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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Tibet Hotel Chengdu Picture
Tibet Hotel Chengdu Map Picture

Tibet Hotel Chengdu

3.6 Gay Men Massage Tibet Hotel Chengdu Picture

5-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Tibet Hotel Chengdu Picture
Gay Men Massage Tibet Hotel Chengdu Picture

Address: 10 North People's Road Chengdu 610081, China

Phone: +86 28 8318 3388

Hotel details

Located in the city center, Tibet Hotel (Chengdu), which is also near the Jinjiang River and connecting to the JinniuWanda Business District in the north and Wenshu Monastery in the south, is a luxurious 5 -star Tibetan culture theme.

Hotel interior is decorated with prayer wheel, hand-woven carpets and Tibetan furniture. 271 rooms are available to choose.For the comfort and convenience of guests, Tibet Hotel provides Tibetan singing and dancing in Lobby Bar onweekday evening, Tibetan souvenir shopping and Tibetan local food.

Guests can experience the Tibetan custom and culture in Tibet Hotel without leaving Chengdu.Whatever your purpose of visit, Tibet Hotel is an excellent choice for your stay in Chengdu. Meeting your needs and praying for you is the goal of hotel staff. Tashi Delek.

Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage services in chengdu,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Chengdu coolifespa gay men,male,female massage stories and news

The importance of men's health

Now the place of men's health has gradually become more and more, because in many people's awareness inside, only the ladies will be more inclined to carefully health aspects of concern, after all, ladies are hoping that some of their beautiful, and their free Time is still a lot, but also a large part of the women do not need to work, so they are idle at home, they will think of some health aspects of the production, so not only can spend some time at home boring, but also You can make your body more healthy, of course, the prerequisite is to allow the economy, if their husband can not afford such a club fee, then want to be provided what kind of service, even a simple massage service, I am afraid Is a luxury.

Now a lot of big cities in the front line, men have been included in the discussion of the matter, not only the ladies need to be maintained, the need for some physical maintenance, men usually work so hard, more need these aspects Of the care, but because men usually time is limited, coupled with their health things, that is not particularly necessary, that if long-term access to such a place, it will become like girls hypocritical, so many men do not Accept these aspects of the service, you can keep the men's hard gas, in fact, this idea is still some deviation.

After all, the exact definition of health, that is to say that the body can produce conservation role, suitable for different sexes, regular massage, or other types of men's health services, which are responsible for the body, does not mean anything else.

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Let's do the Bali SPA together

Bali has been back for three weeks, and after get off work time is busy dealing with photos, this time my camera took a total of 2,500 photos, not for professional photographers, I really suffer, but look at his masterpiece Is also very happy!

April 17, we took the 11:50 ride to Shanghai, five hours after the arrival of the Shanghai station, because it is 18 am 9:30 am Pudong Airport Jakarta flights, so take the subway, a small arrival Pudong Airport, within the airport of the Motel 168.

After the rest of the night, the next morning at 6:30 to get up, the partners are very good spirit, used breakfast, 7:30 we are on time at the airport and Shanghai beauty guide Li Qing joints! Although the Shanghai flight delayed for half an hour, but the plane On the service is quite intimate.We are put on the flight attendants sent to the blue cotton socks, 6 hours of flight, so that our feet get a good rest. Beautiful flight attendants wearing traditional Indonesian clothing, but also Did not leave China, it has been a heavy exotic rendering. Jakarta midway transit, before I heard that the airport is very old, but I think this is not the case. In addition to the internal facilities as modern as Pudong Airport, the entire airport construction is quite Indonesian characteristics.

The terminal is made up of a typical Indonesian-style four-pointed steeple house, and the connections between the offices are like the corridors of the Suzhou gardens, and the surroundings are very green. Looking at the reinforced concrete metropolitan airport, feeling Jakarta's airport and nature is so close, so harmonious.

Before the airport heard the black legend, did happen in our team.However, fairly smooth through the transit visa, feeling or travel agents have problems. Arrived in Bali, is more than eight o'clock. With beautiful flowers pick up, stay at VILLA. Island hotel.

The night is the lunar calendar sixteen, the moon is very round the moon, Yuet Wah water, soft sand, barefoot contact feeling really not normal, Wow, Wow the tide of sound as the earth's breathing, her pulse with a volt impact My heart, at the moment only her breath did not my heartbeat, instantly I know how small it is, like a small sand, the world's profound and profound. I really can not believe that half a month ago this night I sighed at the harbor on the beach in the South Pacific without listening to the sea.

Quietly tidy up your thoughts, quietly daze, quietly listening to the waves, and the bar on the beach, visitors and singers, is singing and dancing. Lights, but also so charming blurred! Bali's All night.

In the room on the balcony you can see a circle of white waves come and go, high and low on the beach fluttering bounce with. Like a very handsome girl dragging a dark blue with a white crepe skirt on the beach is not the rules to dance small step dance! Dazzling sunshine, in the green leaves, a circle of white spots, this is the sun of Bali, very strong ultraviolet light.I grabbed the camera, hurried out of the room, kept by the shutter, A beautiful picture of the picture. Photo Description: The hotel's backyard, is the blue waves of the sea.

Our first stop is to experience the SPA, Bali is the most famous SPA. Our SPA address is 1400 meters in the ridge of the mountain, the room did not set the door, facing the mountains, at first glance, is a large paddy field And the quiet village, the mountain is I do not know the tree, the mountain is a different kind of flower. Lying in the exquisite bed, breathe fresh air, two hours later, all of us tired, all gone.

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4 foot bath side illnesses health

[Guide] What are the treatment of foot bath remedies? Since ancient times have "if people are not old, every day to the foot bath," saying that the Chinese medicine is that the foot is enough three yin meridian, foot Sanyang by the beginning and ending, and all organs of the body are closely related to the meridian, Hot feet, you can play to adjust the function of organs, enhance the role of physical fitness.

1, ginger dispelling cold

Ginger in the Chinese medicine is Xinwen solution of the drug, the role of Quhan solution table, and less toxic side effects. Modern medicine that ginger can stimulate the capillaries, improve local blood circulation and metabolism. Afraid of cold, easy hands and feet cold people can use ginger feet.

It should be noted that the use of ginger feet is not the ginger into the hot water for a while, but generally take 15-30 grams of ginger (about half the size of the ginger half), will shoot flat, into the pot Add a small pot of water, cover the pot with hot water for about 10 minutes. After cooking, pour all the ginger water, add appropriate amount of cold water to about 40 ℃ (generally do not feel hot is appropriate). Foot bath when the water did not have an ankle, the best side of the bubble side rubbing feet.

There are many medicinal ingredients in the ginger is a small molecule material, covered with a pot to cook to avoid its volatile. Half of the amount of ginger is used for the general family to the foot bath pots in the amount of half basin of water. If the foot bath with more water, or cold symptoms are relatively heavy, may be appropriate to increase the amount of ginger. With ginger bubble feet for some time, the symptoms of cold can generally be a certain degree of improvement.

2, wormwood warm lungs

According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, wormwood is the temperature, bitter, non-toxic blindly medicine. It has a back to the sun, qi and blood, by the wet cold, bleeding and so on and other effects, but also commonly used in acupuncture, it is also known as "medical." With Ai Suo foot bath can also improve lung function, for suffering from chronic bronchitis and easy to cough white sputum people are very good.

Ai grass foot bath method and ginger foot bath method similar to the general take 30-50 grams (a small) dry wormwood boiled water feet, boiling method and the same mentioned earlier.

Body wet and wet weight of the patient, a week can be used Ai grass bubble feet. But also in the use of wormwood feet at the same time, drink a glass of ginger jujube water (10 dry dates plus two pieces of ginger, add ten bowls of boiled two hours) as a supplement.

With Ai grass during the foot bath should pay attention to, while drinking warm water, eat cold food, pay attention to rest. Virtual heat, real fire caused by the head and face, throat discomfort, chronic bronchitis and so can get a certain degree of relief.

Fever and suffering from low blood pressure, diabetes, people under the guidance of a doctor with Ai grass foot bath. And with Ai Suo foot bath 2-3 times a week can not be too frequent. Because with Ai grass bubble can fire down, and sometimes lead to lack of head and face of the blood, easily lead to dizziness, headache, but also cause emotional changes.

3, cinnamon swelling

Cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, Guigui or Gui Gui, it is commonly used in the family with pepper spices, both of which have the role of warm kidney yang. With their feet, due to kidney disease caused by edema have a better mitigation effect.

Renal edema is due to renal function problems or the emergence of disease caused by edema. Generally first occurred in the organization of loose parts, such as eyelids or face, ankle, to wake up in the morning when the most obvious, with your fingers to press the edema of the skin can be depressed. If there is a renal edema, you can use pepper and cinnamon 15 grams (a small hand or a small piece) after cooking feet, cook the same way to cook ginger. Continuous use of this method can play a certain foot swelling effect.

If you start from the body sagging parts (such as legs) began to edema symptoms, and gradually developed to other parts of the body, it may be due to cardiac problems caused by cardiac edema. This edema can be used in the aforementioned ginger boiled water to foot bath, can promote lower limb blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing edema.

4, safflower frostbite

Safflower is a gynecological commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, it can be through the blood circulation, Qu fort pain. Winter prone to frostbite and skin cracked people in the fall should be early with safflower bubble feet, can play a very good preventive effect.

Take safflower 10-15 grams (about a handful of) according to the previously mentioned method boiled feet, can prevent and improve frostbite. Every winter, someone's hands and feet often cracked and broken, but once this happens, it takes a long time to recover. Choose to use safflower to feet, but also to a certain extent, to prevent the occurrence of this situation.

If you use 30-50 grams of dry wormwood and 10-15 grams of red flowers at the same time boiled water used to foot bath, but also can improve blood circulation, prevent and reduce varicose veins, peripheral neuritis.

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What are the benefits of the back of the massage?

Back massage is a casual and easy way, now let me give you a summary of massage skills, although not much but very useful, put your right hand on the back of the partner, left hand on the back. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Back massage can ease the pressure of back pain after the work to promote the body's blood circulation, massage can feel muscle relaxation, flexible joints, people excited, to eliminate fatigue, to ensure that health plays an important role.

Long-term adherence to the back massage, you can also lose weight, play the role of physical health longevity, of course, there are kinds of saying, long-term massage can treat high blood pressure, but self-feeling or weight loss above a great effect.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Essential oil open back is a fine use containing gin. mint. sage. Sweet myrrh. Eucalyptus. rose. Bauhinia and other ingredients of the active oil, with a unique open back method, the loose tendons to open a back massage.

With the high rhythm of modern life, human psychology and physiology have appeared in the load, cervical spondylosis. Lumbar spondylosis has become a common problem, the oil can open deep penetration of the skin, dredge the meridians, decompression, relaxation, can play a role in physical therapy. Is the so-called "pain is unreasonable, pass all pain", the spine is the body of the reflex zone, the body's internal organs can be reflected in the above.

So, what is the way to open the oil? What essential oils are suitable for essential oils? For everyone to collect a variety of techniques on the essential oils back to help you reduce the pressure to adjust the body.

What is the essential oil open back?

Essential oil open back from the traditional interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine from the detoxification and aromatherapy essential oils combined beauty method.

Through the meridian massage, with the use of body fragrant essential oils, can Shu through the active, smooth blood, promote blood circulation, active bones, to appease the mood, relieve stress, eliminate fatigue, help sleep, tight skin, restore elasticity.

Coupled with the special treatment of buckwheat, attached to the corresponding parts in order to achieve dehumidification cold, improve the role of sleep.

Essential oil open back what is through the deep boiled oil can penetrate the skin deep, dredge fine, decompression, relaxation, more play a physical therapy, is the so-called "pain is unreasonable, pass all pain", the spine is the body's reflex zone The body's internal organs can be reflected in the above characteristics: essential oil back to the traditional use of traditional Chinese medicine massage therapy to strengthen the body toxins and make the normal transmission of nutrients to the body's pathological changes back to normal, and directly strengthen the internal organs of the back, waist Buttocks reflex points, and with the aroma of natural therapy to help improve the body's various diseases, but also to strengthen their own immunity. It can immediately eliminate fatigue, improve the sub-health state.

Essential oils open back side effects

Essential oil open back is a massage method, is a spiritual enjoyment, it is through the use of some active oil with unique massage techniques for the modern pressure to relax the people more relaxed, is now a more popular enjoyment the way. But the oil is also back to the side of the role of some, we should also pay attention to some matters.

Essential oils open back side effects in the elaborate pure essential oils and professional massage operation, the oil is open back without any side effects. But there are some cases we need to pay attention to women during menstruation or before and after menstruation is not suitable for essential oils open back, so that will cause many other problems.

Essential oils open the back of the way is very important, if not proficient in mastering techniques, essential oils open back not only will not get people to enjoy the physical and mental, but also induced some physical problems.

Essence of essential oils

Essential oil open back is a massage method. It uses active ointment containing gin, mint, sage, sweet myrrh, eucalyptus, rose, bauhinia and other ingredients, with a unique open back method, to carry out loose back massage to promote blood circulation, relieve stress , Eliminate fatigue, tighten the skin, improve sleep. The benefits of essential oils are numerous.

Essential oils open back with the benefits of modern life, high rhythm, human psychology and physiology have appeared on the load, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease has become a common problem, essential oil open back deep penetration of the skin, dredge the meridian, decompression, relaxation, Play a role in physical therapy. Essential oil open back more suitable for long-term work in the computer side of the people, effectively improve the skin's yellowish and stomach discomfort and other issues.

Essential oil open back method

With the modern city people to accelerate the pace of life, many people have a physical and physiological load, especially every day facing the computer people, cervical spondylosis and lumbar disease has become a common problem. Essential oils open back can effectively relieve people of these pressures, relax. But the oil back to the back of a technology, but a technology live.

Essential oil open back different parts of the body, massage is not the same way. Essential oil open back massage is to refer to the Chinese acupuncture points for massage, for different parts of the body massage different points. Coupled with the effect of essential oils Shu Shu active, people get a high enjoyment.

How to massage the back massage of the benefits of what

Back massage is a casual and relaxed way, now let me give you a summary of massage skills, though not much but very useful Oh, pro

Method / step

Put your right hand on the back of the partner, with your left hand on the back. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Concentrate on your hands and relax,Now, move your right hand to the side of the left hips and the other hand on her back. With the palm root gently began to shake, her body pushed out.

Continue to shake, while your left hand to the right hand next to, Gently shake.

Continue to shake, move your left hand step by step along the entire back from left to right. Slowly stop shaking

Put the towel over the partner down to her hips. To make sure she feels comfortable.

Hands on the back of the partner on both sides of the spine, from bottom to bottom slowly to the bottom of the implementation of the neck, and then pushed to the shoulders, and then push back on both sides of the back.

Slide up to the waist when pulling up and pulling. Repeat steps until the back is evenly wiped with oil and feels hot.

From the back of the lower part of the hands of swimming with the action on both sides of the back of the stack of large circle. Up to the shoulder, and then from both sides down. Repeated several times.

Place your right hand on the bottom of the spine and your fingers toward your head. Left hand on the right hand, increase the intensity to the neck to promote.

Remove the left hand, with the right hand of the index finger and middle finger on both sides of the spine. Left and right hand alternately, to the lower part of the press.

Back massage

Starting from the buttocks, palms alternately, along the curve of the body up the body on both sides. At the highest point, move your finger over your shoulders to the neck. And then back to the lower hip. Hands should be closely followed, so that the contact with the body will not be interrupted.

The body of each part of the massage is different, back massage can be swelling and pain, coordination of yin and yang, conditioning organs. Regular massage back can speed up the body metabolism, good for good health. And the body of obese girls can massage through the back a back, pushing the back of the fat, to achieve the effect of weight loss, no longer "hastened". This back massage is the need for someone to help, the couple can also increase the feelings of Oh!

In fact, many people in life will do some back massage, because it can help us better stimulate the back of some of the blood circulation, relieve back pain, so that our health, can play a great health effect.

Chinese medicine that: the body of the internal organs of the Department and its Yu is in the back, the back of the main body of the main body of the Du qian and through the body of the bladder, almost covered with all the internal organs of the relevant points and the corresponding area. In the absence of irritation, these large numbers of highly immune cells are often in a similar "dormant" state.

Apply a variety of good stimuli to the back, such as: massage, massage, Chiropi, push back, scraping, cupping, walking cans, tapping and other direct manipulation in the back to stimulate the activation of immune cells, and into the blood circulation, developed into With the ability to swallow foreign body reticular cells, take the initiative to eliminate harmful bacteria and hidden in the body of cancer cells, the body to clear the meridians, improve disease resistance, promote health, longevity purposes.

The above is about some of the benefits of back massage.

I believe that through the above description, we should be aware of the back of the massage in the end what can give us the health of what role? Looks like a very simple, but a common massage method, in fact, we can play a healthy A lot of surprises.

How to carry back health massage

Modern medicine has shown that the back of the spine is the brain, the spinal cord leads to the body of the organs, the organization of the nerve root of the channel, in the back of the spine on both sides of the distribution of some autonomy regulation of the autonomic ganglia. Therefore, the back of the health care related to the health of the body.

It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part of the stimulation of these meridians and acupuncture points, the regulation of visceral function plays an important role, can achieve the balance of yin and yang, healthy and lonely purpose. So, how to carry back massage health care, massage back what are the benefits?

The benefits of massage back:

1) massage on the back,

Can stimulate the lung disease to the lungs of the Feishu points, attending heart disease heart shu points, can be wide chest qi cheng points, and rational blood, wide and stomach of the Geshu points.

2) massage under the back,

Can stimulate the attending liver disease liver Shu points, attending gallbladder disease gall bladder points, key spleen, and stomach, dampness spleen and so on.

3) massage around the shoulder,

Stimulate the acupuncture points, the treatment of the head, facial disease, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc., have a certain therapeutic effect;

4) Massage the back of the side.

Can also play a broad chest qi, treatment of intercostal pain disease; can also try to chest, scapular back, massage the neck and shoulder of the Dazhui, throttle and other acupuncture points, can treat cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder syndrome.

In short, massage the back of the various points to reach the dredge of the meridian, qi Tongqiao, promote blood circulation, and can reflect the visceral activity, enhance visceral function. As long as adhere to the back massage, have played a significant treatment of disease and health effects.

Long-term adhere to the back massage, you can also lose weight, play the role of physical health longevity. Of course, long-term massage can also be treated with high blood pressure, but still the effect of weight loss above.

The following is the way to carry out the back massage health care:

Back massage health care method 1: dumbbell method

Practice: legs stand apart, knees bent. The chest is tilted forward, but the back is always straight. Hands holding dumbbells, raised to both sides of the level, feel the back muscles in the force. This action repeats 2 groups of 20 times each. This is very effective Oh.

Back massage health care method 2: back off the ground law

Practice: supine in bed, hands on both sides of the body, and then bend the legs, heel tightly close to the back of the thigh, his hands moved to the sides of the head, palm close to the ground, then inhale, , That is, knees kneeling on the ground knees, his hands forced to embrace the body up, while the hip and abdomen is rising up.

Back massage health care method 3: learn cat arch method

Practice: wake up in the morning, rubbed his eyes, rubbing his face, combing his hair backwards, and then his hands stretched out his shoulders from his shoulders, back the shock arm, back up his head, then lying in the bed A lazy waist or up quite a few legs, and then stand up and get on the ground, like a cat "long body" as hard to arch arch waist, as far as possible to stretch the back and limbs muscles.

Back massage health care method 4: two-hand stretch method

Practice: hands on the back of the phase grip, try to straighten the arm, while trying to lift up to the limit, so 50, this time will feel the upper part of the shoulder blade was squeezed, but also help exercise the chest muscles.

Body five dampness points from head to toe: Baihui, Dazhui, Shenque, Yin Ling Quan, Yongquan.

1, Shenque points

Location: the middle of the navel, that is, at the navel.

Massage method: clockwise rubbing the abdomen, but also ignite the moxa to moxibustion points; or smoked wormwood oil in the abdomen with hot water bottle after the warm; or use Ai box, will be lit after the fixed 20 minutes in the abdomen, pay attention to the temperature Too hot.

Efficacy: the acne points by moisture invasion, the spleen and stomach discomfort, abdominal distension, stool sticky, women are also likely to cause gynecological inflammation such as leucorrhea increased, poor blood and so on. Abdominal itself is necessary to warm the main, to stimulate the Shenque points help spleen dampness, strong body.

2, Yongquan points

Location: foot, foot depression at the first two, three toe seam head and heel line of the first three points, in front of the palm of the foot in front of the depression to find the points.

Massage method: click the morning and evening each time, each time rubbing 3-5 minutes to have a soreness is better, both sides alternately. Can also be used to warm mellow moxibustion feet, feet acupuncture points for 15-20 minutes.

Efficacy: Yongquan hole by moisture invasion, will lead to knee pain, rheumatism and body fatigue, edema. Often this point helps to promote sleep, caused by dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, headache, low back pain, etc. have a certain effect.

3, Baihui points

Location: the center of the head and the middle of the line between the two lines at the intersection, roughly at the center of the head.

Massage method: hand into a boxing beat or back and forth rubbing Baihui 3-5 minutes, the best feeling of a fever. In addition can also ignite the altar, moxibustion smoked this point.

Efficacy: the hole if the moisture invasion, it is easy to lead to headache, headache, dizziness, head is also like wearing a hat in general heavy feeling. Stimulate the acupuncture points can help straighten out the qi, eliminate stagnation, but also Jiannao Shen God.

4, Dazhui points

Location: the middle of the neck, located in the neck and back junctions prominent bone that is the seventh edge of the cervical spine. Acupoints when the active neck, fixed above the joints that is.

Massage method: bow, his fingers crossed into the site of Dazhui, with both hands and thumb at the same time forced rubbing Dazhui points, until the Dazhui fever.

Efficacy: Dazhui acne by moisture invasion, easy to cause shoulder and neck problems such as shoulder pain and discomfort. Stimulate the acupuncture point to avoid the invasion of wind cold dampness, improve immunity.

5, Yin Ling Quan

Location: Yin Ling Quan points for the dampness points, located in the medial calf, tibial medial condyle in the lower depression. Using a sitting or supine position, from the bottom of the knee to explore the direction of the knee, in the knee inside the big bones encountered part.

Massage method: click on the main, each massage 100 to 160, the daily morning and evening 1, can also be used Ai Zhu smoked moxibustion here 3-5 minutes.

Efficacy: If the acupuncture point by moisture invasion, there will be knee pain, feet bulky, walking a sense of sluggish. Stimulate the acupuncture points can be achieved Qinghua hot and humid, through the meridian effect, to help relieve bloating, knee pain and other discomfort.

As mentioned above, many people have a variety of diseases, and the body is closely related to moisture, and people usually want to find the body there is moisture, you can from their daily performance To understand, therefore, once we found that the body has moisture, it is necessary to remove it in a timely manner.


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The opposite sex SPA is a new fashion of modern Chengdu woman

Maybe someone asked the SPA what is it? About ten years ago, most people do not know why the object! Can be in today, SPA has emerged in every corner of Chengdu women's life, whether you are in the street, on television, the network and other media platforms can see the word SPA. SPA a variety of advertising comparable to the Yangtze River before the wave of waves, a wave comparable to a wave of strong, flowers contend! SPA in this trend, become a modern Chengdu woman's leisure way, no doubt will accompany them along with the shadow!

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Massage spa health care function Daquan

On the massage and its healing effect, the ancients have long known, as in the "Su asked the pain theory," said: "cold gas in the back of the Yu pulse, pulse weeping, blood deficiency pain, the Yu in the heart, so phase Cited by the pain, then press the heat to the heat to the pain only carry on. This section of the ancient classic medical books to explain the alien cold evil invasion of the human body after the back of the acupoints, which led to the meridians of the wet and dizzy, poor blood operation, injustice pain, because of the composition of the back pain, and even induced heartache, massage can make the meridians Dredge, blood circulation, and make part of the warm, the case does not hurt, hot is slow, can drive cold pain. This fully elucidated that the ancients thought that massage is through the meridian acupuncture points to adjust the balance between the various organs of the organs, to speed up their efforts to correct all kinds of damage in order to reach the intention of disease prevention and treatment. Massage The detailed effects of the following points.

(A) massage on the role of skin arrangements

Massage can strengthen the excretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, eradication of epithelial cells falling off, improve skin metabolism, soften the scar, enhance the body's defense function; together can enhance the skin's luster and elasticity, delay skin aging. Has an excellent effect of wrinkle, Xiaoban.

Other massage can not only make the skin capillaries enlarged, the temperature is added, but also part of the deep arrangement of the temperature to add, so massage can soften and release the skin and subcutaneous adhesion arrangements. Such as Mo Fa, kneading method, wipe method, beat method and so on. Has a better effect of eliminating the skin scar.

(B) the role of massage on muscle arrangements

The body after high-intensity exercise, because the metabolism of the central product of a lot of lactate seizures, deposition in the muscle arrangement, showing muscle spasms pain and fatigue and other scenes. If the fatigue of the muscles for proper massage, you can promote the loss of lactic acid and discharge, so that pain relief, fatigue elimination.

Massage together can enhance the tension and elasticity of the muscles, to shorten the function of enhanced and muscle strength can be used in the elderly skin, muscle loose his health care, especially on the improvement of the role of women is more obvious.

(C) to promote the rehabilitation of bone and joint damage

When the bone and joint damage, because of muscle and joint inactivity, part of the blood circulation is slow, lymphatic stagnation, arrhythmia episodes of edema, fibrinate exudate fiber composition of the "glue", and then attacked, Dysfunction, muscle rendering atrophy atrophy. Appropriate massage can make the blood, lymph circulation faster, edema, adhesions loose, dysfunction of the joint energy can gradually increase the range of activities, to reach normal or close to the normal physiological function. So massage in the bone and joint damage and the prevention and treatment of senile osteoarthritis and have a very important clinical significance.

(D) massage with a full release of the role

Massage method of the pull method, drawing method, according to law and other methods of joint disorders and fractures have an excellent effect of the whole rectification. Such as cervical spondylosis of the blood vessels or nerve compression can be through the massage of the regimen, adjust the structure of the lesion joints, so that nerve, vascular compression performance is eliminated or reduced. Another example is the lumbar disc disease patients can be massage method in the pull method, pull method, shake method to make the outstanding nucleus of the nucleus or change the nerve root and nucleus of the azimuthal link to reach or reduce the nerve root compression performance. Massage in the treatment of acute pain in patients with the role is also very obvious, such as lumbar synovial incarcerated incarcerated, the patient will show the performance of low back pain, massage method can also play a successful effect.

Massage also has a loose release arrangements and reduce the effect of contracture, such as shoulder muscle bond adhesion caused by frozen shoulder, can be used in the massage method of plucking, plate method, shake the law to release adhesions, rehabilitation function. There are tendon damage or spinal cord injury and even hemiplegia patients, usually showing muscle contracture, can use the massage in the probe, pinching method to contracture tendon rehabilitation or reduce.

(E) massage on the role of blood circulation

Massage parts and specific acupuncture points and the back of the bladder by the acupoints can improve and conditioning the function of the blood circulation system. Test confirmed that massage can add the number of capillaries, increase the diameter, so that greatly improved blood circulation. Together with the disease can also promote the reconstruction of vascular network, rehabilitation of the vascular wall elasticity, improve the function of the pipeline smooth, reduce the external friction of blood activity, improve myocardial oxygen supply, strengthen the heart function. So massage is high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cerebral blood supply and other diseases to prevent and cure one of the main ways. Chinese medicine also thought that massage with blood circulation, Sanjie analgesic effect.

(F) massage can promote digestion

Massage can make the gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension, stretch, shortening force to add, and then speed up gastrointestinal activity; together through the role of sympathetic nerve, so that the distribution of internal organs of the nerve to promote gastrointestinal digestive juice excretion.

Experiments confirmed that the back of the spleen, stomach shu massage for I ~ 2 minutes after most of the stomach activity increased; Zusanli massage after most of the stomach activity weakened. It is worth mentioning that massage Zusanli points on the digestive system has a positive and inhibitory effect of the two-way conditioning, increased gastric activity, massage Zusanli usually weaken the stomach activity, and when the stomach activity weakened, the massage is enhanced.

(G) massage can adjust the nervous system

Massage can reduce the surrounding sensory nerve slightly excited, it is often used for pain, such as neuritis, neuralgia and so on. Lighter approach can also stimulate the motor nerve, improve muscle excitability; heavy law used to cure muscle spasms, but also to promote the rehabilitation of the damage function. Abdominal massage can be the role of autonomic nerve, affecting the digestive gland excretion, enhance digestion and absorption and conditioning gastrointestinal activity.

Back-shu of the massage treatment, can be through the nerve reflex, affecting the spinal cord and brain conditioning function, and then make the function of the corresponding organ changes. Such as lung Yu on the respiratory system, spleen, stomach Yu on the digestive system, eight points on the role of the genitourinary system.

(H) massage can enhance immune function

Massage and physical fitness effect. There are experiments confirmed that after the massage, the human body has a small number of red blood cells to add, and white blood cells are significantly added, especially the white blood cells to enhance the phagocytic bacteria. Such as boy with dysentery, can be reduced by the performance of massage or not see; boy have wet and dry lungs, anxious small stripes, palm stripes can eliminate the performance. Some people had boy in the same age side by side control group health massage, massage the boy group, the incidence decreased, height, weight, appetite, etc. are higher than the control group. In summary, the massage has anti-inflammatory, fever, improve the role of immunity, can enhance the body's resistance to disease.

(I) massage is conducive to improving the mind

Gentle massage method can make the patient feel relaxed, stable, can reduce or eliminate the heart of the adverse reactions to the disease, such as depressed, anxiety and so on. With the healing effect of massage healing, patients can gradually increase their determination to cooperate automatically and heal. So massage is not only organic disease is a useful method of treatment, and is also a way to treat heart.

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Chengdu, referred to as Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan Province, the provincial-level city, the State Council in 1993 identified as the southwestern region's technology, commerce, financial center and transportation hub, the State Council in 2015 was identified as an important national high-tech industrial base, Logistics center and integrated transport hub, an important central city in the western region, in 2016 the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Housing and Urban jointly issued the "Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration Development Plan" guidance document will be positioned as the national center of Chengdu city.

Chengdu is located in the western Sichuan Basin, the hinterland of Chengdu Plain, the territory of flat terrain, river network aspect, rich products, agricultural development, since ancient times, "Tianfuzhi Guo" reputation. Chengdu under the jurisdiction of 10 municipal districts, 5 counties, hosted 5 county-level city. As of the end of 2015, Chengdu has a total area of ??14,605 ??square kilometers, the city built area of ??1006.7 square kilometers, the resident population of 15.728 million, the urban population of 6.4 million urbanization rate of 70.3% [3], is the only large metropolis in the western region.

Chengdu is one of China's five major theater of the Western theater headquarters, the Midwest region of the world's top 500 largest number of enterprises (278), the establishment of the largest number of foreign consulates (16), opening the largest number of international routes (85) 8], is also the UNESCO World Food City.

Chengdu has a long history and splendid culture. It is the first national historical and cultural city, the best tourist city in China and the starting point of the southern Silk Road. Chengdu was built in about the 5th century BC and became one of the six major cities in China. Shu Kingdom for the country. During the Northern Song Dynasty, Chengdu people jointly issued the world's earliest paper money to pay the son, the government established the world's first management savings bank in Chengdu. 2600 years of history of the city gave birth to Dujiangyan, Wuhou Temple, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, Jinsha sites and many other attractions.

History of Chengdu

According to historical records, about the middle of the 5th century BC, the ancient Shu Dynasty enlightened dynasty IX will be the capital from the wide Fanxiang (Shuangliu) moved to Chengdu, to build the city; but according to the reality of mining Jinsha site, the history of Chengdu City Can be traced back to 3200 years ago.

On the origin of a Chengdu, according to the "Taiping World Records" records, is to borrow the history of the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Zhou Qiqian to take a year and the Juju together, two years Chengyi, Chengdu, three years after the name Shu . Sichuan Shu word is the pronunciation of Shu. Cheng Bi also 'eventually, the meaning of Chengdu Shu is the end of the city, or the final city.

BC 316 years, Qin has merged Shu, Pakistan, and set Shu Jun in Chengdu. Qin Zhang Yi, Sima wrong build too city (South House), the following year, Zhang Yi in the city to build a small city west of the city (Xicheng).

n 256 BC, Li Bing, a prefect of Shujun County, learned the experience of flood control and led the local people. He presided over the construction of the famous Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, and made the Shiren people to measure Dujiangyan water, the earliest water ruler in China. In 141 BC, Shujun Prefecture Wen Weng established in Chengdu, China's first local government-run school "Wen Weng stone chamber."

At the end of the Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty to replace the Guanzhong called "Tianfu".Western Han Dynasty Yuan Feng five years (106 BC), Emperor Wu of the world for the thirteen states, home Yizhou. Wang Mang to Yizhou for the Department, Shu Jun Jiang Jiang, governance Lin Qiong. The new dynasty imperial five years (24 years), Gongsun described the emperor, set Chengdu as "married." And changed to Yizhou for the Secretary, Shu County, Chengdu Yin. When the Eastern Han Dynasty Shu Jun. Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Yan to do, "Yizhou, animal husbandry," from the original Guanghan County Luo County shift rule in Chengdu, Chengdu as a state, county, county. Qin and Han dynasties, the commercial development of Chengdu, Qin Chengdu has become a national metropolis, the Western Han Dynasty, when the Han dynasty, the capital of the Han dynasty, Chengdu population reached 76,000, nearly 40 million people.

Chengdu is the center of the world lacquer craft and the birthplace of Chinese tea culture.Chengdu in the Three Kingdoms period for Shu Kingdom, the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world disrupt, crowded, the Han Dynasty clan Liu Bei in the warlord rise. Yan Kang first year (220 years), Cao Cao's son Cao Pi usurped the Han Dynasty, the following year (221 years), Liu Bei to the Han Dynasty clan status in the Shu to the emperor, the continuation of the Han dynasty. Shu Han began to Zhaolie Emperor Liu Bei, finally Han Huaidi Liu Chan, calendar two emperor, a total of forty-three years, the heyday of Jingzhou, Yizhou, national strength, but after Guan Yu lost Jingzhou, Liu Bei Yiling badly, Later, Zhuge Liang governing the country, to resume production, making and Wei Wu contend.

Jin Wu Di changed Shu Jun for the country, soon to restore the title. In 304 AD, Li Xiong in Chengdu founding "culmination", known as "into the Han". In 347 AD, Cheng Han was destroyed by Huan Wen of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Southern Song, Qi, the Yizhou and Shu Junzhi address are Chengdu, Yizhou Cishi rule too City, Chengdu, the history of rule less town. AD 348-354, the Eastern Jin Dynasty Chang Qu compilation of China's earliest local records "Huayang country." After weeks home Yizhou state house. Sui Dynasty Kaihuang two years (582 years), to Southwest Road station. The following year, resetting Explorer House. The great cause of the early years (605 years), government waste, the emperor complex for Yushu Shujun.

Tang Dynasty complex for the Yizhou, Takenori early years (618 years), home Explorer House. Wude three years (620 years), to Southwest Road station. Takenori nine years (626 years), and changed to Dudu Fu. Longshuo two years (662 years), or large Dudu Fu. Tempo early (742 years), complex for the Shujun. To Germany two years (757 years), Emperor Xuan Zong fortune in Shu, or Chengdu, as Nanjing, changed to Chengdu to keep Yin. When divided into two parts for the East and West Jianchuan, Chengdu Nishikawa Jiedushi for the governance. The early years (760 years), strike Beijing, and Chengdu House remains unchanged.During the Tang Dynasty, Chengdu had a prosperous economy and flourished Buddhism. Chengdu has become one of the four major cities in China (Chang'an, Luoyang, Yangzhou and Chengdu). Agriculture, silk industry, handicraft industry, commercial development, papermaking and printing are developing rapidly. Tang Dynasty writers gathered in Chengdu, the great poet Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Bo, Lu Zhaolin, Gao Shi, Cen Shen, Xue Tao, Li Shangyin, Yong Tao, Kang and other short-term living in Chengdu. In the Tang Dynasty, Chengdu developed a tourist resort of Mount Maha Pool and Baihuataan. During the reign of Zhenguan, Jianyuan Temple was built in the north of the city, and the temple was renamed as Zhaojue Temple. Chengdu, the world's earliest inventions and the use of the engraving artifacts, Chengdu Bian home "Dharani by the curse," Nishikawa off the name of the King Kong by the residual pages, Chengdu fans enjoy the calendar page residuals for the world's oldest batch printed matter.In 907 AD, Zhu Wenchang Tang, the establishment of "rear beam" regime, the Chinese history into the Five Dynasties period. Wang Jian, according to the "three-chuan", in Chengdu, emperor, the country Shu, known as the "former Shu." Wang Jian good governance, so that economic and cultural development and prosperity of Shu. The youngest son Wang Yan ascended the throne only 7 years, 925 years after the Tangzhuang sectarian Guo Chong Tao Shu Shu, former Shu Wang Yan surrender, former Shu dead. Later Tang appointed Meng Zhixiang as vice governor of Nishikawa Jiedu, after the decline of the Tang Dynasty, the first month of 934 Meng Zhixiang in Chengdu, the emperor, the country Shu, known as the "Shu". In the same year the disease died in autumn, the third son of Meng Chang 16-year-old bit, quite as the rule of 30 years, after a great power, blindly sent troops to Guanzhong, increase the burden of the people, resulting in national power decline.After the main Shu Meng Chang wrote China's first scroll "Fengnian satisfied Yuqing, Jiajie Changchun." Huang Quan, a painter of Chengdu, pioneered the Chinese painting of fine flowers and birds, and Mengchang, the master of the post-Shu dynasty, became the earliest royal painting academy in China. Hou Shu Zhao Chongzuo edited the history of Chinese literature in the first set of words "between the flowers set."During the Song Dynasty, the Chengdu economy is extremely developed, is the country's premier metropolis. To Fairview, for example, from the Tang Dynasty more than 10 kinds of development to the Song Dynasty more than 40 kinds, can weave Tianma, water flying fish, flowers Peacock, wishful peony and other new tricks, accounting for over 70% of the total over the country. Tang and Song Dynasties, Chengdu City, east and west are equipped with specialized silkworm city, drug city, flower market lantern. As a result of commercial development, Chengdu, the world's first banknotes "cross child", the government established in Chengdu, the world's first management savings bank "to pay sub-service."1082 years ago, the Northern Song Dynasty famous doctor Tang Shenwei wrote China's earliest existing pharmacopoeia "classics by the history of evidence of herbal medicine." When the Northern Song Dynasty, in Yizhou (ie Chengdu) set up to do official business, by the government open printing, issue "cross child". Southern Song Bao You five years (1257), the Mongolian army captured Chengdu. The Yuan Dynasty twenty-three years (1286), located in Chengdu Road, the provincial capital of Sichuan Province resident. Yuan positive twenty years (1360), Ming Yuzhen established a large summer country, changed the provincial governor of Chengdu.

Ming Hongwu four years (1371), the Ming army attack Ming Yuzhen built by the Great State of the summer, in Chengdu, Sichuan Cheng Cheng Chief Secretary, of which Chengdu as the capital. Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty, the eleventh son Zhu Chun as Shu Wang, Wangfu located in Chengdu, today called it "Imperial." Ming Chongzhen seventeen years (1644), Zhang Xianzhong led his army into Chengdu, self-reliance for the emperor, the country west, said Chengdu for Xijing. Sichuan, Sichuan Han strongly resisted, war years, the population greatly reduced. Manchu Kangxi years, the Qing Dynasty, the implementation of the "Huguang fill Sichuan" immigration, Chengdu gradually regained its anger, and prosperity so far. Clear along the Ming system, located in Chengdu, Sichuan, the political viceroy. The emperor sent another Sichuan governor, general Chengdu in Chengdu. Qing Tongzhi two years (1863), the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom generals wing wings of stone to open the army into Sichuan, attack Chengdu failure, the Qing army lure, in Chengdu city section of a lane to be put to death.In June 1911, the movement launched in Chengdu, the Qing Dynasty as the governor of Sichuan Zhao Erfeng because of the suppression of the people caused by the "Chengdu murder" triggered a public uprising, which led directly to the total outbreak of the Revolution, the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution Set a monumental merit. November 27, 1911, the constitutionalist Pu Dianjun announced in Chengdu, Sichuan from the Qing Dynasty, the establishment of the Han military government and served as captaincy general. March 12, 1912, Chengdu, the Han army government to Sichuan military government, the military government in Chengdu, Yin Changheng any captaincy general. Three years of the Republic of China (AD 1914), the Northern Government ordered to set up in Chengdu, West River Road, from Chengdu, Huayang and other 31 counties; after waste Road to save, Chengdu is still the provincial capital of Sichuan.December 27, 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army stationed in Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan Administrative Office of the district to become resident. On September 1, 1952, the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China abolished all administrative offices, the establishment of Sichuan Province after the establishment of the establishment of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government in Chengdu.February 1989, approved by the State Council, Chengdu's economic and social development plan in the national plan to implement a separate, enjoy the provincial-level economic management authority, becoming the country's 14 municipalities one of the plan.May 1994, the Central Organizational Committee adopted the sixth meeting, the plan city identified as a sub-provincial city, Chengdu to strengthen the overall planning and coordination of provincial institutions and the role of the 15 sub-provincial city one.

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