple (eyebrows), the temple (the outer corner), the four white (now), each point 1 ~ 2 minutes, there is soothing fatigue, eyesight effect.

Scraping back, can diarrhea fire

Home can be used instead of scrapping plate scraping plate to scraping. The people who can be lit on the back of a little scraping scraping oil, and then gently scrape the back of the muscles with a spoon, dredge Du and bladder by, play qi and blood circulation, the effect of fire.

Chinese medicine health 8 big secret weapon

Chinese medicine seems to be born with some ordinary people do not understand the mysterious temperament, modern popular beauty law also attracted a lot of people's eyes. Into the beauty salon, listen to the beautician said the head and shoulders, what the traditional Chinese medicine extension, energy stone, feel so mysterious stuff! Do not want to be beautician blowing a moment surprised a moment, let us together to reveal the health of Chinese medicine 8 Secret weapon!-changsha gay men massage

1. Chinese medicine extension

Chinese medicine for the development of medical equipment

Efficacy: the preparation of expensive Chinese herbal medicine from the drug extension, after the high temperature steamed, can be used for systemic heat, press, so that the effective ingredients of the drug can be absorbed by the body, the efficacy of the most vividly. Drug extension for cervical spine, frozen shoulder, muscle strain, lumbar lesions have a good effect.

Extension therapy is very suitable for home health care, especially for normal work busy, high incidence of cervical disease, such as white-collar workers. At the same time, drug extension can be repeated use, the service life of about 1 year.-changsha gay men massage therapist.

Energy stone

Including hot stone therapy, including the use of energy in the main treatment equipment

Efficacy: stone for the energy of stone therapy, is the outbreak of the heart by the red magma condensed together, itself is not only rich in trace elements, is also considered the embodiment of the Earth's energy. The formation of each stone has been through the thousands of years of natural refining, the inherent energy contained in the human body can not match. When people accumulate due to long-term pressure consumption, you can use the energy in the stone to repair, so as to achieve the purpose of Shu pressure, health.

Various beauty salons used stone, including a variety of natural stone, such as Hawaiian stone, jade, crystal stone, stone and so on. But not all of the stones can be used in energy stone therapy, it must have good insulation temperature, temperature stability, material temperature and other characteristics. In the home life, energy stone can be attached to the chest in the body; can also be placed in the body any discomfort or soreness, can slow down the pain, so that the human body comfortable.-changsha men massage

3. Scrapping board

The main appliance of scraping

Efficacy: scraping plate with buffalo horn products, but also jade products. Buffalo horn, jade scraping board, are conducive to qi and blood circulation, clear the meridians.

Buffalo horns Xin, salty, cold, Xin can be divergent line of qi, blood circulation Run, salty soft and moisturizing, cold can detoxification, with divergent qi, detoxification, the role of blood stasis. Jade taste Gan Ping, into the lungs, and heart and lung, Qingfei heat. Jade with voiceless dumb, only polydipsia, Dingxu asthma, Anshen Ming, nourish the role of internal organs, is a pure gas of the medicine, to avoid dirty cloud of disease gas. Jade contains the human body needs a variety of trace elements, there Ziyin heat, nourishing Ning Zhi, the role of fitness illnesses.-changsha men massage

Gua Sha is one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine therapy, although the situation when the out of Shaoxing people can not bear to see, but its efficacy is good, no side effects by the people loved. Home care scraping, we must scratch scraping oil, if there is no special medium oil, you can rub some children with baby cream can be, not only reduce the pain, accelerate the evil outcrop, but also to protect the skin, prevent infection, so scraping Safe and effective.

Ear candle

Aromatherapy ear candle therapy main utensils

Efficacy: ear candle contains a natural form of the top, the bottom of the form of honey ingredients, multi-plant essential oils, the use of vacuum negative pressure principle, through the heat generated heat, so that the oil is completely absorbed by the skin. Will be in vivo and intracranial toxins excluded in vitro, to relax nerves, relieve stress, improve insomnia, through the meridians, to eliminate the unique effect of pain. It can effectively treat tinnitus, migraine, sinusitis, hypertension and other illnesses.-changsha body massage gay

5. Warm moxibustion device

Use of utensils for moxibustion therapy

Efficacy: it is a special kind of metal cylinder moxibustion, it is also known as temperature tube moxibustion. The bottom of the tube at the end of a flat, tube sets of small tube, small tube around the hole. Moxibustion, the moxa or add drugs, into the small moxibustion device, lit, the moxibustion device cover buckle, you can place in the acupuncture points or moxibustion parts, iron moxibustion, until the moxibustion parts of the skin Rosy for degrees. Have to reconcile the blood, the role of cold in the cold. Various moxibustion devices have their own characteristics, it is best to understand its function, and accept the guidance of experts and then use.-changsha gay massage

6. Smoked bed

The main utensils of fumigation therapy

Efficacy: fumigation therapy is the main choice of valuable Chinese herbal medicine, through the fumigation of the organic combination of heat and heat together, the first line of action on the skin, hole hole, acupoints, the three through the meridians, blood and viscera as a whole, Drug absorption, blood circulation, not only can treat local conditions, but also the treatment of organs and systemic lesions. Combined with the steam smoked bed, the body of different parts of the disease smoked, the drug composition by high temperature atomization, so that the disease site passive suction, automatic treatment. This therapy on the cervical spine, frozen shoulder, spine, lumbar and other parts of the disease have a good effect. To improve sleep and sub-health conditions are good.-changsha male body oil gay massage

7. smoked umbilical furnace

The main utensils of umbilical therapy

Efficacy: umbilical therapy with the warm and heat of the fire and the role of drugs through the meridian conduction, play warmth of blood Quxie Quxie, you can adjust the body, enhance the resistance. Umbilical therapy in the gynecological effect of extraordinary, common menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, menopausal syndrome can adjust the gastrointestinal function, promote absorption, there are warm and cold, spleen dampness, astringent intestinal antidiarrheal effect.-changsha gay massage boy

Compared with the traditional umbilical treatment instrument, the new smoked umbilical furnace has many advantages: such as automatic control of temperature; automatic control of time; automatic control of smoke when burning; automatic control of the exquisite extinguished; combustion can not afford ash; sealed room design, Use safe.

Umbilical is the body of the internal organs of the six, the meridians of the root, breathing breathing door. Meridians and organs when the disease, and umbilical must have a very close relationship between the pathological. The ancients have long been through the umbilical medication, to the temperature by the meridians, the treatment of health therapy, such as the rise of traditional Chinese medicine health friends may wish to try.-changsha gay massage

8. Essential oil

Including aromatherapy, including many beauty care and health therapy are indispensable important supplies

Efficacy: essential oils are more well-known effect, nothing more than soothing and exciting spirit of this more biased psychological effect.

In fact, different types of essential oils for some diseases, such as: nervous system and mental illness; respiratory diseases; blood circulation diseases; digestive diseases; endocrine, metabolic, urinary system diseases; immune system diseases; gynecological diseases; ; Skin diseases; eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth, tooth disease, etc., with soothing or relieve symptoms.

Home use essential oils must be careful, it is very clear to know the effectiveness of each essential oil, must not indiscriminate use, because the use of essential oils will be poisoning, and may even endanger life and health.-changsha gay men massage

Conclusion: This article is about to end here, we read after the traditional Chinese medicine is not a different view of it? Health is not complicated, very simple, like this is very useless around us with some small objects Can help us to nurse well. If you are also interested in this, may wish to try Oh!

Part II: Chinese qigong visceral massage method and method

Now a lot of middle-aged people in the park or square on the practice of qigong, qigong health law is the most people can achieve the state of heart. Qigong is the core of the transfer, adjust interest rates, self-aligning, and tone also known as God, is the core of the core.

Tone, that is, through the physical posture and movement of exercise, to promote the human nervous system and the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Recuperation, that is, through the deep gentle breathing movement, enhance the role of alveolar oxygen exchange, thereby stimulating the heart, lung and systemic functions of the system.-changsha gay men massage

The brain into a special "into the static" state, so that the brain cell activity tends to order, the brain (the brain), the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, the brain, Get enough rest, thereby enhancing the cortex and subcortical central coordination, improve the body's ability to repair and disease resistance.-changsha gay men massage therapist.

Chinese medicine that "fine, gas, God," for the three treasures of life, as long as the qigong use of law, you can raise refined gas, practicing gasification of God, to achieve fine foot, gas Wang, God all anti-aging purposes.

Qigong categories can be split, static two categories. "Movement" is through the rhythm of slow and close with the idea and breathing of the limbs to exercise posture and action, coupled with self-massage and abdominal breathing produced by the "visceral massage" (internal action) to adjust and enhance the body system of various physiology Function, to achieve the role of illness and disease.

"Static" is through the idea and breathing self-exercise, so that practitioners into the static state, so as to adjust and enhance the body's physiological functions of the system. "Moving" and "static" is relative, "dynamic power" to move the main, moving in the static; "static power" to static-based, static in the move.-changsha men massage

Qigong genre can be divided into the main breathing to adjust the breathing to send, to align the main meditation, to the body movements and self-massage-oriented guide. This is a genre of breathing exercise.

Satisfied style, is to breath breath breath for the interest rate method. Tao Hongjing in the Northern and Southern Dynasties in the "vegetative life recorded in the record," said: "is lying down lying, closed air in the heart, to two hundred, is mouth out of breath." Now generally simplified as "suction - stop - call" method.

Spit, is to extend the breath time for the interest rate method. Tao Hongjing founded the "six words tactic", that is, when the breath is issued by the mouth of the different "Oh, hush, call, (t word to Tuen four), hee" 6 voiceless. Now generally simplified as "call - stop - suction" method.

Zen meditation, which is a kind of ideas to the main idea of the qigong genre, also known as meditation or meditation, ask the idea of restrained, calm mind, that is, sit-based exercises.-changsha gay men massage

The method of interest, including the number of meditation figures based on the "data law" and listen to the ears with the "hearing method".

The idea of ​​thinking, with the idea of ​​imagination to achieve the purpose of eliminating distractions and into the quiet. Save my god, think of myself. Think of things or objects, can be their own interior, such as imagination of the internal organs of the shape, color or a part of the body, this is the so-called "inner view."-changsha body massage gay

You can also think of location, such as blue sky, white clouds, flowers, beauty. If you imagine a group of hot air, from the pubic region to the perineum to the perineum, over the tail sac, the door of the door (folder ridge), and then down to the lower abdomen pubic region, so steady, known as small weeks. If this kind of gas sensor to the odd by eight pulse or twelve meridians, known as the big week.

Guide faction, which is based on Qigong power and self-massage a genre. Source of the ancient times of the dance, later called the guide by (from the word to giant Jia Qiao). On behalf of the power law "five birds play", "Tai Chi" and so on.

Part III: How to identify medical massage, health massage and illegal practice (Liu Lili massage clinic)

How to identify medical massage, health massage and illegal practice

With the improvement of people's living standards and the popularity of scientific ideas, more and more people began to pay attention to their own health problems. As the working pressure continues to increase, sedentary and other bad habits, modern people easily suffering from cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, gastrointestinal diseases and immune dysfunction and other common diseases, many patients will choose to massage this way for physical care and disease treatment.-changsha gay massage

However, some illegal practitioners to "traditional Chinese medicine massage", "traditional Chinese medicine massage", "Chinese medicine is bone", "Chinese medicine chiropractic", "Chinese medicine health", "Chinese foot massage", "scraping", "cupping" and other names Operating activities and publicity treatment results, misleading consumers, adversely affected by the disease.

These illegal practitioners will only mess with the body in the body of the use of brute force, deceived cases abound, was injured, disabled vicious events is happening.-changsha gay men massage

Who lives in the Long Sha area is because of the feeling of waist and leg pain, to a massage shop to accept massage, after the massage "treatment" after Ms. Huang feel the condition not only did not alleviate the increase, accompanied by family members to the hospital, the doctor after MRI Diagnosis diagnosed as lumbar disc herniation, due to massage shop masseur manipulation is not formal causes serious soft tissue injury.

Many doctors will warn patients: street massage shop like the name of "Chinese massage" under the banner of illegal medical practice, "cervical and lumbar disease" should not find someone random massage.-changsha male body oil gay massage

Patients in the choice of massage therapy, you must carefully select the professional quality of professional massage practitioners, do not fall into the hands of illegal medical personnel and aggravate the condition.

National standard health massage refers to the use of massage techniques, in the appropriate parts of the body to operate, resulting in stimulating information through the body of the body's neurohumoral function to influence, so as to achieve the elimination of fatigue, regulate the changes in the environment, enhance physical , Fitness anti-aging, longevity purposes.

In health massage, requiring practitioners must have a wealth of health care massage theory and years of practical experience, in order to achieve the purpose of health care.

National medical massage therapy, also known as medical massage therapy, is one of the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, through the manipulation of the body surface of a specific part of the body to regulate the body's physiological and pathological conditions, to achieve therapeutic effect.

In other words: the doctor through the "means" generated by the external force in the patient's body surface specific parts or acupuncture points work, this work is the doctor according to the specific condition, the use of various techniques used by the useful work, and thus play Correct the role of anatomical position;

This kind of work can also be converted into various kinds of energy, and penetrate into the body, to change its related system of internal energy, which play a therapeutic role; this "can" can be used as a carrier of information to the body of a system or organ Signal, which regulates the therapeutic effect of the abdomen function.-changsha gay men massage

In the process of treatment, massage physicians must have a wealth of theoretical knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine and years of clinical experience, so as to achieve a good therapeutic effect for patients.

So, medical massage with those effects? What diseases can it cure in the end?

Adjust visceral function: such as treatment of stomach pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, biliary colic;

Promote blood circulation: such as the treatment of myocardial ischemia, dysmenorrhea, cerebral insufficiency, avascular necrosis of the femoral head;

Improve immune function: massage can increase the flow of spleen artery, so that the immune cells within the spleen released for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, allergic rhinitis;

Correction of injury caused by joint dislocation, such as spinal intervertebral disorders, joint malocclusion, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, acute lumbar sprain, radial head dislocation, etc;

To promote the repair of soft tissue injury: such as frozen shoulder, children with muscle torticollis, fracture and dislocation sequelae repair.

But unfortunately, according to statistics at present our country engaged in medical massage personnel less than 1% of the overall massage practitioners. Medical massage physicians generally have to go through regular medical school three to five years of study, through the national physician examination.

Professional and technical personnel also need to obtain a physician qualification certificate and physician title certificate, the Health Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine registration approval to obtain "medical massage permit" before practitioners, health massage is not strict qualification requirements, practitioners only need to health care vocational schools Learning one to six months, through the labor sector vocational training to obtain health care massage certificate, issued by the Trade and Industry Bureau health massage license.

So, how to define "health care masseur" illegal practice it?

Illegal practice means that no physician is qualified to perform medical treatment activities, including medical institutions engaged in medical treatment activities and unauthorized access to medical treatment activities.

Ministry of Health, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in September 2005 issued a document 45, "on the Chinese massage massage and other activities related to the management of the notice", the notice "non-medical institutions to carry out massage, massage, scraping, cupping Activities, in the name of the organization, the name of the project and the project should not use the 'Chinese medicine', 'medical', 'treatment' and disease names and other medical terminology, shall not promote the therapeutic effect.

As the practice of health care related to the health and safety of the people, our management system in this area is more stringent. For the qualifications of practitioners, require formal professional education and strict vocational training to ensure the quality of services to protect the lives and property of the masses.

Health supervision departments to remind consumers, some public places in their business premises to carry out some of the business behavior if the name of "Chinese medicine", "medical", "treatment" and other flags, publicity or suggest that the role of treatment should be identified as illegal practice behavior.

So people in the choice of treatment, to keep your eyes, recognize the "illegal practice" harm, we must choose a regular medical unit. Treatment to look for "medical massage" words, whether the Health Bureau issued a medical massage permit, otherwise the safety and efficacy of no guarantee.

In addition, the illegal practitioners usually massage a long time, low fees to lure patients on the hook, please do not lose the patient due to small, covet a temporary cheap and delay treatment.

Located in the city of Wang Zhai Garden District Liu Lili blind massage clinic, by the director of the medical massage therapist Liu Lili single-handedly founded, now has become one of the top ten blind medical massage clinics.

Chief physician Liu Lili use of their own "Liu Shiqiang Ridge Decoction" (this therapy is divided into correction of spinal therapy, internal strength massage therapy, acupoint therapy, acupoint cupping therapy, diet reptile therapy, Type, four high-tech equipment therapy and other therapy), the treatment of difficult spine disease caused by hundreds of diseases, as the majority of patients preferred treatment program, the best choice.

Four: "rub" a healthy Chinese medicine teach you rub rub massage techniques

"Rubbing method" is a kind of massage massage, finger to face, palm surface, big fish or small fish part of the focus, tightly attached to the affected area skin or meridian, slightly under pressure, up and down, left or right Round to and from the friction, so that produce a certain amount of heat.

Wipe method for all parts of the body, with qi and blood circulation, Quyu pain, warm through the meridians, expelling wind and cold, qi wide and the role of spleen and stomach.

Rubbing is divided into four kinds: one is to use the face of the friction, known as the rubbing method; the second is to use the palm of your hand, called palm rub method; third is the big fish (thumb root) focus friction, known as Fish rubbing; Fourth, with small fish (small finger root) focus on friction, known as the side rub method. Among them, refers to the rubbing and palm rub method to produce lower calorie, fish wipe medium, side rub method to produce the highest calorie.

Wipe the operation is very simple, that is, with the palm of the face or large fish, small fish focus on the body surface of a certain position, do straight reciprocating friction. Wipe method for all parts of the body to face, waist and foot use the most, with warm through the network, swelling and pain, blood stasis of the effect.

Wipe the face before the best first clean the face, the two fingers palm surface heat, were attached to the bottom of the nose at both ends, fingers combined, from the nose to rub the forehead, and then separated from the forehead to both sides, Department, repeated operation 20-30 times, morning and evening each rub 1 times.

Often face can promote facial blood circulation, enhance the face of the cold ability, rejuvenation, reduce wrinkles and prevent colds, headache, dizziness, facial paralysis and so on.

Rub the feet before the first foot, and then sitting on the bed or square stool, with a small fish or palm from the heel to the direction of the toes back and forth friction. First left hand rub the right foot, and then wipe his right hand left foot, the rub 30-50 times to foot (Yongquan) fever for the degree. This method can be high blood pressure, insomnia, neurasthenia, headache and other diseases have a certain role in prevention and treatment. In addition, before going to bed rub the soles of the feet to lift the role of physical fatigue.

Wipe the waist when the use of standing position, with the nose slowly breathing, the two palms heat, in the waist from top to bottom from the friction 30-50 times. This method has a strong waist warm kidney, the role of prevention and treatment of lumbar pain.

As rubbing can produce heat and blood stasis, so when the body somewhere 24 hours after the injury, the local congestion stagnation, in the affected area with the wine friction, can play an immediate effect.

Wipe the skin before the operation can be coated with massage oil or lubricant to avoid scratching the skin. Rub when the line to straight, wrist and forearm into a straight line, the speed should be fast, about 120-160 times per minute, the general local flushing, fever for the degree. It should be noted that the local rub can not do other massage; 24 hours of acute soft tissue injury is generally prohibited rub method.

Rubbing in human health plays an important role, as long as perseverance, will be able to "rub" out of health.

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The first time to go to the bath square experience

2016 on January 8 at 3 pm, my cell phone suddenly sounded, when I had just to a cervical spondylosis massage in the massage room is a rest, a look is a stranger number, thought it was an appointment massage Friends, in order to call the quality of hurry to go outside the massage shop to answer, after all, I go out to work is their own business, can not let my boss and other masseur colleagues know.-changsha gay massage boy

The phone is full of magnetic man's interruption: Ocean brothers, I was chatting with you before the old military doctors, there is the impression? I could not remember at all, I could not speak. He went on to say that he was a military doctor before working in the Xi'an Air Force Hospital, after retirement to hire a hospital in Guangzhou, and now he went back to Xi'an, and is going to enter a large hospital in Xi'an procedures. I suddenly think of who he is, I quickly said, uncle, are you now okay?

He said that a few days ago just back to Xi'an, today is just a hospital done a surgery, suddenly remembered you. After all, you are my network in the understanding of the Xi'an township party, and your blog to my life has brought a lot of good mood, I would like to ask you to meet. I said I was at work. He said that if I can leave the work in advance, at 7 pm he took me to Xi'an, a bathing city entertainment.-changsha gay men massage

I was doing massage work, late at night to get off work late, he was a military doctor was also a senior massage training center teacher, say I can go to a large bath square to see inside the masseuse style, let him teach me a few strokes massage I am happy to promise.I leave at 7 o'clock in the evening to arrive at a large bathing square in Xi'an South Gate to meet him, he has been waiting for me when meeting, although the first time we meet is not particularly strange. He said he had 62, but it looks like more than 50 people, giving the impression that there is no military majesty, but very good and good.-changsha gay massage

We both entered the bathroom before and after the smile, in the handsome guy sister smile greetings, take the elevator directly to the 12th floor, and then is a beautiful waitress greeted, for a good slippers, each received the clothes cabinet keys and a towel, To get inside the undress.

He let me follow him behind, first soaked in a large pool, when we come to the big pool no other people, the water shouting bright and bright, the whole body soaked in hot spring water is irresistible comfortable. This is my first time to Xi'an, such a large bathing hall, feeling inside is just heaven, decoration, luxurious style unique, people like to the south. He said I just want to enjoy life, he has a gold card, we know and meet is fate, take me here bath no other meaning, just want to chat with me a good chat.

We soaked in hot spring water almost, went to the sauna steamed to sweat, and then go to the shower below thoroughly clean. When I am bathing from time to time to watch the panoramic view of the scenery, all kinds of men nude, especially those who wash the bath technician massage technician and waiter, all are a hundred miles to pick a handsome guy, I would like to come here bathing people really will enjoy Life!-changsha gay men massage therapist.

I secretly asked him, where there is no homosexuality? He said that homosexuality everywhere, and now this society is diversified, who does not prevent the freedom of life, where men and women have bathing department, there should be homosexuality, but the quality of people here than those in the park, Public toilets, fishing wandering homosexual good.

I will not ask, could not help but look to those who vibrant young nudity, I am somehow like those masculine slightly fat man, I thought if I can naked hug any of them, let me experience a Back to the film as the edge of the story, I just like to achieve their own dream of China as happy.

Bathing hall facilities, can be said to have everything, bath area, entertainment area, foot bath area, bathing area, massage area, chess area, recreation area, toilet, exhaustive. We thoroughly washed, he said to take me to eat fruit.-changsha men massage

We are in a certain exit, there is a particularly handsome suits male waiter brought us paper underwear and beach underwear, and then we wear summer beach clothes through the warmer, such as spring warm space, to the rest hall, I saw a lot of boy Home bathing men and women, have been sitting on the sofa to eat fruit. Although it is winter and early spring, where a variety of fruits are watermelon, strawberries, apples, pears, grapes, bananas, holy fruit, oranges, it seems that this is not the general people can often come to the place.

Sophan's light music in the air as the wizard as naughty scratched my ears, I do not care to eat fruit just pretend to browse, do not miss any one crossed my sight of the handsome figure pastime. He said to go to the room to rest, and then register 3 hours a little room.-changsha gay men massage

Part of the room and the star hotel the same layout, into the room we completely relaxed, are naked, he said that we are so naked and frank relative. And then let me massage him, and when I massage to give me advice, he told me how to massage the treatment of male impotence and premature ejaculation, said the next time I sent my male reproductive massage diagram. I deliberately fondered his private parts, he laughed and said he was old, and said that after all, I am easily impulsive young. I quickly said that he would never offend him, one for the first time to meet, and second he can do my elders, I should respect him.-changsha body massage gay

He asked me how to be so interested in homosexuality? I told him that it seemed to be a handsome man from the senses. And then he also told me that he was in the army was a Shandong comrades secretly like things, a long time ago that comrades had come to Xi'an to visit him in the hotel to touch him lead him to ejaculate, in their young age he did not tolerate such a thing, Do not know homosexual things, after he hit his comrades in two slap in the face, drove his comrades back to the troops, when he was in a military hospital in Xi'an to work.

A few years later he suddenly received a Yunnan phone, that the comrades at the expense of the comrades of the last partner called to tell him that he was from the expense of his comrades in the diary to see their secrets, because this effect as martyrs Let him help out.

Past vividly, the past was painful, then he remembered the bitterness with his comrades, when the troops in the service when his comrades to help him do anything, the original is like him ah! At this moment he also learned a lot of homosexuality, he through a variety of relationships so that his comrades to become martyrs, so that the comrades of the old mother can receive 300 yuan per month subsidy stretched life.-changsha gay men massage

Then he told me that because of this life did not get married, and began to study homosexuality, but also that homosexuality is born, not sick, he also actively involved in the work of AIDS, through various forms of publicity gay sex, Measures to carry out sexual life.

I listen to him say that he is a good man, I said I saw many celebrities on the network is homosexual. He said Leslie Cheung, Mao Ning is also homosexual, this is not a secret! Zhang Beichuan, Li Yinhe also concerned about homosexuality is also worthy of trust. He said homosexual mainly obsessed with sexual stimulation, in fact, two fate of homosexuality, consensual health and entertainment of sexual life, it is not a special pleasure to enjoy. But then Mao Ning was stabbed, because he enjoyed the service of others and do not want to pay a contradiction.-changsha gay massage

He also said that why Zhang Guorong choose suicide, the main reason or he can not get sexual satisfaction. Tang Dehe can not meet the daily needs of Leslie Cheung's needs, Tang Dehe is really too much, think about the world that a man can do every day every night ejaculation, Tang Dehe had to go abroad to take care of the name of business to leave Hong Kong, Leslie Comfort, after all, he does not like women, eager to come from the homosexual lover's warm soothing, but Leslie Cheung particularly heavy feelings, so depressed suffering from depression, some people in homosexuality can not see the nature of life, and finally Leslie choose to jump with him Less than warm comrades love the world is different!-changsha gay men massage

Some days ago, according to CCTV reported that the national well-known physics teacher Zhang Datong, since the late 80s has repeatedly to "check the body" on the grounds, more than male students in the implementation of sexual abuse. Once the victim Wu Zhenhao adulthood, decided to stand out about this past, they hope that parents and schools can realize that boy should be taught to protect themselves. I asked him how to look at this matter?-changsha gay men massage

He said that the students certainly have a psychological problem, or would like to take this opportunity to speculation. A few years ago there is a male student for the paper clearance, and their own gay mentor sexual relations, and later because they did not get the results of their expectations, to report the mentor led to suicide, and later the students also died. Had just started homosexual physical contact when the two people do not resent the other side, in the end because of desires to choose the fish dead net broken, this example can only explain the human heart sinister, Moreover, only the situation of gay behavior, in the end can give the parties what kind of Psychological shadow The Homosexual sex, as long as two people are willing to happen, but also two people common secret, but also their fate, should cherish each other blessing, even if the fate is also the fate of the other side of the choice of personal and life, are stupid behavior. People a lifetime, can have a few can be naked and frank relative friends?-changsha male body oil gay massage

I listen to him like this, my heart inexplicable feeling, the original gay world in what happened, I did not understand the way that ah! After all, people are doctoral degrees, retired military doctor, experience is absolutely rich than I am, I secretly think of their own comrades have died, suddenly realized that I was too gay people comrades, so that they can not afford to cope with my sexual needs, so he broke up with me The Fortunately, I now no longer value comrades love, the main effort to spend their favorite Chinese medicine massage work, and self-reliance hand and genitals close contact to solve sexual impulses, clean and safe without pollution, I am happy.-changsha gay men massage

Later talked about traditional Chinese medicine massage, he said to me some of the words, I benefited. He also told me that traditional Chinese medicine massage must find a professional healthy and vigorous vigorous massage massage, massage is to collect yang thing, looking for female massage, especially married women, not only without any benefits, but also loss of the original body In the yang. He said that particularly particularly thin male masseurs do not experience the massage, there is no good.

I told him that he had been fat up to 15 pounds last year. He said I am now very good physical condition, not fat is not thin that I am all healthy growth. Our conversation is friendly like a Forgotten partner, he says I let him find the feeling of childhood!-changsha gay massage boy

11 pm we come out from the bath square, their fight back, parting he said he will continue to guide me after the massage, let me go back to the work of the massage when he began to use the skills to teach, to think about the accumulation of experience, since the choice of massage It is necessary to do a good job massage! The right massage skills not only can protect themselves, but also allows people to massage more comfortable, this is the best of both worlds.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Changsha Picture


Changsha City belongs to the provincial capital of Hunan Province, Hunan Province. It is a long, short 111 ° 53 '~ 114 ° 15' longitude and longitude 27 ° 51 '~ 28 ° 41'. It is located in the east of Hunan Province, Xiangxi Basin, the western edge of the Xiangshan Basin, is the national two-oriented society supporting the construction of comprehensive reform pilot area core city, the national second Five-Year Plan to determine the focus of the development of Hunan Province, political, economic, cultural, science and education and business center.

In 2016, Changsha covers an area of ??1.1819 million square kilometers, of which the urban area of ??2185 square kilometers; administer 6 districts, 2 counties, hosted a county-level city, with five state-level development zones and nine provincial parks . By the end of 2015, the city's total population of 743.18 million. April 2015 to establish the Xiangjiang New Area, is to create "one with" the core of the growth pole and the Yangtze River economic zone important area.

Changsha after three thousand years of city name, the same city, "Qu Jia Township", "Chu Han city", "Xiaoxiangzhu Si," said the State Council announced the first batch of historical and cultural city. There are Mawangdui Han tomb, four sheep side statue, the Three Kingdoms Wu, Yuelu Academy, Tongguan kiln and other historical sites, the Qing dynasty occurred in the reform movement, the old democratic revolution and the new democratic revolution and other patriotic salvation movement, Huang Xing, Cai E, Mao Zedong , "Liu Xiangqi, Lei Feng and other celebrities, condensed the" practical use, eclectic "Huxiang culture, to create a" Hunan TV "," Hunan Army "," Hunan Animation "," performing arts Hunan "cultural brand.

As of 2016, there are 57 institutes of higher learning, 3 independent scientific research institutes 97, 52 academicians of the two institutes, 14 national engineering (technology) research centers, 15 national key (engineering) laboratories, 12; hybrid rice breeding, "Tianhe" supercomputer, the first 3D sintering printer and other major scientific research. May 6, 2016, Changsha, China opened the first low-speed magnetic levitation line.

History of Changsha

Qin for the county governor of Linxiang County.

Western Han Dynasty as the capital of Changsha. Restoration of the Eastern Han Dynasty for Changsha County, Jingzhou.

(The county of Changsha County), the Shangzhou Jingzhou or Xiangzhou (the Western Jin Dynasty Huai Di Yongjia first year that is the year 307 AD), the Southern Song Dynasty began, Xiangxi for the Hengyang County (Changsha County precipitation) Points Jing, Jiang two state home).

In 589 AD, the Sui reunification of China, waste counties, Xingzhou two-level system, Linxiang (Hunan Xiangxi) was renamed Changsha County, for the Tanzhou state governance (great cause three years Sui was changed to Tanzhou County).

(Tianbao the first year that is 742 years, Tanzhou to Changsha County, the first year of December 15th December 1968, 758 years January 19, complex change to the first year of the Tang Dynasty, For Tanzhou) and Changsha County Jiangnan Road. Kaiyuan twenty-one years at fifteen, Tanzhou is Jiangnan West Road. Tang Dynasty Tiancheng two years on June 17 (July 18, 927) Ma Yin "to Tanzhou for Changsha House", Changsha Chu capital, Zhou Taizu Guangshun two years (952 years), the Southern Tang edge sinks Changsha , Hunan political center moved to Langzhou (Changde).

Song Taizu Gande the first year (963 years) in February, into the Song territory, to the three years (997) points for the national road for the fifteen, Tanzhou Jing Lake Road. Xiangyuan, Xiangxiang, Yiyang, Anhua, Xiangyin, Liling, Chaling, Xiangyang, Xiangyang, Xiangyang, , Youxian County and other 12 counties, until the early Republic of China, Changsha City Road, the state and the long good two county seat.

Yuan Shizu to the first year of the first month of January 13 (January 12, 1276), Changsha into the yuan territory, set up to appease the Secretary. Fourteen years of Tanzhou province, eighteen years February ninth (1281 years on February 28) moved Tanzhou province in Ezhou, said Huguang line office book province, migration Hunan Road Xuanweisi governance Tanzhou road. Tianli two years in March on the ninth day (April 8, 1329), Wenzong to "potential fortune fortunately", change Tanzhou Road for the days of the road, administer five counties and seven states. Yuan Shundi positive twenty-four years (Wu Wang Zhu Yuanzhang Jia Chennian twenty-four) (October 13, 1364) Xu Da led troops to Tanzhou, another road to Tanzhou Prefecture.

Hongwu five years in June, Tanzhou House changed its name to Changsha House, administer twelve counties, on the political division under the Huguang Division.

Qing Junji four years in April eighth day (May 12, 1647), Gao Shijun led the troops into Changsha, Changsha into the clear map, along the Ming system of Changsha House, on the Huguang, still administer twelve counties. Kangxi three years (1664) Huguang province right governor, Hunan Anchashi Secretary in Changsha, partial Yuan governor moved to Changsha. The first year of the Qing Emperor Yongzheng (1723) to change the right of Hunan and Hunan cloth administrative commissioner for the Minister. Qing Emperor Yongzheng two years (1724) to change the governor of the governor of Hunan for the governor (still under the Huguang). Changsha (city) since the capital of Hunan province. Changsha House on Long Road, salt law. Qianlong Changsha City not only for the governor of governance, but also for the administration, study, reference to three divisions, patrol, to persuade industry, salt, long Po four governance.

In the first year (1912) in April, and the county government, Changsha, Shanhua two counties merged into the Changsha government directly under the jurisdiction.In two years (1913) in September, to change old Changsha House with the profile of the first county government cut the county.In three years (1914) on June 2, Hunan is divided into four, Changsha County Xiangjiang Road (the original Long Road, 1916, Wuling Road, abolition of 11 counties under the Xiangjiang River Road). In 1914 the waste is a set of townships, Changsha County jurisdiction 7 townships and 11 towns.

In nine years (1920), Changsha city hall, at the end of municipal office. The provincial police station located east, south, west, north, outside the East, South, North, commercial port 8 police station (area). When the abolition of "Road", the county directly under the province.In 19 years (1930) on July 27, the Red Army of Chinese workers and peasants to attack Changsha, the establishment of the Changsha Soviet government) at the end of the city of Changsha is divided into East, South, West, North, East, commercial port 6 districts, 158 Street group, street group under the jurisdiction of a, card, joint (knot), 5 for 1 together, 2 for 1 card, 10 card for 1 armor.In twenty years (1931) in May, the business district into the Western Conference.In twenty-two years (1933) in May, the business district into the Western Conference. August 11, the National Government Executive Yuan agreed to set up the city of Changsha, is the first 14 as the administrative division of the city, is the seventh city of the provincial capital, an area of ??48.5 square kilometers (November 3, abolished Street group).In April twenty-three years (1934) April 29, designated for the four districts of Changsha City (in the order named Southeast, North, three, four districts), each divided into 4 Square, each Square set 2-4 , A total of 58 security, 40 ~ 60 for a family.In twenty-seven years (1938), is the first chief inspector of Hunan province. August 11, to change the district Fang Baojia 4-level system for the town (township) Baojia three-tier system, the original four districts for the 8 towns, 4 rural suburbs. "Wen Xi fire" after the downsizing for the south, north of the town and two towns.In twenty-eight years (1939), 8 Township 4 Township changed to 4 Township 4 Township.In thirty-four years (1945) December, located east, south, west, north of the city, art, gold basin, Yuelu, will spring 8 area.

In thirty-six years (1947) to thirty-seven years of the Republic of China (1948) in September, there are 83 Paul 1843 A.August 1949, Changsha, the liberation of peace, jurisdiction 8 District 8, 1838 A. Changsha is the capital of Hunan Province.In March 30, 1950, a suburban office located outside the four districts.In 1953 January, located water area.In 1955, within the four districts to build 306 neighborhood committees 2909 residents group.In May 1956, the revocation of the outskirts of the city four districts, jurisdiction Township and 7 Township 1 town. The same year withdraw the water areaIn 1957, within the four districts 26 street 275 neighborhood 2766 residents group; suburbs administer 7 townships and towns.In 1958 September, the implementation of the rural social unity of the people's commune system, the establishment of the suburbs of red, Dongfeng, Yuelu commune. City area jurisdiction 4 District 25 street 233 neighborhood committees 2731 residents group. December 24, Hunan Province, adjust the county administrative divisions, originally Xiangtan area of ??Changsha, Wangcheng two counties under the jurisdiction of Changsha City.February 8, 1983, Changsha City, increased jurisdiction of Liuyang, Ningxiang, Xiangyin (July 13, 1983 after the return of Yueyang Xiangyin region). Then start to change the political and social unity.April 8, 2015, the State Council formally approved the establishment of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, becoming the first 12, the central region's first national-level new area, an area of ??490 square kilometers.

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