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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Crown Plaza Hangzhou Picture
Crown Plaza Hangzhou Map Picture

Crown Plaza Hangzhou

4.0 Gay Men Massage Crown Plaza Hangzhou Picture

4-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Crown Plaza Hangzhou Picture
Gay Men Massage Crown Plaza Hangzhou Picture

Address: 88 Tiancheng Rd, Jianggan Qu, Hangzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 310004

Phone: +86 0571-86458888

Hotel details

The hotel is a 4 star international tourist hotel which provide our guests with Chinese and Western cuisine,shopping,business meeting, entertainment and recreation rooms.We have conducted a comprehensive renovation and decoration at 2014-2015.

Crown Plaza Hangzhou is located at the intersection of Tiancheng Road Guangzhou east station # 1 and ZhaLongKou station, line 4 fresh air station 1 km station,4km away from Shanghai-Hangzhou freeway entrances and exits,7.5km to the WestLake scenic,25km to Xiaoshan International Airport.

Our hotel has 150 various types of guest rooms and 6 different size specification and functionsof the meeting places, We can take on Various training sessions、modern fancywork、Product display、Wedding banquet And so on.We are equipped withProfessional audios、HD projector and WIFI.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Hangzhou,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Hangzhou coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

Men's alcohol abuse affects health

Hangzhou coolifespa club tips for a long time harm: alcohol can easily lead to alcoholism, especially in the case of such patients, in their immediate family. Alcoholism is defined as the medical profession: Drink 5 or more bottles of beer, equal to or higher than 0.08 blood alcohol content of five bottles. As a lot of alcohol to kill brain cells, over time, will lead to memory loss. May also cause fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases, the situation is serious need for liver transplantation surgery to save their lives.

Remedy: If you have not reached the level of alcohol dependence, then from now on to set their own daily drink a bottle of beer. With the reduction of alcohol intake, the liver may naturally return to normal. At the same time, although we can not resurrect the dead brain cells, a lot of alcohol as long as no memory function of the brain will gradually restore the stimulus.

Unprotected Sexual Behavior Hazards: You are likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases without awareness. Experts point out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia, but no clinical symptoms, and most women with gonorrhea only show mild symptoms such as urine or yellow liquid out of vaginal discomfort, do not think they need treatment, unprotected line of these diseases Was sent to the person. In addition, 80% of male genital herpes patients did not show significant clinical symptoms such as pain. More in-depth studies have found that people who suffer from papillomavirus (HPV) infestation, which is currently the most common sexually transmitted disease people up to 75%. It usually has no obvious symptoms, but if not treated in time, and infected women can lead to cervical cancer.

Remedy: If you do not regularly check your body's habits, you should ask yourself from now on. In front of a doctor, you have to say your own situation in public. Herpes is a chronic disease that uses drugs to control the progression of the disease to avoid pain and infection.


Coolifespa gay men massage brings a lot of people happy

The number of clubs now more and more, they have different types, entertainment, where the place has been a lot of people welcome, and in which places will let people get a good relaxation, so that they can enjoy To play, and even indulge themselves, this is the benefits of these places to a lot of people, they can let these people get more happiness, can let people have a good relaxation, after all, the pace of life is now more The sooner they will make people feel tired, so they will choose these places to make themselves have a maximum degree of relaxation.

There are a lot of entertainment projects inside the club, the most common is the bar, where many people can go to drink, and some strange people to chat, so that his heart has been simmering inside, then people will Feel very relaxed, after all, can let yourself have a talk of people, to tell their own things, he will not give himself any trouble, this is a very good thing, of course, there are a lot of people in this singing , They can sing a variety of songs to relax themselves, you can enjoy to cry to sing, the feeling is to own a long time all the tired to sing out.

Club now there are more projects, many people like to play mahjong, where there are a lot of people are playing mahjong, playing mahjong can be a good time to relax themselves, anyway, not what money to play, are Is the entertainment only, so there is no pressure, when playing can be very good to help themselves relax, to ease their own so long to stay tired.

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What to eat in spring anti-fatigue

Spring to eat what anti-fatigue

1. Food balance is the key

Balanced diet is certainly a variety of, so as to avoid malnutrition caused by physical weakness. The following rules need to be followed: a fruit per meal; twice a day vegetables; food containing electric starch, but not excessive; once a day meat, fish or eggs; and finally every meal essential dairy products.

2. Appropriate to add sugar and carbohydrates

As the most basic nutrient, sugar and carbohydrates are the main source of physical fitness. People all organs run, especially the brain, need to consume sugar. every day. 50% -55% of the physical supplement should rely on sugar. The most favorable is the compound sugar, because it will not be quickly consumed by the body, can often add energy to the time. The following foods are rich in complex sugar: pasta, rice, bread, dried vegetables and so on. However, there is no need to eat every meal, once a day is enough.

3. Do not forget about vitamin C

Vitamin C's anti-fatigue effect is well known, and it also helps to enhance immune function.

Kiwi fruit, citrus fruit, red fruit, colorful vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C.

Iron absorption can not be ignored

Many women do not like to eat red meat, however, red meat contains iron is the basic component of red blood cells, can guarantee all the organs of the body oxygen. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, manifested as extreme fatigue. The best source of iron is blood sausage, liver, red meat, pigeon, mussels and so on.

Spring to eat what anti-fatigue

5. Dried fruit is energy supplements

After physical and mental activity, you can chew some dried fruit or fruit, etc., can quickly add strength. So should always put some apricots in the bag, almonds or hazelnut, etc., to prepare for contingencies.

Anti-fatigue food

Bitter gourd

Many people have this experience, eat a meal bitter gourd will be able to spleen appetizer, increase appetite. Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd bitter, but in addition to evil heat, labor fatigue, pure heart eyesight. Bitter gourd bitter taste can not only pure heart fire, and its bitter taste can stimulate the body to secrete saliva, promote gastric secretion, restore the spleen and stomach of the power, increase appetite.


According to modern medical research shows that red dates contain cyclic adenosine monophosphate is a necessary material for human energy metabolism, can dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contractility, improve myocardial nutrition. In addition, red dates for eye disease, night blindness, dry hair, skin rough, mood irritability, memory loss and insomnia and other symptoms have a certain effect.


Grape is nutritious and tasty. According to the analysis, every 100 grams of grapes containing about 0.4 grams of protein, fat 0.6 grams, carbohydrate 10.25 grams (up to 30 grams), and contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 , Vitamin C, vitamin PP and so on. In addition, it also contains more than 10 kinds of amino acids required by the human body. Therefore, often eat grapes on neurasthenia and fatigue are tonic.


Tremella sweet and plain, with Ziyin lungs, Yiwei Sheng Jin, Bunao strong therapeutic effect. Tremella into the lungs, stomach, kidney three classics, can raise lung yin, Ji kidney dry, refreshing Qi. Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used to nourish the body. The analysis shows that Tremella contains protein, fat, crude fiber, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamins, polysaccharides and so on. Pharmacological studies have found that Tremella also has to alleviate muscle fatigue, prevent radioactive damage, increase the body immunity and so on.


Honey can better eliminate brain fatigue. In all natural foods, the energy required for brain neurons is the highest in honey. Honey in the fructose, glucose can be quickly absorbed by the body to improve the nutritional status of the blood. Edible honey can quickly add strength, eliminate fatigue, enhance the resistance to disease.


Bananas are rich in vitamins both to relieve tension and reduce fatigue. Banana is rich in potassium ions, potassium is to maintain the muscles, nerves normal activities of the necessary substances. Eat two bananas every day, can improve the body fatigue.


Also known as melon, contains a lot of carbonic acid compounds, citric acid, carotene, vitamins and so on. The invertase contained in the melon can convert insoluble proteins into soluble proteins for kidney uptake.

In addition, the melon contains cucurbitacin B can significantly increase the amount of liver glycogen reserves, can be added in time to the brain and blood glucose concentration, the human energy has a significant role in the supplement.

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How to do the man, old will not get sick

There are a lot of men always think that they are the body of the man, so the body will not be a problem, in fact, this is not the case, the more men, the more prone to some physical problems, because the pressure of men compared to a woman More men, if the men do not give yourself a chance to let themselves be able to reduce the pressure, and finally lead to injury only their own, men in the case of age and stress, will lead to physical harm, if the age of it, not That men only to the age of 50 when the need to health, is the need to start from the age of twenty-nine, because now the beginning of the body's function has been a step by step in the decline of the situation, men have a lot of ways to health.

For example, when the usual time to do some exercise every day, you can choose to run every day, in the diet above also need to pay attention to some of the above, in addition to these, there is pressure caused by the male body problems in the body And the soul is at the same time under pressure, so this time is needed to relax, men have a lot of ways to relax health, for example, to find a good place to carry out some professional massage massage is worth recommending.

Massage can help men's body above some of the acupuncture points, so that men can help better achieve no longer subject to stress.

So in the usual time, as a man want to be good for themselves, we must master some of the way men to health care to protect themselves, only love their own after the eligibility to love their own people around, Have a good body to take care of them.

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Summer eat 8 kinds of food heat refreshing and Yang Xin

[Read] summer eat 8 kinds of food, heat refreshing and Yang Xin? After entering the summer, high temperature and moisture at the same time struck, many physically weak people prone to dizziness brain swelling, loss of appetite and so on. China's traditional medicine that the human body should be based on changes in the natural environment, adjust life, diet, to adapt to seasonal changes in development, and Chinese medicine also advocated "spring and summer Yang Yang" principle, therefore, summer health character or Yang Yang.

Bitter gourd clear heart fire

Hot summer, the body gastrointestinal function weakened, reduced secretion of digestive juice, often appetite, loss of appetite. "Bitter" as one of the "five flavors" can stimulate people's appetite. Li Xia Chinese medicine diet principle is "spring and summer Yang Yang", Yang Yang weight in the heart, in line with the spring and summer of the physiological characteristics of the heart, bitter gourd is clear heart of the leader.

Pumpkin Bu Zhong Yi Qi

With Bu Zhong Yi Qi, laxative and other effects, including protein, amino acids and other nutrients, but also rich in carotene, to health vision, improve blood sugar strong heart and kidney.

Cucumber thirst

Cucumber has heat dampness, detoxification swelling, Shengjinzhike effect. Can help the treatment of body heat polydipsia, sore throat, wind and heat eye disease, damp heat jaundice, urination and other adverse conditions.

Mung bean heat detoxification

Mung bean has a heat detoxification, diuretic dehumidification effect, is very suitable for summer hot and humid stagnation, dry mouth and thirst, red urine, constipation, red eyes and throat and other symptoms when eating. But also to remind that the green beans cold, easy to damage Wei Qi, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis and spleen and stomach Deficiency should not eat.

American ginseng tonic deficiency

Cool and fill, can help righteousness, red fire, raw fluid, in addition to tired tired. Heat summer, hot sweating will lose the righteousness, the loss of the body of Yin Jin, Shangyin Health and fire, fatigue, upset, upset and other symptoms, can be added in the soup of triumphant ginseng, its tonic effect is significant.

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How to improve sexual performance?

Sexual ability is always the most concerned about the topic of men, it is not only the fun of life, but also with the exchange of feelings of a partner behavior.

However, the majority of people's sexual performance is not satisfactory, Foshan men's men found: Foshan, most male sex life within 10 minutes accounted for the most, which is far from meeting the needs of women, but also let men lose their confidence. How to enhance the male sexual ability?

First, improve sexual ability: massage

Massage scrotum

Hand massage the scrotum, can improve the testicular blood circulation, thereby increasing testicular function, enhance sexual ability. But in order to avoid irritation is too strong, so each time to control the massage within 3 minutes, once a day.

2. Massage the groin

Stimulation of the root of the groin can also greatly improve the ability of the groin, because the groin is the passage of blood to the testis, the appropriate stimulation can promote blood circulation, enhance sexual energy. Massage method: with two fingers gently press the penis on both sides of the roots, from the top down stroke, once a day.

3. masturbation

Masturbation is mainly through the hand massage to achieve sexual experience. But it is different, is more concerned about the feelings of the penis, and not ejaculation. Masturbation excessive will make the penis in a long-term congestion, affecting sexual health. But the appropriate masturbation can not only meet the sexual needs, but also release the pressure, and even enhance your ability to control the penis. General masturbation in January no more than 4 times.

4. Stimulate the penis

This method of stimulating the penis with masturbation is different, mainly with your fingers to grasp the penis, in order to enhance the penis nerve and blood vessels and other activation. Can be used sooner or later in the bed for massage, but also as a sexual life of the foreplay.

Second, improve sexual ability: to correct bad habits

Exercise muscle

The pelvic muscles of the penis are called male sexual intercourse muscles, exercise more of these parts of the muscles, can increase the blood supply to the pelvis and penis, can promote erection, increased orgasm pleasure. With the hypothetical way to stop urination, twice a day, every time 15, you can gradually increase according to their own energy.

2. alternating hot and cold

Has been used to replace the cold and heat to enhance sexual performance, the main method is to use in hot water bath for some time, give the genitals to apply cold water, 3 minutes and then for the bath, so alternating 3 times, not only to enhance male sexual , But also effectively reduce fatigue.

However, when carried out, it is best to maintain a certain indoor temperature, to prevent colds. And should not be hot with hot water, so as not to burn the skin.

3. Strengthen the movement

Now the office workers sitting in the office for a long time, it is lack of exercise, and long-term sedentary will reduce male sexuality. So usually more exercise, not only to speed up the body's blood circulation, or a good way of health care; in strengthening physical fitness, but also delay the decline of sexual function, all aspects will become younger.

4. quit smoking and drinking

Alcohol and cigarettes have been recognized as healthy killers, however, the study also proved that alcohol will slow down the rate of testosterone production, causing gonadal hormone disorders, leading to loss of libido. The smoke in the toxins also inhibit sexual function, induced erectile dysfunction.

Regular sex

Sex is the physiological needs of people, moderate sex can not only eliminate the psychological tension, so that physical and mental pleasure, but also strengthen the metabolism, regulating endocrine. In addition, sex can stabilize family feelings, so that married life harmonious.

Foshan celebrity club reminded that the improvement of sexual ability is not just think about it, the most important thing is to move up from the little things in life, to correct bad habits, while improving health, sexual ability will be magical The change.


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Massage points help relieve asthma

Coolifespa gay men, woman, man, male, female massage in wuhan: winter is the high season of asthma, the onset of breath is not likely to fatal. Zhang Zhongjing National Museum of Distinguished experts, Zhengzhou City, Geriatric Hospital, director of traditional Chinese medicine Liu Qingyi said, in addition to medication, diet and other measures, but also through the method of breathing to ease the discomfort caused by asthma.

Chinese medicine, including the elderly, children, such as the body is more weak, the lung, spleen, kidney three internal organs are inadequate, weak temper, phlegm endogenous asthma is the main risk factors. And Liu Qingyi recommended the following massage method is focused on Xuanfei, qi, cough, phlegm and asthma, to help relieve asthma discomfort.

1. rub the back of the lungs and chest parts of the chest and local parts of the local fever.

Smell of mutton in the midpoint of the two nipple connection; Feishu points in the third thoracic spinous process next to the next 5 cm. Can be used close to the palm of your hand, a little hard under pressure, called push (slowly push, even force) smell of mutton in the points and Feishu points, adjustable lung qi, tonic loss, qi phlegm, cough and asthma.

2. rubbing Dingchuan acupuncture 1 to 3 minutes.

The seventh cervical spinous process for the Dazhui, Dingchuan acupoints in the Dazhui next to open about 2 cm. With the thumb tip rub rub, can be cough and asthma, through Xuan Li lung.

3. Qingfei by 300 times.

The lungs are located on the ring finger of the ring finger. The ring finger straightening, from the fingering to the root direction of the line to promote the frequency of 3 to 4 times per second, can Xuanfei heat, Shufeng solution table, Huatanzhike.

4. rubbing Fenglong points 2 to 3 minutes.

Fenglong points in the lateral malleolus about 30 cm, the tibial margin of the lateral, between the tibia and fibula. Thumb or middle finger end of the force, a little hard in the Fenglong points rubbing, and Wei Qi, phlegm wet.

5. Massage in the House Point, Cloud Gate Point 10 minutes.

In the chest hole in the chest before the first rib gap; cloud door is located in the chest wall above the top of the shoulder scapula above the base, subclavian fossa at the depression. With the thumb or index finger, respectively, said the push in the government points, clouds door, through the meridians, evacuation wind-heat, Su down lung gas, cough and asthma, Qingxie lung heat.

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Often do spa can beauty beauty

People for the pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, for the pursuit of quality of life has a new realm, many people usually like to the professional Coolifespa gay men, man, woman, male, female to skin care, which is a very enjoyable process , Can make people become very relaxed.

A lot of white-collar workers in the rest of the time will choose here, to ease their usual work pressure, so that their feelings are released, not only can achieve the effect of maintenance of beauty, but also make our mood improved, the workplace, Mood are thrown behind.

With a completely relaxed attitude to do spa services, feel the comfort of this, this will allow you to love the coolifespa service, the future will come back to enjoy life, enjoy life, make their lives become more relaxed. Private detective said that usually no matter how much pressure, as long as you do a spa service project, the whole body will feel greatly relaxed, but also on their own skin to play a maintenance role.

If you need to experience SPA massage, please come to us Coolifespa gay men, woman, man, male, female massgae, we will give you the best SPA massage in Hangzhou, China.

Men spa prostate care

One: Men's prostate health health book

A lot of men are likely to suffer from the prostate disease, in particular, some married men or working pressure of men, because at work, many men are long-term sitting, when the man When sitting, his prostate will bear a large part of his body weight, so in the usual words to be very careful, especially sedentary or sofa, the disease will become more serious, So in the sick period, the patient is to avoid smoking, avoid drunk, avoid holding urine, bogey life is not the law, this is the men's prostate health health books.

Steps / methods:

1, prostate is a very important male reproductive organs, although as long as the walnut size, in the human body which is not very attention, so in some men's eyes, it is possible to ignore its health. In the youth when the disease came to the door.

2, in the suffering of the disease, the patient is to go to the hospital for treatment in time, the patient's own words do not casually go to the pharmacy to buy some ointment to apply, so that is very bad, the patient during the illness , Is to timely reduce sexual life.

3, prostate health care should start from the juvenile, if this continuation of life, then the disease will not come to the door, but the disease is very complex, so some patients for treatment is very confident, Now medical technology is so developed, do not worry.


The quality of male sperm, how much is directly related to the fertility of men, so in the disease is not timely to the hospital for treatment, it is likely to affect the baby born after the growth.

Two: Hangzhou men SPA club --- prostate maintenance

The prostate is very rare in the human body, with both inside and outside the secretion of sexual secretory glands. As an exocrine gland, the prostate's daily secretion of 2 ml of prostatic fluid is the main component of XX. As the endocrine glands, prostate secretion of hormones called "prostaglandins."

The prostate is a very troublesome thing, young to rely on it to secrete the relevant liquid and hormones, to complete the sex life and child education work.

Or a lot of people have not done the prostate health care, since everyone on this aspect of the health needs are more, simply write down, in the form of words and we communicate, until there is time to do the museum to do health care, do know when What happened, and will not feel nervous.

Prostate massage therapy is through regular prostate massage, drainage of prostatic fluid. Improve local blood circulation, discharge of inflammatory substances and to lift the secretion of prostate secretion. A therapy that encourages the absorption and regression of inflammation.

Prostate massage methods for storage and chronic bacterial prostatitis. Is a treatment. Some people think that the therapeutic significance of this therapy can even exceed antibiotics. Where the glands are full, soft, purulent secretions are particularly applicable. Is a diagnostic method.

Prostate massage specific methods of operation: massage. After cleaning the anus, the patient removed squatting or lateral flexion. A hand index finger to wear a finger, into the anus, about 5-6cm place to touch the rectum before the wall there is a walnut-sized organs, this is the prostate, probably can touch into the left and right leaves, Shallow ditch) with the index finger of the last knuckles on the prostate rectum, from outside to inside the order of the prostate gently pressed, both from the glands on both sides to the midline of the press 3 - 4 times, and then from the central The ditch flows from the top to the outside of the urethra to the prostatic fluid.

Each massage 3 - 5 minutes to each have a prostatic fluid discharge from the urethra is better, massage must be gentle, each massage treatment at least 3 days interval, the general massage 1 - 2 times a week. After the massage is completed, the patient should urinate immediately, so that the inflammatory secretions remaining in the urethra can be discharged with the urine.

Massage more stress strength and location of the accuracy, if these two are not in place, the effect is obviously greatly reduced. In addition, advocate immediately after the completion of urination urination, can be accumulated in the urethra in the inflammatory secretions with urine.


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Reporter: personal experience Hangzhou comrades bath small black house "Make love"

In early April, I went to Hangzhou to do AIDS topics, the first time into the comrades bath.

Is catching up with Ching Ming Festival, Hangzhou is full of tourists, I hid in the hotel, the interview is about in the afternoon, the restaurant or coffee shop. Before leaving, I have concerns, and HIV infection will not happen accidentally, they will not revenge the community, do not eat together, etc., my parents asked me where to go, I told him truthfully, they let me Do not go to the topic. Shanghai, a friend told me that he had emergency treatment of drugs, if unfortunately infected, flew to Shanghai, 24 hours to take his drug just blocked. I advise myself - life and death have life and wealth in the days, to Hangzhou.

Met, everything was steady down. I and three college students infected with AIDS, from the same dish picking vegetables, no strange, I respect them, they also open the heart, a chat is an afternoon. Small C students are relatively mature, eyes very bright, watery, but reveals the vicissitudes of life and helplessness, can feel the grief of his body; small M students some does not matter, bearish the AIDS infection, he did not go to medicine, said to To find a good weather was willing to leave, but also afraid of their motion sickness, he looks very delicate, white, than most girls beautiful, gentle, and sometimes eat, will deliberately stick out his tongue, with provocative, I shook his head, I am straight male, do not seduce. "He hey smile; small D students are very introverted, sit down and face red, a long while do not speak, his father is very old, the mother is not good, from childhood he was bullied , The students or the teacher's curse or fight, I asked him how to do, he said only forbearance, he said long to see through life and death, but do not want to walk in front of their parents, "If my parents passed away, I will soon follow It 's really nothing to live.

Face a small D, my cigarette one by one, do not know how to comfort or persuade him, in the evening, his friend called, about to go to the West Lake, small D go after I am a person in the restaurant Sitting for a long time, you do not understand, but it is ordinary people's life.

I have been in contact with LGBT people for four or five years, from the end of 2010 in the "Sports Illustrated" to do the cover of gay sports, met Li Yinhe, Beijing comrades center Fan Pupao, "comrades and mortals" director Wei Jianang, "Point" magazine editor Zhao Ke, the destination bar Zhang Yi, who, after my comrades around more and more friends, and they get along easily, happy, and straight men and girls get along very different feel. This kind of communication, the most important thing is still trust.

AIDS, I was the first in-depth contact, in order to more comprehensive experience, the evening of April 4, I went to Hangzhou, a comrade bath, Zhejiang love working group leader Wang L where the collusion, the bath with them Of the AIDS testing room. Wang L is the location of Zhejiang Province GAY circle where the characters, he several bars in Hangzhou, parks, baths with AIDS detection points, he and Hangzhou CDC cooperation, the other party to buy services.

That night, Wang L a white coat in the bath door waiting for me, took me in, he perennial here, face cooked, help me save 40 yuan tickets. A step into the comrades bath threshold, my heart suddenly accelerated, bowed through the front desk, and then through a few rows of lockers, and quickly into the love of the working group of AIDS testing room, for me, here is safe. The detection room is a partition, there is a nurse, as well as the working group of volunteers lobular, the table with blood equipment, test strips, etc., the door after the box with a large number of comrades (anal sets), these Free release, if you do the test, but also gift towels and so on.

Comrades bath, straight men do not allow access, otherwise it will be bang, no women. Afraid of attention, my identity has become a AIDS test volunteers. The door of the detection room facing the rest of the bath hall, with a dozen chairs, men or sitting or lying, smoking, chatting, approaching, big screen TV broadcast is VCD, ten years ago pop songs. The other side of the test room opened a small window, through the window to see, there is a table tennis table, two people are playing, sitting around a few people, waiting for access. Some people's skills are quite high, spin fierce, buckle kill ruthless, lobular said that they are outside and straight male play less, feel less, to comrades bath is to play the ball.

Through the window can see a few rows of lockers, some people will contain Cypriot, locked into the hall; some people put on bathing, bath to the second floor of the bath; some people wash After the bath, come and see the phone. I think they look like, I thought these people are comrades ah! How and I usually see the difference between people nothing. They are older, do not laugh, solemnly, like you and me around the leadership.

This comrades bath for many years, the facilities a little old, come in the people to play the cultural level is not high, to see the king of the AIDS test registration form, their degree of education are mostly junior high school, high school bath to bath People on the older, "uncle" mainly, but also good, that night I saw a few handsome little fresh meat, they specifically come here to find "uncle."

Some comrades will take the initiative to go into the testing room to do HIV testing, in most cases, rely on the love of the working group of people take the initiative to ask, "Do you want to be a test, free." Comrades will first wait at the door to see someone coming , Will be followed up. Detection is divided into oral saliva detection and blood test, blood test of high accuracy, blood, the fourth generation of HIV test paper in South Korea and the United States Abbott test paper, the drop of a drop of blood, wait 15-20 minutes, if the test paper A red bar, negative, safe. If two, positive, infection.

I stood in the test room, surrounded by a "new world", I was surrounded by a group of "new human", they are also very curious about my arrival, all thought I was playing GAY, even if I said I was volunteer By. A few young comrades first squinted his eyes, staring at me, I surprised a moment, also looked at him, this look bad, their eyes stare more tight, reveals a charm, I know, This is in the prey, I hastened to look away, they asked Wang L and leaflets, who I am, Wang L and lobular explanation, is the staff, and then add a "straight male. You do not find him." They ridicule a few , "How I fancy are straight men." Turned away.

Lobular said to me, where people say ten sentences are nine false.

There is a big brother, less than 40 years old, dressed neat, in the detection of the outside to see me, came in, Wang L recognized him, just a few days ago just done testing. This big brother sitting next to me, playing the phone, looked up to see me, I naturally dare not accost with him, after he has been around me, where I go, he just to where, but he did not harass, Lobular said: he is interesting to you, want to take you out.

On the weekend and holidays, this comrades bath show, will come to a special performance group, by the transsexuals (I am not sure), disguise, comrades and other components, the actors are men before, when the performance of women Famous Ching Ming holiday performance is particularly lively, starting at 8 o'clock, continued to 22 points.

I was out of the detection room, through the door of the lounge, turn into it, which is a larger lounge, the front of the lounge is a stage, hanging above a piece of cloth, saying "XXX night" Very old, it seems that the performance is a fixed section of the perennial here. This lounge has more chairs and men, in order to see the show, they are pushed to the front row, a good position.

A lot of people, like the big dance floor into the Beijing destination bar, you have to squeeze into the hard, I always be careful, but wearing clothes and shoes, accidentally stepped on a comrade's feet, he stared at me, it is estimated that pain Because he was wearing a bathrobe, barefoot, I said sorry. Leaves pulled me to the front of the stage oblique a corner, where there are baffle cover, baffle 1 m 5 high, under the baffle is a few beds, lying on the bed like a smoke of the sluggish men, some bed Is a person, some are two men touch each other.

Lobular opened a bed of quilt angle, stepped up, so I stepped up, even though this bed is still lying on a man, but he did not ignore us, like just finished love, no energy. We looked at the show. Before Wang L told me, try not to take pictures, they will be disgusted, if the film, be sure to turn off the flash.

The performance of this group surprised me, laughing curse without losing professional standards, programs have solo, group chorus, model catwalk, essays and so on. When the catwalk, the man is the body of the actors, tight cheongsam show sexy, a few people Long chest, a long hair, it is beautiful, step also go professional, the audience are quiet down the comrades, quietly With the darkness of the cigarette fire, a phone screen light, take pictures, more than one person.

Chrysanthemum said that the situation of these actors is not good, wages are very low, only by the runway show to make money, but now for their performances less and less places, after all, is not a bright performance.

I was standing on the bed, looked down, is an uncle leaning on my body, then my reaction is very large, one To open him, shouting "away!" Uncle is also shocked, looked up at me, I do not know how, and leaflets see, waved his hand and said, "He is not." Uncle quietly walked away The Xiao Ye said that comrades and heterosexual "prey way" is not the same, you open comrades, he will not be pestering you, not like a heterosexual as stalker. Later, there are two comrades close, I and the leaflets pushed them, lobular found the problem, he and I changed the position, so I stood inside, the body close to the baffle, to protect themselves. Lobular it, he is bisexual, stay in this bath for some time, failing to cope.

y body is less than 3 meters behind, is a small black house, comrades in which sex, or oral or masturbation. I turned my head glancing, from inside to see inside, but can see someone into and out, but also to see the small black house space is not large. Little leaf introduction, small black house and no partition, my brain make up the next, if the sex, it should be qunjiao scenes. From the house out of the men lying on my bed at the foot of rest, I dare not think, staring at the stage, while attention to people around, do not suffer harassment.

Comrades bath people how to strike up, engage in it? First look under the dress, into the bath, if he put on a bathing, bright "I want to make love here"; if he is wearing clothes, there may be fun , Look at the show, there may also be from the bath with people out to open room. For example, the big brother who is eyeing me, he has been around me, but he is very rules from beginning to end, lobular said a word, "This and heterosexual, like your words, not a come on how, those who move The people just want to play it. "

Comrades wearing bathrobes are starting to look for prey. My side of the pair, they are the beginning of this side to touch the other side, if the other party did not object to the reaction, his action will be greater, touch the scope will be more private, bold, if the other has a feeling, Two people count "match" success, or handle, or embrace into the small black house. Also do not look at each other, and pushed away like a refusal.

A handsome face, tall, long face with a star who caught my attention, lobular said he often came, he likes uncle. The young man into and out of the small black house several times, analysis of his "by", because the love of men and men and women love the same, "attack" party will consume a lot of physical strength. A bit strange, when my mind actually rose a sense of regret, for him? Is for them They do not wear a wear it, if not wear, but also qunjiao, that sex disease will not be in this flood. I really see, Wang L free free anal circumcision, a lot of people do not; the same time, this bath of people's culture is not high, self-protection awareness will not be more bar.

I am very curious about the bath, I thought if it was VICE to shoot a video, or "New Yorker" to write a very good report! I asked a lot of problems lobular, he one by one Answer, he said Hangzhou comrades bath with the characteristics of the city of Hangzhou, literature, petty bourgeoisie, he went to Tianjin comrades bath, where the rest room to see people, all in the small black house "flap". I asked that it is not gathered people fornication, lobular said that this gives the gay community a vent, the community will be much less rape and other violent crime cases.

Wang L did not see the show, stay in the test room. Lobular has been with me, the performance of the audience interaction, a middle-aged comrades, I heard a university professor, he came to sing a song, voice vigorous, singing professional, applause everywhere, I also muster palm. He often come here, only here to the cabinet, here to give him the real warmth, the stage he was full of smile.

The performance is nearing the end, was actually an educational theme of the main theme, about a young man to work in the city, was cheated money, penniless on his way to rob a woman, was caught in the prison, the mother He sang a window of tears. This is the lowest show of the audience.

After the performance of the show, the crowd also spread out. I went back to the test room and saw the scene I wrote in the article, a 28-year-old young man was detected AIDS, he said that two years ago was brought into the comrades circle, only a few times no Set of sexual behavior. He has a fiancee, the intention to marry this year, he did not know how to deal with. Because I was going to interview, Wang L only stay in the house, other people are out. Wang L to his popularity of AIDS knowledge and the next step in the detection of treatment of drug information, I saw the young man's hand has been shaking, uncontrollable, eyes kept blinking, eyes turn around. Wang L said to him, you think about how and his fiancee said, or the other had to come to the door. Indeed, if the woman's parents know that her daughter was passed on AIDS, what would happen?

22:30, the whistle sounded in the bath, to clear the field. Bath staff began to clean and return items. Where the night had to pay 50 yuan. Leaving the night, mostly to make love. Detection of the room outside the lounge in the lounge, the men have begun to touch each other up, a look, I do not want to read, afraid to see them on the spot sex. Wang L said that this time is the time for men to make love, 5,6 o'clock tomorrow morning they will do it again, because catch up with the erection.

Some tired, I with the king L and leaflets and others out of the bath, outside like the night out of the nightclub, still gathered a lot of people, drunk feeling, like in the next step to discuss the place. I admit that I have discomfort, I am afraid I have to admit that all this is not normal (the environment is too Biequ), but the question is: Who is all caused by it? I am afraid not blame homosexuals. Xiao Ye said that because of the transformation of the city, this comrades bath to be demolished, then they will go where? Performance team where? Bath gives a warm, this warm and where to look for?

I got back to the hotel. That night saw and heard let me thoughts mess, his head buzzing, too many scenes and incredible is the first time I see, the picture can not pull out, struggling in the mind. Naturally sleep, suddenly I sat up and asked myself, "I am okay! Will not be interested in a woman ... ..."

Made a now think of some ridiculous things, downstairs, a taxi, went straight to a club (regular), made a SPA, for the test whether I was straight male! Service is a Chongqing sister, very beautiful , The body is very tall, gentle words, so I like - Well, I did not bend.

The end.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Hangzhou Picture

Hangzhou, referred to as Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, located in the southeast coast of China, northern Zhejiang Province, the lower reaches of the Qiantang River, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal at the southern end of Zhejiang Province is the political, economic, cultural and financial center of the Yangtze River Delta, one of China One of the e-commerce center. As of 2015, Hangzhou has nine districts, two counties, two county-level cities, with a total area of ​​16,596 square kilometers, the built-up area of ​​701.8 square kilometers, the resident population of 9018000 people, urbanization rate of 75.3%.

Hangzhou since the Qin Dynasty set up since the county has 2200 years of history, was Wu Yueguo and the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, China is one of the seven ancient capitals. Because of beautiful scenery, known as "paradise on earth" in the world. Hangzhou, thanks to the convenience of the Jinghang Canal and the treaty ports, as well as its own developed silk and grain industry, has historically been an important commercial hub. Later, relying on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway and other railway lines opened to traffic and Shanghai in the import and export trade, led the rapid development of light industry.

Hangzhou, a large number of cultural monuments, the West Lake and its surrounding a large number of natural and cultural landscape remains. The main representative of the unique culture of the West Lake culture, Liangzhu culture, silk culture, tea culture, as well as many stories handed down from the Hangzhou cultural representative.

History of Hangzhou

Xiaoshan cross Lake Bridge site excavation confirmed as early as 8000 years ago, there are human beings in this reproduction, 5,000 years ago, Yuhang Liangzhu culture known as "the dawn of civilization." Hangzhou before the Zhou Dynasty, is a "domain of Yangzhou." Legend in the summer flood control, The country is divided into Kyushu, the vast area south of the Yangtze River are generally called Yangzhou. Twenty-first Century BC, the summer Yu Nan tour, the Assembly princes in Hueiji (now Shaoxing), had sailed through the boat here, and homes its Hang ( "Hang" is the ark) here, hence the name "Yuhang". Yu said that Yu built this boat to the crossing, the more people here for the "Yu Hang", then, oral tradition, correct "Yu" as "Yu", is the name "Yuhang." Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Yue, hegemony between the two countries, Hangzhou, the first is more, after the Wu, Yue Wu off after the complex is more. Warring States period, Chu off the country, Hangzhou, and classified Chu.

Qin unified the six countries, the foothills in the founding of the county government, said Qian Tang, is Hueiji County. "Historical Records Qin Shihuang Ji" in the record: "thirty-seven years in October Gou Chou, Shi Huang trips ... ... Danyang, to the money Tang, Pro Zhejiang, water wave evil ... ..." This is the earliest records of historical records "Qian Tang" . At that time, or with the tide of the beach, the West Lake has not yet formed.

The Western Han Dynasty Qin system, Hangzhou still known as Qian Tang. New Mang was changed to Qian Tang County; to the Eastern Han Dynasty, resettlement Qian Tangxian, is Wu Jun. At this time Hangzhou water conservancy construction began to take shape, and from the Pine Mountain to Wansong Ling built the first seawall, the West Lake began with the sea cut off, as the lake. Han Geography records: Qian Tang, the western Du Wei governance. Martial arts mountain, martial arts out of the water, the East into the sea, line eight hundred and thirty, Mang said spring Pavilion. ...

Three Kingdoms, Jin, Hangzhou is Wu Jun, go to ancient Yangzhou. The first year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (326 years), the Indian Buddhist Huili built under the klippe Lingyin Temple, is the oldest jungle building in West Lake. Liang Taiqing three years (549 years), Hou Jing Sheng Qian Tang County for Linjiang County. Chen Zhenming the first year (587 years), but also money Tang County, jurisdiction money Tang, Yu Qian, Fuyang, Metro four counties, is Wuzhou.

After the establishment of the Sui Dynasty, in the Kaihuang nine years (589 years) waste county for the state, "Hangzhou" in the name first appeared. Under the jurisdiction of Qian Tang, Yuhang, Fuyang, Yanguan, Yu Qian, Wukang six counties. State in early Yuhang, the following year Qian Tang. Kaihuang eleven years, in Phoenix Mountain Hill fortification, "Wednesday sixteen ninety step", which is the first of the Hangzhou city. Great cause three years (607 years), set to Yuhang county. Six years, Yang Su cut through the Jiangnan Canal, starting from Jiangsu Zhenjiang, the Suzhou, Jiaxing and other places up to Hangzhou, a total length of more than 400 kilometers, since then, Gong Chenqiao become the starting point of the Grand Canal. This important geographical position, promote the rapid economic and cultural development of Hangzhou. At this time Yuhang County households 15380, Hangzhou account statistics began.

Tang Dynasty, home Hangzhou County, spin change Yuhang County, where the money Tang. Due to avoid the country taboo, in Wude four years (621 years) to change "Qian Tang" as "Qiantang". Taizong is Jiangnan Road, Tianbao the first year (742 years) complex Yuhang County, is a southern host. Qian Yuan (758 years) and changed to Hangzhou, Zhejiang West Road Jiedu, state rule in Qiantang, jurisdiction Qiantang, Yanguan, Fuyang, Metro, Yuhang, Lin'an, Yu Qian, Tangshan eight counties. To the late Tang Dynasty, Hangzhou is a "Pianqiang twenty miles, open Stanford thirty thousand rooms," the thriving scene. Each year the court received from the Hangzhou business tax up to 50 million cord, accounting for almost 4% of national revenue. In Yuan and eight years (812) the Central Government appointed Lu Yuanfu as the governor of Hangzhou has appeared in the "Jiangnan County, Yuhang for the big" praise.

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, Wu Yueguo southeast, capital in Hangzhou. At that time, Hangzhou, rule in Qiantang, jurisdiction Qiantang, Qianjiang, Yuhang, Anguo, Yu Qian, Tangshan, Fuyang, Metro eight counties. In the three generations of Wu and Yue, under the rule of the five emperors in 85 years, through the hard work of the working people to open up and build, Hangzhou developed into a national economic prosperity and cultural blend of land. Ouyang Xiu in "there is a US Church in mind," there is such a description: "Qiantang since the Five Dynasties, the trouble-free, and its well-being of the well-being of the people happy.There are more than ten thousand ring to Hushan around the map, "Built in the palace, as the national rule, but also in the periphery to build a" city of Rochester, "around the 70", "the city of Hangzhou, , As a defense. According to "Wu Yue prepared history" records, the capital, west of Qin Wang Shan, along the Qiantang River to Jianggan, near the Qiantang Lake (West Lake) to Baoshi Hill, northeast to Genshan door. To shape the waist drum, it has "drum city," said.

In the Qiantang River, the use of "stone hoarding pile method" to build more than 100 years in the shore bank protection; also built along the Qiantang River Longshan, Zhejiang two gate to prevent the salt water intrusion , Reduce the risk of suffering, expanding flat land. The use of migrant workers chiseled the river in the stone beach, so that the waterway is smooth, and promote the coastal areas with water traffic.

In the Northern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou Road for the two Zhejiang Road. Chunhua five years (994), change the military number for the Ninghai Jiedushi. Grand first year (1107) was promoted to Shuai House, jurisdiction Qiantang, Renhe, Yuhang, Lin'an, in the potential, Changhua, Fuyang, new board, Yanguan nine counties. At that time the population has reached more than 20 million for the southern most populous counties. Economic prosperity, textile, printing, wine, paper industry are more developed, further development of foreign trade, is one of the four major commercial port. Hangzhou has served as local officials, attaches great importance to the West Lake remediation. Yuanyuan four years (1089), the famous poet Su known as the state of Hangzhou, re-dredging the West Lake, with the excavated feng mud, piled into a long levee across the north and south (Sir Georg Solti), there are six bridges, , Liu, Hibiscus, so that more beautiful landscaping. Also opened Maoshan, salt bridge two rivers, and then sparse six wells, so that halogen is not the market, the people said it will drink. According to "History of the Song Dynasty," Volume 88 "Geography" set, the Northern Song Dynasty Chongning years (1101-1106) account figures and Yuan Fengnian roughly equal, the number of households reached 203574, population of 296,615. Song Renzong has a poem to give Mei Zhi Zhi Hangzhou in Hangzhou for the southeast of the first state of praise.

Thus, in the Southern Song before the capital, Hangzhou is the largest number of Jiangnan population of the state.After the Northern Song Dynasty more than 150 years of development, to the Southern Song Dynasty, the beginning of the heyday of Hangzhou. Southern Song Jian Yan three years (1129) was promoted to Lin'an House, where the rule Qiantang. Jurisdiction over Qiantang, Renhe, Lin'an, Yuhang, Yu Qian, Changhua, Fuyang, Metro, Salt Palace nine counties, roughly the same area and the Tang Dynasty. Shaoxing eight years (1138) in this capital, Hangzhou city wall and thus a major expansion, was divided into inner and outer city. Inner City, the Imperial City, a radius of nine years, surrounded by Phoenix Mountain, north Fengshan door, south of Jianggan, West Wansong Ling, east to the tide door, within the Imperial City, the construction of the house, Church, House, There are many palace and imperial garden. Outside the city south of Wu Shan, north of Wulin Gate, right with the West Lake, left Qiantang River, magnificent momentum. Set up 13 gates, moat outside the city. As a result of many people in the north with the court south, so Lin'an House population surge. To Xianchun years (1265 ~ 1274), residents increased to more than 124 million people (including the county). Hangzhou city where the Qiantang, Ren and two counties, the population has reached 43 million people.

Yuan to thirteen years (1276), located two Zhejiang University Dudu Fu, and set up to appease the Secretary, fifteen years (1278) or Hangzhou Road, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.Ming Road, Hangzhou, Hangzhou to change government, as the Executive Council of Zhejiang Cheng Xuan.Qing Dynasty Shunzhi 2 years (1645), Zhejiang governor, in Hangzhou, the first year of Emperor Kangxi (1662), Zhejiang Cheng Xuanzheng administrative division to Zhejiang province, Hangzhou for the provincial capital.The early Qing Dynasty, in Hangzhou West along the West Lake area to build "flag camp", commonly known as "Mancheng." Around the city walls, ten miles south of Kaiyuan Road, north of Court Road, east of Zhongshan Road, near the west, including the Lake Park, and the provision of six gates, with a total area of ??1436 acres, becoming Hangzhou "city" Year). Yong Zheng two years (1724), Jiaqing five years (1800), Zhejiang governor Li Wei, governor Ruan Yuan has once again dredging the West Lake, dug a lot of muddy mud, the lake deepened several feet. Hangzhou population continued to increase. Guangxu nine years (1883), Hangzhou has more than 620,000 people. Twenty-one years Guangxu, the Qing government failed in the Sino-Japanese War, was forced to sign the "Treaty of Shimonoseki", Hangzhou opened for the Japanese trading port, Gong Chenqiao into the Japanese concession. With the invasion of capitalist forces and the rise of the Westernization Movement, modern industry in Hangzhou has gradually developed.

The first year of the Republic of China (1912), waste Hangzhou House, the merger of Qiantang, Renhe County for Hang County, is still the seat of the provincial capital. In 3 years (1914) set up the system, set Qian Tang Road, Road Yin Hang County. The original jurisdiction of the county under the jurisdiction of the county government Qian Tang Road. In 16 years (1927) waste system, precipitation Hangzhou city located in Hangzhou, directly under the Zhejiang province; the old is the county directly under the province. Since then, Hangzhou established as the city's organizational system, the urban area is divided into eight districts. Then Hangzhou has a small number of modern industry, such as the founder of the Tongyi Gongsi in 1897 (Hangzhou, the first cotton textile mill predecessor), followed by Lu Jixing from the match factory, paper mills, the traditional Hand-woven silk industry has gradually adopted mechanical transmission. 1909 - 1914, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ningbo railway have been completed; length of 1453 meters of the Qiantang River Bridge was completed in 1937. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the unconditional recovery of the Gongchenqiao concession.

From the Opium War more than 100 years, the national strength is weak, the people's livelihood is depressed, Hangzhou city disrepair, industry and commerce is also difficult, many of the West Lake attractions, most dilapidated, some have destroyed. May 3, 1949, Hangzhou was a new life.After the 1950s, Hangzhou's regional scope has undergone constant changes. First, the original eight district was renamed the city, city, city, Jianggan District, West Lake District, Genshan District, Gongshu District, Jianqiao District; , Most of the city into the city, a small part of the city into the next.In early 1990, the Mid-levels and Gongshu District merged, the establishment of a new Gongshu District.In 1994, Hangzhou upgraded to a sub-provincial city.December 12, 1996, the new establishment of Hangzhou Binjiang District. The county is Xiaoshan, Tonglu, Yuhang, Lin'an, Jiande, Fuyang, Chun'an seven counties (cities).March 12, 2001, the Hangzhou Municipal Government officially announced that the State Council and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government approved the revocation of Xiaoshan City and Yuhang City, while the establishment of Xiaoshan District and Yuhang District, together with the former Hangzhou District 6 constitute a new Hangzhou, After the new urban area of Hangzhou from the original six districts to eight districts.December 13, 2014, the State Council approved the revocation of Fuyang City, the establishment of Fuyang District, Hangzhou. Fuyang City, the former administrative region of the administrative region of Fuyang District, Fuyang District People's Government in Fuchun Street, Osmanthus Road on the 25th. Fuyang District, Hangzhou City to become the ninth city area.October 1, 2016, approved by the State Council and the Zhejiang Provincial People 's Government approved the consent of the Hangzhou Municipal People' s Government by the Gongshu District Ring Road 318, moved to Jianggan District Jiefang East Road on the 18th.

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