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Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Shenyang,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

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Shenyang Girl for Men Massage Picture


Shenyang Girl for Men Massage Picture

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Shenyang Girl for Men Massage Picture

Girl for men massage

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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Golden Coast Hotel Shenyang Picture
Golden Coast Hotel Shenyang Map Picture

Golden Coast Hotel Shenyang

4.0 Gay Men Massage Golden Coast Hotel Shenyang Picture

3-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Golden Coast Hotel Shenyang Picture
Gay Men Massage Golden Coast Hotel Shenyang Picture

Address: 35 Huanghai Rd, Yuhong Qu, Shenyang Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China, 110141

Phone: +86 24 2530 0688

Hotel details

Golden Coast Hotel (Shenyang Jinhaian Dajiudian) is located on Huanghai Road in Shenyang's Yuhong District.

On offer are various well-appointed rooms with international dial phones, refrigerators, and 24-hour hot water. The restaurant which this Shenyang hotel features serves all kinds of Chinese cuisines in dining hall and 26 deluxe private dining rooms of different styles.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Shenyang,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Shenyang coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

Man before going to bed "three to three do not"

Do not be nervous before going to bed, to avoid strenuous exercise or manual labor. Instead it should be an outdoor walk to minimize subjective excitement.

Men excitement of the character, before going to bed should not be an exciting speech, should not touch to see the book, not too long people watching movies or drama. Dinner is not too late, should not eat too full. It should eat easy to digest the light food, pay attention to eat a certain proportion of vegetables and grains, to maintain smooth stool. Spices should not be too heavy. Do not smoke at night, do not drink tea or coffee and other stimulating drinks, do not drink too much juice drink or flow. Tobacco, tea, coffee to stimulate the brain, the brain is not easy to be suppressed.

Drink juice flow is too large lead to frequent urination, is not conducive to sleep again. As we all know, brush your teeth before going to bed, wash your face is necessary. But also develop with warm water feet, can promote the habit of lower limb blood circulation, is conducive to rapid fall asleep. Conditional, you can use warm water or hot water bath brush. Before going to bed to take off the coat, underwear to be cleaned in time, conditional, you can wear loose coat, bedding to keep clean, often dry, keep dry and kill bacteria.

Men before going to bed "three to three bogey" a person's life, there is more than one-third of the time spent in normal sleep sleep, physiological function can be adjusted to maintain the balance of the nervous system is an important component of life section. Sleep is not good, the next day will let the man dizzy, general weakness, therefore, sleep and health, work and study close relationship. In order to get a good sleep, pay attention to three very important before going to bed is three bogey.

Three should be: first, take a walk before going to bed. Second, before going to bed before the foot bath, "before going to bed hot feet, through the use of sleeping pills to win." With warm feet before going to bed 15-20 minutes, so that the foot blood vessels to expand, promote blood circulation, people easy to sleep. Third, brush your teeth before going to bed. "Three bogey" is: eat a bogey, seven or eight into a full dinner can be.

Do not eat before going to bed, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach. Second, avoid excessive entertainment. Do not look at the TV series and intense game scenes before going to bed, do not talk about nostalgia or frightening things. Three bogey drink tea, coffee. So as to avoid urinary frequency and mental excitement affect sleep. In addition, pay attention to the night comfortable environment, the bedroom clean, air circulation, to health.

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Oats can improve sexual function

A study in Singapore shows that eating oats helps to relieve symptoms of male sexual dysfunction. Researchers let some middle-aged men eat oat made of natural plant health products, 4 weeks later, these men's free testosterone levels increased by 27%. The lower the level of testosterone, the treatment effect is more obvious.

Coolifespa to talk about, adult body testosterone levels will decline with age. Therefore, some middle-aged men prone to low libido and erectile dysfunction and other symptoms. And oat can promote the release of testosterone, so long-term use can make the symptoms improved.

The study also shows that oats are also helpful in improving women's sexuality. Especially menopausal women, may be appropriate to eat oats. But the researchers specifically stressed that excessive consumption of oats may damage the testicles, or even increase the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, oats, although medicinal, but only moderate consumption.

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From the urine to see whether the body is healthy

The first morning urine is very important, from the urine color, smell, the state can distinguish the physical condition, enough water to drink, physical illness and so on.

Urine floating bubble: man 's "foreende" crisis

If you find the urine surface floating with a layer of small foam, and a long time lingering, it may be early symptoms of nephritis or suggest that men suffering from prostatitis. This "small bubble" is because the protein in the urine caused by the most early changes in nephritis is the protein in the urine, if not active treatment, prone to renal insufficiency and other issues.

In addition, if men suffering from prostatitis, urine may carry prostatic fluid, this will be in the urine surface of the oil beads, showing a "small bubble" and more "bubble urine" state.

Normal condition: If the foam is large or the size is different, and the duration is short, is the normal upset the bubble, no tension.

Urine with red: urinary tract infection

Urine with red is likely to be symptoms of urinary tract infection, such as urethritis, urinary tract stones and so on. Generally in the hematuria at the same time there are urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria problem. It is recommended to go to the hospital urology to check, so as not to miss the best time to treat.

Normal condition: eat carrots and other fruits and vegetables with natural pigments, will make your urine red. But this phenomenon is only temporary, drink a few glasses of water, it will slowly restore.

Urine like tea: pay more attention to liver problems

If the urine long yellow like tea, often prompted the liver problems.

If the urine long yellow, be sure to pay attention to the body there are no other symptoms, such as jaundice, tired, upper abdomen uncomfortable and pain, to go to the hospital to do the relevant inspection.

Normal condition: If only once or twice the urine, time is short and no other discomfort, do not have to worry about. Urine color changes and the body sweating and drinking water, diet, such as sweating, drinking water, urine color will be deepened; just get up, the urine color is also deep and smell heavy.

Diet, rest, mentality, etc. will lead to physical problems. Sometimes you find the problem when it has been urgent. If you do not want to seek medical treatment, you can also go to Beijing spa health center to see, here also brings together a lot of Chinese physiotherapist, the pathology of Chinese medicine is quite research, can make a reasonable solution for you and help you return to health. Beijing spa health center has been committed to solving sub-health problems, to bring the gospel.

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Men's spa industry development

Speaking of men's spa, in fact, today we are today's social life which is no longer a fresh topic, and with the urban men more and more concerned about their own image of the reasons, the industry from the early nobody, now Rapid development, and the emergence of contradiction between supply and demand.

In the early years when the men's spa industry is completely not optimistic about the first Chinese men generally feel natural and rude has actually become the norm of life, if you like a woman to do the same spa, to beauty, It is a very "sissy", very awkward things.

Plus a few years ago, in fact, the domestic beauty industry do not say men, in fact, women are not so optimistic, many women will think this is a very wasteful action. And their own special money to do beauty, as their own face in the face of a few slices of cucumber to the real.

However, society is in constant progress, thinking is in the social life which constantly change. So for the moment a lot of 80, 90 after the young people, whether male or female, in fact, will be very concerned about their personal appearance, will feel the maintenance and beautification of their appearance, not only a love for their own, But also a respect for their occupation or outsiders.

Especially those who usually access high-end occasions, in this regard more attention. Therefore, the men spa this industry, from the earlier nobody cares, and now has gradually developed, we are not difficult to see that society is changing, people's ideas are slowly changing, and believe that in the near future Men's spa industry will develop better and better, the industry's development market will become more and more open.

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Men should pay attention to some aspects of health problems

Recently popular a word, called "health", we look literally, health, and without any drugs to maintain their own lives. We all know that food has a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. A balanced diet, will promote the absorption of the stomach, so that they have a more robust physique. Men should also pay attention to maintenance, men should pay attention to what health problems? Well-known Beijing silk club will give you about.

First, quit the bad eating habits

Beijing silk club club said that for human health, smoking and alcoholism is a great harm to the body, for those who want to health is necessary to do to get rid of. Should also be appropriate in the diet to increase meat, vegetables, fruits and other food, add some of the human body is indispensable trace elements, enhance the health of the human body.

Second, should pay attention to control their own weight

In modern society, our lives have entered a well-off society, unlike before, have to worry about food and clothing. Many of the family's table is no longer a monotonous one or two dishes, chicken and duck fish is no longer a luxury, more and more wine, drinks have become normal, especially men often go to the entertainment, can not be avoided Is to drink, eat too much greasy food, causing obesity. Obesity can cause a series of diseases, so weight control is very important.

Third, the amount of physical exercise

Especially to the middle-aged men, physical and energy are not as good as before, and began to seek pleasure, lustful life, no longer love sports, in fact, this is not correct, should be appropriate exercise, such as walking, jogging Relatively soft movement, Beijing silk club club to remind you, we must pay attention to avoid the more intense movement.

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Massage the three points on the liver is good

Chinese medicine believes that the key point of spring health is to help Yang hair, we can massage the body through the relevant points, play Ziyin blood, liver and liver effect.

Dayton Point

Wuhan coolifespa gay men man woman male female tell everyboy: Dadun acupuncture is the first point of the liver, it is in the big toe inside the toe seam next to the thick meaning, big Dun is particularly thick. Dadun point is a well hole, is the source of meaning. In the foot of the toe to the edge of the edge of the second to the outside of the second toe outside the big point.Tao points can massage, you can Ai Sunburn, to achieve the effect of Liver eyesight, can make your mind clear, refreshing.

Line between the points

Between the big toes and two toes seam. It is a fire hole, liver is wood, wood fire, if you anger is too busy, it diarrhea fire. While the line between the points is a diarrhea heart of fire points. Spring bloody, will lead to toothache, cheek swollen, mouth ulcers, epistaxis, tongue long foam embolism, which indicates that the fire has entered from the liver into the heart, more kneading between the points, you can fire from here.

Taichong Point

Taichong points in the big toes sewn to the instep 4 cm, called the first major points of the human body. Some people to Taichong as the body of the outlet tube, because it is the liver by the original points and acupoints, is the liver by the fire, to the liver and anger disappeared. So by rubbing Taichong points, you can put the body stagnation of the gas out to the maximum.

Taichong good to find, in the instep on the big toe and two toes with the direction of the ankle to the direction of the push, pushed to the end of the two bones is Taichong points, anxious method is to carefully find the most painful point, and then From Taichong to rubbing to the line between the points.

Gay sperm really so magical?

Coolifespa gay men woman male male female Tell you:

men sperm can eat, the body is not affected! As long as the man is in good health! No infectious disease! The reason why will be passed for the sake of eating, it is people say that sperm is very nutritious, so it was said that you can eat.

However, some people say that can not eat, whether a man's sperm can eat, comrades eat men sperm ok? Here we look at these ten statements: first, you can protect the skin, whitening skin. Men's semen is rich in androgen and protein, as well as zinc, iron and other trace elements, which can protect your skin, and the effect of large, incredible, is any other skin care products are not comparable.

I checked some information, the information that the man's semen is liver blood and kidney essence of Health, there is nourishing kidney effect, is the best health care products nourishing beauty. Since the implementation of the author, personally experience this benefit, between the two years, the skin is getting better and better, more and more tender, white and transparent, I now do not have any cosmetics and skin care products.

And around the people for all to see, that I am more and more young, the skin is getting better and better, like a college student in Guangzhou (I graduated from university for 8 years!), But of course I did not dare to tell them my secret , Only secretly happy.

Second, eating men's semen will make your hair getting better and better. Information said: men's semen and liver and kidney, can nourishing kidney, and hair for the blood, kidney in the hair, so the man's sperm can UFA. This is also I have deep experience, not repeat here.

Third, the consumption of semen can be anti-aging. Men's semen in the zinc and androgen are anti-aging medicine, kidney can also be anti-aging.

Fourth, the consumption of semen can treat insomnia, men's sperm has the effect of soothe the nerves, as long as you persevere, will feel the benefits of this. Insomnia female friends may wish to try, not long, you can feel the benefits of which will sleep more and more fragrant, endocrine disorders will improve the symptoms one by one.

If the face of a spotted friends, after a period of time, will be surprised to find the face of the mark gradually fade, and gradually disappear. Because the man's semen can be soothe the nerves, the treatment of insomnia, and then adjust your endocrine.

Fifth, you can enhance your sexual ability, you will find yourself more and more youth.

Sixth, you can enhance your feelings with your boyfriend. If the gay men eat semen of the boyfriend, in general, the boys will be very happy, they will think they are affirmed, like a victory in general, as if a hero, the demand will be stronger, so that he Will love you better.

Seventh, eating semen, can enhance immunity, the man's sperm can kidney and nourish, enhance your resistance to disease. Low resistance, often cold female friends can try it.

Eighth, you can lose weight, when your body getting better and better, your kidney function will be more and more strong, the excess fat will naturally disappear. I hope that thin female friends can eat semen, and supplemented by diet, over time, you will get a slim and beautiful body.

Ninth, there is a high medicinal value, if you feel physically weak, with a use of this approach, you will find the effect of semen than the American ginseng is also better.

Tenth, semen can also be used as a mask, can also be added to the mask, the skin of the power is unparalleled, you can remove the scar, scar, acne, smooth skin. In order to love more .. for you love the man eat fine!


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Foot bath soak health

Chapter one: health methods:

Foot bath bubble Health: ancient Chinese medicine has said the body's internal organs in the feet have a corresponding projection, that is, all parts of the foot corresponding to human organs. Every day if you can adhere to the feet before going to bed with hot water, can stimulate these points, can promote blood circulation, but also regulate visceral function and Shu Tong body meridian.

Modern medicine called the foot of the human body is the second heart, the feet of numerous nerves connected with the brain, massage through the foot massage can also be observed where the human body problems. Every day often with hot water feet, not only can enhance the body's immunity and resistance, but also with physical fitness, longevity.

Hot water feet, is a bathing therapy, the water temperature is 40 to 50 degrees is appropriate, the water flooded to the ankle just soak in the water before and after 10 minutes, his hands slowly massage the feet from the instep to the last foot to the foot, massage To fever may increase blood circulation to increase metabolism and vasodilatation. Long-term adhere to play a health care effect, but also improve the insomnia, more than the effect of dreams.

Foot bath equipment can not be casually choose, the need for texture should be harmless, safe, good insulation performance, the height of the best than the ankle, water more than enough time to heat, can not just bubble a bubble on the line, that is not Health but the usual feet.

If the whole is to massage, start from the left foot, then massage the right foot. At the beginning, you should first massage the soles of the feet, from the inside to the outside, and finally the instep. After the foot massage, in the calf some points massage. The corresponding points in the figure can be massage.

Massage need to use a certain intensity, massage intensity should not be too light. Massage during the emergence of soreness, when the use of the intensity is more appropriate. Massage intensity should be average, can not be heavy when the light, if the better physical person, you can add a little more force, if the physical weakness of the people, the intensity may be appropriate to slow down. Foot tub can be selectively into the Chinese herbal medicine together to soak the massage, there is a need to put the medicine as far as possible to ask the doctor to carry out.

Massage time control in 30 to 40 minutes is better. Physical illness is not suitable for so long time, suitable for control in 10 to 20 minutes on the line. And long illness unhealed, you can once every day for a foot or 2 times a week foot treatment.

After an hour of meal, should not be foot massage, legs can not be directly affected by the wind, but also for the wound and abscess, should pay attention to avoid. Foot care massage after the completion of attention can not immediately rinse feet with cold water. After the completion of half an hour massage, it is best to drink 300 to 500 ml warm water, good for physical care

Two: self-care health law to achieve simple health: loose shoulder: practice soreness

With the improvement of quality of life, people are more and more emphasis on health, health care is also more and more attention, of course, health is not necessarily you want to do some things, and life some common scenes, common Small movements can also play the role of health, like: clapping, loose shoulder, kneading knees such small movements, but also the best health care methods, in Chinese medicine, which with moxibustion, cupping, scraping together known as the self Health care law. Today, we will introduce several of the most simple, easy to operate, good health effects of the method, so you simply achieve health.

Loose shoulder: practice soreness

For the sedentary office family, the shoulder should be considered a "compulsory". This group of daily exercise is limited, weekdays around the scapular muscles, are in a state of tension. Over time, muscle tightening hard, oppression of blood vessels, hinder the circulation of blood circulation, there will be symptoms such as shoulder pain. "Loose shoulder, can live blood, active joints, while enhancing muscle vitality, reduce shoulder arthritis, muscle spasms, cervical spondylosis, and even relieve chest pain, heart boring symptoms." Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital, Professor Liu Changxin, director of massage.

Loose shoulder can be divided into four steps: 1. upright shrug: upper body upright, shoulder hard up, inhale, hold, silence 10, and then exhale, the shoulder naturally fall, repeat 15 times. 2. Shoulder around the ring: upper body upright, arms droop, so that the shoulder after the show, do ring action. Shoulder force to turn back about 10 times, and then turn forward about 10 times. 3. often beat the shoulder: with his left hand fist right shoulder, right hand fist shot left shoulder, beat 20 consecutive. With massage hammering beat, then you can achieve more effort results. 4. Stretch the neck: standing, feet and shoulder width. Bow, the next amount close to the body; rise, chest; to both sides of the side head. Four directions in each direction for 30 seconds.

Way, in addition to beat, but also pinching. Loose shoulder frequency, about a minute or so, at least five or six minutes at a time. The intensity can not be too light, otherwise no effect, to muscle soreness for the effect of good signs. "This health law needs to adhere to every day, but also for a variety of people." Liu Changxin finally said.

Clap: sooner or later each time

Many people will welcome with clapping and expressing joy, but often do not know the other good thing associated with clapping - health care. "Clapping health care since ancient times, especially for the elderly.

"In the" Life Times "reporter interview, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Dongzhimen Hospital, Professor Jiang Liang Duo said.Chinese medicine theory that all diseases are caused by blood disorders, gas smooth or not affect the physiological function, the body balance, Blood circulation system, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system and so on.

Long clinging to clap, can promote blood and smooth, increase the body heat, thereby enhancing physical fitness, prevention of a variety of chronic diseases, prevention of Alzheimer's disease is also very effective.

Clap hands generally sooner or later each time, just started to shoot, do not be too violent, to step by step. In addition, eat too full or just after dinner, and the middle of the two meals should avoid using this therapy, so as not to affect the digestive function.

In general, normal people every morning to shoot 5 minutes, you can stimulate all day vitality. Pregnant women should not be issued too loud, you can both hands uplift, into an arch, with empty palm shot. The elderly frail, clapping, the best side of the walk, step, while the film, otherwise, the blood will be too much perfusion in both hands, feet will feel weak.

Iron: hot hand repeated apply

According to legend, the ancient longevity of our ancestors often with iron, swab to health. Among them, the iron in the "pathogenesis of the eyes of the eyes of the dark is not waiting for", "cock, with two hands to make fire to iron, three lines, to refer to the target. , Not sick "narrative.

"The two hands rubbing, on the eyelids. Cool and then rub the heat, so repeated, every day to do, the more the better." Liu Changxin pointed out the iron point of the points. And Jiang Liang Duo seems iron can not only apply, you can also use the palm of your hand or fingers in a straight or spiral way to repeatedly swipe the two eyes, especially for the following crowd: If the self-treatment when more than tears, If the head dizziness, can be more than kneading pressure two temporal (both sides of the head near the ear part, referred to as "temporal"), a single thumb to press the hall; if myopia, if the eyebrow pain, Can focus on eye massage, the sun, Yang white, four white and other points.

In general, just eat dinner, do not rush to iron, generally should be about 2 hours after a meal the best results. According to the direction of the general should be along the vein, lymphatic flow direction, but the location of lymph nodes should not do massage. Forced the first light weight, and then from heavy to light.

Kneading knees: 30 minutes per minute

Kneading knees, this simple action contains a lot of health care knowledge. Chinese medicine said kneading knees, is to take standing, high sitting, sitting, squatting or supine position, two palm virtual, close to the knee position, do circle rubbing. The method is a traditional massage techniques in the kneading method, simple operation, easy to practice.

"Hand, you can also use the thumb or palm, press on both sides of the knee. In addition, pinch or hammer can also." Liu Changxin pointed out that the frequency of massage is best for every minute thirty or forty, the intensity of a sense of soreness Should, if there is a feeling of heat, the effect is better. The whole kneading knee movements, the speed should be uniform slow, coherent round alive, moderate range.

"The elderly lower limb cycle is not good, especially for this method." Professor Jiang Liang Duo said, in addition, the old man's legs to the afternoon or night will swell some kneading knees when you can slightly raise a little bit. Pay attention to wear more loose shoes, because the feet of the foot skin shoes will lead to poor foot meridian, so that the elderly legs more weakness. Women can try to heel pad or wear half heels to reduce knee knee over-activity, reduce knee burden, prevent knee pain.

Hit the wall "crotch at the same time back lying


1.Distance Feet open a shoulder width, about one foot away from the wall, naturally standing, back to the wall. Upper body forward, can naturally leave the wall, that the distance is moderate.

2. Falling hips. Can fall, the knee does not have to bend too low, the body relax, upper body to maintain integrity. 3. hit the wall. Hip above the flat back to a flat, to be very natural to lie down, do not deliberately pay back to rely on, his hands naturally swing. When the wall, pay attention to the crotch should also be lying with the upper body.

Note: the initial impact surface in the shoulder blade below, hit when the note, only issued a voice prevail. Can not appear two impact surface or two, fail to achieve the effect. Pregnant women, physiology, satiety or surgery less than one year do not practice. Heart disease, high blood pressure, the body is weak or more than 50 years old, the initial person should be sparring.

Stretch: Do not stop the legs

"These words are very simple, there is a profound medical connotation, is thousands of years of experience in China's health care oral traditions." So self-treatment also pay attention to "bone is soft, blood flow."

There are many ways to pull the bar, where the method of vertical bar method is as follows:

1. Find a door frame, both hands on both sides of the door frame, try to stretch his arms;

2 feet in front, Feet in the post, the legs as straight as possible;

3. the body just in parallel with the door frame, head upright, eyes head forward;

4 standing in this position for three minutes, and then a leg stroll, standing three minutes.

"Pull to pay special attention to two points, one is not too hard; two to prepare activities." Jiang Liang Duo reminded. At the same time, do not let the feeling of being pulled part of the hemp, sore and easily give up.

Knock teeth: different teeth were knocked

Light lips, upper and lower teeth gently tapping each other, the number of unlimited, generally 30 times better. Because the different teeth are not long in the same plane, in order to make each tooth can percussion, percussion, respectively, according to different teeth tapping, first tapping molars (teeth), and then tapping the front teeth, canine, Alternating, rhythm has caused, do not do about friction.

Note: people with mandibular disorders are not suitable for this method, may aggravate symptoms. Adolescents under the age of 18, due to the possible development of their teeth is not yet complete, should not do knocking teeth action.

Has been suffering from dental disease can not be too loud, to prevent further damage to the teeth. It is recommended to change the teeth for the teeth, the degree of stimulation to ease a lot. The specific approach is: teeth gently bite the real, gradually bite gradually, 3 times a day.

No end, waiting for updates.

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One night experience in homosexual baths

Online check some comrades - public toilets, feel too sick, not much interest, say, to that place, mostly hair beard white. See a few comrades bathroom, charges fairly reasonable, surprised to find, actually in my neighborhood near the hotel. Soon to the Internet that said the bathroom. The facade is very common, I think any first person to see will not feel this and other bathrooms are different.

Like a dream, a long time, a long time to return to God.

No, ah, not like a dream. Because, never had such a crazy, so passionate dream.

To tell the truth, it is more like watching the G film, but also like an adult game - 3D kind of, especially realistic.

Think of the National Day travel too many people, taking advantage of the moment a little time to pack up the luggage ran to the train station. The destination is longing for a long time - a beautiful, gentle city.

That is a beautiful city, is not an exaggeration at all. Really. Here tall buildings, full of people. Bustling crowd, a lot of people, it seems to be pleasant. Skin is good, color white, facial features are also fine, just shopping are pleasant people. City boy CopyrightOnline check some comrades - public toilets, feel too disgusting, and no much interest, say, to that place, mostly hair beard white; club, that is all handsome guy full service, high consumption does not say, It seems that there is no ability, MB looks must be and the amount of linked, to dispel; see a few comrades bathroom, charges fairly reasonable, surprised to find, actually live near my hotel. Heart, thump thump jumped up.

The kind of place is completely unfamiliar to me, the only cognitive or from the text to understand, say, the novel of things, art composition is high, how much authenticity is not known. This time, want to see, even if only to see. After all, has come to this place, do not fear will regret it.

Soon to the Internet that said the bathroom. The facade is very common, I think any first person to see will not feel this and other bathrooms are different. The streets still bustling, people coming and going, I stay at the door for a few minutes, or away, heartbeat, breathing faster, even worse is suddenly want to go to the toilet. I thought I was too nervous. Wandering for a long time to see a few people into, and see a few people out, I thought, so has been hovering at the door than the direct into the more embarrassing it. It is a bath, no big deal. Thinking, to calm a lot, directly into the door, on the third floor.

WeChat public number search the same

I picked up a small place, lying down, quietly lying down. Next to the side next to lying next to a middle-aged, 30 head it, face round with a profile, it seems, lying down, black flat angle shorts, belly no fat, good body. I occasionally overtook to see him, YY about, huh, huh. Soon, came a old man, it seems 40 years old, wearing glasses, he came, gently scratch my toes, said the sentence "play", I smiled, did not answer, he laughed Laugh and go away. Through the black shorts, he stopped and reached out and touched the black pants. That is still closed eyes, did not refuse. Glasses will rely on him to sit down, touch the chest, abdomen, and then all the way down until the shorts, and soon, he began to fade shorts, start touch. I told myself, indecent assault, but still can not curiosity, when I once again overturned to see the time, God, he began ... ... said the right online, in the public room, some people so bold. The glasses stopped and leaned over and the black shorts whispered for a while, and the two got up and headed for a dark room. The two are under the tents.

Black shorts go, I have no row of other people, I made a few deep breath, and finally let yourself calm down. The network to see this scene, it seems nothing, but when all this in front of you staged, how many people are not easy to accept. Moreover, this is the first time to this crazy place.Lying quietly. Close your eyes.

In the afternoon, the people who came to the bathroom were more and more. A fat hair developed middle-aged turn, lying next to me in the empty bed, wearing a pair of goggles, the kind of charcoal, soothe the nerves of it. But I clearly see, he was uneasy. Over and over again, and finally, simply to the last small pants off, so lying down. Even so, the people who play are just looking at their eyes and walking away. I saw him in a small pants pants wrapped in something, it is estimated that it sets it.

Next to a pair of young people, looks 20 years old look, very delicate, sweet called each other "baby". No doubt, their rich sense of happiness infected a lot of people around. Including me, many people put the envy of the eyes to them. Comrades navigation APP, city boy copyrightThey are sweet and lingering, stroking, as a beautiful picture, people forget their own existence.Perhaps by this sudden happiness of the stimulus, perhaps feel boring, I got up, walked back to the bathroom, a bath, ready to leave.

The original empty black house more people up, I see many people go in, and out, out of curiosity, rushed to the bath I also entered the cabin, no lights, the corner a little bit of fire, oh, Steamed sauna - or imitation sauna. The room is very small, sitting inside, standing six or seven individuals, are sincere meet. Think of the online post said, when the shower will be staring at you, steamed, some people will be hands and feet. Is that this place? Heart a little curious, seems to be looking forward to.

Sitting two people moved, tightly together, the two invariably handle to the bottom of the other side, is cranky, feel a hand on my chest, by Microsoft's light, that person is not high ( And I almost), age is also similar, slowly, he moved to the RT, gently twist it up, I reach out and grabbed his bottom ...

Had to admit that there was no reason at all. He approached me, wore me, suddenly, my front was another person's hand to comprehend, the sudden move so that I returned to God, the video scene in the chaos suddenly replay in my mind.

why is it like this? How can i do this? I gently clawed the strange hand, side over the head, facing the back of the arm around my waist sorry smile, left the hut. City boy network I opened the water very much, water rushed to the skin, and even have a pain. Cold water, very ice, until the feeling of the whole body are cooling, almost to shiver, off the water, dress, out of the bathroom.

A blind man. Mind in a chaos, sometimes the G film in the picture, but the bathroom scene, I can not tell which is true, which is only performance.

Back to the hotel, glasses wide open, tightly lying on the bed. Heart blocking the panic, would like to find someone to talk, say it, perhaps they will be easy to do it But who will listen to me?

Phone thought, hello, need no need to massage, 80 a minute. I said thank you, no more. Miss is very persistent, if necessary, the price can also be kind, all handsome sister Oh, I once again said thank you, the phone hung up.

Finally believe that some places can not just get involved, some things can not easily try. Before you make an action, ask yourself if you are ready.

Everything that the bathroom experiences is so long that I can not be calm.

The end.

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Make up or not see the own physical

In the traditional understanding of the people, with age, "tonic" to become a health care through the process. Baidu search for "tonic", there are nearly 200 million entries appear. However, there is no lack of error or partial general concept.

Tonic is to eat it?

Mention tonic, in many people's concept is to eat what? how to eat? But the real make up is a comprehensive concept, in addition to diet also contains a lot.


High-quality sleep, can be in a quiet state to repair damaged cells in the body, add the body's strength, is one of the most economical and effective way to fill the body. Especially after the summer, some people have not yet recovered from the summer habit of sleep, likely to cause the body overload operation, affecting health.


Such as yoga, the body with the slow and long music, coupled with the rhythm of the deep breathing and body movement, can make the nerves from the state of excitement slowly restored calm, nerve deployment of the muscles, joints gradually from cell depletion into cell repair, the body Refined gas can also be added.

Soothing SPA, muscle massage, cupping, scraping, fire therapy, fumigation, etc. can be achieved to reduce stress, reduce wear and tear, add the role of body energy.

Are you able to entertain?

Perhaps you will often hear such a good heart: "can, I eat for a long time, feel more comfortable. You also eat it!

It sounds good, but it is unreasonable - someone else's tonic may be your "poison"!

Because the theory of Chinese medicine is different to use different foods or drugs in order to play the desired effect. Even if the same twin sister brothers, physical must also be different. Such as celery, clinically proven to have antihypertensive effect, but if it is spleen Deficiency, intractable intestinal slippery or diarrhea physique, eat celery not only buck effect is not good, but also cold on the cold, so that the threat of digestion System health.

For ordinary people, it is difficult to distinguish what kind of constitution, which should eat what should eat. Therefore, before consultation to consult a professional doctor, and should not be arbitrarily, deliberately to eat a lot of food. Of course, generally not a large number of times taking the physical does not match things, a small amount of food is not harmful to health.

How do they tonic?

Tonic not only to consider the constitution, but also according to nature and life and other overall environment, to take different tonic measures. As early as the "Yellow Emperor" mentioned in the "spring and summer long, autumn harvest winter", the overall principle is to explain the law of the four seasons, autumn and winter to the need to converge storage, although the need for tonic, but this convergence and storage Of the supplement, but also limited, to balance the yin and yang as the standard.

"Flat" is: what is missing, what to make, a balanced diet, appropriate exercise. The best way to take a healthy physical examination, a comprehensive measure of their physical and health levels, found that the lack of nutrients the body, and then targeted, appropriate to individualize the supplement.

special reminder

boy belong to a special group, because the body's system development is not yet fully mature, but not chaos.

The door to buy a ticket is a woman, there is no online that kind of strange eyes (some friends suggested that the boss of the words of her, change a small handsome). Pay the money, for the shoes, take a hand, collar soap, towels, shampoo, then into the locker room. A 40 old man guarding the open counter. A key on the hand, a key to keep the cabinet, fairly safe.

When I was naked to the bathroom, inside sparse few people, looked up and looked at me, but also no embarrassment, we all Chicheng meet. Online said yes, where the weekend will be more, this time, class classes, work to work, make money to make money, not many people. After washing the shorts into the lounge. The corridor to see a few "black house", this should be online that "the story of the place", no one, but some people have opened the door, head out to see, and off. Many beds, mostly double beds, stacked neat towels, have TV. This season, do not wrap towels will not feel cold A lot of people to wear a small pants so lying. Did not open the TV, maybe people here do not have the mood to watch TV.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Shenyang Picture


Shenyang, referred to as the "Shen", is the capital of Liaoning Province, deputy provincial cities, national regional center city, megalopolis, northern China theater command resident, the State Council as the central city of Northeast China, the country's important industrial base.

Shenyang is located in the northeast of China in the south, is located in the Northeast Asian economic circle and the Bohai Sea economic circle center, is the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to the Kanto area comprehensive hub city. The city has 10 districts, 2 counties and 1 county-level city. The total area of the city is more than 12,948 square kilometers. Billion.

Shenyang is a national historical and cultural city, known as "once the birthplace of two generations of emperors," said. Is China's most important equipment manufacturing industry-based heavy industry base, with "the eldest son of the Republic" and "Oriental Ruhr" in the world. Has won the "National Environmental Protection Model City", "National Forest City", "National Garden City" title.

History of Shenyang

Thirty thousand years ago, the Shenyang area in the Paleolithic times have been human activities. 7200 years ago, the branch of the Chinese nation (sun bird totem culture) in the farming and hunting, thrive, to create a new music culture. Spring and Autumn Period, the city of Yan Fang City (Houcheng predecessor), Li County, Liaoning Province Xiangping County, Shenyang city history at the beginning, dating back more than 2600 years.

221 BC, the Qin Shi Huang unified China, the sub-world is 36 counties, Shenyang, Liaodong County under the (Liaoyang).The Western Han Dynasty, was called "Hou City", under the Han Liaodong County (Liaoyang). Is the formal beginning of the city of Shenyang. The Tang Dynasty was renamed "Shenzhou". The Five Dynasties period, the Liao Dynasty immigration to this, the construction of Tucheng, production development. Jin Dynasty, Jin Taizu captured Shenzhou, follow the "Shenzhou" in the name.

Yuan Zhen Yuan three years (1296), the Yuan Dynasty to rebuild Tucheng, change Shenzhou as "Shenyang Road", under the jurisdiction of Liaoyang province. Shenyang is located in Shenyang (Hunhe) of the north, to the traditional position of the Han Dynasty, that is, "Shanbei Yin, water north of Yang", it changed Shenzhou to Shenyang. Since then, the "Shenyang" officially appeared in the name of the historical data, dating back more than 700 years of history.

Ming Hongwu nineteen years (1386), the Ming Dynasty renamed the "Shenyang Road" to "Shenyang Zhongwei", the construction of Shenyang city walls (brick city). Shenyang's military status is more important, is an important base for the Ming Dynasty operating Kanto.Ming Dynasty revelation five years (1625), the Qing Dynasty Nurhachu the capital moved from Liaoyang to Shenyang, Shenyang city and proceed to build the palace (now the Shenyang Imperial Palace). Ming Chongzhen seven years (1634), renamed Shenyang as "Shengjing Huang Taiji"

Ming Dynasty Chongzhen seventeen years (1644), Qing Shi Zu Fulin moved to Beijing, Shenyang to the Qing Dynasty Shunzhi fourteen years (1657), the Qing Dynasty to "Fengtian carrier" in Shenyang in Fengtian, Shenyang "Fengtian" Xuantong three years (1911), after the Revolution of 1911, Shenyang became the capital of the rule of warlords.

In 12 years (1923), the official establishment of Mukden municipal office, Shenyang city for the first time the establishment of the system,In the 16th year of the Republic of China (1927), after the Party's "August 7" Conference, the Party Central Committee decided to send Chen Weizhong to form the Communist Party of Manchuria in order to unify the leadership of the Northeast Party organization.

In seventeen years (1928) in September, the CPC Manchuria Provincial Committee held in Shenyang, northeast of the third party congress, the General Assembly decided to CPC Manchuria Provincial Committee of the CPC Manchuria Provincial Committee. Chen Weizhong, Liu Shaoqi, Chen Tanqiu, Luo Dengxian and so on have served as secretary of the provincial Party committee. In 18 years (1929), Zhang Xueliang in the "Northeast flag", the "Fengtian" to "Shenyang city".

In twenty years (1931), the Japanese imperialists launched the "September 18 Incident" and the occupation of Shenyang, the "Shenyang" to "Fengtian".In thirty-four years (1945), the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Northeast recovery, "Fengtian City" to restore "Shenyang City" name.In thirty-seven years (1948) on November 2, Shenyang officially liberated.

In 1953, Shenyang City to the central municipality.In 1954, the city of Shenyang to Liaoning province.In 1964, the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee decided to set up Shenyang area.In 1993, the original law of the city of Tieling, Kangping was placed under the jurisdiction of Shenyang, Xinmin County removed the county to build the city.In 1994, Shenyang City upgraded to a sub-provincial city.In 2002, the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone into the Tiexi District.In 2006, Shenbei District was established.June 17, 2014, approved by the State Council, agreed to Shenyang Dongling District changed its name to Hunnan District.In January 2016, Liaozhong County evacuated the county.

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