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Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Shanghai,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

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Shanghai Gay Men Massage Boy Picture


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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai Picture
Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai Map Picture

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

4.4 Gay Men Massage Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai Picture

5-star hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai
Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai Picture

Address: 500 Weihai Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200041

Phone: +86 21 6256 8888

Hotel details

A 7-minute walk from the shops of West Nanjing Road, this luxury, high-rise hotel is 3.2 km from Bund riverfront promenade.

The warm, plush rooms have satellite TV, Wi-Fi access, coffeemakers and marble bathrooms; some have sofas and walk-in closets. Suites add living rooms and skyline views, while some have kitchens, dining rooms and butler service. Upgraded rooms and suites add breakfast, snacks and cocktails in the 37th-floor club lounge.

There's also a luxe spa offering traditional Chinese treatments, an indoor pool and a 24-hour gym, plus stylish Italian, Asian and steakhouse dining options.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Shanghai,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Shanghai coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

Sleep too late to damage the eyes

The main occurrence of the disease in the eye macular, macular retina is an important area, mainly with the fine visual and color vision and other visual function.

And a variety of other related macular degeneration, the most common in the 25 to 50 male patients 50, the most surprising is that few women suffering from this disease over a small number of people, but the reason has not yet determined.

Coolifespa club remind people often stay up late to work is usually a lot of pressure, life is not regular, often tired. If you are always staying up late, people in a long period of anxiety and tension, the capillaries occur with spasm, causing oxygen shortage. As the macular eye is the largest local body oxygen consumption, so the first affected.

To prevent this eye disease, usually have a regular law to avoid prolonged anxiety into a state of tension. Try to avoid frequent, continuous stay up late, if the work is difficult to avoid, it is best to accept the formal ophthalmic angiography. In addition, drinking, smoking can lead to capillary spasm, it is best to quit smoking.


The most healthy schedule

7:30: Get up.

Researchers at the University of Westminster in the UK found that those who got up at 5: 22-7: 21 in the morning had a higher level of substance in the blood that could cause heart disease, so after 7:21 Better for your health. Open the lamp. "When you wake up, turn the lights open, which will re-adjust the body's clocks, adjust your sleep and wake up," said Jim Horn, a professor at the Loughborough University Sleep Research Center. Drink a glass of water. Water is a necessary substance for thousands of chemical reactions in the body. Drink a glass of water in the morning, you can add the state of water at night.

7: 30-8: 00: brush your teeth before breakfast.

"Before brushing your teeth, you can prevent tooth corrosion, because after brushing your teeth, you can apply a layer of fluoride to the outside of the protective layer, or wait for half an hour after breakfast and then brush your teeth." British dental association health and safety researchers Ge "Said Watkins.

8: 00-8: 30: eat breakfast.

"Breakfast must be eaten because it can help you maintain the stability of blood sugar levels," says Kevin Wilhelm, a nutritionist at King's College, University of London. Breakfast can eat oatmeal, etc., this kind of food has a low blood sugar index.

8: 30-9: 00: Avoid movement.

Researchers from the University of Brunel found that athletes exercising in the morning were more likely to be infected because the immune system was the weakest at this time. Walk to work. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that people who walk every day are 25 percent less likely to suffer from colds than those who do not exercise. 9:30: the most difficult job of starting the day.

New York sleep center researchers found that most people wake up every day or two hours of the most awake mind.

10:30: let the eyes leave the screen to rest.

If you use the computer to work, then every hour of work, let the eyes rest for 3 minutes.

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What food is good for the skin?

Tender peas: peas flavor flat, with vitamin A original. Vitamin A can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A can moisturize the skin. Tender peas most suitable for those who are poor face Qi, or face with dark spots, chloasma, or facial skin dry women.

Tender peas eat a lot, you can and rice with porridge, you can cook after the cold, you can also fry with corn and so on. Pea tip nutritional value and peas is basically the same, and fresh fragrance, the most suitable for soup, but also for vegetable fried. It should be noted that eat more peas will be bloating, generally 50 grams per day is appropriate.

Red cherry: Chinese medicine, cherry sweet, partial to warm, have the role of replenishing qi and blood, eat can nourish skin color, so that his face becomes red and smooth. It should be noted that cherries can eat, but each time should eat less, eat will make people nausea and vomiting, hair heat, induced ulcers.

Yellow millet: millet flat temperate, with nourishing yin, spleen and stomach effect. Qi and blood, spleen and stomach, and naturally make the skin color is very good.

White radish: white radish phlegm cough, Tongli lung, with whitening effect of the skin. Modern pharmacological studies have also proved that white radish is rich in vitamin C, eat can inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce skin pigmentation.

White radish can also digestion plot, promote digestion and defecation, to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body, prevention and treatment of acne. If the intestinal barrier, intestinal E. coli will break down the protein, resulting in toxic ammonia substances, these substances are absorbed into the blood, the human body will have adverse effects, accelerate the body aging. In addition, the role of its spleen is also conducive to the absorption of nutrients, indirectly, the role of replenishing qi and blood.

Black sesame: black sesame seeds can kidney anti-aging. Its role can be summarized as three aspects: one is to fill the liver and kidney, for the liver and kidney deficiency caused by dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, Yaoxisuan soft embolism, have a certain effect; the second is the essence of blood, Lack of hair loss caused by hair, hair dry, poor face effect; the third is Runchang dry, suitable for people who often dry stool.

In the beauty, black sesame can moisturize the skin, improve the color, anti-wrinkle anti-aging, laxative. Often eat black sesame paste, the skin will become smooth, less wrinkles, rosy white. Black sesame seeds also contain to prevent the body fat yolk, choline, muscle sugar, etc., so help to lose weight.

Finish.-shanghai gay men massage

Men's spa, is a man's beauty salon and health museum

In the traditional concept, we will feel that women every day deposited mask, often to the beauty salon that is a normal thing. But if men often apply mask, so beauty, it is almost a people think it is incredible things. But now, with the continuous progress of society, the public's ideas have begun to slowly change, people for beauty, spa has actually felt that it is a very life thing.

And men do beauty, do spa is no longer as is an incredible, or scoffed things.

In this process, the men's spa industry began to slowly flourish, in the past you almost never see any one of the men's spa health museum, or beauty institutions, on the contrary, Ms.'s spa or beauty salon But the streets have. So, from this fact we can see that the men spa this industry has been growing rapidly.

And many men who have personally tried men's spa also said that in the course of men's spa their own physical health and mental outlook will indeed be greatly improved. Because the men's spa, whether for the face or for the body of the limbs will have a special service items.

Every service item seems to have nothing special, but when the professional technicians in your body massage or clear the meridians after you will find that their body will really happen some magical changes, such as the original neck of the place Will often sore, but in the professional and technical massage you will find their own neck not only without any discomfort, and very comfortable.

So, we can be sure that the men's spa is the boys beauty salon, but also a man's health museum.

Finish.-shanghai gay men massage

Female friends from the opposite sex push oil massage romantic experience

On weekends, I called the masseuse and he soon came to the hotel where I lived. The masseur hugged the towel for me and asked, "Do you want to massage and push the whole body?" I said "yes" and he closed the door and let me sit by the bed. He is about twenty-five, six years old, very handsome, with a charming smile, a masculine, is my favorite type.

I suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, because after all, with their own special service to the motive, but this discomfort only a few seconds, I said to myself, I am a guest, how can the guests afraid of the waiter.

At this time, the masseur smiled and said: "I give you a dress!" I stood up, he untied my coat, including bra. I feel that a strange man to help me take off my pants embarrassed, on their own off trousers, but underwear has been wearing.-shanghai gay men massage

At this time he had a pillow, and paved a large bath towel, told me to wear a one-time massage clothes, let me lie on the bed. I lie well, he said, "Let me take off your underwear," and then pull my underwear from behind.

The reason why he first off my panties and let me wear a massage suit, which is obviously to avoid the guests off the last piece of clothing embarrassment. Then he asked me how the air conditioning temperature, but also asked me to watch TV or listen to music, I chose the light music. He dimmed the lights and began to serve, it was very professional.

At the beginning, he pressed his hands from his shoulders to his back. He carefully asked: "I do not cool hand cool, heavy not heavy?" This ordinary massage I do many times, so more habits. The beginning is the back, waist, and then do the buttocks, legs and feet, and then massage the arms, and then let the guests stand up, as if this is the order.

But this time different from the past, because I was holding the idea of ​​"touch", so there will be to the sexy side to think about the idea, so he stroked my naked skin action, make me feel more A little bit of that taste.-shanghai gay men massage therapist.

I found that people's heart to that direction a move, as if the feeling is not the same. Not touch sensitive areas, I seem to have a feeling of stimulation. In order to cover up their own psychological, I chatted with him days, of course, are some gossip.

He speaks very well and is very careful. I asked him "much more women," he said "not much". I asked him if "only women only to do so," he said, "Yes, we generally only receive female." Chat for a while, no words, it is only silent. He was really very comfortable massage, I think their lower body are slightly a little wet, may be looking forward to it!

When he asked me to stand up, my heart beat faster, I know he wants to massage my chest. At this time, I feel a little red face, but fortunately the light is not strong, he should not see it. Immediately after my stand up, I closed my eyes. He covered my lower body with a towel and came to the front of my head.-shanghai men massage

He asked me softly: "Do not you have any place to press it?"

I am curious and asked, "other guests?

He said: "Oh, some guests do not let the nipples, it is to keep the president.

Then we both laughed. This laugh, put the embarrassment are washed away.

I asked, "Most people?"

He said: "It does not matter, where are the press, very comfortable."

I said, "I do not care."

Probably face the strange feelings of the opposite sex, his hands slipped my milky moment, I actually gently shaking it, his mouth is also "silk" is heard.

His dexterous hand, massage the nipple feeling great! I believe that many women at this time will have a pleasure, may also be embarrassed, so he is very experienced to ask: "comfortable? A lot of people to do, the effect is very good, and now people work tired, To relax ... ... "I now believe that the blog said, the masseur really will observe the guests.

He found that I like the chest, repeated massage my chest, pushed for a while, he used a very comfortable action: from my armpit, hands wiped the breast, nipples, down the two ribs down, has been To the side of the half of the buttocks, and then turn back ... ... and then he from the opposite direction to do: from the neck began to push down, after the breast, abdomen, almost met my plush, and then recovered from the side.

Every time he pushed to me the following direction, I feel very excited, the body seems to expect him to continue down like ... ... I do not say anything, because a bit embarrassed. I feel like he is going to "baby" closer to some, it seems to lure me.-shanghai body massage gay

At this time, he made an unexpected action: his hands stopped in my breast, with your fingers quickly rub up my nipple! This is a very exciting action, he said, "comfortable it," I was very strange expression, I bit my lip said, "ah."

In his hands with his hands slowly in my breasts on the rotation when the massage, I closed my eyes moaning up, because I really can not control, massage the nipple is really exciting, feeling the nerves are moving.

Masturbation climax with the opposite sex massage the climax, really different, each has its advantages. Although I usually have her husband in life, but her husband can not like these professional massage the same to give me every time the skin are delicate to caress to, I can not let the body relax.

Psychologically, her husband is the active party, is the conqueror; masseur is my money to invite, is for my service. So, the massage therapist gave me a massage, there are places where her husband is not on.

At this time he did not go on, but went out. Half a minute later came back, brought a hot bath towel, shop in my body gently wiped the oil, let me stand up and get on the ground.-shanghai gay massage

I would like to ask why, no nerve, guess, this is probably a service of it And later know that I guess right, they are in order to repeat customers, every time according to enough time, so that guests feel it is worth He began to start from the back, and this time just with the feeling, the practice is like a lover gently touch, lift my back, waist ... ... his hands seem to not only twenty fingers, and Is a lot of fingers covered by every nerve at the end of the incident ... ... he constantly touched me, and his mouth also issued a slight groan: "ah ... ... oh ... ..." I soon felt, feeling the following wet Even more powerful, and the lower body unconsciously in the body under the towel gently rub up.

Then I heard him off the shoes, kneel down behind my body, pushing the ass and the waist. These two places are a woman's sensitive area, he certainly will not let go. He was too comfortable, I instinctively to the ass up, but he did not immediately stimulate my core area.

He kneeled forward, fell under the body, his hands starting from the buttocks, through the waist, back, and then sliding to the side, stretched out to touch the front of the breast! I was unbearable, when he met my nipple, issued a "oh oh" voice, hard breathing.He also greeted a few times, continue to rub my nipples.-shanghai male body oil gay massage

The I feel the nerve of the nipple directly connected with the brain, to stimulate a wave of waves, as if whole body scattered the same, the lower body of water shares in the secretion. I unconsciously lift the upper body, so that he can hold the breast, while the body involuntarily twist, continue to "uh uh" groan.

He probably felt that I groaned too loud, got up to tune the music, and back with the original position to continue to do. Because he stroked my breast too comfortable, and my sense of concentration to the breast and the lower body, the waist is not sensitive, so although he is a big loop action (from the ass, waist, back to the breast, and then back through the abdomen ), But mainly stay in the breast where press. I was very gaffe at that time, with her ass groaning there.

He sat up at that time, very gently pressed my waist about. I will meet, get down the body. He hit some oil in his hand and sprinkled it in my ass. God, I know he may have to massage my ass, and think, should not it? Can not let me think that his fingers have been there.-shanghai gay massage boy

He will play: he used two hands turn over the buttocks, each time through the anus when I will be excited about this rotation tease, excitement is hop hop, my water flow to the towel.

The He said: "very comfortable?" I do not speak, just "ah" a cry. He then let the fingers stay in the anus, massage the perianal, rotation, gently peristalsis, the other hand pressure on my ass, so I am so comfortable! At this time how much I moved his feelings, and blushed and said: "You light hand ah, do not push the body?" He really went to answer: "with the body to push it? Well, I was no problem.

I think, since they have done, feel so good, it is Well, so promised him. He pressed from behind me, his arms in front of my head ... ... I feel his "root" in my back strokes, itchy.

His career groans more, do not know how much is the real composition, he should also be very comfortable with it. His body to continue to pressure down, with the body to give me a massage, while asked: "heavy pressure on the said Kazakhstan." I said: "It does not matter, very good." He massage the back, more comfortable than hand, because contact Face is bigger, and is his sensitive organs, more skin of the pro-feeling.-shanghai gay men, man, woman, male, female massage

He used the body to give me a massage back, and gradually moved to the bottom, turn on my ass ... ... I am a bit embarrassed, after all, is the upper and lower body contact, but he does not matter, continue to do, the xxx caught in my ass Stuck in the back and forth ... ... I have to the climax of the edge, courage is also big, simply said: "You then massage my hand ok?" I asked this request because he was just too comfortable massage, I feel the climax of the climax. He said, "good", just like that just massage my anus, I feel "that" Come, say "you continue this, do not stop," he said, "Well, I kept", and he also added Big moaning voice. My lower body tightly pressing the bath towel, when he pressed my fingers with my fingers, I felt the vaginal dizzy quiver, climax! I am afraid that the sound is too loud, biting his lips endured moaning. After this wave of the past, while I panting, while his hand to touch: vaginal mouth and the following towel all wet through!

"Do not you have a rest?" I said, okay. I climbed up, his body naked, his body is also naked, he first lifted the towel corner, give me wipe the body of water. I am very embarrassed, but look at his look, it will relax. Then he gently tucked the wet towel, pad a clean piece. He got his clothes and got out of bed. When he left the room, I sat down on the bed, the light shone on my breasts, sparkling, laughing, thinking, did not expect to play, usually difficult to reach the climax, this little white face Easy to come a few times, the thought of here, and burst of dumb feeling like a current flow through the body, comfortable. He gave me a cup of warm water, he said, "Let 's talk.

I asked, "Do anyone like me?"

He said, "very few."

He went on to say, "Looks like you are very comfortable."

I said: "Of course, for a long time did not feel so much better.

He asked, "Are you married?"

I thought for a moment and said, "Get married and feel good with my gentleman."

He asked, "Do not you do that for you?"

I said, "I will, but you will not do that."

He smiled proudly and asked, "Do you want?"

I asked: "What?"

He said: "There are more comfortable."

I smiled and said, "I do not want to go."

He said: "Well, I did not do a complete set, did not think you first ... ..."

Rest for a while, listen for a while ...

He sat next to me, the beginning is the kind of touch-style massage, action is very light. This is not a massage, that is deeply moved. From the shoulder touched ass, I soon had the feeling.

I asked him if he had done to Wang Jie, he said Wang Jie is a frequent visitor here. I said I was Wang Jie's friend, he said Wang sister's friend I must take good care. Then said, he massage to the following, it has been lifted my fingers with my fingers sewn, has been exposed to the "baby." It seems that he is really very familiar.

Then he rode to me, his hands again from the shoulders, slide back, waist, and then hard to massage the buttocks. He took off his underwear under my back, drove the body, grabbed my arms, massage me with the body, his chest thick and powerful, very comfortable, and he issued a professional groan.

I deliberately asked him, "Are you comfortable with yourself?" He said, "of course it is comfortable, comfortable with my sister." I listened to a little sensational, but did not look like he was pretending to be. He used the "root" on my ass to give me a massage, and then ride across me, let me stand up. After I turned over, he used my chest to massage my breasts.

Such as the king said, he used his hands with my arms, support the body, with chest to grind my body. My feeling is of course very beautiful, especially when he used the tongue pick mech my spicy. Then he got out of bed and used to massage my upper body. He must be very experienced, and know how women like, massage the shoulder, chest, breasts are in place. Such as massage the breast, he will use the palm of your hand to seize the breast, so hold a few times, and then circle the massage, and then use a variety of ways to stimulate the nipple, look at my reaction. If I like how he is, he will continue to do that way.shanghai gay men, man, woman, male, female massage

He did so when I was so wet, the body began to shake, moaning is also big. I could not help but touch his naked body, he was very popular look, when I touch him "root" when he closed his eyes moaning, issued "Europe" sound. I feel that he is also very comfortable, I asked him how many members will let him do this "special", he said a lot, nearly one-third of it But some people never do, because do not know someone else to do so.

He pressed by, to see my nipple is very sensitive, suddenly leaned over to lick, sucking me a nipple, hand to play another. This is not the same as touching, and I suddenly gave up to stimulate it! Start out of control! I like, he kept licking, from the other side for the other side. I hugged him, but also in his body fumble. His back is tender, very slippery (I mean, even if there is no oil, it should be the same), feeling very comfortable, chest is also very strong. I was more wild now, simply touch his below, touch his ass, around to the front met his "root", he did not escape, and in fact, I am very comfortable when it is impossible Gu Gu To touch him carefully.

Finally, "end" before he held his fingers, euphemistically asked: "Do you want to go in?" I see a lot of boys on the Internet to write obedient articles, how girls in the masturbation when the fingers inserted, or "artificial xxx "... ... because I can not accept the psychological man outside the man inserted, I shook his head, he did not insert.

He may see my nipple is very sensitive, leaving the left hand to stay in my chest, massage the "baby" when he first with the right hand on the whole massage my "baby", and then the right hand index finger, middle finger massage vagina, ring finger and little finger By the way, when I reach the climax, he let me pillow on his left arm, the equivalent of hugging each other, bow with my nipples, right hand while speeding up the fiddle with the "baby" speed.

I was holding his climax, this hold tightly reached the climax of the feeling of "really do" taste, the climax is more "strong", I feel the lower body in the "hit" the same violent jitter.

After my climax, tightly holding him refused to let go. He said softly in my ear, "all wet, my hands are water." I said: "too ... ... comfortable." After sitting up, he used a towel to wipe me oil, looking at him The body, I am a little prank of the idea ... ...

Before leaving, I want his phone, he said: "have the opportunity to help me introduce some of the guests, after all, now the female friends are not so much to see the open!"

Finish.-shanghai gay men massage

Special massage service in coolifeSpa gay men man woman male female massage in shanghai.

The heterosexual massage experience

One: massage the whole body experience more peak of the sex feelings: before the preparation of massage

A reference to massage, many people think of a professional massage shop, in fact, in addition to doing professional massage, the couple can also massage each other in daily life. Massage each other for each other, not only to eliminate fatigue, but also allow you to experience a more peak of the feelings of sex. How can massage enhance sexual ability? Xiaobian to introduce the following.

Preparation before massage

Create a similar environment and love, a suitable temperature, hazy lights, warm atmosphere of the room. If your mattress is not hard enough, lay a thick blanket on the floor to ensure that the massage will not fall. Start to massage before the first time to make yourself relax, this will achieve better results. You can sit first for a few minutes, listen to the background music or listen to the sound of nature.-shanghai gay men massage therapist.

Choose to absorb slower lubricants, such as almond oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil; before starting the massage, first put the oil in hot water heating. You can use Durex Yiyi massage oil two-in-one (Aloe smooth), this massage oil is also a lubricating fluid, with massage oil smear in their own or any part of the body of the partner, kiss rub, spirited caress, you can enjoy intimate Passionate game.

Massage starts from the back

It is best to start grinding from the back, which is the most vulnerable parts of the body, but also the most likely to reflect the massage effect of the site. Let your partner kneel behind you, his weight do not press on your body. He presses your spine on both sides of the spine or puts the palm of your hand flat, from inside to outside.

Different parts of the massage method

Different parts of the body, massage techniques vary. Massage the front of the body, from the neck and shoulder began to gradually transition to the breast, where the need for extra soft. Massage the abdomen, with both hands to do circular motion or long distance, strong, slow strokes, so as not to laugh because of the other side because of itching.-shanghai men massage

Foot massage to be resolute, otherwise the other will be because of itching and laugh. Press the upper part of the foot massage, and then gently rubbed his feet with the thumb, do not force too much, or it may cause damage. Finally gently stroked the toes, and then put the whole foot on both hands, keep a few minutes of contact. The head is very intimate by grinding. With the thumb and forefinger from the inside out to massage the forehead. Then the cheeks, along the outline of the jaw to draw a few circles, gently massage the neck muscles, - straight slippery to the shoulder.

Massage needs to be followed

The more signals you receive from your partner, the more natural your condition, the better the massage effect. Here are some basic principles:

Do not touch the vulnerable parts: infected or swollen skin; scars; varicose veins; testicles; pregnant women's abdomen. Do not massage for untested patients. Do not exert too much pressure on the bones of the weak skin, such as the spine. Do not massage the eyes and other parts.-shanghai body massage gay

Once the massage starts, it should not be interrupted. Even when you add the oil, you should also keep a hand on the partner's body. Spread out a hand, pour the oil in the palm of your hand, or use a watering can.

Keep the symmetry of action. If you massage the side of the body, you should also massage the other side in the same way and the same length of time. (Although you are not every massage and being massaged, but on the whole you are equal, no one can always accept or always pay.

Although after the massage you may be genital touch as a prelude to sex, but in the massage to avoid genital touch will make you more relaxed.

Learn some tricks and massage techniques

You can add some tricks in the basic massage steps, change the way massage, such as licking, kissing, nibble, gently fingering, heavier fingering. Change the massage, such as the use of thumbs, massage hips and other large muscles with the whole fist, with your eyelashes, with feathers, with smooth gloves, with flowers, with vibrators, with hair dryer (not in some special The use of the body parts, such as serving the eyes, etc.), with ice (not too cold, first use your tongue to try its temperature). A lot of fatigue may gather at the top of the back. Hands back and forth movement, massage the top of the shoulder muscles, in the shoulder head for a slow and powerful ring movement.-shanghai male body oil gay massage

In the massage of the buttocks muscles, you can rest assured that hard, of course, light and fast massage can be. Try to kneel on the back of the partner, put two fists on his hips. Massage the waist, kneeling next to him, palm flattened, overlapping each other, gently massage up. Massage the thigh or calf muscles, the hand grip cup-like, thumb tightly forced, slow down to move.

Two: witnessed his wife naked to do the opposite sex massage

My wife a girl honey Xiaolan opened a "foot" shop, more than a year, the business is not good, my wife had to go there to do a few times, or Xiaolan personally start. His wife sitting next to, looking at her again and again for me by the foot, actually no jealousy, to the beginning to let me some embarrassed. My wife laughed my old bag, she said, foot is healthy, do not move bad thoughts.-shanghai gay massage boy

After passing, really quite comfortable, to be honest, if not my wife hard pull me, I certainly do not enter that place, I can not stand the most people toss, I never pay attention to that. Say, are acquaintances, are friends, how good let Xiaolan personally for my feet - his wife said, wait for the recipe, will serve me every day, heaven and earth conscience Yeah, do not say she gave me wash, at home, Wash your feet often I play for her. I'm used to it.

But recently, I found my wife exceptionally, the spirit is really good. Every day the red face of the smile, the state is excellent. I asked who she was fighting for her blood - she said, is the reason for regular washing. I said, really so magical - she said, of course, her daily get off work after the first thing is to do massage, especially easy, fatigue is also very fast.

I guess she came down for a year, to Xiao Lan that piece of money to send this money, enough to thousands of the. In fact, I did not object to her, each have their own way of life, say no economic burden at home, the boy also on the university, home on us, this time do not enjoy waiting for when the 40-year-old woman is the most stress Of the time, his wife every day worried about their appearance aging, which can see it - say that a woman over thirty became a Huanglian Po, but she is very maintenance, and now looks like to thirty Five or six look, no one would think she had forty. Wife in the dress is really under the foot of the effort.-shanghai gay massage

One day, I was idle after work wandering, but also stroll alone Xiaolan that shop, Xiao Lan happened to be, the waiter said she went to the shipping company to get goods, and soon came back. I am ready to get up to go, the eyes inadvertently to the bar on the castle cast a glance, surprised to see his wife's handbag on there.

Usually, this package with her never leave the body, I think his wife should be here. Asked the waiter on the mouth. I said, your boss is usually the best friend of it - that little girl is very honest, she said it is doing massage. Because I had seen both sides before she was, the girl was impressed with me.

But she just finished, next to another waiter but pushed her a few hands, motioned her not to talk. This detail really makes me look in the eyes. I made a whisper at once.

I said, there - I'll see. The waiter soon changed to say that she was not, after the massage just left. I said, you do not lie to me, I know she is still, this is not included in the cabinet frame - told me that she was in that room - the waiter, they squeak up.

It makes me more suspicious! How, massage also sneer do not want to let me know - I said, you take me, I was her husband, I find her to say things. She changed and said, then you are waiting here, I went to call her down. I am slightly angry that you do not, you take me to go. Or I should find one by one - she said the room number.-shanghai gay men massage

When I opened the room, the spot let me Zhenjing, my wife was naked on the massage bed, only the ass at a small bath towel clutching his legs and feet are exposed. And a handsome guy wearing shorts only, hands covered with essential oil, is back or slow or fast for her rub. I was dumbfounded on the spot.

Husband and wife nearly 20 years, I have been trusting the conservative wife, actually steal the opposite sex massage, she is 43-year-old woman, and how so shy - I passed, throw off the masseur, I let him get out , He saw my angry look, and soon understand those who are not good, they quickly picked up the towel draped over the body, went out.

And my wife also sat up, wrapped in towels with a bath towel, I opened her breath towel, which even wearing only a paper underwear.

God, I really can not stand, a slap to hit her. I said you really shameless. She cried and asked me how shame - she said, she did nothing, that is, only to do this. She asked me, how many times I went to the night and where to go - I spent every day outside the day, when she took care of me - she said side, said more and more exciting.

I said you really cheap, and quickly get up and go home, do not shame here, and now you never expect to come here, be careful I interrupt your legs. She is stubborn, that is not up.-shanghai gay men massage therapist.

I was impulsive to raise my hand and then hit her, then, Xiaolan came in, see we were so stiff, she understood how the matter - she advised me to go out first, she would talk with the elder sister. I said you are enough friends - you are what is the shop - not the foot of it - how to pull this thing! She collects my brother-in-law, she said brother you want to crooked, we are very serious here. It's not what you think. I said to go and talk to others, do not fool me. She dare not say. Finally, I still wait for his wife to wear clothes, led her back home.

Along the way, we did not say a word Go home, I said she, this is the secret of your maintenance you - you let others listen to jokes no, you have this age of middle-aged woman, how do you like it - I said, you look at me old - that you go to find a small bar I give you freedom to do divorce tomorrow.

She begged me to forgive her, she said that all are encouraged by Xiaolan, before there really has been there, and later, the last two months, Xiaolan business is not good, it added "the opposite sex massage." She said that the recent business was hot up. Xiaolan said she was too conservative, and now men are blatantly stealing fishy, ​​and women at home but sit on the bench, which in itself is not fair. Xiaolan let her feel, experience a few times, she likes the kind of touch and massage the opposite sex.-shanghai men massage

I asked her to do a few times, to be honest with me, she said there are more than ten times before and after. Every time Xiao Lan to her 500 yuan, or hit the five fold. I asked her how much money she had sent to Xiaolan at that time - she said that there were twenty thousand. I said, you can do it - do not tell his son, let him comment on the rationale. She admitted that she was wrong, but also to ensure that the future will not go to small blue.

She said, she is also very contradictory. After the massage after the regret to spend money, and can not wipe the situation, Xiaolan repeatedly called her, that is to let her go to help shop. In fact, want to pull her to consumption. She also said that also introduced a lot of colleagues to her shop massage, and later, colleagues are too expensive to go. She said, because they are good sisters, she also insisted. Xiao Lan gave her the best price, give her monthly ticket.

The result is that she will go to her every day to do foot therapy. His wife said, looking for the opposite sex for her massage, is really too tired, will, and then from the gas. The mood will block fast enough.

Also said that the first time to do, because I was on the phone with her fire She was in a bad mood and went. His wife said she was sorry.

In fact, she finished after. I forgive her, this is the consequences of darling inadvertently. I believe she is telling the truth. But before that scene, I can never forget, I think it was my shame, she hurt my self-esteem.-shanghai body massage gay

In fact, men are often more than women but also small eyes, they can be big fish in the big fish, but not allow his wife to steal a soup.

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I am in Shanghai bathroom experience

At the invitation of friends at night, go to Shanghai DL comrades bathroom. Always feel that this place can go to see, feel the sensory stimulation, but must not wade, mind keep this principle, calm water, take it lightly. A year ago to go once, the impression is deep, so it is light driving on the cooked. Buy a ticket, change clothes, into the bathroom.

Not used to do not like to enter the big bath bubble, election shower. Only 5,6 shower head was washed, I stood next to which towel blocked in the waiting around, thought that today is not the weekend, no people, but today seems a lot of people, occasionally have fresh young ketone body, mostly Is a middle-aged sense of the man, there are old and humble man. Some body is good, sloshing the lower body in the free move, it seems that in the show proud of the body. But can be seen, each person's eyes are restless, looked around, or straight, or lost, or sluggish, or pan-bright. Man ah, man, into the bathroom are fellow people, naked body, no scruples. Eyes to eat ice cream is also how happy cool heart.

Shower, with their own toiletries in the rinse their own body, the eyes of the light can see someone standing next to me and from the side of the square in the air looking at me, a little surprised, I was not young handsome tall tall and straight body and lure People's pride, just fitness nearly two years after the slightly raised chest, flat abdomen, muster of the two triceps, robust thigh calf. Perhaps this is the legendary fitness men can attract the only eye of comrades it.-shanghai gay massage

I used to do the next deep breath, completely regardless of the surrounding eye, natural dew washing finished. I know that I want to see the play in the back. I went straight into a steam room, that is steaming room, in fact, there is no temperature inside, black, which seems to be some personal. When you can see inside the people, see the two naked men clinging tightly kissed, but also continue to issue "ah ah, uh," groaning, completely disregard around so many eyes staring at them Of the cross. Look at this scene, my lower body slightly trembling, out of the steam room.

Out of the steam room, came to the high temperature sauna, which is hot, charcoal constantly in the exudes of the high temperature. Sauna room has a small light, you can see that there are four individuals, a middle-aged fat bear is touching another body of a good mother of the lower body, next to the two looked at, I also quietly standing next to the fat The bear suddenly bent down to the young mouth, and constantly issued a "zi zi zi zi" sound, that prime also raised his head to enjoy, his mouth constantly "vomit ~ vomit" issued to meet the sound. When I was staring at this stimulating sultry scene, suddenly the door opened into a 30 or so man, did not feel his appearance, he went straight to me, hand directly to my slightly uplift, like Two long time to see a friend familiar with the handshake so straightforward. I did not consider the moment to block his hand, he naturally returned. I look at God, or a pretty cool heart of the man. Suddenly I had the feeling of being asked to be touched before the temptation.-shanghai male body oil gay massage

Out of the steam room, came to the shower rinse under their own, but also calm down their own. People seem to be more and more, and quickly give way to a small man, 25-26 look, feeling white fleshy, not a bear, very cute, we look at each other, the heart of a thought, to my type. Rushed turned to the legendary black house, just entered, inside the black whirring what can not see clearly, just feel a lot of people inside. I just went in and followed a lot of people. I had to stand against the outside door, first to adapt to the inside of the light. Feel the pungent jy taste, when I can see the black house in the scene, the more is stunned, thirty-two two stood with kissing, there is a stand kneel holding the mouth, there is still a previous one After the braved. More is approached by those who bow down to visit the readily wiped out, one after another lustful moan around in your ear, smell, vision, hearing all stimulate your every nerve. Looked at this sultry scene, I swallowed saliva, do the next deep breath, it is natural to use a towel has long been tall and tall under the body.

A flower is a homosexual, but also the room of the "temporary" owner, the so-called temporary, because he will come every other week to this single apartment rental. From last night to now he only slept for 4 hours, thin face was ambiguous light hit pale, he staring at the computer on the QQ - constantly flashing. A flower has two QQ, a total of dozens of QQ group, thousands of no news, every few minutes, A flower will be repeated to send an ad:"Group of friends, this week in the Pearl River New City XXX apartment will be held comrades bachelor party, bus ride XX Road to XX station or subway X line XX station, handsome boys gathered, invite you through the passion for a night, tickets A 40 yuan, 100 yuan 4 times, comfortable environment, free condoms, lubricants, RUSH and other supplies, please call 135XXXXXXXX, SMS,-shanghai gay massage boy

After the A spent QQ will continue to receive dozens of temporary dialogue, the beginning, A flower can be patient to answer, then A flower simply ignore, only answer the phone, do not call SMS and QQ message. Help a flower with advertising a few friends, come to help his business.

A man's hand suddenly in the chest caress, that is just when the shower to see the small male, the black house can feel his bright eyes looked at me, very heavy breathing in the panting. We face, my hands from his slippery back to his raised flesh of the flesh of the PP, feel so good, I kept stroking, wantonly holding, we are physically together. My mind is confused. My hand stretched out to his hard pride, stout, tall and straight, hot, can feel the little brother's pulse of the jump. He bent down to kiss my Mimi, I could not help the issue of deep breathing, Mimi is my sensitive place, can be said to pull the whole body. We caressed with each other and enjoyed pleasure in the area of ??sensuality. Suddenly, one hand stretched out to my PP, I suddenly pushed him, I was shocked when the time, there is a hand pinched me a Mimi, a burst of pain suddenly made me realize where I was The What am I doing? I'm mad? I pushed the small male was trying to reach my lower body of the mouth, took him stood up, murmured that no. Can feel the eyes of small men are disappointed, the mood is also transferred to the ice valley in an instant. I am unable to turn out of the dark house.-shanghai gay massage

The bathroom is still coming and going, people looking for their own goals, I quickly rushed again under the body, out of the bathroom. Came to the second floor rest hall. Looking for a casual seat lying back, the day of the Expo tour is also tired, stunned playing a nap, next to the chirp Ya sister sister voice so that I can not sleep. Suddenly a fluffy foot rested on my couch in front of my sofa and touched me, I did not move, but I was soberly aware that I felt the feeling of being harassed. I slowly squinted, looked under, can not see which person's face, but see a pair of handsome feet, and a pair of charming legs, slender, white, strong I know that handsome legs and feet have enough lethality to me. I am waiting for his invasion, little by little, his feet touched my legs, slowly put his feet resting on my feet, I am a stimulus, I still pretend to fall asleep, he a Only legs resting on my lap, gently move up and down around this, I increased the breathing, the body a stir. I moved the body down and his feet stopped. I am still confused asleep, his feet in my feet constantly caressing. I turned down, he spoke, asked me for the first time? I said the second time. Do you know how to open a private room? what price? I do not know that talking between his feet is not honest in my lap to move, maybe I do not object to give him enough courage. When I came to tell myself, never in the bathroom story. I brought up my own leg and said to him, you rest, I first go-shanghai gay men massage.

Out of the hall, rinse again and wash yourself out of the bathroom. Shanghai night, and really feel the air is particularly fresh. Want to comrades bathroom is not a place of evil, clear and clear, grasp their own, desire a rational separation of a paper. You can ruin you To tell the truth, or like comrades bathroom, here, wholeheartedly calm, no lust, only the most primitive desire, each other on the eyes can be calmly face, Just remember the safety, do not for the sake of pleasure and regret for life. Have the opportunity I will come to the Shanghai DL bathroom.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Shanghai Picture


Shanghai, referred to as "Shanghai" or "Shen", the People's Republic of China municipality, national central cities, large cities, China's economic, financial, trade, shipping center, the first coastal open cities. Is located in the Yangtze River estuary, across the East China Sea and Japan Kyushu Island, the south near Hangzhou Bay, North and West and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

Shanghai is a national historical and cultural city, has a profound modern city culture and many historical monuments. Jiangnan traditional Wuyue culture and the introduction of Western industrial culture integration of the formation of Shanghai's unique culture of Shanghai, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are mostly people using the Wu language.

As early as the Song Dynasty there was a name of "Shanghai". After 1843, Shanghai became a commercial port and opened to the outside world.Shanghai has successfully held the 2010 World Exposition, Shanghai International Art Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival and other large international events.

Shanghai exempted 16 municipal districts, a total area of 6340 square kilometers, is a subtropical humid monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, sunshine, rainfall is abundant. Shanghai climate is mild and humid, spring and autumn is shorter, cool in winter and cool in summer. The coldest month in January, the average temperature of about 4 ℃, usually the hottest July, the average temperature of about 28 ℃.

Shanghai is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. It is an important economic, transportation, technology, industrial, financial, exhibition and shipping center in China. Shanghai's GDP in 2014 ranks first in China's cities, Asia's second.Shanghai port cargo throughput and container throughput ranking first in the world, is a good international Binjiang Binhai port. Shanghai is also China's first free trade zone "China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone" location.

Shanghai and Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui together constitute the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration has become one of the world's six major world-class urban agglomeration.

History of Shanghai

Shanghai, the Spring and Autumn is a Wu. The Warring States Period has Wu, Yue, Chu, Chu Chunjun Huang Huang was the closure of the town. After the Qin and Han belong to the sea salt, by the boxing, Lou County counties. Tang Tianbao ten years (751 years), Wu Jun Taishou set up Huating County, Shanghai area has relatively independent administrative division. Huating County jurisdiction this territory in Shanghai Wusong River south of the old course, Chuansha - Huinan - large group west of the line.

During the Northern Song Dynasty, Shanghai and mainland China belong to Huating County and Kunshan County, Chongming area belongs to Haimen County. The Southern Song Dynasty Jiading ten years December December (January 12, 1218) Li Jiading County, Shanghai region has two independent administrative divisions. Yuan to Yuan fourteen years (1277), Huating County House, the following year was renamed Songjiang House, is still home Huating County. Yuan twenty-nine years (1292) Shanghai county, also in Songjiang prefecture. The late Yuan Dynasty, Shanghai, Songjiang House and Jiading, Chongming 2 and Huating, Shanghai 2 counties.

The end of the Ming Dynasty, Songjiang House and its Huating, Shanghai, Qingpu 3 County, Suzhou House belongs to Jiading, Chongming 2 counties, Jinshan Wei.Qing Yongzheng four years (1726), Songjiang House Huating, Shanghai, Qingpu, Lou, Fengxian, Fuquan, Jinshan, Nanhui 8 counties, Taicang Jiading, Baoshan 2 counties. To the Jiaqing ten years (1805), the basic formation of the Shanghai area of ??10 counties 1 hall pattern, Songjiang House Huating, Shanghai, Qingpu, Lou, Fengxian, Jinshan, Nanhui 7 counties and Chuansha Fumin Hall, Taicang, Jiading, Chongming, Baoshan 3 counties.

In 1912 January, the Republic of China was established. Shanghai, Huating (later renamed Songjiang), Jiading, Baoshan, Chuansha, Nanhui, Fengxian, Jinshan, Qingpu, Chongming and other 10 counties in the Songjiang Prefecture, Taicang Prefecture, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province.

In 1914, Jiangsu Province is divided into Shanghai and other five, including Shanghai in Shanghai County, Shanghai this jurisdiction is Shanghai, Songjiang, Nanhui, Qingpu, Fengxian, Jinshan, Chuansha, Jiading, Baoshan, Chongming counties Jiangsu Province is the Haimen County.

In 1921 July, the Communist Party of China held in Shanghai, the Communist Party of China was formally established.In 1925, the Northern Government allowed to Shanghai to Shanghai. The same year, the "May 30th Movement". In 1927 four hundred and two counter-revolutionary coups took place.July 7, 1927, the Shanghai Special City was established, directly under the central government, Shanghai has a municipality level to build.

The spring of 1928, the Shanghai Special City announced the concession for the special area. In July, receiving Shanghai County Shanghai (Shanghai South), Zhabei, Pusong, Yang Jing, cited Cheung Kong, France and China, Caohejing, Gao Xing, Lu Hang, Tangqiao, Yang Si and Baoshan County Wusong, Jiangpu, Pengpu, Zhenru, Gaoqiao and other 17 cities and towns, the actual situation for the Shanghai Special City, an area of ??494.69 square kilometers (excluding concessions). And changed 17 urban areas for the 17 districts, Shanghai began to build a district. The 10 counties of Shanghai, Jiading, Baoshan, Songjiang, Chuansha, Qingpu, Nanhui, Fengxian, Jinshan and Chongming in Shanghai still belong to Jiangsu Province.

In 1930 July, Shanghai special city was renamed Shanghai.In 1932, Japan in Shanghai to stir up a 128 incident. August 1937, China launched in Shanghai, "Song Shanghai Battle."In 1937 November, the fall of Shanghai. The following year in December, Jiangsu Province, Chuansha, Nanhui, Fengxian, Chongming, Baoshan, Jiading and other counties and Shanghai Puxi area was placed under the jurisdiction of the Shanghai municipal government.

In 1945 August, Shanghai is still pre-war 17 districts and special areas. 1947 Shanghai area of 617.95 square kilometers. December 1948 Shanghai is divided into 30 districts. May 27, 1949 Shanghai liberation.On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was established. Shanghai is still the central municipality. Shanghai is divided into 20 urban areas and 10 suburbs. In 1956 June, the Shanghai city administer 15 urban areas and 3 suburbs.In January 1958, 10 counties of Shanghai, Baoshan, Jiading, Songjiang, Chuansha, Nanhui, Fengxian, Jinshan, Qingpu and Chongming of Jiangsu Province were successively included in Shanghai, 14 districts and 11 counties in Shanghai . In January 1960, there were 12 districts and 11 counties.

March 1960, Zhoushan County, Zhejiang Shengsi People's Commune designated as Shanghai. In 1961 the Shanghai city administer 12 districts, 10 counties. Shengsi in 1962 and was placed under the Zhejiang Province.In 1964 May 10 area 10 counties jurisdiction. In 1980 the jurisdiction of 11 districts and 10 counties. In 1981 the jurisdiction of 12 districts and 10 counties. In 1988 the jurisdiction of 12 districts and 9 counties. In 1992 the jurisdiction of 14 districts and 7 counties. January 1, 1993, the revocation of Chuanxian County, Chuansha County and the whole territory of Huangpu District, South District, Yangpu District, Shanghai Pudong and Shanghai Pudong New Area part of the building.In 1995, Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Pudong New Area, Xuhui, Changning, Putuo, Zhabei, Hongkou, Yangpu, Huangpu, South City, Luwan, Jing'an, Baoshan, Minhang, Jiading and other 14 districts and Nanhui, Fengxian, Songjiang, And other 6 counties, there are 106 streets, 208 towns, 10 townships and 3590 neighborhood committees, 2986 administrative villages. Area of 6340.5 square kilometers, of which land area of ??6218.65 square kilometers, the water area of ??697 square kilometers.

July 22, 2016, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the municipal government held the "Chongming County District" work conference. The CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee decided to set up Chongming County to set up a district leading group, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee should be Yong as head. The conference will announce the specific implementation plan of Chongming county. Chongming District, Shanghai, Chongming District, Shanghai has become a county-free era.

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