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Do you know your body hair?

The hair is yellow, dry; beard less, hair follicles inflammation; body hair mixed, long crazy ... ... you must have or is being so or that hair problems plagued. In fact, many times do not need to seek medical advice, as long as a little attention in life, a variety of "hair" disease can be avoided.

Variable 1: hair

1. "Since the two years ago began to like swimming, began to lose hair.

Citation: The chlorine contained in the pool water is confirmed to damage the scalp and hair health. Solution: every time the end of the swimming, good thoroughly clean the hair, you can wash away the harmful substances, which will minimize the risk of hair loss. At the same time, wearing a swimming cap while swimming can also reduce chlorine damage to the hair.

2. "Wash the hair twice a day, but the hair is still yellow curly, dander.

Citation: possible shampoo frequency is too high. The correct method of washing is an important factor in the maintenance of the hair, not to say that shampoo wash the more the better, but should be based on their hair condition and weather conditions at any time to adjust.

Solve: according to seasonal changes in timely shampoo. Winter, spring sebum secretion less, and more in the room, shampoo cycle slightly extended. Summer sweat glands, sebaceous glands secrete strong, shampoo cycle to short. Autumn windy weather is dry, itchy hair, shampoo cycle is slightly shorter. At the same time, dry hair sebum secretion less shampoo cycle can be slightly longer, usually 7 to 10 days to wash once. Oily sebum secretion, shampoo cycle is slightly shorter, generally 3 to 5 days to wash once. Neutral sebum secretion is moderate, usually 5 to 7 days to wash once.

3. "After the hair, the hair out badly."

Citation: the current market sales of hair dye mostly lead, the greater the damage to the hair. At the same time hair dye easily lead to skin allergies, itching, tingling, swelling and so on.

Solve: should try to avoid hair. If you insist on hair, should try not to let hair dye exposure to hair. In addition to hair before the addition of protective agent.

4. "My hair has been rough and stiff, curly and tangled into a regiment, no gloss.

Quote: The vast majority of people dry hair is due to too much sun and dry wind blowing caused. Many people dry hair phenomenon, the wrong to take to reduce the number of shampoo, the natural secretion of the head oil to build up to nourish the hair, resulting in a lot of headache, until the hair follicle blocked in the sebaceous glands, causing hair more dry.

Solution: adjust the diet, eat more foods rich in fat, eat more vegetables and raw fruit, limit the intake of salt; timely wash your hair, and insist on the use of appropriate hair conditioner after each wash; Hair damage. 5. "Try a lot of ways, but the dandruff is getting worse."

Cindered: dandruff is actually dead skin fragments have been dead, as long as the scalp cell growth rate is very fast, dandruff appeared. Scalp suffering from mild seborrheic eczema is the main cause of dandruff.

Solution: You can choose to use tar-containing anti-dandruff shampoo. Shampoo shampoo to massage the way into the scalp, and then wash with water at least three times. If the shampoo is ineffective, allow the doctor to deploy a steroid-containing lotion to suppress the underlying cause of dandruff. If the dandruff is very thick, can be equipped with salicylic acid or tar lotion. This lotion can make the dandruff loose, and then use anti-dandruff shampoo to wash, so that the effect of in-depth, the dandruff elimination.

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How to eat healthy in spring

First, pigs, cattle, lamb health effects

Pork is one of the main sources of human protein and fat, it is rich in phosphorus and iron, also contains manganese, silicon, selenium and other essential trace elements. Pork with Yangwei, Ziyi, kidney health care effect.

Beef is rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, iron, high nutritional value. In addition, the beef in the strong bones, raising the spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, in addition to moisture also has a good medicinal effect, it is nourishing the top grade.

Lamb contains calcium, iron are higher than pork, anemia, lung disease and physical weakness of people very useful. In addition, the lamb can also Qi tonic, warm in the next, is the treatment of back pain, postpartum virtual cold the best food.

Second, eat meat as poultry meat

Eat meat should follow an important principle is: eat meat as meat, eat poultry meat as meat. This shows that poultry meat has a higher nutritional value than the meat.

Poultry is a high-protein and low-fat food, especially in the chicken lysine content of 13% higher than the pork. The most nutritious eating is the soup, not only can fully absorb the chicken nutrition, but also can play a certain medical effect, can accelerate the nasopharynx blood circulation, increase the bronchial secretion, is conducive to the removal of Invasion of the respiratory tract virus, relieve symptoms of colds.

Duck and goose not only low fat content, contains the chemical composition of fat and pork is also different, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, can play a role in protecting the heart.

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Coolifespa gay men massage provide you with a health guide

People with lumbar pain are aware that lumbar pain is really lifeful, and even serious people, in some serious time when one day can not get out of bed Now there is a growing population of lumbar pain, the former is the majority of the elderly population, and now it is tend to younger, generally similar to white-collar driver teachers and students will appear such diseases occur.

The lumbar spine became the maximum load on each person's body, so many people tried to cure the disease, with the spread of the disease, the previous plaster is outdated, what injections do not work, so people think Is not it can borrow a massage to help people eliminate these problems, so coolifespa gay men massage appeared, with such a place, men who appeared above the body of these diseases, which can be all-inclusive.

The body is not comfortable, in fact, more is the pressure inside the heart, it is better to do a massage effect to the better, in the coolifespa gay men massage here, you can also provide a very good environment, there are Is inside the technicians are very good, each are wearing a different clothing, you can let the distinguished men who change the massage while enjoying such a different kind of treatment.

If the usual pressure, not as good to let yourself relax, so came to the coolifespa gay men massage can enjoy a different way to relieve the pressure of physical and mental, female technicians a pair of legs and jade can let you really enjoy To what is the regular massage, what is to let you really achieve health, rather than casually. When people in the face of their own health can not be guaranteed when the time to come to Beijing for their own health guide it.

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Massage push hands rub arm can be cured

[Guide] push the hand rub arm can eliminate fire trouble? Some friends have been insomnia, irritability, mouth ulcers, long boils and other symptoms, in fact, this has been more serious, to this stage, it is easy to hurt the heart, Chinese medicine that "fire up", the fire is upward development, so The upper part of the body will appear more than a lot of problems, now need to change a method: "to Firelight."

Push the arm: the side of the seat, his hands straight, palms relative, flat on the chest, with the right index finger from the left midfielder along the middle of the palm of your hand to the midpoint of the elbow, to do 25 times; with the right index finger from the left Palm on the body side of the line to the elbow fence, do 25 times; change hands, with his left hand to push the right hand, the same way, were pushed 25 times. With pure heart, cured fire, Chufan effect.

On the care of objects: side seat, left hand on the right wrist, his hands at the same time over his head, mix and breathe. Exhale, his hands on the move, such as care load, breathing when relaxed, repeated 10 to 15 times, left and right hand exchange, do 1 times, action as before. With the ability to clear the meridians, qi and blood circulation.

Hands and feet: sitting, hands, feet a little hard fight, and then relax, for the left leg, action as before, alternating to do 6 times. With the effect of wide chest qi.

Turn the tongue, left and right between the mouth of the swing 36 times, with the top of the mouth and then flatten the top of the mouth, and repeated to do so, the tongue closed and then repeated to do 36 times; 36 times; hand wash clean, massage tongue several times. With the maintenance of heart, the role of the protection of the heart.

It should be noted that the practice should choose a quiet, cool, air circulation, frail and weak heart function, especially in the summer practice.

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When the gay men face down to sleep

Into the summer, without the quilt, the shackles of the blanket, people's sleeping position more casual up. But you know, sleep when the posture can not blindly obey personal habits and sensory comfort.

Sexual research from Europe shows that sleeping position is closely related to human sexual function, and about 20% of sexual dysfunction is caused by poor sleeping posture.

Sexual health hazards to the largest sleeping position is prone. Because tummy sleep will make the male scrotum temperature rise, and these calories are not easy to spread out in time, have a negative impact on sperm growth, and even affect fertility.

And, when the body weight on the chest and abdomen, so that the heart is oppressed, but also affect the male body's blood circulation, including the reproductive organs of the blood circulation. And long-term lack of blood supply, may lead to male erectile dysfunction. At the same time, its gastrointestinal, bladder and other organs will be affected by the oppression of normal function.

In addition, adolescent boys often tummy to sleep, frequent oppression of the scrotum, to stimulate the penis, but also likely to cause excessive spermatorrhea. When sleeping, if you choose too high pillow, may also affect sexual health. Because the pillow is too high will lead to poor blood circulation in the brain, so that the pituitary secretion of sex hormone function decreased. Over time, there may be sexual desire, sexual capacity have an impact, and even lead to sexual problems.

For men, there are many kinds of healthy sleeping position, side, half lying, supine supine is a good choice. Especially the half-lying at the same time the legs bent, not only can make the whole body to take full rest, and not oppression of internal organs, can make the reproductive system to get a good nursed back to health.

Men should pay attention to good health, especially in the usual rest when you can check under their own body, or do not know the disease. Warmth, usually we need to pay attention to psychological conditioning, in order to avoid causing more impact, daily life which need to pay attention to a comprehensive conditioning, to avoid causing sexual dysfunction, but also pay attention to care methods, effective diet should usually change the bad sleep posture!

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What is homosexuality in the eyes of men?

Clean and tidy

Because of the delicate minds, the reduction of hormones, they will deal with personal hygiene is very good, although I have been like a military as their own requirements, but also very thick lines, and they are not.

They are very women to deal with any one item, remember a disgusting university students called Luo Sheng, that few years he popular tape, he likes music, every time to buy a number of tapes, he must be very careful to do a perfect A kid box.

Put the tape into it, so as not to scratch, a few days ago he sent a new photo in the group to see us, look good, I blurted out: like a duck. So he came to the sentence: so many years, you still so funny, so last night as an administrator he ruthlessly kicked me out.

Soft and tactful

As a man is too strong for the man, and his life always involuntarily to attack others to show their own strong, I am the example, since childhood like fighting, the most time is my fifteen years old on secondary school, Relied on a martial arts.

I am a man and a group of fine arts in the cafeteria fight, and finally I did not suffer, they did not win, for me to fight is commonplace, since when the father, I gradually peace. And as a gay man, they are less aggressive, no aggressive men are not any threat. The least credible 4 gay rumors!

Feeling very safe

The appearance of the situation without the hormones of men, there is no lack of security, they know how to disinfect the truth, that is, when dealing with the crisis can be soft grams just, rather than the man headed by me only know the tough, tough consequences though Victory but also inevitably receive their own injuries, emotions will be bullied, people are not the case, Sisiwenwen will deal with the crisis properly, this is not the best service plan?

Thought carefully

The university has come into contact with a lot of homosexual students, in fact, they did not like this, and later for the material temptation, voluntarily into that kind of person, but I found gay men absolutely delicate, wrote a lot of people familiar with me : Yeah haha, this is not to say you? Your mind is very delicate.

So they are more delicate than me, the mind of the men can handle any one thing, so there are things to them to do absolutely assured, just like the little car to see the same car, what a major thing To give them good, and will not go wrong.

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Men massage this part can be kidney

Since ancient times, there are acupuncture points to say health, kidney is the innate of this, Yang Shen kidney is particularly important. And the kidney in the five elements in the water, the table in the ear So the kidney is good will be reflected in the ears, and our ears on any action, will affect the kidney.

"Nei Jing Su asked" has long described the reasons for human aging: kidney qi, refined gas loss, days Gui exhaust. And stressed that more than kidney qi, air pulse often Yong is the primary condition of longevity. Men often feel tired, erection time is limited this is a kidney problem. Want to kidney, you can start from the ear.

Back and forth

Action: the hands of the finger face were placed in the ears, the upper and lower back and forth to push the wind, pulse, ear shell, the cranial wrinkles each 20-30 times, until the local skin fever.

Role: This action can nourishing kidney, lower blood pressure.

2. pull the ear screen

Action: hands index finger on the inside of the ear screen, with the index finger, thumb pull the ear screen, pull from the inside out, hand pull from light to heavy, pull the power to not feel pain is limited, each 3 to 5 minutes.

Role: This method can be treated headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.

3. Massage the whole ear

Action: hands palm friction after the fever, back massage the ventral surface (ie, the front of the ear), and then repeatedly massage the back, repeated massage 5 to 6 times.

Role: This method can clear the meridians, the kidneys and systemic organs have a health effect.

Kidney in the ear, massage the ear is the most direct kidney law, and there will be no side effects, so we can try. In addition, the men can also be through the feet to achieve the effect of kidney.

Foot bath can kidney

Winter weather is increasingly cold, every night before going to bed a hot water feet, both to keep the feet warm, but also help sleep. In fact, there is an effect of foot bath is often overlooked, that is kidney.

With hot water feet to increase the body heat, blood vessels will expand, is conducive to blood circulation, thereby promoting the body's blood circulation. And 9 pm is the best foot bath time, during the day your kidneys have been tired for a whole day, you can through the foot bath, so that the kidneys get relaxed, people will feel particularly comfortable.

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Women make spa benefits

Everyone knows to enjoy, but what kind of enjoyment is the best of the body, Coolifespa massage is more popular health methods.

Do spa women more, but also by the female friends like and welcome, because the spa after doing this service, you can bring more benefits, play a relaxed mood.

Before making a spa to choose a regular quality service providers, because some spa sites only by name and publicity, in fact not the case, said the price is relatively low, but there are particularly large secondary consumption, only the combination of Different circumstances to make a decision, select the appropriate for their own spa, in order to make their own body in a comfortable stage, to better enjoy the spa.

Must bring you infinite ease, the body of which the drug can also be discharged, but also allows the blood to speed up the cycle, wholeheartedly can be relaxed, do spa, do not behave too tight, the body completely Relax, in such a situation to do spa services will have greater benefits, in addition to play the role of health, you can also play the role of weight loss.

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Traditional Chinese medicine massage knowledge

First, we most often percussion meridian: pericardium, gall bladder. In addition, according to the needs can also be called the stomach, the large intestine, small intestine, liver, triple burner, the spleen.

Heart by the dial of the multi-use approach, the kidney by the use of channels of the way. The bladder in the back of the part of their own can not conditioning, the next paragraph in the next section of their own Anrou.

Meridian percussion also has two points of attention: First, the intensity of severity.

Meridian percussion also has two points of attention: First, the intensity of severity

Light short for the make up, heavy slow long for the diarrhea. Second is the direction of percussion. Shun knock for the supplement, reverse knock for the diarrhea.

How to judge the meridian percussion

Meridian starting point as the basis, can be divided into hand and foot by the scriptures.

Hand and foot are divided into the meridians and yin meridians. The following can clearly determine the meridians of the reverse and diarrhea.

Hand and foot are divided into the meridians and yin meridians

Hand Yang Jing, large intestine, triple burner, small intestine.

Hand Yin Jing, lung, pericardium, heart by.

Foot Yang Jing, stomach, gall bladder, bladder by the.

Foot yin meridian, spleen, liver, kidney by the inverse

Such as hand Jue Yin pericardium by hand Yin Jing, control on the table, from top to bottom for the cis, is a supplement method. From bottom to top for the reverse, is diarrhea. Other meridians, the same class analogy.

Second, pay attention to matters

1, pericardium is generally filled, the summer when the fire can be knock on the fire, diarrhea Firelight.

2, real symptoms for the fill, deficiency for the diarrhea. Such as the treatment of boy with myopia, for the virtual disease, liver stolen in the head, Constipation, should be diarrhea law knock on the large intestine. Cold, to diarrhea law to knock the lungs.

3, kidney can only make up at any time, can not diarrhea. Contrast on the table, should be knocked down from the bottom or clear.

4, some in-depth skin acupuncture points, even if the law should also press the press. Such as Zusanli, the wind pool, Kunlun.

5, gallbladder more from top to bottom knock, with the fill method. But in the thigh muscles developed, complement the law is also forced, mainly ring jump, the wind city, in the ditch, knee Yang Guan and other points to use a certain degree of percussion. After the knee, starting from Yanglingquan down to the way to slightly lighter.

6, the bladder by the Yu points, such as liver Yu, stomach Yu and other points, Yu for the channel, and the back of the people most vulnerable to cold blockage, need a certain amount of anroute, open up the channel.

7, there are ten kinds of Chinese medicine, and now only mentioned two. Some other methods are basically applicable to the reverse and the relationship between re-diarrhea, such as the use of pulling and filming, is certainly a virtual disease.

Such as the use of pulling and filming, is definitely a virtual disease

Such as coughing, pulling in the throat, cardiovascular disease in the pericardium by filming. Scraping the way is also applicable to the reverse and the relationship between diarrhea and diarrhea.

8, to be flexible use of Chinese medicine theory of the five elements. Mainly to correctly determine the relationship between the surface of the meridian and the relationship between the phase, to determine the treatment of diarrhea, and then use this method to determine the direction and intensity.

Such as conditioning the kidney, in general, the kidney is a problem of virtual disease, kidney to make up. Lung transport kidney water, lung meridian to fill, spleen and kidney by a bit, to diarrhea.

Therefore, the overall conditioning ideas should be: to clear the kidney, fill the lungs, diarrhea and the liver by the spleen. Then, in contrast to the table in this article, you can easily determine the direction of meridian conditioning


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Dalian woman to do the strange experience of massage

Ms. Liu and friends to go to Dalian Yannian sea swimming pool, Ms. Liu because of physical discomfort did not swim, but in the swimming pool to find a female technician to do massage, so that Ms. Liu did not expect is that just less than 10 massage Minute, she looked back, female technician I do not know when it turned into a male technician, and she did not wear a coat.

Yesterday, Ms. Liu told reporters when the matter said that until now, she did not hear the swimming pool of an apology. Ms. Liu said that at noon on the 1st, she and her friends to Yan Nian sea swimming pool, because some fever that day, she did not swim, but intended to steam a fire bath to relax. "I first in the hall to rest, and then to the hall next to the compartments made a foot." In the process of foot treatment, she constantly cough, do the foot of the female technician suggested that she be a back massage. "Because the foot hall a lot of people, I asked where to do, is not to undress." At that time the female technician said, massage in the foot of the hall next to the separate room, need to take off their clothes. "So I agreed, followed by the female technician to the next hut, then, I took off my coat, lying on the bed, the female technician began to do my back massage.

Ms. Liu did not expect that in the massage less than 10 minutes, she suddenly felt the back of the massage techniques are somewhat different. "I look back, I do not know when, female technician turned into a man." Ms. Liu said she asked the man what to do, the man did not sound. Until later, the female technician said, the male technician is his master.

Interview, Ms. Liu said that he did not wear a jacket, casually let a male technician came to her massage, first of all should communicate with her, get her consent to massage. Afterwards, Yan Nian sea swimming pool had asked her how to compensate, "I said to 5,000 yuan economic compensation, the other said, can not be resolved.

Later, Ms. Liu alarm, but Miss Liu accidentally, a few days later, she told the police station to communicate, the police station said, can not file.

Yesterday, the reporter and Dalian Yannian sea swimming pool manager to get in touch, the manager said, because the alarm has been all by the police station and the swimming pool to resolve the legal team. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the area police station responsible for the matter of the police. The police said that the matter they have done a detailed investigation, but also confirmed that Ms. Liu did not know the situation, for her massage technician suddenly from the female into a male. Previously for Ms. Liu massage female technician recently intends to return home. Therefore, I hope her master, that is, later entered the room of the male technician to help give pointers about massage.

"According to our understanding, in the massage industry, the male technician for the female customer service is normal." Police said, therefore, male technician into the room, that apprentice with the customer to communicate well, did not expect a poor pool. "This is the lack of communication between the two sides." Because the matter did not meet the penalties for security regulations, therefore, they can not file. If Ms. Liu insists on getting a result, you can solve it through a consumer association or a legal channel.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Dalian Picture


Dalian, also known as the coastal city, the old name of Dalini, Qingniwa. Liaoning Province in the southern tip of the peninsula, is located in the Bohai Sea coast, according to China's northeast hinterland, and the Shandong Peninsula across the sea. . Is China's eastern coastal important economic, trade, port, industry, tourism city.

Dalian has a long history, as early as 6000 years ago, the ancestors of the development of Dalian, began in 1899, said Dalian. The first Opium War, the second Opium War, the British invasion of the Dalian area. As the main battlefield of the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War, Dalian in the modern history has suffered two major war robbery, reduced to Russian and Japanese colonies for nearly half a century.

Dalian has a long history, as early as 6000 years ago, the ancestors of the development of Dalian, began in 1899, said Dalian. The first Opium War, the second Opium War, the British invasion of the Dalian area. As the main battlefield of the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War, Dalian in the modern history has suffered two major war robbery, reduced to Russian and Japanese colonies for nearly half a century.

Dalian is an excellent environment, no cold winter climate, no heat in summer, the "Northeast Window", "Pearl of the North", "romantic city", is China's northeast opening window and the largest port city; has access to international garden city , China's best tourist city, national environmental protection model city honor.

Dalian is the permanent host city of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Summer Davos, with the largest agricultural futures exchange in China and Dalian Commodity Exchange, the world's second largest soybean futures market. June 2014, China's tenth state-level new district of Dalian Jinpu new formally established.

June 14, 2016, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the "China Livable City Research Report" shows that the Dalian livable index in the country 40 cities ranked fourth.

History of Dalian

The establishment of the Xia Dynasty, the Dalian region despite sparsely populated, but because of close contact with the Shandong Peninsula and deeply affected, began to enter the Bronze Age. The first generation of the third generation of Wang Xiang soil from Liaodong area moved to Henan Shangqiu, because of nostalgia for homeland, and between the Liaoyu, opened up this Penglai to Dalian route, Dalian and Shandong northern coastal economic and cultural exchanges. About the 17th century BC, Shang Tang off the summer. To Emperor Xin (Zhou) period, the Dalian region has been transformed into a regional organization of the country. This sub-region of the city of sub-Shuangtuozi unearthed pottery and other cultural relics proved that Shandong Yue Shi culture has affected Dalian.

During the Spring and Autumn Period, the bronze culture in Dalian has become more prosperous, and there are more than 100 sites in the area. The representative relics are bronze dagger. In 685 BC, Qi Huanong ascended the throne. Qi Huan Gong for the development of Liaodong, to the Liaodong area of ??bulk immigration, during which Qi also sent troops to save Shan Yan Rong Yan, to further establish the dominant position. Qi Linggong six years (567 BC), Qi Guo Levin country (now Jiaodong area), Qi control area extended to the eastern coast of Shandong Peninsula. After the defeat of the Levin Chinese people, ferry, large-scale emigrated Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian region has a larger population growth, the government established in the immigrant village organization and sent officials management. Qi, Levin residents of a large number of North migration, Shandong and Liaodong to further blend of culture, the rapid development of the level of productivity development. In addition, residents of the lower reaches of the Yellow River in the area of war and famine also along the above route to refuge in Liaodong, the resettlement in the Dalian region, part of the migration to the northeast hinterland, gradually formed from Lushun to the hinterland of the trail, commercial and handicraft A certain development, set in the eup in the city specifically for the transaction, the implementation of barter.

Dalian has at least 17,000 years of human history. As early as 6000 years ago, the development of the Dalian region (The era of stone shed culture, people fled Liaodong).

Since the Warring States period, Yanzhao Wang set up in Liaodong, "Liaodong County," has been to the Qin and Han Dynasties, Dalian are Liaodong County area.During the Western Han Dynasty in Dalian region set up "County", the Three Kingdoms period was renamed "East County".

In the early Tang Dynasty, the area of ??Dalian was the jurisdiction of Andong Prefecture.Liao Dynasty when the Dalian area is the jurisdiction of Tokyo Liaoyang House, Han District for the implementation of Chinese law. Dalian in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, said three mountains, the Tang Dynasty, said three mountain Pu, Ming and Qing Dynasties, said three mountains Haikou, Qingniwa mouth.In the Qing Dynasty because of the Qing government in northeastern prohibition policy and sparsely populated state, until the eighties of the nineteenth century, the Qing government in this Dalian bay north shore harbor harbor bridge, fort, set up mine camp, became a town.

At the end of 1897, Russia to compete for the territory of the Qing Dynasty, the warships forced into the Lushunkou, then sent to the Dalian Bay and Qingniwa investigation, decided to Qingniwa open port city. August 11, 1899, Tsar Nicholas II released on the establishment of a free port "Дальний" (Russian "far" meaning, pronunciation for the mud) of the royal decree, will Qingniwa renamed Дальний (Dali mud).

Czar royal ordinance issued after the Chinese people still said Qingniwa. In August 1945, Japan declared unconditional surrender, and Dalian was liberated from the triumph of the anti-fascist war, ending colonial rule. In September the same year, Dalian City, the composition of the Preparatory Committee. In October, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee to send comrades in the Northeast to Dalian City Party Secretary, composed of the Dalian Municipal Committee, and the establishment of the Dalian Municipal Government.

In 1946 July, changed to brigade. From 1949 to 1956, basically completed the socialist transformation; from 1957 to 1966 began full-scale construction of socialism; from 1966 to 1976 experienced the "Cultural Revolution"; after 1976 into the socialist modernization drive in the new period; in 1984, The State Council approved Dalian as an open coastal city; in 1985, Dalian City, the State Council was designated as a separate city, enjoy the provincial economic management authority.

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