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Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Guangzhou,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

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Guangzhou Gay Men Massage Boy Picture


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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Guangzhou Weisheng Dengfeng Hotel Picture
Guangzhou Weisheng Dengfeng Hotel Map Picture

Weisheng Dengfeng Hotel

5.0 Gay Men Massage Guangzhou Weisheng Dengfeng Hotel Picture

5-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Guangzhou Weisheng Dengfeng Hotel Picture
Guangzhou Weisheng Dengfeng Hotel Picture

Address: 8 Xingsheng Rd, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi,

Guangdong, China, 510620

Phone: +86 20 3805 1019

Hotel details

Guangzhou Weixi Dengfeng International Hotel Apartment is located in Guangzhou high-end CBD Pearl River New Town Huifeng International Apartment Building, from the Liede Metro D only 100 meters away from the export, transportation is very convenient.

The apartment is equipped with luxurious, standard apartment-style rooms, suites, rooms with exquisite decoration, air conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, kettle, gas stove, free wireless Internet access, etc.

The hotel is located at 7-41th Floor, Building A, Huifeng International Apartment. The reception is located on the 1st floor of Building A, Huifeng International Apartment. The check-in is very convenient.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Guangzhou,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Guangzhou coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

A female masseur confession

1,I am a young girl.

Yesterday night, I packed my night. You do not misunderstand, I was not stinky man pack night, I mean, I pack a night in the Internet cafes. Really cheap, only eight dollars, from the night 12:00 to 8 am, a full eight hours, count up for an hour before a dollar. If in our shop, an hour I can serve three guests, and less can earn a hundred pieces.

I am very boring recently, on the night shift, from four in the afternoon to twelve o'clock at night, the next class can not sleep, went to the Internet. You do not say, I made a lot of friends online, they have to and I video, that I am beautiful. I know that I am beautiful, but, looks beautiful is my fault? They want my cell phone number, said to come to see me. I did not give, I do not believe the man online Now the newspaper, television, every day in the report, friends meet people were robbed friends, rape friends, strange scary. I really want to scold this man stupid, this year, you also rape what? Really foolish! Spend two or three hundred, some Miss around you turn.

I am not high culture, do not think I wordy, want to hear my story, be patient, I will be the original book to you to listen to. I went to work, in filling the personal resume, in the education column, I fill the "college". Although my high school did not admitted, only to read the technical school, but now the university professors have copied the papers, that fake diploma is overwhelming, so I face to the paste, but also forced, who let people welcome a welcome Miss But also undergraduate graduation? No education can not mix ah. Now, there are false flowers, there are false money, feelings are false, and immediately people have fake, and I heard that can be cloned and you exactly the same person, it can be funny, who is the body? Who is a replica? How can it be clear?-guangzhou gay men massage

Do you ask me why write this diary? I will not answer for a moment. Maybe, just whim, right? Wrote, also wrote, do not want to give up halfway, since the opening, I will continue. I have self-knowledge, I am a massage girl, not a writer, I will not rely on this diary famous, but also can not send money. I am still tired to write diaries, but I am willing. People sometimes do things, is always a thought between, no reason, the woman is so. Please believe that I am not five minutes warm, I will earnestly write this diary, for me, for alan, for many of the sisters.

My man is straight, what to say, will not bush, all my personal experience, will try to write it out, authentic, without modification. Originally, I am also a honest part of the girl, but today I was "Chongrubujing", especially for men's lies, there is a strong immunity. If the man does not bother, unless the cat does not eat fishy. The world thing is not clear, you are a millionaire today, tomorrow may be a pauper of the unknown; you still a yellow girl today, tomorrow may become a residual flower Liu Liu. My experience is the best proof!-guangzhou gay men massage therapist.

I would like to introduce myself first, so that you can not meet each other. I called a small static, 22 years old, do not look at me young, my "age" has been three years friends. My name is rare, is coming and going, there is no family name on it. My home in Chongqing, half of the Castle Peak half of the city, to the students string a door, to go high and low to go a lot of mountain road. Every day in the mountain road to walk, so we are very good body of Chongqing sister, especially the slender legs, unlike the Jiangnan woman as fragile, let the men do not keep away. I was said to be "beauty", although the "beauty" is worthless, but I am still very happy. My parents look ordinary, but I grew up being complacent, may be negative is right? Mediocre parents raise a beautiful me.

Chongqing hot pot you see it? Spicy and hot! You are not afraid, I like the pot so warm, but not so hot, I have not that sharp red pepper, and I now is the kind of spicy with sweet pepper. The so-called Romans, to the south, my character has changed a lot. I have come out for three years, three years through the road, experienced things, often as the film, flash in my mind. My body and soul, has been a bit numb, and I want to return to the past pure, but the past days, has been like the tear of the calendar, like the wind drift away. I can only go forward, one day is one day, in the contemptuous eyes of others, happy to live.-guangzhou men massage

I was originally to Zhejiang Nanxun, my fellow Wu Yumei came a few years ago, I heard earn a lot of money, every year to send money at home are tens of thousands, we can not take a few years a few money Folks, envy of the incredible, my parents encouraged me to come to her, told her to take me together to make a fortune. I was only 19 years old, just out of school, do not understand the outside world of flowers. Beautiful town of Nanxun, my first turning point in life took place here, here changed my fate. I came here soon, it lost the girl the most precious things. Is here, my first love since childhood, silent died. My tears, once damped here stone bridge; my figure, also pursued in the long old street; my massage career, that is, starting from here, girlhood that pure dream, has long disappeared without a shadowless Gone!

Later, I left Nanxun, came to the hundred miles away in Suzhou, in the north of a shop to work, the name of the store called "Begonia spring foot bath room", the boss is a local, very background that kind of shop Where the sisters are afraid of him, but I am not afraid, "there is no sister, own sister", big deal to continue to my life. My brother called the dragons, working in an electronics factory in Guangdong, the work is very hard, every day to work overtime, the boss is a Taiwanese, very stingy, the workers exhausted, wages are few. My brother is a junior high school graduation, hard to find work, he was afraid to leave the factory, will face unemployment, to swallow left, dry is five years, five years, brother returned home twice. Parents grow old year after year, we have grown up, and later on their own efforts. Dad said: "The child is like a bird, wings hard, fly on their own!"-guangzhou body massage gay

Everyone knows that the reality is a bit "laughing poor do not laugh prostitutes". What can not be sick, nothing can not be no money, this is the young man's wisdom! I said the disease, not a cold and the like a minor illness, for those of us girls, the most afraid of the kind of dirty, if not careful in the standard, then miserable, the boss immediately after the expulsion, we will Lost this job is not easy, very fast money. "Do not laugh at me, I am telling the truth, we are young and beautiful, but dry, after all, is to serve the people of the work of the people, The In our body, the same pressure on the "three mountains": on the boss exploitation, in the foreman commission, under the customer make things difficult! Do we make some money? Moreover, we massage women in the eyes of people, is not clean, and that is the kind of pornography Miss goods! In fact, good people bad is not absolute, even if it is a pool of mud, but also grow a few strains of lotus to it!

When an excellent massage girl, it is necessary to rely on the face, but also rely on craft, but also rely on flowers. Face is a natural resource, we are reasonable to use on the line; craft Well, both with the master and peer school, but also rely on their own carefully try to figure out and accumulate experience; flowers Well, of course, is the customer greetings, play some means. In principle, we are "selling art does not sell", but the rules and regulations are manned, naturally alive and alive. If the customer backing a lot, the boss can not stop, will call the massage lady came to the entertainment; if you encounter their own tempted man, we are willing to selfless dedication. But a good man is relatively rare, because to massage, mostly bad intentions to find exciting, which will be what the sea beads? Good man will not come here! There is the kind of big deal with the big boss, and some sisters covet money, or a little tight on hand, will consider the generous dedication, took the opportunity to catch a pen!-guangzhou gay massage

Massage industry is a fish head of the place, the rules do massage is absolutely a minority, most of the pornographic service is the edge of the ball, and some simply is "hanging sheep head, selling dog meat", openly do that color trade. Massage women rely on their own hard work, in a certain range, with a certain degree of visibility, business will be getting better and better. Men patronize the sauna city, for the massage from the less, mostly ill intent. Whenever you see the customer door, the bottom of my heart will say: "Come to the money." Because they are to please you, will not begrudge to spend money on you, and some will open the high price requirements to nurture you. Men are really strange animals, if his wife derailed, give them a green hat, they will be intolerable, say nothing swallow this tone, can be in the entertainment, knowing that the red purple lady, was a lot of men played, but He is not ashamed, anti-proud!-guangzhou male body oil gay massage

We are not singing stars, they have a mouth, there are more than ten thousand "after-tax income"; we are not shameless lady, their belt a loose, there will be someone obediently stuffed money; we are not good women, not considerate Our husband is the cash machine; we are just a low degree of massage women, we do not want to pretend to be high, there is no lofty cause of mind, but to eat a brave man massage, so that they relax, let them happy, we have income. We are with their own hands to eat, occasionally point small, earn extra money, it is also to improve life. For a while, this heterosexual massage was stopped, we can only migrate like a migratory bird, looking for a place to survive, but soon loose, and we came from everywhere.

Many former practitioners, artists, writers, police and many other practitioners, in front of the solemnly to add the "people" word, including those who are officials, but also called "people public servants", maybe that time, The idea of ??"serving the people" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now that the situation is different, many people have forgotten the people. They have become more and more attached to them. They do not put the working people in their eyes. They think that they are born to be superior. In fact, they are forgotten! We massage the girl no longer like words, and then do not denim, at least we dare to dare, both for the people, but also blush to say that we also serve the yuan!-guangzhou gay massage boy

You want to ask our foot bath business is good? of course! Before the "shampoo room", now the "foot bath shop", thousands of purple red open times. A lot of people say that is a change of medicine, anyway, I also when my massage female, no matter what soup? "Thousands of miles trip, beginning with a single step", it is said that the foot bath is conducive to health care, I heard that Korea has long been popular, and that foot acupuncture points, associated with a person's internal organs, soaked with herbal water, or with your fingers Its law to massage, can play a relief, refreshing and self-cultivation effect. I learned not enough fine, three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the champion, the future to learn more places also.-guangzhou gay massage

Do you ask me to live well? Thank you for your concern first! Care of your Hongfu, I was very good! I am now much better attitude, you are scold me shameless, I will not care about you, what I do, I know, do not dry mouth to explain to you what. I'm dirty than some people, but I'm cleaner than some people! A return to life, two times cooked, if you believe me, if you can afford me, if you put me as a friend, then I will remember your kindness! By the way tell you that if you know how to respect us, then we will be better for you; if you despise us, then you are in our eyes but a bunch of shit! If you read my diary, do not forget to have a drink for me. Women like to listen to compliments, this is the nature, but also weakness?-guangzhou gay men massage

Today is the night shift, we rotate once a week. I have no time to go online. From the Internet cafes come back, I thought chaos, can not sleep, on the graffiti of these, I do not know you love do not love to see? I will insist on writing, from tomorrow onwards, I will write my three years of experience, including bitter, tears, there is joy, but also the truth and the truth and play ... ... you have to be determined, please continue to pay attention! Tomorrow my night shift, you have to be free, you can go to "Begonia spring foot bath room" to our side of the massage, while chatting.

2, strayed into the red light district

Did not rest good at night, work at night, I am a bit listless. Now generally no one control me, I was in the status of Begonia spring, although not a foreman, but the foreman, but also respect for me. Wu Fang and I work together, she is in the massage two, than I am free, can be introduced with the guests. We came out from the home of a few small sisters, Wu Fang's sister is out of the earliest, I went to Nanxun just massage, she has sent to the home over ten thousand dollars. More than ten million, in our home has not seen the eyes of the world, is undoubtedly a staggering huge sums of money! Wu sister around me six months later, Wu Fang came from Guangdong, Wu sister also sister for the first time, sold five thousand pieces. What we do outside, the family is not known. Usually deceive the family said, we work in the factory, living very well, please feel at ease.-guangzhou gay men massage therapist.

To write this diary, it will flip the dusty memory, because some experience painful, I try to calm myself down, to avoid too excited, and upset my thoughts. Although I read the technical school, in fact, put it bluntly, is a diploma, actually did not learn anything, but I like the language in the school, my essay has been the teacher's praise. I believe that what to do, as long as the investment, stick to it, you can win the victory. I would like to take a little first leisure, the past experience of reason, to live in the form of broadcast, record my real massage career.

One day in July 2003, I took the train to Hangzhou. I know the West Lake on the side, but how can the mind to visit? Who only 300 yuan, did not find a job before, more with a point, I pocket a little less. The train station square there are a lot of girls and I almost age, but also during the day, they are dead Pei Lai face to solicit their stay, I think they are not good ambition, how can beg for others? People are dignified, you lose your dignity, live too worth it! After half a month, when I was penniless, I found my idea is how naive! When you do not have a penny, even the most basic meal problems can not solve the case, as long as someone is willing to give you money, then let you do anything ah! Tree live a skin, people live a face, face is very important, but what is more important than life than life?-guangzhou men massage

I am a pretty girl, the first time out of the door, afraid of encounter bad guys, so I dare not live to those who pull the black shop, not dare on those who shouted on the road black car. I carry luggage, found the bus station, take the bus bound for Nanxun. Arrived at Nanxun time, is four o'clock in the afternoon, Wu Yumei to the station to pick me up. I saw her wearing a very exposed, wearing a harness with a harness, almost transparent, inside the dark bra faintly discernible, that bra looks like a trumpet, full of breasts ready to come out. The shorts are so short, half of the waist in the outside, the waist of the skin may be the sun to the sun, showing rusty, far less than my skin white. Her belly button is also a bit swaggering, even on the pattern of a flower. Her hair dyed brown, wiping scarlet lipstick, also painted eye shadow, eyes a bit sly, early when the home when the share of clear.

I cried timidly: "Wu sister, you really beautiful!" In fact, I do not like her dress, but my work depends on her, I also know how to say a few words. Wu Yumei five years older than me, after graduating from junior high school did not study, directly out of work. Before me, she also brought a few sisters out of his hometown, it is said to have made a lot of money. My parents went to beg for her parents, called Wu Yumei to help me introduce a job, take me. Wu Yumei in the phone mouthful of promised, so I came home to find her.

Wu Jie stare at me, smiled and said: "I am so embarrassed to laugh." Wu Ji said enthusiastically: "I have to say," I am low, where to find a good job? This time, please Wu Sister more help. "Wu Jie said:" I am going to work at five o'clock, and today you have no time to chatter, and later our sister together for a long time, as long as you do well, some money! Take you to my place-guangzhou body massage gay.

I followed behind Wu Jie, walking in the streets of Nanxun town, in an alley, Wu sister stopped in front of a courtyard, took out the key opened the door, I went along with. This is an old house, a yard, a well, a grape frame has been covered with a string of green jade like grapes, there are three black brick and white walls of the cottage. Wu Jie led me into the house, said to me: "This is one of my living outside, you live inside that bar, and you live together, there is a girl, she called the red, is Sichuan Leshan come, she will come back to sleep at night there is a toilet, but did not take a bath bathroom, and now the weather is hot, you have to take a bath, go to the yard of the altar to wash, if you want to eat, I am going to work, and today will not accompany you, Well, this is the key to your room, I am ready, you ride tired, first take a break it. "I am grateful to say:" Thank you Wu Jie! I know. "

I put my luggage on the floor, took out the clothes for washing, towels, toothpaste and the like, and put the luggage bag under the bed. I looked at the room, a little dark, I also smell a strange smell, a bit like the smell of socks, it seems also mixed with a kind of unspeakable smell. I looked at the line of sight a bit, and sure enough in the corner found a bulging paw bag, in the past to open a look inside filled with clothes that have not been washed. I think, these dirty clothes, I'll help her wash it, I first arrived, after her companion, need to take care of each other, and now almost dusk, the night wash no place to dry, or wash it tomorrow.-guangzhou gay massage

All the way to the car, I feel a little tired From home thousands of miles, here is my future shelter. I took a towel, soap and washbasin, and wanted to scrub it. So I put the cool well water filled half washbasin, want to undress, only to find that this is in the yard, the sunset afterglow, according to the walls of the red, the courtyard of the wooden doors, A finger. I am afraid of the people outside the door, will be tempted to the inside of me, turned back, off dirty trousers and shirts, simply scrub a bit, flew also ran into the house, closed the door. I changed my lingerie inside, put the clothes on the side, want to wait tomorrow and Xiaohong clothes wash. Although I feel a little hungry, but I do not want to eat, I would like to sleep first to sleep. Maybe I was too sleepy, fell on the pillow, while effort, I went to sleep.-guangzhou male body oil gay massage

I do not know when, I woke up, may be hungry, right? I feel the stomach in the cuckoo to call. Opened his eyes, stretched a lazy waist, surprised to find a person lying around, she was like a shrimp bent body, bare yo body, almost naked, a closer look, only to find her lower body wearing a briefs , That cloth is not narrow a narrow cloth. She is too economical, how do not buy a little loose underwear? I think she is Wu Jie said red? There is no alarm clock, I do not have a cell phone, do not know what time now? I have to find something to eat. From home to the present, just get off in Hangzhou, eat a bowl of noodles. Sitting on the train for more than a day, stunned reluctant to buy food, because the car things expensive, on that "to a bucket" of instant noodles, to sell five dollars, black ah, to buy a small shop in his hometown, Not three dollars?

I was careful to bed, afraid to wake her. I pulled out the luggage bag, from the inside to take the left half of the bag of biscuits, just eat a piece of it can not stand, feeling his mouth too dry, chew a biscuit until the pharynx, how much water to waste me? I crept to open the door, think of the outside to drink well water. When I passed Wu Jie's door, heard from the inside came a strange sound, and Wu sister seems very happy shouting. I had not experienced men and women, but I have a sense of premonition, guess and may be related to that, which kind of clapping the same voice, filled with temptation, so that my heart is also accelerated. 19 years old, I also understand everything is not understand. I am engaged in the career of Wu Jie, both curiosity, but also a little doubt.-guangzhou gay massage boy

That house is very interesting, the roof actually opened a skylight, the moonlight is very bright night, according to the room is also very bright. I like a thief, gently opened the door of the main room, to the yard hanging half a barrel of well water, Gusong Gudong drink a full. Cold well water irrigation down, I suddenly feel refreshed, a little tired of no, just a little hot feeling calm down again. When I came back to the house, deliberately erected ears, would like to listen to Wu Jie house issued by the symphony, which can have stopped playing, only vague voice of voice, do not know what they say. When I was lying back on the bed, I could not sleep again and could only wait for the dawn.

The next morning, when the little red woke up, I found that she is a very beautiful girl, age and I almost, and later know that she is older than me, and Wu sister together in the nightclub to work, where a red dance woman The When she saw me, she looked calm and did not ask me. In the conversation, I know, she called Xu Xiaohong, a year ago, when the house is still living with a girl, and later, the girl met at work to meet a boy, two people in love, she told people Gone, there is only a small red left to live. Now I have come, she has a bed of the same sister. Little red is very friendly to me, maybe she is a little lonely, I live with her, she was very happy.-guangzhou gay massage

I still think of the sound of the night to hear, want to find out what side of Wu Jie is what work? I said to the red: "I was Wu sister's fellow, new, I called a small quiet." Little red nodded and said: "I heard Wu Jie mentioned, and later, you sleep with me Zhang bed is good, anyway, I do not take the guests home. "I did not fully understand her meaning, I said:" You work with Wu sister to work, how good? Said: "What is good? What is bad? We are now on their own to eat, as long as the release is open, the money will be more!

Wu sister came to see me, her side still stood a man, forty years old, do not know is not the night sleep Wu sister room that? Wu Jie said with a smile: "Xiao Jing, this is the Sun boss, he drove a large shop, you go with him today to see if the line, today you can work, if not, you come back, Wu "I did not expect Wu Jie to help me so fast to work, I am very happy, quickly said:" Yes, I will see if I will do, if done, I was in the "The boss laughed:" The problem is not you will not do, but you want to do? "Wu Jie said:" You can rest assured that there is nothing to understand, you can ask a little red, but also Can ask me, we are fellow, I will help you.-guangzhou gay men massage

I went to the boss with the Sun, he took me to the town outside the commercial street, in a luxurious decoration of the "sea paradise sauna city" at the door, he said to me: "is here, this is our Huzhou largest sauna center , As long as you are willing to do, to ensure that your future is bright! "I puzzled to go with him, in the lobby, he said to a lady:" Xiaoqin, you lead her to see "I think Wu sister is really a face, know the boss must be a lot, where to know her name, it seems that she really mixed out of the past few years, I am right Wu sister secretly gave birth to a little envy and admiration.

Xiaoqin led me, visited the sauna on the third floor of the city, while also explained to me, said it was steamed sauna, which is the massage room, which is the service hall, which is the rest hall, which is the VIP box, This is the ordinary box ... ... Xiaoqin said: "morning business is small, the afternoon customers will come together, the business is the most prosperous night, there are holidays, we have to do it here is very good, treatment Ye Hao, there are tips, If you come to work, let me do? "Xiaoqin laughed:" This is your own decision, we are here, and I am going to work here, I will not regret it. The division of labor is very small, the waiter divided into several grades, their services are very different, the income is also very different from us here, there are several are introduced to Wu Jie, they work very well, with the lady's own Conditions, I believe will not be inferior to them.-guangzhou gay men massage therapist.

If you have a job, then I can make money. I said: "When did I start to work?" Xiaoqin said: "If you are willing to go here to work, and this shop to sign an agreement, wait a minute to go to the manager room to do the formalities. You can come to work. "I said:" I can not do anything, is not to practice and training to posts? "Xiaoqin laughed:" Our work here is not complicated, do not need to undergo a special training The foreman will arrange what you do, as for the performance, it depends on your own accumulation. "I am grateful to say:" Thank you! I want to work today.

3, work unexpectedly

I cherish and grateful to Wu Jie, the same daughter, she knows how much more than I do? I know, it is difficult to find a job now, but Wu Jie easy to help me to implement, I was so happy. When I went back to Wu Jie, she was still sleeping. At noon she woke up, I told her, I want to go to the sea paradise sauna city to work, Wu sister nodded and said: "If you want to earn more money, on the night shift, nighttime guests more than the day, and you "I said," I will work well. "Wu Jie laughed:" As long as you are willing to let go of hands and feet, there is no bad money. "-guangzhou men massage

4:30 pm, I came to the sea paradise sauna city, Xiaoqin took me to the manager room signed an agreement, I did not look to sign the name. When I came to the second floor, Xiaoqin shouted: "Alan, come here!" I saw from the locker room, came out a sweet girl, she came to us, looked at me and asked: "What "Xiaoqin said:" This is A static, new, later just like you. "Xiaoqin about to see me a bit puzzled, explained:" We are here in the waiter, have a public name, You try not to tell yourself the true identity of the guests, so as not to trouble. "Alan laughed:" Yes, the piano sister said yes, we all greet the guests, come, change clothes with me. To Alan so young, when the foreman, really impressive.

I am in the locker room, put on the work clothes here. Upper body is a short sleeve, lower body is a short skirt, sky blue, wearing a very comfortable. Alan said to me: "Ah Jing, today you do not have formal posts, first look, familiar with the environment, to see how other sisters do, but you remember that those who closed the door of the box, you do not go without authorization, Disturb the guests will be severely punished. "I think this point I understand, people in the bath in the massage, I go in what? I am now nothing, first look at how other sisters do it?-guangzhou body massage gay

I was arranged on the second floor of the men and women, I found that here are mostly men over the age of 30. I have seen the service price of the front desk, here in addition to providing a bath, as well as pedicure, copy back, massage, leisure and other services. Come here to the men, as if frequent, they will be through the internal call system, to the front desk to whom the service, was ordered to the name of the waiter, will be happy to enter the box or VIP room service. Night business really booming, I lifted the corner of the curtains, see downstairs filled with a car. We wait for the female waitress, much effort was all called the guests. Alan did not specifically tell me, what should I do? Those services, I will not, see the people out, I stood in the corner of the lobby, almost become redundant people.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Alan came to call me: "Ah Jing, you come to help." I hesitated to follow the past, walked into the innermost box, see inside the four men sitting, they are wearing bathrobes, Laughing. Alan said: "You take care of here, and now the waiter is short, waiting for me to arrange people over." I promised a cry, standing in the box and stood upright. That a few men's eyes, Qi staring at me, see I am uncomfortable. A man said: "Health face wow, you are new to it?" Another man said: "Guan She's new old, came to serve our brother." There is a said: "Hey, Are you standing there? Come over and pour tea!-guangzhou gay massage

I said in the past to give them tea, when I sat in the corner of the sofa who poured tea, he said: "pour the tea not too full, half a cup on the line, too full will overflow the water, hot guests You want to be scolded. "I listened to grateful to him smiled. That man sitting in the first, ill-intentioned to say: "brother, there is a water overflow to wow, the water is better than dry bar!" The man in front of me said: "fourth, gentle , Use the United States and Canada net toothpaste brush your teeth! "I almost Puchi laughing out.

The man who was sitting on the window was the youngest, probably twenty-five or six years old, but was not honest, and I gave him a good tea and turned around and did not mention that he had reached out on my ass. Ass is very sensitive, when I screamed a cry, almost did not put down the teapot to sell off! I looked back at him, and several other men laughed. The young man said: "Do not leave the pure, come here to work, which is not experienced?" I do not understand what he said, "Battle" What is the meaning? Is now peace and prosperity, who will be a battle?-guangzhou male body oil gay massage

One of the men said: "This lady looks good punctuality! You see her thighs, and so close, I did not see the words, is definitely a novice!" That was called the fourth man said: "Hello, You will not massage? "I shook my head and said:" I will not, I just came to work. "That the fourth child said:" buddy, I did not wrong?

She has not been internship! "That young Said: "Do not massage does not matter, come to the big brother knock on the back, you can not say no?" Although I heard Xiaoqin said, sauna city what services, with a little psychological preparation, but did not expect to work The first day, it is necessary to knock on a man, I am a little reluctant. I said: "I'm sorry, today is my first day to work, I really do not." That the fourth said: "That is the most simple, give us every point of smoke, can you?

I took the bag on the coffee table has been opened three or five cigarettes, the cigarettes out, and handed the one sitting outside, but he did not take, Nunu mouth, motioned me to put the cigarettes His mouth.

I do as he meant, wanted to give the second man to smoke, do not want the first man cried: "Give me the ignition! Call me raw ah?" I took the lighter, snapped him , He sucked, and smoked a cigarette on my face. I held my breath and waved a few hands to disperse the smoke.-guangzhou gay massage boy

The second is that is called the youngest, I know he is not a good thing, he was in the mouth of a cigarette, told me to give him the ignition, my lighter hit twice, but did not name.

The old four said: "Come, I help you play it." Then put the body to me, one hand touched my hand, my heart a nervous, but heard the snapping, the hands of the lighter, Sprang out of a blue flame, just listen to the fourth "ah" soon as screaming! I know badly, see the fourth hand touched a face, sitting next to his man screamed: "Fourth, your eyebrows burned half! Haha, ugly dead!"

I am a little panic, quickly said: "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was not interested!" That old rage, shouting: "Well you a little girl, you do not mind and I Zheng old four can not make it? He heard the sound of Cui Xiang, my face solid endure him a slap in the face, suddenly felt the pain of burning!-guangzhou gay massage

Which I have been so aggrieved? My parents never played me, he did not blind eyes of a man, why come to hit me? I hold back tears, wronged to say: "not you told me to give you smoke it? Not you to touch my hand, not your face to come over, will burn your eyebrows?" Zheng old four gas Shouting: "You are so hard? I touched your hand how? I touched the hundreds of thousands of women, who would dare to touch me a hair! Today you do not give me a confession, I Zheng old four is Will not spare you! "

That is sitting in the corner, they called the brother of the man, stood up and said: "old four, forget, she is not intentional." Zheng old four did not listen to persuade, continue to angrily said: "a yellow girl, today Dare to be in my old four head on the wild, not to be laughing off his buddha?

I am also how to mix in the future? "I fear to say:" I really sorry! I am not interested! "Such an accident, it is possible So that I just handed the work of the East, they might even stall compensation, and even affect the reputation of the sauna here, how can I do? I silence, the original argument is still a little courage, this time also gone.

Alan may have heard the noise in the box, she pushed the door in, the fourth called: "Alan, called you manager over my eyebrows were burned by this smelly girl! You see how to do it!" Alan looked at him Of the eyebrows, the left eye does have a handful of eyebrows were burned traces, then asked: "Big Brother, what happened?"-guangzhou gay men massage

The fourth cried: "You ask her! Tonight if you do not give a statement, see I do not put a fire in the sauna city! "The young man added oil and vinegar, said:" This chick is too outrageous! The fourth brother accidentally touched her hand, she boldly wrapped the day, with a lighter to the fourth brother's eyebrows burned How can we stay here? Let us take it back tonight, we come to repair her! "I was shocked, I told them never met, how can they be taken away? Are not that odd?

Alan complained to them: "I'm sorry, you big brother! She is new, do not understand the rules, please you more! I called her to deal with!" Zheng old four cried: "to deal with her with a bird My eyebrows? How to compensate? "Alan lost his smile and said:" This I can not do the Lord, please wait a moment, I went to call the manager! "Alan turned and left the box.

Zheng old four look fierce, rushed to me and said: "Now you have two ways to choose, one let me burn your eyebrows, the second is to go back with me tonight, I and your account between, Write down! Or else, you can afford it? "The young man echoed:" Is that, you lose it? An eyebrows lose 10,000! "The man called the brother to persuade:" The man does not follow You do not frighten the little girl, if we spread out, we have no face ah. "I am like a chicken, like a slaughtered lamb, at a loss what to do.-guangzhou gay men massage therapist.

For a while, the box came in a man, and Alan. Alan said: "This is our manager Tian Tian, Sun boss is not here, what is the problem, please reflect to Tianjing Li." Tianjing Li first give them each sent a cigarette, and personally point them, and then said: I am sorry! Tonight, I am on behalf of the sauna city to apologize!

This little girl is the boss brought himself in the Sun boss, please also look at the boss in the face of the boss, for her taller! As for the loss of the brothers, we Sauna and the city is willing to compensate, and later you to consumption, enjoy the VIP treatment, 20% discount, do not know what? "Zheng old four said:"

Well, the money for us is a small thing, you want to open up to guide her, This little bitch, make a good is a treasure, get good is the root thorn! "They four men, pat ass left. Zheng old four after my side, with my arms rub my chest look, color fans said: "Today you cheap, and next time you have to carry a little clear!" I sighed, just let me nervous Through, if they are entangled, I really do not know how to end?-guangzhou men massage

Tianjing Li came to reprimand: "You are a quiet it? How do you engage in the first day of work to give us trouble! If they are selling Sun boss's face, I am afraid you can not eat pocket, "I am going to be a waiter, not to serve people, they are so rude, I can not stand!" Tianjing Li said: "wrong!" I said, "I can not help you!" Come here to be a waiter, do not fake, service, is to let the guests happy, satisfied and return!

Only let the guests satisfied, the sauna city business will be good, your income will be high, understand? Alan said on the side: "Ah Jing, tonight really dangerous ah! Whether you have no reason to offend the customer, that is defective! The next time to pay attention." Tianjing Li told Alan said: "You care more care She, she is a good condition, and now the staff is not enough, you give pointers about her early posts.

The first day of work, because out of that matter, Alan as a foreman, and did not blame me, but let me ten o'clock on the get off work, and told me to raise the spirit of the official posts tomorrow. I am on the way back, more and more wrong, where the environment is too messy, I see some attendants and guests flirting, do not care, I do not want to destroy here innocence.

I faint that it is not a regular sauna bath, certainly there are other tricky. I would like to give up the job, do not want to stay in this place to make money, think of the factory to work, as long as a few hundred dollars a month income, I will contentment.-guangzhou body massage gay

Back to Wu Jie residence, Wu sister not get off work, red in watching TV, that old black and white TV, the image is quite clear. Xiaohong saw me and said: "So early get off work?" I said: "I really do not want to go there to work." Little red surprised a moment, asked: "Why? Where is not the business is booming?"

I Said: "I do not do anything, there seems to be a little chaos." Little red glanced at me, said: "Who will be born to To say chaos, where good, no one to check your heart too "I said:" I think there is no ability to learn, it is better to enter the factory.

"Little red eat a smile, said:" You do not talk nonsense, the factory in the factory, Work is the most unpromising, tired, not free, wages are pitiful, not enough to buy cosmetics.You do not half-hearted, and I advise you to do it, do not tell you, do it, inside the Learn more!"

4, the woman's capital

Night I did not fall asleep, want to wait for Wu sister back, and she said, I do not intend to go to the sauna town to work. Because it is Wu Jie to help me, it is necessary to seek her advice, or else it is not good for her to explain.-guangzhou gay men massage

About early morning, Wu sister came back to see her very tired look, I did not want to say, but still could not help. I came into the room when she came out from the room, at her door cried: "Wu sister." Wu sister looked back at me and said: "Oh, small quiet, how do not sleep? "I said:" Wu Jie, I have something to say to you. "Wu Jie said:" Then you come in, sit for a while, I wash it. "

Wu Jie in front of my face, take off his clothes to scrub the body. I see her breast is full, the skin is not white, body care very well, but the face in the wash after the lead, the lack of a youthful luster, a little sadly.

I said: "Wu Jie, you are so beautiful." Wu Jie laughed: "You do not flatter me, my muscles are loose, boring, like you so beautiful young, only to like men like ah." I A little hesitant to say: "Wu sister, I, I do not want to go there to work.

Wu Jie surprised a moment, said: "What do you say?" I am afraid she was angry, said: "I do not want anything, that there is not appropriate." Wu sister to understand, she put on black pants, I said: "Xiao Jing, you mean, you do not want to go there to work, is it?" I nodded. Wu Jie asked: "Why?" I said: "I always feel that there is not formal, guests are also fierce."-guangzhou gay men massage therapist.

Wu Jie said: "No, where the working environment and treatment, Nanxun here is the number of. "I said:" I can not say why, I do not like there, I want to enter the factory. "Wu sister looked at me in a bit surprised, said:" You come out to me, just want to enter the factory? Do you think that it is easy to go to the factory? Do you think that the factory that money, let you go ahead? "I bite the bullet and said:" can not trouble Wu sister, give them where to say, I do not want to go Went to work. "

Little red to advise me: "face important, but the money is more important! You go to Wu Jie talk, also go back to work." I and the little red know ten days, the initial understanding of her work, she and Wu sister In a nightclub to work, Wu Jie is the eldest of those who head, red before the massage room was done, because the feeling of massage live hard, just like Wu Jie in the nightclub when the dancers, that is commonly known as "Miss Taiwan", accompanied Guests dancing, drinking, and sometimes introduced. Xiaohong said, Miss Sauna City, there is only massage, do not take other services, but most of the voluntary to earn extra money, because the money to do that fast. I understand that little red that is what, but I was a virgin, I do not want to lose that kind of my virginity, I understand them, but I do not want to take that step. I think, I can simply do massage, even earn less points.-guangzhou gay men massage

I thought good, back to the sauna city to work, therefore, specifically to the red to inquire about the situation. Little red without reservation, told her to tell me. She said: "There are many kinds of massage, common, is the Chinese health massage and Thai pine bone massage, as the push oil, chest push and other items, a bit pornographic projects, in fact, in the massage room, really know the regular massage skills , Almost no, mostly to men kneading, no matter what method you use, as long as amused a man happy to be done, we women, earn is not a man's money? "Think I will follow their future , Embarked on such a road, both heart unwilling and helpless.

I wait for Wu Jie came back, cheeky said to her: "Wu sister, I thought, or go back there to work, trouble you to help me say to them, okay?" Wu Jie mouthful of promised, smiled and said: Finally, the resurrection of the woman Well, it should be aware of the situation, occupy a favorable terrain, taking advantage of the young capital, a good fishing! "I pretend to nod and said:" Yes ah, Wu Jie right! I want to learn a good massage , And earn more money. "Wu Jie said with a smile:" small quiet, the middle of the night you sleep me here, we swing the Dragon Gate array, what questions, although you told me, I will treat you as a sister "I said," Okay, I'd like to ask you about it."-guangzhou men massage

Wu Jie may be accustomed to the nightlife, her high mood at night. I was lying with her, the electric fan shook his head, tirelessly blowing the wind, I feel that the wind a little warm, little feel cool, but not fan more hot, the mosquito will bite the skin from the rash.

Wu sister about a bit hungry, she was from the bedside drawer, took out a packet of sausage, handed me two, said: "eat." See Wu sister to the big sausage into his mouth, relish Look, I'm a bit disgusting. I think of reading in the technical school, once in a classmate home, secretly read a A film, met the woman with the mouth to play that ugly scene, this time to see Wu sister to eat sausage look, really like, What are the appetites to eat?

Wu sister heart to the heart of the said to me: "now life, ah, can not be too honest, the more honest and more vulnerable. Like you look so beautiful, not good at using the advantages of resources, is really too wasteful! Our women's youth is very short , Men like us what? Is not the beautiful face, as well as the young body? Just willing to put down the shelf, what money can not earn? "I have to admit, Wu sister will do ideological work, she tonight I said something, really gave me a lot of concerns, for my future mixed entertainment places, laid the necessary psychological basis.

Perhaps, my bones itself hidden uneasiness, so, it is easy to accept Wu Jie's earnest teachings. Yes, the roots easy to old, Shaohua perishable, if we do not develop the use of, such as the unknown flowers, opened a thanked, no one knows, no meaning.-guangzhou gay boy massage

Wu Jie said: "I do not know the little red and you have not talked about? In fact, put it right, what is the massage female, in fact, that is, Miss Sanjie, massage is just a pretext of people. Surprised, do not be nervous, you listen to me, you will understand that the real value of our women where? "I said:" We are the value of women? I do not understand. "Wu sister does not seem to sleep, We are the truth, in addition to beautiful is not beautiful is a difference, education is also one aspect, if you tell the truth, that you are a junior high school students, then you are long Like the United States, in the circle is also inseparable, you have to lie to them that you are college students, anyway, no one to verify. Junior high school students, and college students is not a little bit, and this and a taxi, starting price Different, and your posture is good, looks good, plus education is good, of course, the influx of high prices.

Listen to Wu Jie said the head and the way, I am both curious, and a little uneasy. I am afraid of a step into the circle, there is no way back. Wu Jie is still enlighten me, said: "We have a jingle, that is, the magic of entry, is to let look, two to make touch, three to make." The first step, you have to deliberately wear a little exposed, so that those fans of the fans feel fun, for you, that there is no loss, what can not it? After watching this off, that is, let touch, Men to massage, the real massage to relax is a very small number, most of them are looking for fun, you have to try to make them satisfied, generous to make them touched, that is, touch to touch, you have few things, There is nothing willing to do? Your business will be getting better and better, the money is also easy to earn; then enter the play, as long as someone willing to pay the money to make you satisfied, you and their play, That a lot of money to fly to you! "I finally understand that the original Wu sister to the home to send more than ten thousand dollars, was actually so come!-guangzhou gay men boy massage

Wu Jie also said: "As long as you officially do this line, you will enjoy the taste of being loved by men. Those smelly men to please you, and you go shopping, you will take the initiative to buy fashion and jewelry, waiting for a while After the cold, you sell those jewels, replaced by cash, then there will be a man hook, you will have a lot of extra money.There is a trick, that is, when you catch a rich man, to lie to him, A few days is your birthday, they will give you buy a valuable birthday gift.For another man, you can follow suit, casually compiled a date that is their own birthday.Man spend money on entertainment, there is a feature, That is, he may not want to add a piece of furniture to his family, do not want to buy his wife a dress, but for a good woman, but often shot generous, and sometimes they will play swollen face fat, men than we women More to face. "I from Wu Jie's words, hear the words outside the string: that is, in order to make money, do not take into account the face! But can i do it? Can I not be morally, do not be ashamed, and sell everything for money?

I am a bit dumbfounded, the original money can be so simple? Then how do I get to work on the first day of bad luck, was the guests playing the palm Wu Jie comfort me said: "small quiet, Wu Jie know you are smart, you will understand how to do, I know you are still a yellow girl, then start to see and touch start, and so have a chance, Wu sister Give you a good price! "Do Wu sister want to sell me? How can she say that I should sell me a good price? I was puzzled, Wu Jie laughed: "Do not worry, I will not sell your people, I mean, you put your first night, sold to the rich boss, that you You can catch a pen! "Ah? Women can even sell this? I was so surprised! Wu Jie casually said: "What do you do outside, the family who knows it? After a few years you go back, is not still the wind and light?

5, the first time to do massage

There is a saying: "listen to the king of a speech, read ten years of the book," Wu sister on my long-term lying on the meeting, is to give me this feeling, I seem to get lost when the road signs, I can almost feel the future The bright future calls me. People in the face of survival difficulties, but also how many sensible choice? Wu Jie said to me: "Xiao Jing, your physical condition how good! Face Jun, chest quite, skin white, eyes of the spirit, improper massage female, it is a pity." Wu Jie's words, virtually enhanced my confidence , I even had a kind of illusion: I was born when the massage female material, if I hesitate, that is stubborn! I was so excited and grateful! To have a long time, I was awakened, Wu sister to my brainwashing, is actually a misleading to me, but also a harm!-guangzhou handsome gay boy massage

I went to the sea paradise sauna town to work, although the horse does not eat back grass, but if there is no grass in front, back to the grass to eat, is not it? Xiaoqin and Alan they are still very polite to me, Tianjing Li warned me: "The next time you leave without permission, to a fine of 10,000 yuan! Listen to understand it?" I Wei Wei Well promised and said: "I think, since the fight here to work here, I will be good to do, who do not want to earn more money ah?" I do not know how to do it?

Followed by Alan into the locker room, she gave me a key, pointing to a cabinet, said: "This wardrobe after you used." I changed the uniforms, Alan said with a smile: "Today you have a formal post , Do not be nervous, to learn to adapt, the guests need any service, you try to meet them, do not have a dispute, you do not understand and not where you can recommend other guests to the project, do not tell them that you No, usually you can learn the point to the sisters.

There are you bra, when wearing uniforms, try to take it down, you do not wear bra, look more sexy. "I nodded, did not think, since Came, not afraid of the. As Wu Jie said, let them look ah touch, want to open nothing, that is, the last line of defense I have to keep, I do not want to easily lost.

Alan gave me a brief introduction to the second floor of the staff, as well as several basic services simple skills. What step on the back, knock back, push the oil, chest push and so on. Alan said: "Anyway, they come to play, take a shower is just an excuse, you just think of ways to make them happy on the line, do not have more scruples.

In addition, if they require special service, is to do with you, you must use sets Not only to avoid getting sick, but also to prevent pregnancy. "Although I write down, but still face hot heartbeat. What kind of push the oil, to hand and men so contact, but also to get them out, think about it very dirty; there is the chest push, use the breasts in the man who dawdle, it is not tired? It is easy to step on the back, but the charges are cheap. No wonder I heard that the waiter refused to do those foreplay, would rather step in place, directly and men that, but save trouble, charges are high, but I will not do that, I still safe point, step by step Come on.

The second floor is the place where men wash the sauna, responsible for the reception of all Miss, the second floor of the Miss, there are twenty, it seems quite competitive competition. Just the evening, the guests are not many, I have time and several idle waiter chat, met A Fang, Ayu, Ami, A spring and other sisters, know that they come from different provinces to Sichuan, Hunan and Anhui For more, there are also to the north, but no local girls. In the search for more than ten days, I Nanxun entertainment industry, with a preliminary understanding.

This is located in the junction of Jiangsu and Zhejiang town, entertainment service industry thriving, little better than the city. After the fall of the night, all over the streets of the shampoo shop, foot bath room and entertainment city, the lights blurred, which is wearing the exposed lady that ambiguous demeanor, as well as the men and sorrows into the sermons, it is not difficult to imagine, How many ugly hidden behind it? I stand here today, is not already and those ladies, as the price of goods to sell, or "I take youth bet tomorrow," the kind of woman yet?

Alan may take care of me, after a while, she told me that there is a guest need to step on the back. I took a sign, entered a very spacious massage room, the room is two rows of neat massage bed, above the handle of the ring, the bed covered with white bed sheets, a few sheets of fit lying on the male passenger, a few Sisters are doing step on the back service. Alan told me that my guest was on the 12th bed and was a man about fifty years old. When I passed, she said to me, "Well, dry," I nodded my head and thought that my massage career began, and I would have done it better, no worse than any of my sisters. Even with confidence, more than they are better than they do!

The man was wearing a loose pants, flutter in bed, I did not see his face. I first hand, from his feet up, through the thighs, waist, back, neck, gently massage again, that is massage, in fact, I do not understand the way and points, but by hand in his Who stroked. I did not touch the man's body, although the man to middle age, but the skin is very slippery, the body is also very fat meat, you can imagine, is a pampered guy. My hand slides on his body, he motionless, may be just the reason to take a bath, his skin is also slightly hot, but I found him afraid itch, because when my hand stopped at his waist I felt his flesh seemed to tremble.

After warm up again, I took off my slippers and climbed the bed. My hands pulled the ring, but I am a bit difficult, do not know my first foot, should first step on him where? He may wait for a while, see I did not move, looked back at me, I saw his eyes are mild, no blame or immorality, which makes me put my heart.

I think, no matter where you step on, first step up to say it again. I first put one foot, resting on his buttocks, gradually forced to step down the real, and the other foot, moved to the other side of his hips. I use the toes, like a hand, in his back sliding, half of my body strength, I was hanging by hand, the other half of the force, step on his back.

I learned the action of the bed next to the sisters, like ballet, with his toes on his back, from his legs, until his scapula, stepped back and forth several times.

I think this is the blind cat ran dead mouse, no, I can not describe the guest into a mouse, it is not respect for the guests, but I really is the first contact with the massage, such as Deng Grandpa said , Is "feeling the stones across the river." Fortunately, he has no opinion, I do not know how he feels like? Is it uncomfortable or comfortable?

He is my first person to enter the massage industry, the service, he is more gentle. I see other beds, there are several guests turned over, give him the massage of the ladies hands and feet, there is a guest, actually took the back of the short skirt lift up. I vaguely see that the sister is vacuum. However, the sisters may see this behavior more and more blame, and said to the guests: "What to see how much money, do big things, do not play rogue here!" That young man may not much money, obediently To dare not move. I think this may be Wu Jie said the so-called "let's see" it?

After twenty minutes or so, I feel his skin are red, but also tired of a little panting, and my forehead, Qin out of the fine sweat. I do not think that massage is to enjoy, is simply spend money to buy a crime, Jiaoren who tread on the body, I do not understand, what is so comfortable? I came down from his body, went to bed, with a clean towel to help him wipe it again. When he turned over, I stared at him and saw his lips tall, and my blush. He stared at me, looked deeply and said: "You are new?" I do not want to lie, I said: "ah, I just came, please take care!" The man smiled in a friendly, Phi On the bathrobe, out of the massage room.

I am going out, Alan smiled and said to me: "Ah Jing, you do well, congratulations!" I am embarrassed to say: "I do well, he did not say me?" Alan laughed: No, he also gave you 100 yuan tip it! "Ah? I am a bit overjoyed, did not expect such a clumsy, did not want to step on the back, actually all of a sudden to get such a good reward, really too surprised. I know to the guests step on a back, the waiter can get 10 yuan labor costs, if there are additional tips, I personally can get half, there are 20% of the foreman is a commission, there are 20% of the store charged " The What is the cost of the shop? I do not know, as to the foreman of the money, I think it should be, if she does not arrange for customers to me, I may be white to work one day, a penny income did not. Alan just give me more arrangements for the guests, then my labor costs to get more. Of course, the foreman on the waiter is treated equally, too obvious to who, will cause other sisters of public outrage. My first step on the back service, you get 60 dollars, really did not expect to dream, make money actually so easy?

No end, waiting for updates.-guangzhou gay men massage

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Talk about what I do in Guangzhou to push the oil division

(1) First of all to the section of self-introduction, I male, year 26, Panyu people, native of Dongguan, is said to be grandfather when young, paddling boat from the Pearl River estuary east coast into the West Bank, I have always been on the Confucius said, "benevolent Leshan, Wise Lok water" point of view do not agree, I always feel that I have always said that I have always said, I am more like a wise man, and I like water.Well, by chance, how can I set foot on the industry to push the oil industry? This is absolutely by chance!

After graduating from college for four years, I went back to a small unit in the township to work, responsible for the office and the like, work a little trivial, such as sending and receiving documents, drafting reports, and even computer maintenance and the like, but the victory is still easy to work , Well-off I do not count, but the food and clothing life is no problem! As a result of the day facing the computer, work, I like to use the computer doing their own want to do things, such as fried small stocks ah, talk qq ah, or to the sky everywhere around the stroll ah!-guangzhou men massage

This summer, Panyu's heat wave came later, in previous years, June has been very hot, today seems to be in July to make people feel very hot, my stock is a bit similar to the weather, always hot, when the card Index fell to 2319 points when my mood also reached a new low!After the close, I do not want to work, free to drift on the Internet, any things, the spirit continues to sluggish, inadvertently I entered a page on the promotion of health care, since then, my life happened unexpected changes!

B) with the push oil industry dubious attitude once again in the local online search, the original on the side, really engaged in this industry, I met a very good male masters, but also added his qq chat, he called a smile , He is very frank to introduce me to his experience, and told you need Guangzhou coolifespa gay men massage,me that a throttle should have a variety of qualities, such as the character should be moderate, not necessarily very tall and handsome, but must make people look comfortable; palm to have meat, Hands to be soft, not too hard, the skin is better; nails to be clean, flat, good to listen and actively respect the feelings of others, etc. ... ... I turned my hand looked for a while, thinking: how these conditions like I set it up?

I came to meet with a smile, he also felt that I was also in line with the requirements of the throttle division, he sent a set of push oil tutorial (paper), and paper to write a video tutorial video site to me, there is a small bottle of rose oil , A bottle of alcohol, I was laughing, you are not afraid of me to seize your market, he said not afraid, his regular customers have dozens of people, he is only a regular customer is enough, everyone together to push the oil market cake Big, it's good! I said, if I really do, I just do Panyu, Guangzhou, I will not go.-guangzhou body massage gay

I carefully read several tutorials, made a careful note, carefully to remember the meridian and acupuncture points of the location, it seems that interest is the best teacher, I actually read many times again and again tired, feeling the theoretical knowledge is almost, It is time to find a real internship about, but unfortunately his girlfriend with the university graduation bell away from me, where to find someone ah?

So I once again ask the smile master to give me the opportunity to practice, when he first refused, of course not his reason, his guests do not agree, then, the opportunity is still come, one of his regular customers agreed to let me Side by side!

It was a sunny Sunday morning, I stood on the 3rd line from the city bridge, Sunday on the 3rd line was not as crowded as usual. Moreover, the expansion from the three carriages to six cars is indeed effective! Less than an hour, I have reached the Tianhe Bus Station subway exit, and then walk more than 10 minutes, I walked into the smile master and his guest room, it is a hotel room, the room is very simple, only one bed, Two chairs, curtains are pulled, only the dim light is open, people feel warm and ambiguous!

(C) I and a smile master greeting for a few minutes, during which the guests have been lying on the bed, but when I first entered the door and looked up and nodded when I say hello, then no longer talk, I can see the whole Back, just tun with a towel covered. Then the master side to continue to push the oil for his guests to explain the requirements of pushing oil, strength, coherence, acupuncture points, I read the tutorial before, the theory has been slightly understand three four, only to grasp the intensity is not allowed to read half About the time, laughing master let me try, I am somewhat flattered feeling, hand trembling toward the guests of the back, but also this time, I clearly see the guests skin, delicate, white, shiny, flexible Excellent, I guess either Sichuan, or northeast, I think the two places in China to the skin is the most white, the guests are not old, visual not more than 28 years old, very young and supple Of the height close to 170, higher than me, look very fashionable, on this quality, I was already under the heart to do part-time push the oil division; that guest is very friendly, take the initiative to remind me of the size of my palm trembling To her, and smiled and comfort I do not have tension, I stayed in the room for an hour, the basic grasp of the strength, and I first leave, smile told me to go back to see him Of course, remember about the important points and meridians location ...... I contented Panyu back up.

At night, I continue to chat with the chef master qq, I praise his guests look very good body, high-quality ah, he said that more than half of his guests are like this, he said, willing to experience the oil know how to enjoy life or compare the trend of people!-guangzhou gay men massage

I asked him the price of services, laughing master said, pushing the oil service is still more expensive, the general service 90 minutes is 200 yuan, some will be more expensive, some guests choose to smile master his beauty shop to accept the oil. Some of the phone directly to the smile out about pushing the oil, the price is almost, but the smile that more like to do the door push the oil, a smile also said to me, if you in Panyu, the price can be lowered a little, but not too low, do not ruin the market ah Haha!

I asked, after I'm gone, what are you doing to help her ah? Smile, said, "to help her push the rest of the body, she is not willing to see parts of your presence, Oh," I said, really? Does the guests push the oil to push these parts? Smile, he said, ninety percent of the guests have to push the body oil. I said, is it hard to love? Master said, you have to learn with normal to look at, otherwise you unfit for this line. Master also encouraged me that I am in Panyu, there are many large real estate, should be able to develop the market, if necessary, he can come to do guidance!

(D)I began to equip myself, bought two sets of casual underwear, a new purchase of a new mobile phone card, and then open their own qq space, like a smile master, put in the space to push the oil articles and pictures, and then I joined Some of the real estate qq group. I am in the group to take the initiative to find female friends chat, I always take the initiative to introduce themselves, Oh, intentionally or unintentionally reveal their own push oil so fresh industry.-guangzhou male body oil gay massage

Laughing master also taught me to some of the recruitment site to send some free advertising, he is also the push to push other people to the promotion, so I was in the catch x network, x name network, xx city network, xx skirt network and other online have made a post , To introduce their own services, prices, contact qq and mobile phone number, and then on the side of the work, while drilling oil business, waiting for the arrival of the opportunity!

A week passed, I found a guest in one of the groups, it was a married young woman, 30 years old, looked at the picture of her space, is an elegant lady. She did the same sex push the oil, but did not try the opposite sex push the oil, I exhausted the mouth, she is willing to experience, but to find more than a partner dare to try. If I had to wait for another week, I thought there was nothing to expect, and she gave me a message on qq on Saturday night, saying that she was with the time, at 2:00 pm on Sunday, near her home and gave me Under the phone, told me to contact her with information.

I immediately contact a smile master, the master promised to come together tomorrow, it would be great.-guangzhou gay massage boy

Sunday afternoon, we arrived at the agreed location on time, it is a big real estate, buses are set to real estate inside, and the size of the parking lot with the middle of the town bus station have a ratio, I sat the master of the car also Did not introduce the situation, the phone sounded, a yellow Mazda sports car passing, the car when the two young woman with sunglasses, I know who contact me (hereinafter referred to as Miss A), live more than photos Young; her friend (Miss B) drove, older than 40, we immediately keep up, roundabout five or six minutes later, we stopped in a downstairs, into the elevator, on the 10 floor or 11 floor, into a small three Room suite, decoration is very simple, Miss A said her friend's house, friends go abroad, and she occasionally take care of what ... ...

She asked me: from the back? I said yes, so she was prone to bed. Her husband on the side of the coffee table playing the computer, and put some lyrical music. I use them to bring the BB oil gently apply her on the back, breech below the first covered with a bath towel, so as not to catch cold. Push the order of the content with the content has become a formula, there is nothing to say, with the words of advertising is: change is the service object, the same is warm, serious and meticulous service! The gentleman has been playing the computer, just accidentally aim at us, did not say anything. Even if my wife to help push the front of the time, his wife's reaction was significantly up, Mr. also looked at the computer, just in front of pushing forward, attached to my ear told a sentence: "her wife excited Will catch you with hand, but not very strong, you can forbear it ", then it is so.......-gay massage

Two hours later, I asked them to leave the Hong Kong couple, left their hotel apartments, before I was grateful to speak for a few minutes, and take the initiative to write my qq number, because the wife said Will recommend me to her friends, to Guangzhou when I will contact me.

Talk about Miss S

I know her time is not long, about New Year's Day before it, she did not know where to get my qq, and take the initiative to talk to me for half an afternoon, and finally we exchanged the phone number! And then dazzling a week past, that day, it is said that she is coming to see a job on Panyu customers, who would like to get on the car to receive each other's re-election phone, bored, she sent a message to me I was not in Panyu , There is no empty!

I can say, one and a half hours later, I drove to Miss S opened the hotel room, I knocked at the door in front of the room, self-reported name: Miss S, I am a country! Miss S opened the door, is a city white collar, wearing a professional suit, I asked if I can come in? According to my professional guidelines, if the guests are not satisfied with my way, is unconditionally refused me into the. I will immediately leave the quiet!-guangzhou gay men massage

Miss S said, "Come in and come in and say!" We sat in the chair in the room, and Miss S asked me what was carrying the bag in my hand. I said You really should try Guangzhou coolifespa gay men massage,I will continue to introduce "There are two kinds of essential oils, a bottle of olives, a bottle of roses, T is some of the guests need to click some of the points when wearing a finger on the press! Work clothes is a set of sportswear only! Miss S "Oh" a cry, said she only tried to push the back of the oil, the front does not push, asked if I can? I can of course say ah! She said she had never tried to let the opposite sex technician push the oil, the hearts of a little uneasy, I said do not worry, you quietly lying, slowly enjoy it!

At this time the room is still a bit cold, I put the heating to the maximum, the TV transferred to a music channel, listening to the song to enjoy the oil is the most comfortable! I feel the temperature is almost the same time, so that Miss S to take a bath, I brought in the room for the work clothes, put out the essential oil, quiet and other Miss S.

Ten minutes later, she wrapped in bath towel out, I served her leaning back, lying back lying down, and then I wash my hands into the toilet, with hot water to soak my hands for two minutes, hand warm, then start work, I put her Bath towel down, reveal the entire back, and then oil, carefully in accordance with the rules to help her push the oil, the back is behind the buttocks, her back sensitive points concentrated here, I obviously feel the position of the legs when she breathes into a haste what's wrong? She said, continue, very comfortable! Long time! I pushed her in this position for nearly half a minute, she said, "wait for you to help me even the front also push, how do you push for the other guests as I push, I have no restrictions ... ... "I said," Well, I will try to make you feel comfortable and happy! "

Push the details of the oil is not table, after the Miss S lying in bed and chat with me, she said she had her boyfriend, but her boyfriend do not know how to caress her, she can not be excited, even if her boyfriend do that kind of thing, she It seems that there is no feeling, she thought she was sexually cold, did not think of today to push my hips when she was so she felt very excited, so she regardless of their own apprehension, let me completely push the oil once, I Said, "This is not complete, at least, my fingers have not used to wear that TT for your service ... ..." She laughed, next time, this time I have been very satisfied! Also feel very bold!-guangzhou gay men massage

I said: "Guangzhou coolifespa gay men massage to make you feel comfortable, excited, improve the body function, a lot of cold people push oil to push the oil can evoke the normal needs of" (I count this is not advertising ah? If you count, please moderator this Sentence to delete) normal people are normal needs, all the oppression of their own physical needs are unfavorable body!

End.-guangzhou gay men massage

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Guangzhou, referred to as Guangzhou, referred to as Guangzhou, referred to as Guangzhou, referred to as Yangcheng, Huacheng, ancient Ren city, Chu Ting, Panyu, the capital of Guangdong Province, located in Guangdong Province, south-east, East River.and have good massage for gay men,male,and female in Guangzhou.

From the beginning of the Qin Dynasty, Guangzhou has been the county government, state government, the government's administrative center. For more than two thousand years, it has been the political, military, economic, cultural and scientific center of southern China. Guangzhou is a national historical and cultural city, is the Lingnan cultural branch of Cantonese culture and the birthplace of one of prosperity.

Guangzhou is the international metropolis of the State Council, one of the three comprehensive gateway cities, one of the five national central cities, and Beijing, Shanghai and said "North wide."

Guangzhou from the 13th century became the main port of the Silk Road, the Tang and Song Dynasties to become China's largest port. Ming and Qing dynasties, Guangzhou has become China 's only foreign trade Dagang, China' s maritime Silk Road, the history of the most important port. The "Millennium are business," said. Plus a large number of foreigners, also known as the "Third World Capital."

History of Guangzhou

The name of Guangzhou in the history of the South China Sea county (before the Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty), Panyu, Guangzhou Dudu Fu (Tang), Guangzhou (Song), Guangzhou Road, Guangzhou House, Fan Zhou, Hing Palace, Guangzhou City.

Guangzhou was founded in 214 BC. The earliest when the name of the city called Ren clamor city. When the Shang Dynasty in Guangzhou known as the "South Vietnam", Zhou Dynasty, also known as the "hundred Guangdong", "South China Sea." In the spring and autumn and the Warring States Period, the South Vietnamese people in Guangzhou and the Chu people in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River had contacts with each other and belonged to the Chu State. They were designated as Chu Ch'ing.), Belonging to Chu. Yuexiu mountain is built in the Qing Dynasty a stone arch, Square on the writing of "ancient Chu Ting", so before the Qin Dynasty, Guangzhou and "Chu Ting," said.

Spring and Autumn Period, Lingnan refers to the present Guangdong and Guangxi and northern Vietnam, when living here is called the South Vietnamese nation (also known as South Guangdong).

Qin Shihuang twenty-five years (222 BC), the Qin Dynasty generals Ren clamoring, for the first time led troops to attack Lingnan, defeat. After Zhao Tuo and then led his troops into the south of the Five Ridges, after years of war, in 33 years of the First Emperor (214 BC) to complete the great cause of the pacification of Lingnan, the entire territory of the Qin Dynasty.

Qin Shi Huang conquered Lingnan, set up in the South China Sea in Guangzhou, as the county, Guilin, three counties, while the establishment of Panyu (now Guangzhou) and other counties. Nanhai County with this most of Guangdong, Gunji Panyu, the first county officer Ren clamor, which is the first time in the history of the Lingnan administrative division, is also the history of Guangzhou, the earliest administrative building.

South China Sea county governance and Panyu county governance Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City, the South China Sea Wei Ren clamor in the Fan Shan, Yu Shan (now Zhongshan four road near the warehouse side, Guangzhou warehouse road west of the ancient mountain and Yu Hill) built the earliest Guangzhou City - Panyu (known as any city), which is the establishment of administrative districts in Guangzhou and the beginning of the city.

When the Qin and Han Dynasties Nanhai County administrative jurisdiction to the North view of Ping Shek, east of Fujian Zhangpu near the west Zhanjiang, an area of ??about 14 million square kilometers. Ren clamor city is the "big four miles" of the town, but it is built in Guangzhou City, see the literature in the earliest reliable records. Qin will be appointed as the construction of any clamor, named Ren clamor city. Official name for the Panyu city.

The first 208 years, when the Central Plains war, Ren clamor suddenly ill, and Zhao Tuo to separate the Lingnan to avoid war, and commissioned its agent Nanhai County Sheriff. 206 years ago, any clamor heard Qin demise, exacerbations, died in the same year, buried in Panyu.

The end of the Qin Dynasty chaos, Qin II, when the pack and the world chaos. Dying in any clamor had called friends Zhao Tuo proposed that the Lingnan wide material Feng, a risk can be defensive, can be self-reliance is king, to protect one side of the people. Zhao Tuo accepted the recommendations of any clamor, blockade and the Central Plains of the traffic, Yongbing Zi weight. He was appointed by the clamor of the exercise of the powers of the South China Sea Wei Wei. 204 years ago, the South China Sea captain Zhao Tuo annexed Guilin County and the Elephantine County, according to Lingnan (now Guangdong, Guangxi, northern Vietnam), the establishment of the territory of "more than ten thousand miles" of the South Vietnamese, Panyu Guangzhou), is the Lingnan region for the first time the capital city.Zhao Tuo established the South Vietnamese country, the capital city of Panyu ten miles, commonly known as "city" or "city of Zhao Tuo", its location in this east to the grass near the street, west to Huaining, south to West Lake Road, North To the Vietnam Road area.The former 113 years, the South Vietnamese prime minister Lu Jia rebellion, Zhao Jiande for the South Vietnamese king, and contact the East Vietnam (now in Fujian) sent troops against Han. The following year, Emperor Wu of the army to mobilize 10 million soldiers into South Vietnam. Yuan Feng five years (106 years ago) is a change of state, the state rule for the wide letter (now closed in Guangdong).When the Eastern Han Dynasty Lingnan membership under the jurisdiction of the state, the state rule in the wide letter. Han Xiandi Jian'an fifteen years (210), Sun Quan Ren step to pay the provincial governor, slightly set Lingnan. Step's came to the South China Sea to rule Panyu, see the mighty sea, wilderness Yin Fu, greatly appreciated that its natural, economic and political conditions are suitable for the establishment of state governance. So report to Sun Quan approval, the construction of the city profile.In 217 AD, the state pay the provincial governor to move back to Panyu, expanding the city, known as the step after the city.226 years, Sun Quan will pay the state is divided into the pay state and Guangzhou, "Guangzhou" hence the name, the ancient Guangzhou was the ancient capital of three dynasties 10, respectively, the South Vietnamese country, ten South Han, Nanming.Jin Dynasty, Guangzhou is still called Nanhai County, where the state rule. Northern and Southern Dynasties Southern Song, Qi, Liang, Xiliang set up in Guangzhou, Panyu (now Guangzhou).

The Guangzhou administrative region south of Baoan, Zhongshan, north to Qingyuan, west to the four, Huaiji, an area of ??about 4.2 million, is the capital of Guangzhou in the Tang Dynasty, Square kilometers. 917 years, the establishment of the Southern Han Liu Duo, the capital of Hing House (Guangzhou). After Liang Zhenming three years (917), Qinghai, Jinghai Jiedushi Liu Yan Li Guo country, the capital of Guangzhou. In the beginning of the name of the big name, the number of dry Hang, the next year to change the country for the Han, and set up Xianning in Guangzhou, often Kang two counties to imitate the Royal Park Chang'an, known as the Southern Han Dynasty.Guangzhou in the Tang Dynasty has formed Yacheng, Zicheng and Luocheng "triple" pattern. South Han Dynasty will be the palace of Guangzhou City Planning for Miyagi, Imperial City and Guo. Song is an important period of the city of Guangzhou, 1068 in the sub-East.Expansion of the East, five years after the protection of the emerging western business district and foreign settlements, and the expansion of the West Side, forming a three-city pattern. 1380 Yongjia Hou Zhu Liangzu built in Guangzhou City, Song and Yuan together for a city, then further expand the urban area, the transformation of the old city, and to the north and east of the expansion, plus build outside the city, so that the formation of Guangzhou City, Yuexiu Road East , North to Yuexiu Hill, the West so far the people of the road, south of a German road, Wanfu road line, circumference 10.5 km. To the Qing Dynasty and renovated the East and West Wing City, south to the Pearl River, the formation of the pattern of Guangzhou today, the old city. After the demolition due to expansion of Guangzhou city walls.In 1680, the South Ming Shao Yu emperor Zhu Yu in Guangzhou capital.Twenty-two years of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1757), the Government implemented the "one-port trade", Guangzhou became the only port of foreign trade, foreign businessmen to trade, are looking for designated merchants as trade agents, these designated businessmen opened Foreign trade firms, is the "Thirteen".In 1842, the Qing government in the Opium War defeat, was forced to sign the "Treaty of Nanjing," the opening of Guangzhou for the port. In August 1860, signed the "Sino-British Treaty of Beijing." Guangdong began to Westernization Movement is an important symbol, is the establishment of Guangzhou Tongwen. Guangdong's first foreign enterprises in Guangzhou Machinery Bureau.

In 1911, Guangzhou Huanghuagang uprising broke out. After the Wuchang Uprising, the Guangdong military government officially announced the establishment of Sun Yat-sen in 1917 launched the "Movement to protect the law", November 10 Sun Yat-sen established the military government of the Republic of China. Sun Yat-sen was chosen as the Grand Marshal of the army, this is Sun Yat-sen's first established in Guangzhou regime. In 1918 the establishment of the Guangzhou Municipal Political Office, Guangzhou began to capital city.February 1921, the Guangdong Provincial Assembly adopted the "Provisional Regulations of Guangzhou City," and in the same year on February 15 announced the implementation of the Guangzhou City Hall was formally established by Sun Ke served as the first mayor of Guangzhou, Guangzhou City, is to become the whole of China The first "city". Founded in 1921 in Guangzhou City Hall, only specifically refers to the city of Guangzhou.In 1923, Sun Yat-sen joint multi-party forces, the expulsion of Chen Jiongming rebels, once again returned to Guangzhou, the re-establishment of the Grand Marshal House, the third in Guangzhou to establish a revolutionary regime. June 24, 1925, the KMT Central Committee decided to reorganize the Generalissimo House, in 1925, the Republic of China National Government was established in Guangzhou, Guangzhou City Hall in July for the Guangzhou municipal government.In 1931, the party Hu faction, Wang faction, the Department of Guangxi, Sun Ke and other held in Guangzhou, "the KMT Central Executive Committee extraordinary meeting," modeled on the practice of Sun Wen-law war, another government in Guangzhou, Guangzhou "National Government" On May 28, 1931 was established. October 21, 1938, the Japanese invading army occupied Guangzhou, began a period of up to 7 years of the fall.September 16, 1945, Guangzhou declared recovery. During the Republic of China is one of the eight special city (Nanjing, Shanghai, Peking, Tianjin, Qingdao, Hankou, Chongqing, Guangzhou), 1948 "Republic of China Constitution" was published, renamed the municipality. In 1949, the liberation of liberation of Nanjing, the Nanjing national government moved to Guangzhou, Li Zongren its presidential palace in South China Normal University.October 14, 1949 liberation of Guangzhou, the liberation of the revocation of special city. Once the central municipalities. 1950 to the Central Military Commission, in 1954 under the leadership of Guangdong Province, as the provincial city. In 1983 February, Guangzhou implementation plan separate. In 1993, the State Council decided to revoke the provincial capital city plan.

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