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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Qingdao Shangri-La Hotel Picture
Qingdao Shangri-La Hotel Map Picture

Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao

4.6 Qingdao Gay Men Massage Shangri-La Hotel Picture

5-star hotel

Qingdao Gay Men Massage Shangri-La Hotel Picture
Qingdao Gay Men Massage Shangri-La Hotel Picture

Address: 9 Xianggang Middle Rd, Shinan Qu, Qingdao Shi,

Shandong Sheng,China, 266000

Phone: +86 532 8388 3838

Hotel details

Set in the Central Business District, this luxury hotel with a glass facade is an 11-minute walk from May Fourth Square and 3 km from No.2 Bathing Beach on the Yellow Sea.

Featuring free Wi-Fi and city views, the modern rooms come with flat-screen TVs, minibars, and tea and coffeemaking facilities. Upgraded rooms provide sea views. Elegant club rooms and suites with separate living areas offer private-lounge access; some have kitchenettes or 24-hour butler service.

Amenities include a city-view lounge, Mediterranean dining and an international buffet (no charge for kids 5 and under). There’s a fitness room, an indoor pool.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Qingdao,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Qingdao coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

Coolifespa gay men massage - gym

Coolifespa gay men massage Reminder: Do not form exercise addiction.

Under normal circumstances, the first time to participate in fitness training will feel very excited, especially when the effect of exercise. This greatly motivates you to participate more in exercise. However, some people into the gym can not wait to invest in high-intensity exercise, while ignoring the warm-up before the exercise. And excessive training often makes yourself exhausted, affecting normal life and work. In this regard, the US Training Committee spokesman Richard Coon pointed out that fitness is a long-term project, do not want to become a fitness day.

Wake up and train in the morning, two important hours of your meal.

In the hard training at the same time, you need to increase the need, if you do not eat in the morning, then you will feel hungry later in the training. Dr. Jacqui Berne, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado State University, said the morning should contain more carbohydrates and some protein. Egg white is a better choice. In addition, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereals are also a good choice. After training, you should eat immediately, because then your body needs to add the energy consumed. Eating should contain carbohydrates, protein, water, etc., of course, there are delicious snacks.

In the free time, you can try to go to Beijing health club to see, look at the environment here and the project description, there will certainly be a suitable for you. Everyone's health is not the same, so the problem is not the same, Beijing Health Club is to solve these complex problems and appear.

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Men's spa helps with blood circulation

In daily life, we will often see a lot of people go to the men spa spa spa, why they will go here to do the spa? It is because the spa can help them relax, conditioning the body function, and physical discomfort, you can get a good solution here.

That's why it's getting more and more reasons to open a men's spa club. In the past, people always think that women are more favored in this regard, in fact, for the community now male friends are also very much need to do the spa.

Male friends also need a good body and mind, so as to better work to live in order to have a better future.

In fact, look at the men are the main force of this society, hard to run for the family. But some people think that men do men's spa is a waste, in fact, this is wrong.

Although the physical fitness of men than women's physical better, but this does not mean that men will not tired will not fatigue. So do not care how others see, because only the body is their own. Sometimes the body appears a little discomfort, and the pressure is too large, it is necessary to do the men's spa, because it can help get through the meridians, you can make the body's blood circulation better, can effectively eliminate the fatigue, less The various factors of injury.

So for men, the men spa is very good.

Ordinary days, free time, you can about friends or customers to do the men's spa, not only can enhance the feelings of deepening exchanges, but also enjoy the men's spa to bring comfort, enjoy them, when the mood is happy, born a pair of success The rate will be higher.

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After 30 years of age men should pay attention to their own health

30 years later to pay attention to the man to the middle age, the burden on the shoulders heavier than the young when many, and the body is always not as good as the former feeling, always feel tired. It is necessary to assume the responsibility of the family and society, but also to face the working conditions, physical function and other changes. So, a lot of things you can not be free to do so.

People often say that the young is the time to change money with health, and people to pay attention to middle-aged health, is to use money to change the health of the time. In fact, even if you spend a lot of money to "buy" health may not be able to do, as long as the eating habits, lifestyle and mental state to make the necessary adjustments, middle-aged men's physical condition can still be full of energy to adapt to new changes The need to make the appropriate adjustments in the following areas.

Get rid of bad eating habits

Should strictly control or quit the health and injury "sexual" smoking and alcohol abuse. At the same time in the diet to increase the proportion of meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts, they can enhance people's sexual desire, increase trace elements, is conducive to human health.

Control weight growth

Modern society, people do not have to worry about food and clothing, due to diet and the emergence of "big fat" frequency increased significantly. Excessive obesity makes the body to bear the heavy burden, and may be overwhelmed. In addition, obesity is also easy to induce many diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and so on.

Choose the right project, carry out appropriate sports activities

People to middle age, their physical strength in the downhill, easy fatigue, love lazy, life covet ease, work obsessed with leisurely. Walking, jogging, climbing stairs and other physical exercise can enhance the physical and general resistance to disease, and can consume excess energy to maintain the stability of the weight. But too intense exercise and some riding around the sport, such as intense athletic sports, long time riding a bike is harmful, should be avoided as much as possible.

Be good at managing your own emotions

Middle-aged family trivia more work tasks, emotional easy to fluctuate. People in the anger, the mood changes, sympathetic extreme excitement, increased adrenaline secretion, heart rate, blood pressure, the body's blood circulation is not adjusted, the normal physiological function of the organs are disturbed, easily lead to gastrointestinal ulcers, Coronary heart disease and so on. To indulge fame and fortune, not for money, fame and fortune, status and too hard, too aggressive, bad mood will not only lead to various diseases, but also affect family relations.

Middle-aged man to keep sex

Harmony and happy life is beneficial to the human body's spiritual pleasure, health and longevity. Therefore, it is recommended in the daily life to constantly close the feelings of husband and wife, while paying attention to the rationality of sexual life and restraint, sexual life process should not be absent-minded; physical and mental poor, do not force their own sexual life; Reduce the number of sexual life, so that sexual energy has a certain storage; for the presence of hypogonadism, can be small, short-term supplement androgen to enhance sexual function, but must be under the guidance of a specialist. In addition, to prevent extra-marital sexual behavior and sexual intercourse, so as not to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

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Concerned about health, love life, health battles

Chapter 1: Health Battle

Concerned about health, love life, this is a well-known thing, but also one of the current global hot topic. But how to "defend" good health, as if most people's awareness is not very high.

According to statistics, the current trend of sub-health of the body increased year by year, suddenly the age of sudden death from the old to the less. To effectively improve the body's adverse conditions, improve their immunity, we should pay attention to conditioning, adjust their daily habits.

【diet】From the medical point of view, the disease is mostly from the mouth. If the advance to their own body to do a full range of physical examination, and remove the geographical environment and genetic factors and family eating habits, generally from the taste can be initially judged, the body lack of nutrition.

Such as people who like sweets, should be appropriate to add some energy. Through the three meals a day to improve nutritional imbalance, usually eat lean meat, fish, beans, yam, eggs and other energy intake of amino acids. Eat high sugar foods. Attention to observation, changes in the body's insulin metabolism.

Greedy people, not necessarily what people usually call greedy, may be the body of amino acids or iron and other minerals caused by the lack of. Should eat more peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds, mushrooms and other fragrant food instead of meat. Peanuts are known as "long fruit" one that contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, to promote human brain cell development, enhance the role of memory.

Soybean nutrition comprehensive, rich in protein, a variety of amino acids, etc., have enhanced immune function. Sesame seeds contain a variety of vitamins, rich in protein, antioxidants and so on. Fragrant Ru also contains a variety of vitamins, known as "King of the mountain," said, is a high protein, low fat nutrition health food. Eat spicy and greasy food, control of meat and high calorie diet, effectively prevent the "three high" (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids) growth.

Taste too salty people, on the one hand is the body of sodium, iron, calcium, potassium, on the other hand may also be caused by too much pressure on life. Nutritionists suggest that eat more vegetables, fruits, a small amount of salt, keep light taste. Cooking can put vinegar, pepper and other flavor. Learn to self-relax the spirit, relieve fatigue caused by excessive salt damage to the kidneys.

[The amount of movement] French thinker Voltaire has proposed: "life is the movement", this sentence in the end how many people do not know. But now there is scientific proof, the movement should be based on personal physical fitness, not everyone is suitable for running, jumping and other strenuous exercise. There is to understand the correct movement time, by now the impact of PM2.5 (fine particles), the morning air quality is the worst, not the best time to exercise, the general afternoon or evening is better.

Some people think that "resting" can also be selected as a good way to exercise. A person's longevity or not, is the innate gene and acquired care to decide, not entirely rely on the amount of exercise to decide, a lot of practical things also proved that excessive exercise does not necessarily longevity. Resting is not exclusive exercise, you can practice tai chi, yoga, qigong, aerobics, shake empty bamboo, yangko dance, as far as possible in a quiet, slow form to mediate their own body.

From a certain point of view, each person's physical differences exist, so the movement should be based on their own strength, some people really do not fit strenuous exercise. For example: physical weakness. Because the strength of the people is limited, for the weak physique, if involved in sports, will consume more vitality, to promote the virtual body plus virtual. There are liver disease, kidney disease patients, if a long time a lot of exercise, easy to aggravate the condition. So the movement Ye Hao, resting worth mentioning, are the pros and cons of coexistence,to be suitable for people.

[Reasonable health] we may say this sentence: "health is the capital of the revolution." Indeed, a person economically rich, superpower, but if the loss of health, then wonderful life will become a paper empty talk.

Cao Cao said: "Ying shrink the period, not only in the days. Yang Yi of the blessing, you can Yongnian"! "Where" raising "refers to health, including diet, living habits, etc." Yue "refers to the happy, spiritual and mental state. This has been explained that the correct health is able to make people longevity.

Health mainly includes the correct understanding of diet, work, sleep, sports, culture and entertainment and many other aspects. Some people because of sedentary, lack of activity, long-term use of computers, etc., may lead to lumbar muscle strain, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, skin damage.

Bad habits, such as excessive entertainment, smoking, excessive drinking, lack of exercise, overwork, excessive stress caused by mental stress, are harmful to human health adverse factors. Coupled with lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep, if long in this state, at any time may be suffering from varying degrees of disease.

Foreign medical experts have done statistics, the human social disease, most of the emotions related to people. This sentiment is internal. That is, China's traditional Chinese medicine referred to the "seven emotions" (hi, anger, worry, thinking, scared, fear, sad). It was also said that through sports, can ease the tension, anxiety mood. But this is only one-sided understanding, the real control of the mood, or need to have a healthy mind.

I personally agree with the emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, "no disease prevention," "medicine is not as tonic." A person in order to better guarantee the quality of future life, it must do their own health management, which is now people vital things. Have patience and adhere to this long no "pin smoke" self-protection "campaign."

We defended the health of the best way is: appropriate use of health care products, control their own mouth, choose their own way of exercise, with the right way to add the body nutrition. So as to stay away from sub-health away from the disease.

Two: Nine nine pass Baoji not wrong school injury health injury deeper: network health hot spots

Recently, some health books on the health of the spine in the network popular, including nine strokes, through daily life massage, sleep, lift items, exercise and other methods, so that people correct and treat, prevent spine disease, by the majority of office Respected Are these methods really effective? Suitable for everyone? Is the book or a misunderstanding? Reporters invited to the city of a hospital orthopedic director Liu Hongqi, for you to read these "Collection" in the right and wrong.

1, neck pain greatly turned neck

Interpretation: wrong. Large shake may produce dizziness, nausea, pain and other symptoms, cervical spondylosis and vertebral artery type, cervical spondylotic myelopathy should not be done, easy to make the neck or small joints dislocation.

Suggestions: the correct way to exercise the neck and shoulder is a few directions slowly turn, that is bow, up, turn left, turn right.

2, "neck" treatment of cervical muscle strain

Interpretation: wrong. The correct massage can indeed make the body nervous, stiff muscle relaxation, the spine also has some benefits. Pull the law (commonly known as "neck") is not the most important way to treat cervical muscle strain and cervical spondylosis, although it may help to spasm, anti-inflammatory. But the frequent pull neck, but also may cause ligaments, muscle damage, and even vertebral instability. For those who have had dizziness symptoms of cervical spondylosis patients, may also be due to sudden interruption of the vertebral artery and vertigo aggravated even fainting.

Recommendations: different types of symptoms and treatment of cervical spondylosis are not the same, so the symptoms of cervical spondylosis should be promptly to the hospital for treatment, can not be casually kneading to avoid aggravating the condition.

3, do not single heavy objects

Interpretation: yes. Many people like to use a portable weight, so easy to make side of the lumbar muscle damage caused by pain. In addition to lift the weight and legs upright bending or twisting the body, things over the shoulder and so are bad habits, long-term will lead to lumbar injury.

Recommendation: When encountering heavy objects, should be two-handed weight of heavy power, so that the lumbar even force. Move things to squat or knees lift, lift objects close to the body, the legs force, so as not to increase the burden on the lumbar spine.

4, vigorous massage to be effective

Interpretation: wrong. General health massage normal feeling is a certain soreness, if the pain to the unbearable is not normal, most likely cause soft tissue contusion and subcutaneous bleeding.

Recommendation: early symptoms of cervical spondylosis is very light when not to massage the hospital, should go to the hospital to check the cervical no lesions before the choice of massage. Massage can not let non-professionals twisted neck, pull the waist, step back, because these parts are the key parts of the people, poor handling may be paralyzed or fatal. To know how to distinguish massage strength, if the pain can not stand should immediately stop.

5, do not sleep pillow anti-cervical spondylosis

Interpretation: not necessarily. The role of the pillow is to keep the head and lumbar balance, so as not to make cervical pressure; like different sleeping position, you can choose a different height of the pillow. When sleeping down, the height of the pillow is suitable for 5 to 8 cm. Recommendation: cervical patients can sleep pillow, but should choose a little soft but without losing the hardness of the pillow. On the one hand can reduce the pressure between the pillow and scalp, on the other hand make the blood from the smaller pressure through the place.

6, do not have a gesture for too long

Interpretation: yes. Keep a posture for a long time, it will cause muscle damage, if long-term improvement, it is easy to develop cervical disease.

Recommendation: desk time is generally over 1 hour should be up activities, head back to the back, shrink shoulder and neck muscles. Usually more exercise, enhance the back and shoulder and neck muscle strength, but also to correct the habit of long time flexion. Especially the computer do not put on the side of the desk, it is best for the user. Or long-term sideways to see the computer will let the neck over the unilateral force, the side of the neck muscle pull pain.

7, mattress the more soft the better

Interpretation: wrong. Long-term use of soft mattress will cause the spine due to the weight of the human body to form a low center, the surrounding high state, increase the back of the lateral muscles of the tension, resulting in head and neck position is relatively elevated, thus affecting the cervical curve. A long time will lead to cervical spondylosis.

Recommendation: The best way is to lay on the board in the appropriate thickness, soft and hard mattress or thin mattress. Softness to what extent the most ideal? The public to take the supine position, the palm into the waist can barely into the best.

8, do not lie in bed reading TV

Interpretation: yes. This posture is very hurt the spine, pelvis and knee, over time will make the cervical normal physiological curvature disappeared or even bent to the opposite direction, which will be due to cervical spinal ligament injury caused by the spinal instability.

Recommendation: in the relaxation can also be through the following few small action to protect the cervical spine:

(1) choose a suitable pillow. (2) uplift movement. Sitting in a chair, put his hands on the edge of the chair, support the body, so that the legs and buttocks up to keep this action for 5 seconds, repeated several times. (3) shrink the shoulder. Sit straight, straight spine, put his hands on his legs, so that the shoulders back closer. Keep this posture after 15 seconds and then repeat it several times.

9, everyone can practice yoga

Interpretation: not necessarily. Some practitioners practice excessive, blindly asked beyond the limit, requiring excessive physical flexibility, which will bring harm to the body.

Suggestion: for some of the elderly with lumbar disc herniation, practice yoga can not only treat, and excessive bending but will aggravate the condition. And their spine is not healthy, poor flexibility of the people, but also need to be careful, must be under the guidance of a good yoga instructor to avoid physical exercise due to yoga.

No end, waiting for updates.

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Take a walk back and forth to adjust the heart and lungs

Studies show that 6 to 8 am in the morning, ischemic heart disease, cancer, lung disease and other serious diseases caused by the peak of death; 12 to 13 pm, the liver into the rest stage, the energy began to decline, easy There is fatigue; 6 to 8 pm, blood pressure began to rise, emotional instability. This shows that the human body with the changes in the rhythm of the changes, the above three periods of the body for self-care of the critical moment. Therefore, the scientific use of these three periods, for the protection of physical and mental health is of great significance.

Early warning of heart and lungs

Why do you get up in the morning? We all know that at night to sleep, people are the most quiet time, heart rate is the slowest. Morning, heart rate, vital capacity increased, so early to heart and lungs.

Teach you a move: how to tune it? Very simple, while walking, while rubbing his hand. What concept? Palms have a point called the palace of labor, it is the main point of the heart by heart. Let you rub the purpose of hand, is the massage of this point. You massage the acupuncture points can stimulate the heart, so that organs excited to help the body quickly restore physical fitness. After rubbing his hands, hot in the eyes cover for a while. Please pay attention to cover your eyes, you must not walk, or you may want to fall somersault or hit the wall, insist on doing so every day, the cataract has a very good conditioning effect.

Take a while tired, rubbing the row of missing points (both hands tiger mouth naturally straight cross, one hand index finger in the other hand radial styloid process, the lower part of the fingertips is the point of depression), which is the main points of the lungs. If you cough, sputum, you can not do without rubbing the lack of points. With the heat of the palm back and forth rubbing, while walking while rubbing. Rub finished, but also to the park, playing boxing, practice exercises, dance.

Afternoon sunset

Chinese medicine believes that noon is the day when the yang of the most prosperous, the body's own yang also reached a relatively strong state of the day, at this time in the sun walk, easy to stimulate the body's yang; In addition, when the back of the sun, Then the body of a yang with the strong. Thus, in the noon warm sunshine walk around, can promote the human blood run, speed up the metabolism, inspire the body of the yang.

Teach you a trick: This method is more suitable for the elderly and Yang virtual constitution of the crowd. People to the elderly, the body yang increasingly inadequate, prone to such as cold, evil wind, looking white, shortness of breath fatigue, fatigue, mental malaise, Yaoxisuan soft and cold pain, frequent urination, nocturia and other phenomena The If you can use this walking method, the elderly are very healthy and healthy.

Walking time is generally selected before lunch 11: 00 ~ 12: 00, the degree of exercise to feel warm and comfortable, slightly sweating for the degree.

Late liver and kidney

Why is it too late? We know that Western blood tests are the morning blood up This shows that the most powerful liver and kidney metabolism in the night Liver and kidney metabolism better, detoxification detoxification ability, the better the body. Once the metabolism is not good, the blood dirty things too much, what high blood lipids, high cholesterol, high transaminase problems are out. How to protect liver and kidney, to strengthen its metabolic capacity?

Teach you a trick: every night hot feet, feet in the foot when you do not idle, hands fist, with the fist parallel to the upper and lower spine repeatedly rub kidney acupoints. Through the meridians to stimulate the kidneys, so that the kidneys excited. Chinese medicine says "kidney is innate". Kidney is good or bad, to see the kidney qi enough. If the kidney qi foot, urination on the happy. With the people's argument, the garbage is not on the whole row out of it! You side of the foot side of the rubbing waist, nothing to delay.

Tune the kidney, the bubble finished feet, the bed to sleep. Lying in bed, do not sleep, protect the liver. How to protect the liver? Very simple, supine in bed, his hands up and down the overlap, men left hand in the next, the right hand in the next woman. From the liver here here, according to the stomach, slightly with the point of force, clockwise down, turn 2 to 3 laps, go to the bottom of the abdomen, for 5 times; from the upper part of the abdominal cavity to the bottom of the abdominal cavity 5 times. Clockwise turn 5 times, plus push 5 times, this is called a group, every night to do 10 groups.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Qingdao Picture


It is also known as "Eastern Switzerland". It is located in the southeast coast of Shandong Peninsula, east of Jiaodong Peninsula, and close to the Yellow Sea in the east and the south. It is also known as "Jiaozhou" Across the sea and the Korean Peninsula. Qingdao has an international seaport and a regional hub airport. Qingdao is the provincial city of Shandong Province, the city planning a separate city, deputy provincial cities, the economic center of the city of Shandong Province, the country's first coastal open cities, coastal cities, national historical and cultural city, national civilized city, national health city, National Garden City , The national forest city, is also China's most happy city.

"World Beer City", "the world sailing capital", is approved by the State Council of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone planning core regional leading city. There is a national-level new area (Qingdao West Coast New District), the total economic row of Shanghai Pudong New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area, the third. April 25, 2016, "First Financial Weekly" released a new Chinese city classification ranking list, this list is defined as first-tier cities in Qingdao.

Qingdao is a temperate monsoon climate, including the famous Taoist mountain Laoshan, trestle, Wusi Square, Badaguan, Olympic Sailing Center, gold and silver beaches, the size of Zhushan and other famous attractions, the annual International Beer Festival, International Ocean Festival, International Piano and Violin Competition and other activities.

Qingdao is a historical and cultural city, a large number of historical celebrities, including Lao She, Wen Yiduo, Hong Shen, Shen Congwen, who had lectured in Qingdao. Qingdao is an important national science and education center. As of 2015, there are 24 colleges and universities in Qingdao, including 985 projects or 211 engineering colleges of Shandong University (Qingdao), Ocean University of China, China University of Petroleum.

History of Qingdao

Qingdao is one of the birthplaces of Taoism in China. The Neolithic Age, Qingdao is one of the main areas of Dongyi people survive, leaving a variety of Dawenkou culture, Longshan culture and Yue Shi culture.Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Qingdao is the birthplace of China's sea salt, ranked China's "four ancient salt areas" and "five ancient port."

During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period, Qingdao established the second largest town in Shandong Province - Jimo, "Jimo Gucheng" (Pingdu City) is China's earliest ancient city ruins.Qin Shihuang unified China, the five patrol the world, three Deng Langya (Qingdao Huangdao District). According to records, China's first foreign-related voyage - Xu Fu East Korea, Japan, is set sail from the Langya.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty in the absence of (Chengyang District) Jiaodong Wang done, is recorded in China to Qingdao, the largest number of regional parade of the emperor.During the Tang and Song dynasties, Qingdao, as a "transit station" connecting North-South shipping, became the most important transportation hub and trade port along the northern coast of China. Song, specifically in the town of Banqiao (Jiaozhou City) located "City Ship Division" management of foreign trade.

The Yuan Dynasty, in order to facilitate the maritime transport grain, cut the only sea in China - the Shandong Peninsula through the Jiaolai Canal.During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Qingdao is an important coastal defense fortress in northern China.June 14, 1891, the Qing government fortified in plastic Macao, Qingdao, which built.November 14, 1897, Germany to "Juye lesson plan" as an excuse to occupy Qingdao, Qingdao became a colony.In 1914, the outbreak of the First World War, Japan replaced the German occupation of Qingdao.

In 1919, to recover the sovereignty of Qingdao as the fuse, the outbreak of the "May Fourth Movement", which is China's recent and modern history of the watershed.December 10, 1922, the Chinese government to withdraw Qingdao, Beiyang, turned into commercial port.

In 1929 July, the KMT government set up Qingdao special city, in 1930 was renamed Qingdao city.In January 1938, Japan once again occupied Qingdao.September 1945, the national government to take over Qingdao, is still a special city.June 2, 1949, Qingdao became the last liberated city in North China, Shandong Province, is a city.

In 1981, Qingdao was listed as one of China's 15 economic center cities.In 1984, Qingdao was listed as one of China's 14 coastal open cities.In 1986, Qingdao was listed as one of the five planned cities.In 1994, Qingdao was listed as one of the 15 sub-provincial cities.In 2011, Qingdao was positioned as the leading city in the core area of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone.

June 9, 2014, the State Council approved the consent of the Shandong Provincial Government on the establishment of the new West Coast of Qingdao, the request, the requirements of the Qingdao West Coast New Area into marine science and technology innovation pilot area, deep sea development strategy base, military innovation demonstration area, marine economy International cooperation pilot area, land and sea development pilot area, to explore the national marine economic development of new path to play an exemplary role.

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