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Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Shenzhen,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

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Shenzhen ladyboy for Men Massage Picture

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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Investment Building Hotel Shenzhen Picture
Investment Building Hotel Shenzhen Map Picture

Investment Building Hotel

4.0 Gay Men Massage Investment Building Hotel Shenzhen Picture

4-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Investment Building Hotel Shenzhen Picture
Gay Men Massage Investment Building Hotel Shenzhen Picture

Address: China, 广东省深圳市福田区 FuTian CBD, 深南大道4009号投资大厦 邮政编码: 518048

Phone: +86 755 8388 3888

Hotel details

Shenzhen convention and exhibition center exhibition, conference, business, catering, entertainment, etc at an organic whole, invested by shenzhen municipal government, entrust the shenzhen convention and exhibition center management co., LTD., officially put into use in 2004.Since opening in 2004, nearly 300 exhibitions, has successfully held more than 1350 meetings, with the audience of more than 2000.2008 held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center, a total of 75 games exhibition, more than 500 games meeting, exhibition area of 1.8 million square meters, the third national counterparts.

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, advanced facilities, complete, is to host a variety of exhibitions, conferences, meetings, ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and performing arts activities of the ideal election.

Welcome to coolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Shenzhen,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Shenzhen coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

Men eat Viagra, his wife to "suffer"

Taking "Viagra" can not cause sexual desire, its role is only in the presence of sexual impulses, to help ED patients return to normal erectile function. That is to say the main role of Viagra is to restore a person's normal sexual function, so that you have sexual impulses when the natural erection. This is also the greatest benefit of Viagra, people restore the natural erection of sexual function, natural love.

Doctors found that the incidence of urinary tract infections in their males was also higher among male patients taking Viagra, which may be due to an increase in sexual intercourse after sexual intercourse with Viagra, and an increase in the number of sexual intercourse, especially in 55 -75-year-old women, these women reduce the vaginal discharge, resistance is lower than the young women.

Often, urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli or other bacteria infected with the urethra.The incidence of young women is higher than that of older women. The routine treatment of this disease is treated with antibiotics, but the adjuvant treatment of acid juices has been recognized. Harvard researchers have found that taking 300 ml of acid juice per day can make urinary The incidence of infection was reduced to 58% of the original, the researchers believe that: acid juice by stopping the bacteria stay in the urinary system, so as to reduce urinary tract infection.

Now the market can buy self-examination of urinary tract infection test paper, the use of very simple. When the test paper shows that there are white blood cells and nitrite in urine, you can use acid juice treatment, but this does not mean that acid juice can replace the treatment of antibiotics. If you take sour fruit juice 24-36 hours later, the symptoms still do not alleviate, there may be rare bacteria infection, should see the doctor in time.

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So eat the grain to make the body more healthy

Oat eight treasure rice thin body

Oats are often used to soak in milk, in fact, occasionally with oats to do an eight rice, better play beauty beauty, anti-aging role, oat contains a variety of enzymes, not only can inhibit the formation of senile plaques, and can delay The aging of human cells, is the best health food in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

More importantly, oat rich soluble fiber can promote bile acid excreted, lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce high fat food intake, but also because of soluble fiber will absorb a lot of water, satiety strong, regular consumption, weight loss The effect is particularly good.

Oatmeal rice is soaked with oat, black glutinous rice, long glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice, soybeans, soybeans, lotus seeds, barley, red beans and so on for an hour, and then cooked just fine. Babao has plenty of food dietary fiber and carbohydrates, suitable for use as a staple food.

Long body eat buckwheat noodles

Buckwheat noodles are a kind of grayish brown flour, but do not look at it is not handsome, the nutritional value is very high. Soba noodles with a variety of ways to eat, but people are most accustomed to use it to do noodles. Buckwheat protein is higher than rice and flour, especially in the process of growing children, more suitable for eating some buckwheat noodles, which lysine and arginine will make parents are surprised at the child's long high speed and smart degree, But when parents do buckwheat noodles with children, they also need some noteworthy places.

Buckwheat noodles with the most suitable with the cucumber together with cold, buckwheat noodles cool, easy to Shang Wei, so when you must do some time to soak, until the bubble soft, taste better, and easier to digest. Cucumber can make the buckwheat noodles more refreshing is not easy to be tired, so and buckwheat is a good match.

The most suitable for eating buckwheat is the elderly and children, occasionally eat a eat buckwheat noodles, the elderly can be used to reduce blood pressure, lower blood pressure. Kid's noodles are delicious, but not suitable for breakfast and dinner, easy to let the stomach damage, or not easy to digest, each should not eat too much, the right amount of the best.

Glutinous rice is best suited to fermented glutinous rice

Glutinous rice can be used to porridge, can also be used to do dumplings, but the most healthy and most magical practice or make it fermented glutinous rice wine. Glutinous rice can help digestion, but also the role of soothe the nerves, can relieve the symptoms of fatigue and dizziness, glutinous rice these effects made in the fermented glutinous rice wine after the more prominent, and eat up more convenient, not subject to the use of restrictions.

We can use glutinous rice, barley, lotus seed meal, yam powder, Gorgon rice, Poria powder, wine brewed the amount of mixed together, the mix of raw materials into the enamel pot, add water, steamed in the drawer for 1 hour, Put out the cold, stir into the wine brewing, the pot placed in about 25 ℃ environment, about 36 to 48 hours, the raw material that is fermented into wine. If you eat sweet can add some rock sugar, fermented glutinous rice wine can be taken at noon and at night, not only help digestion, and calm and soothe the nerves, but also make the stomach feel very comfortable.

In addition, barley spleen dampness, lotus seeds and yam spleen and kidney, Poria fill gas, a variety of raw materials match, tonic body. Made of fermented glutinous rice wine brewing is the most nutritious and healthy match.

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Shenzhen home massage story

Has recently been living in a contradictory state of mind, and now a phone makes me become more contradictory ...

How do you find me on so many bad luck?

5 days ago and found a job, I began to tell myself this must adhere to, whether they like it or not, have to go on, after all, has been almost no money, and the only remaining more than 200, and how to pay Rent, how to eat ...

But the second day of work I have a retreat of the mind, for many reasons, and finally adhere to the first 4 days I went on my own, back home, open a computer broke into the "Eternal Tower", once again hope to The game so that they forget the temporary trouble, I know that this is just a kind of unnecessary escape, always can not solve anything, but this is the only way to make me feel calm ... ...

May I am optimistic, I may be cheerful, but many times but some sentimental, these few days to eat very little, every day meal, sleep rarely very few, is blindly playing the game Daguai kill, like the game In the kind of flying feeling, wings flying, flying in the sky when the mood on the special relaxation, free, no shackles ... ...

3 o'clock in the morning, took a massage brother's vest into the chat room, this time chat room only left more than 50 people, but still added five, read the photo, one said I was too child, hey , That competition is big bar, in fact, massage on the bar is not ugly on the line of friends ... ... a very rude look at the photos after nothing, and should only cheat photos to see the kind of boring people ... ... a very handsome type The man said after the words are not appropriate and then no sound ... ... the remaining two touches will chat, just leave the phone, do not know when to need.

7 o'clock in the morning to write some things, intended to write after the sleep, but suddenly received a phone call -

"Are you the massage?"


"Where are you here?"

"Lo Wu Road, you? What is your network name ah?"

"I am in xxx road, network name xxx."

"I just chatted with people who do not you ah." I looked at the chat record said, then think about it, it touches on a plus no QQ directly to the phone number, it should be him.

"Do not you sleep at night, do not you sleep, do you have a good night?

"I do not have time at night."

"Oh, that 's so, maybe you wait 10 minutes, I'm busy with the little thing on hand and give you a call.

10 minutes later thought or decided to go, in order to make money Well, even though one night did not sleep, and he said that let me play in the past can reimburse the fare.

"I have the front of the shop to open the bottom of the underwear, I brought you look okay, like you can pick two, did not like the even." Suddenly think of the phone at home there are some no reason to go Inventory, because it will not have much money to purchase, so did not do.

"Oh, you still sell underwear ah, well, come over and I look good."

Took a bath with panties to go out, and wear is also very casual, on a 10 dollars to buy the stall to buy the shorts to wear, and a white without any pattern of T-shirts and the only pair of sports shoes, to Not in the hands of a belt also thought it was morning morning run.

To the building, the security actually asked what did not ask to help me open the door, get on the elevator, with a nervous to reach that floor, but the room too much, is going to call, see a door out A head "do not play, here."

Into the room, a naked body greeted, but wearing a red triangle underwear, who slightly some muscles, looks good, plus that body and brow look revealed this is a very man's taste.

"Are you starting now?"

"Well." I hope to hurry to go back to sleep it.

He was lying on the bed, I took out from the bag body lotion, which is still a friend to do Amway sent, has been useless, today used when the massage oil used.

"I just started thinking about doing tonight, so I have not had time to prepare for oil, and there 's no problem with this lotion.

"Well, nothing."

First standing on the bedside simple massage a bit and face, and then I got on the bed told him to turn the body ready to back, when I went to bed on his lap, an inattentive actually saw his underwear Half of the back, looming cleavage see my heart rate, God, seduce people ah ... ...

Fell on the body lotion, slowly, his hands from his waist to his shoulder and then from the shoulder to the waist, palms touched his semi-naked hip ... ...

The sun in the morning through the half of the curtains sprinkled on the body that exudes the delicate men above the body, and I in addition to the side of the massage, the more seems to be in appreciation, is enjoying a male visual effects ... ...

When the back by the end, intended to casually across the underwear press the buttocks on both sides of the two points and then start by the thigh.

"Do not you push PP?" He asked.

"I used to learn when wearing underwear just a few times, you need to push it?


"Do you want to take off your panties?"

"Do not get off the dirty ah."

Said I used some slightly trembling hand dragged his underwear, and then a full of glasses of the PP show in front of me ... ...

To a little moisturizing lotus, rubbing his hands to the two white peaks on the white (in fact, when writing here, I was thinking, what adjectives to describe the man's PP ah, two plateau? Two meat The two big steamed bread? ... ... thought really can not think of it, can only use the mountain, and at least magnificent point, you have a better adjective?

That a man, a man full of men, never play 10 men, men covered with scars, a man full of curious man ... ... that day leaning on his chest chat for a while and left, leave When walking in the street but no sleep ... ... passing a street, the scenery is good, tree-lined trail, the sun through the foliage sprinkled on the trail, it is very pleasant summer feeling, but unfortunately the phone no electricity, Down.

Friday evening into the chat room began to continue to find customers, but a piece of a piece of information so I am a little remembered the feeling of playing at work, it is annoying that feeling, did not expect to do this line still like work, and finally made A chat after the information did not go to him, just let the Magu Vaji so quietly stay, and then a person fled to the virtual online game ... ...

Saturday 6 pm from the bed to climb up, go to eat 6 dollars fast food, went to the nearby small park ran for a while, then returned to the computer before, today did not enter the chat room, but with The phone photo according to a photo, and then sent to the friends above, and even the first time put their own mobile phone number. Read the movie, listen to a comrades radio broadcast, time unknowingly went to the morning 3:00 ... ... and then bath to sleep ... ... decadent life.

Sunday, one on the line, qq more than 10 friends on the request, but do not know that I was doing this line, but simply looked at the photos, casually chatted a few words after no sound, but also accidentally received 3 strange phone, in fact, they may not know the purpose of my photo, it seems that day in the QQ that explain.

2 o'clock in the morning, is playing the game, suddenly received a phone call, but still live near me, he said I invited supper, and they are Sichuan, so go ... ...

A middle-aged man with glasses, Man Siwen decent look, with him came to a Sichuan people open the lo mei shop. He ordered a pig and two bottles of beer I had two bran legs, and then two people eat up, during my smoke did not intend to sell cigarettes, he stopped me, called the boss to give me Bought a pack.

He was also talkative, talked to him a lot, after graduating from college in the early 90s came to Shenzhen, and roll a few years after making money to go home business, and do a lot of business, But because of the reasons for the basic loss of luck, and now is still working, but a slight high wages. Originally thought he was married, but he told me that I have been single, because parents are gone, so there is no pressure. Chat has been asked why I did not find a BF, see that he seems to me some meaning ... ...

Things are finished, the day suddenly began to rain ... ...

"Are you leaving?"


"If that 's the matter at home, it' s time to get a job now.

"Oh, but that is the top of my rent to eat ah, useless."

"What are you going to do?"

"In fact, I am now making money ah, but do massage, listen to me that will not despise me.

"No, nothing ..."

"Do you give me two hundred you give me a massage?"

"Just a simple massage Oh, do not provide sex, you want to massage the words to me 100 will do."

"Nothing, do you agree to go to the room first?"

"Oh, okay, I do not have oil, you go to open the room, I go back and get the oil better.

Hazy light, naked body, dancing hands, rarely drink I look a little drunk, but still full of heart by the middle-aged man's problem quite much while while chatting with him while chatting, if this When the other position, drink someone else to help me massage, and then chatting days, Oh, it must enjoy the feeling ... ...

"Did you pay a few friends before?"

"Two, you"

"There are only two or three, the longest one together for four years."

"How long did you break up."

"Said the words long, four years he has not been on the class, I raised him four years ... ... how do you not find a?

"Said looking to find ah, this thing depends on the fate of the network can not just pull a BF it, in fact, find BF is not as good as looking for a few good brothers ... ..."

"At least you can find a BF to help you."

"Oh, no thought, but also did not want to rely on who. Who can not rely on a lifetime, the key still have to rely on their own ... ... like a lot of your feelings are very light, desperate, but Listen to what you just said, and you seem to believe in love.

"Yeah, so it 's still looking for it.

"But I think you find those young, they are willing to be with you a lot with a purpose, that nice point is to find a dependency, ugly is the use of such feelings is difficult to long, the use of what is not "

"In fact, I did not think so much, everyone's thoughts are the same, as I raised him that 4 years of that friend, although spent a lot of money on him, but later broke up I did not feel sorry. "

"Oh, you'd like to full of open." Listen to his words seem really is an optimist, what is very open, in fact, for the nurturing this problem, I think the young 10-year-old is nothing, but 20 several people, then it is not good, grew up, there is the responsibility and obligation, it should be considered for the future, even if not for their own, but the family's family to think about it, ah, more work experience It will always be helpful for your future.

"Do you say we can do BF?" He looks like no despise my current identity, straightforward to ask me.

Oh, this is not good, but friends can be sure, even if you do not find me massage, like this time out to drink, chat is also good ah, anyway, near.

"Well, when nothing can understand you and the next ... ..."

The front has been quiet, he was so quietly lying, I was on the side, from time to time also boasted me good way, but when my hand press the thigh in front of him ... ...

"Can you lay the plane for me?" He asked suddenly.

I hesitated, "I'll help you finish your thighs."

"No, help me play it, really hold back for a long time."

After thinking about me, I still agreed, it is to see when he invited me to drink it, especially when I want to sell cigarettes, he stopped me, and then called the boss to help me buy, although the money Not much, but it is proved that others are good, but also fellow, but also gave me 200, the equivalent of two people by me, so I agreed.

I do not know that this is not to destroy their own principles, so be regarded as selling it? Massage is nothing more than to make money with both hands, which is also by what, count JJ also nothing, as long as not Oral sex on the line, when I was so self-comfort themselves.

Two minutes later, a smooth solution, and then chat will be, and then left the bath ... ...

Back when the time has been more than 5:00, read the page, 7 o'clock when the plan to sleep, but also received the same man like the phone, had wanted to say that he went to work tonight, but He said no, no way, although already lying in bed, but still from the body, dragging his exhausted body to him, but fortunately for the middle-aged people by the time is not long, how did not hurt the hand ... ... Really, in fact, this line is not easy ... ...

Is still the security, but this time he gave me the key to open my own door, it seems that this security is not very professional ah, get on the elevator, into the door, is still the room, is still the man covered with scars , The only difference is that he put on my underwear sold to him ... ...

He was lying on the bed, took off his underwear, revealing a sexy body ... ...

Still the same as the last massage, still in the last to help him hit the plane ... ... this did not last shot so fast ... ... but shot very high, almost from my face and cast ... ... and still The last time he wanted to help me to shoot, but I still refused, after all, he is now money to spend, even though I feel very much for him, but each line have their own professional ethics, and this is my own The development of professional ethics, although I will think, but I can restrain.

Asked his wound during the period of things, but I still feel like he did not want to mention, but simply said to drink more drink drink someone else to get the fight.

When he gave me 150, looks like to play more to the cost of the way back is still walking is that tree-lined trail, with a few pictures of the phone, but today the weather was gloomy, no sunshine, but the mood or And the last as more pleasant, because he found me the second time, at least prove that my level is still good friends, listen to some of the MB talk, they basically rarely encounter repeat customers ... ...

Week 2, September 29, noon from the bed up yesterday to make money, so did not go to eat that has eaten nausea of ??6 dollars fast food, but called a 7 dollars takeaway, pepper fried pork. Although you can not see any meat, but there are spicy, eat up full of fragrant.

Or did not go to the chat room to find customers, looking for the Russian film to see, the name seems to be called "to Stalin's gift", about the Russian war, a abjection of the child and a story of his old man, Life, when you see the child escaped the war, grow old and then back to the old man to save his old tree, the real people feel the time flies, watching the old trees, looking next to the elderly Of the grave, a sadness on the heart, I thought of my grandfather ... ...

a kind of thing is the feeling of man ... ... people do not have to live when the treasure, only the past may know his precious ... ... do not know when When I am old, standing in those places full of memories, how many things, how many people can remember so clearly ... ...

Look at the movie, look at the novel, stroll BBS, unknowingly in the sky on the black, the window under the rain, it is suitable for sleeping weather ... ...


Welcome to coolifeSpa gay men massage in shenzhen.

Gay feast at night

No matter where, gay paternity services always have long-standing needs, gay men always expect to experience more sex, for a single white-collar or has a family of men is even more so. Some of them because of a girlfriend, and some have already had a family room, can not be fixed to pay a favorite boyfriend, only six days a week to the family club to find the sun can not provide life.

"Hello, I would like to ask A 1716A room how to go?" A man wearing a white shirt to the corridor in the security of Wang Dong (a pseudonym) asked.

"Go over there". Wang Dong a good hand. Half an hour of time, Wang Donglai back and forth by six different people asked the same question, when the sixth person approached asked, Wang Dong could not help but ask, "Today 1716A room how right? So many people go there?The man replied, "My friend has a birthday."

"Oh", Wang Dong will be skeptical.

It was an ordinary Saturday. 8:30 pm, Guangzhou Pearl River New City, a single apartment building, almost every step into the building of the men are running to the same direction - 1716A room; reason is almost the same - friends birthday. Wang Dong do not know, these so-called "friends birthday", but is deceiving the excuse, it is covered, in fact, is a long time to suppress feelings and desires.

Pearl River New City, Guangzhou CBD. Every day to work here white-collar workers are endless. Outsiders difficult to imagine, in the Pearl River New City this humble single apartment 1716A room, every Saturday night can usher in the community of different industries generous customers: office workers, civil servants, lawyers, teachers and so on. These men, as long as the payment of dozens of pieces, will be able to such a less than 70 square meters of the room to seek "joy".

At midnight, the people who entered and approached the corridor began to increase, Wang Dong had to play the spirit of twelve, "every Friday and Saturday, come here more people." Wang Dong secretly wondering, this slightly crowded room, is staged a night under the carnival feast.

Male "bachelor party"

"Hello, I ask you is a 40 yuan, or bought a card (100 yuan four times)", a man just knocked into the door into the 1716A room, 28-year-old A flower (a pseudonym) will be facing the computer intently asked The Today's A flower is particularly busy, from yesterday to date, he frequently received text messages and telephone, are asked where the location, how come, A flower must take the trouble to repeat the answer to the question, asked the trouble, Straightforward said, "waiting for you to go to me to pick you up."

26-year-old Xiaoyu is one of several friends, short hair, flat head, wearing a white shirt, like ordinary office workers, hand iphone from time to time sounded. Compared to A flower, Xiaoyu more patience to answer the phone, guests call the way, he can patiently guide others, and sometimes he will take the opportunity to go downstairs to pick up the guests up.

"Come on," Xiaoyu led the guests said behind. For their favorite guests, Xiaoyu will follow the way, "You are 1 or 0?" "1", 0 "is" attack "and" by "another generation, in the gay circle, the attack as a general attack on the party, by the other party to undertake. Xiaoyu is" 0 ", people long Jun , So popular four hundred and fifty years old middle-aged guests welcome.

However, Xiaoyu is not MB, MB is Money Boy's short, refers to the money to the same sex to sell their own physical technician. There are guests who have to make a relationship with Xiaoyu, and even made money, but Xiaoyu refused. "As long as both people here are willing to have a voluntary relationship, there is no prostitution or forced, we just provide you with a venue only," A flower on a guest so explained.

Xiaoyu graduated from a university in Guangzhou Department of Architecture, is engaged in the logistics industry. 26-year-old Xiaoyu has reached the age of marriage of men, in the outside, he already has a girlfriend, "may be married later", so he will not go to a fixed boyfriend, here is only to find and female Friends do not get along with the feeling, "although I also like a woman, but compared to a woman, I prefer a man."

After the guests pay the money, the metropolis sat in the living room sofa to watch TV, the sofa before the table filled with melon seeds, bread, biscuits and cola snacks for food. Often see many guests because they are too restrained sitting in front of the sofa, A flower will be careful to remind: "You can take a towel to the bathroom upstairs bath, the room is also upstairs.

10:30 pm, many guests began to sit still, and some people began to take a towel upstairs bath, the guests took the bath only wearing a panties into the room, and some simply naked into the room. The first time to the people always feel a bit uncomfortable, but in the A Hua's persuasion also began to adapt to another life at midnight, "let it off, come here to take into account what we all come to music "A flower in front of a delay refused to undress the guests to persuade.

In addition, A flower also for all the guests to provide free condoms, lubricants and other supplies.

Family clubhouse

A flower clubhouse location is not fixed, every few weeks, he will change a place, in addition to worry about the weekend apartment will be filled, A flower is more like to get rid of the relevant departments of the prosecution. For more often, often to the guests also slowly touched the doorway, "generally in the back of the division, Branch Yun Road, near the Pearl River New City, there are three places," a frequent guest quietly said.

In shenzhen, like A flower, there are a lot of people who drive such "family" clubs. No matter where, gay paternity services always have long-standing needs, gay men always expect to experience more sex, for a single white-collar or has a family of men is even more so. Some of them because of a girlfriend, and some have already had a family room, can not be fixed to pay a favorite boyfriend, only six days a week to come to this place to find the sun can not provide life. It is for this reason that their desires and pressures are vented here.

32-year-old A strong open club long "hidden" in a residential building, three small rooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, there is a small balcony, a total of more than 100 square meters, which is 32 years old A strong rent down a place. Previously, A strong in a company as a skilled worker, and later because of hard work, low wages, he resigned. Unemployed at home, he saw a lot of people in the gay circle need such a place, simply to live their place to a homosexual club, and personally named "Philharmonic" comrades club, and later he went to the wholesale market to buy a hundred Towels, hundreds of condoms and a few cans of lubricants.

In order to start the club signs, he also specifically set up a QQ group, from time to time to advertise. A strong club is full-time business, every Monday to Sunday will be business, "Friday Saturday guests will be more." Because the club in the Baiyun District, not downtown downtown Tianhe, A strong can not set the price too high, "Sunday to Thursday, each person 25 yuan, Friday Saturday each person 30 yuan."

At first, in order to attract more guests, A strong that a month to more than three times the club, this month from the fourth start free of charge. Later, he changed the number of strokes to attract guests, "the age of 22 years of age guests, we are free." A strong that young people are more welcomed by married men, "there are handsome guy, to the people will be more." In addition, he also suggested that if someone with two friends, this person can be free.

However, a long time, to A strong club guests are gradually fixed, and occasionally to some new faces, A strong will be some surprise, because of poor service scared away the guests. See the young handsome guy, A strong will be extremely grateful, ask them what kind of people like, but also help them introduce the object of their favorite.

In the event of a relationship, they will be harmonious to talk about a variety of topics, from the TV to play the "Happy Camp" to the daily trivial life, nothing to talk about. When a guest complained that he was in the day during the day and the boss was scolded, another guest traveled to Guangzhou would not hesitate to say: "There must be work negligence.

n fact, early years, Guangzhou family-style club is not much, but more is the gay sauna club, an area of ? up to five or six hundred square meters, both sauna, there are chess room. But do not know when to start, these sauna clubs have closed. A circle of people told reporters, "because Guangzhou often have a variety of events, such as the Asian Games, Canton Fair, etc., often at this time, the relevant departments to check more stringent." With the large gay sauna club Closed, family-style clubs such as mushrooming, because the local small, hidden hidden, gathered less people, not easy to be aware of.

No one has counted in Guangzhou in the end how many such family-style clubs, they may be hidden in a residential area. Coming and going of the neighborhood greeting, it is difficult to imagine in a room, there are so many men to find the joy of midnight. Everyone is careful to hide their identity, like A flower, A strong and Xiaoyu, and then close, each other so called it.

Gambling zero tolerance

Come to the club's guests will refer to the Shenzhen gay sauna club. In contrast, Guangzhou now has no large comrades sauna club. More than two months ago, the only rumors in Guangzhou, a large gay sauna club - Denon leisure club was ordered to seal off. And Shenzhen, a number of large gay sauna club was able to "safe" there, which makes many of the people within the circle of deep understanding.

Located in the heart of Shenzhen City, the masculine sauna club is the most popular comrades in Shenzhen in recent years. As long as you pay 40 pieces, you can enjoy the elegant lounge room, luxurious VIP room, free internet, ping pong, karaoke room and gym And other facilities and services, many from Hong Kong, Japan, Europe to Shenzhen to travel or work people will choose to come here to spend one night. Every weekend, it is often full, up to 300 to 400 people. Because of the fact that there are so many homosexuals, many comrades will choose to come here to issue condoms and preach knowledge.

28-year-old Ken from Hong Kong, is a homosexual, but also a Hong Kong anti-AIDS institutions volunteers. Every Saturday night, he and several volunteers will come to the masculine sauna club, free distribution of condoms, publicity knowledge. After that, they will rush to the next comrades sauna club.

Unlike in Guangzhou, comrades living in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, their lives and circles are not so mysterious. People who are active in this circle tend to take these key words with pioneers, alternative and niche fashion, and they are not only living in their own world, but also happy to jump out of the circle of cutting-edge activities. A Ken where the anti-AIDS agencies each year in Shenzhen organized a comrades single Party, invited comrades gathered together.

"Although the homosexual club in Shenzhen, although environmental security is guaranteed, every day disinfection, but because of the gathering of homosexuals more people, the risk of HIV infection is also high." Ken said. In all the homosexual sauna clubs in Shenzhen, the elegantly decorated lobby always haunts the psychedelic music, the guests are all naked upper body, the lower body wrapped in a bath towel, and the ordinary sauna club is no different. The only difference is that in the ambiguous lights, those between a small dark room from time to time came to the heart of the shouting.

In the impression of Ken Ken, Shenzhen is the most inclusive city of homosexuality, from the existence of these large and small gay clubs can be a glimpse. However, these large comrades sauna club there is a more secretive activities - gambling. Through a small darkroom, you can see an inconspicuous room, open the door, four mahjong table greeted. "Gymnastics, just won the 5000, all of a sudden lost 1 million, do not play," a 40-year-old middle-aged man came out from the room said to himself.

Ken said that although the official can tolerate the existence of comrades sauna club, but for the gambling is zero tolerance attitude.

"Bang" a loud noise, broken glass, the room was sleeping guests have been awakened. "Do not run! Stop!", Outside constantly sounded violent snapped sound. Later, the guests know that the police received a report came to view, a room because of gambling was arrested on the spot, gambling up to tens of thousands, one of the gamblers because of fear or even trying to break the window to escape. At three o'clock in the morning, ten of the gamblers, including the club owner, were arrested and the club was seized that night, and the rest of the club was ordered to leave.

It was a night in the summer of 2011. A Ken was talking about the scene that night, and still seemed to have a lingering fear. "I thought the police were coming to our homosexuals and did not expect to be gambling."Guangzhou, an insider told reporters, Tianlong leisure club is also due to the closure of huge amounts of money gambling.

Doping and Drugs

A flower in addition to the weekend to open a single apartment to meet these guests, his most important job is to operate a Taobao shop, specializing in the sale of condoms, lubricants, Viagra and RUSH and other supplies. In order to increase sales, A flower also proposed, Guangzhou City, within two hours to ensure delivery, of course, the premise is that the other can provide tolls.

In the sale of goods A flower, a product called RUSH particularly conspicuous. This is a similar to the aphrodisiac medicine pot, as long as the force of a shake, and the nostrils facing the bottle hole, trying to inhale the exudes of the stimulating gas, will feel the body heat, "and then will have a strong sexual desire, A flower is not familiar with these products for the guests so introduced.

In fact, the so-called RUSH, full name is Rush Popper, it was born in the United States, has more than 30 years of history. It is worth noting that RUSH can only have 30 years of history, because in the United States, this drug has long been banned from production, and never received the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. At the same time, RUSH such products in mainland China has not been China's food and drug regulatory authorities of the formal permission, which means that to ordinary pharmacies, simply can not buy such products.

However, Taobao input RUSH, or can find a lot of selling goods business in the sale of the drug, the price from 20 to 200 range, the concentration is not equal, the highest 98%, the lowest can reach 20%. Taobao has become an important way for many homosexuals to buy RUSH.

It is understood that RUSH is a kind of volatile gas nitrite (isopentyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, nitrite isopropyl ester and iso-nitrite) composed of aphrodisiac gas. These products from the 20th century began to become a part of the club culture, often in the 20th century, the 80's disco dance and 90's rave party. Sensory stimulation and dizziness make many people abuse these products for a long time.

In the case of gay men, there are numerous examples of such products, which are often used as aphrodisiac and enhanced experience. But as early as 1986, two American scholars in the "fatal pleasure: aphrodisiac and AIDS" ("DEATH RUSH: Poppers & AIDS") a book that a one-time intake of excessive RUSH, may lead to asphyxia, rhythm Abnormal, carbon monoxide poisoning, long-term use is more likely to cause nerve damage, and even fainting, stroke, leading to heart attack.

For these products side effects, many homosexuals know their interests and helpless, RUSH still has its market, "no way, gay men often need it in sexual intercourse, especially for those who can play aphrodisiac, relieve pain Role, especially in the elderly, "a gay man admitted.

In these large and small gay clubs, there are some drug addicts. Drug abuse is mainly to absorb the ice, and the general drug is different, it will not suddenly cause a strong addiction. General small and medium dose users can improve their mood, have the ability to enhance the level of awareness of the increase in awareness, showing the spirit of excitement, active, active thinking, high spirits, ability to work (especially the technical work ability) to improve. "In the circle of gay, drug abuse and" ice skating, "said, A flower and A strong is such a drug addict, but they think that the same way, Ice is not a drug, not addictive.

"I'll teach you!" A lace lit a bottle filled with water with a lighter, took a deep breath at the end of a tube with a powder, and said to a 23-year-old guest, standing next to another Guests immediately persuaded: "Do not listen to him, this is not good for the body, do not learn!"

"I go first", two in the morning, a guest from the upstairs down a flower said, leaving the bag was about to go out.

"Do not stay for a while?" Asked A flower.

"No, there are his wife at home," the guests explained.

"Well, welcome again next time", A flower polite said.

Late at night in Guangzhou, neon light shining under the apartment is still writing half awake story. A flower smoked cigarettes against the window puff, and pedestrians gradually less street, dark night, the dark in this short carnival with the guests away from the end gradually.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Shenzhen Picture


Shenzhen, also known as Pengcheng, Guangdong Province, is located in the southern Guangdong Province, the eastern coast of the Pearl River Delta, and Hong Kong separated by a water, east Daya Bay and Mirs Bay, West Pearl River estuary and Lingdingyang, Hong Kong, North and Dongguan, Huizhou border.

Shenzhen is China's reform and opening up the establishment of the first special economic zone, is the window of China's reform and opening up, has developed into a certain influence of the international city, has created world-renowned "Shenzhen speed", while "design" "Piano City", "Chuangke City" reputation.

Shenzhen city border with China's largest port of entry and exit. Shenzhen is also an important border port city, Huanggang Port 24-hour customs clearance. June 14, 2016, released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "China's livable city study" shows that the Shenzhen livable index in China, 40 cities ranked ninth.

History of Shenzhen

Shenzhen's special economic zone development only 30 years, but it has a history of more than 6,700 years of human activities, the Neolithic Age,Shenzhen has more than 1700 years of county history, 600 years of South City, Dapeng history and 300 years of Hakka immigration history, the history of the city of Shenzhen There are 1673 years.

Xia, Shang, Zhou, Shenzhen is the Baiyue tribal expedition to the ocean a stop. Residents in the coastal dunes of Shenzhen, the valley region of the people, is a branch of the Baiyue tribes - "South Vietnamese clan." They are fishing, sailing life, very little farming.

Since the Qin Dynasty, that is, Guangdong. Qinhuang unified China, in 214 BC in the south of the Five Ridges set up the South China Sea, Guilin, like the county of three counties, the migration of Qin people to develop 500,000 people. When the South China Sea county (Gunji Guangzhou) in Shenzhen, they will be integrated into the Qin Dynasty of the Central Plains culture, after the South Vietnamese country. Han Empire, the Eastern Han Dynasty is to pay the state (jurisdiction of Guangdong, Guangxi, Vietnam most) South China Sea. The Western Han Dynasty is located in the county before and Yue, South Guangdong (South Vietnam).

Shenzhen City, the earliest formerly known as Baoan County, Baoan County as the county began in 331 (the Eastern Jin Xianhe six years). The jurisdiction of the court to the jurisdiction of the six counties of the East Guanjun, jurisdiction for today's Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong and other areas. Gunji in Baoan County (South head).

Shenzhen in the Song Dynasty period is an important hub of the South sea trade, belonging to the Xiangshan County, Guangzhou. Rich in salt, spices. To the Yuan Dynasty, known for the production of pearls.Yuan under the Guangzhou Road, Ming Dynasty under the Guangzhou House, Shenzhen, the predecessor of the county has been called Xin'an. In 1573, China's Ming Dynasty government expanded the base of defending 1000 households in Dongguan, the establishment of Xin'an County, and built in the southern county, jurisdiction, including today's Shenzhen and Hong Kong region. Economy to produce salt, tea, spices and rice-based.

In 1394 (Ming Hongwu twenty-seven years), in the territory of Shenzhen, Dongguan, established by the defenders and 1000 Mirs 1000 by the defenders. 600 years of history of the South head of the ancient city, was the late Qing Dynasty Hong Kong and Macao before the political center.

The Qing Dynasty under the Guangzhao Luo Road, Guangzhou House. Between July 1842 and April 1898, the Qing government of China and the United Kingdom signed the Treaty of Nanking, the Treaty of Beijing and the Treaty on the Extension of Hong Kong Boundary, and Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories were ceded to Britain. At this point, the original Xin'an County, 3076 square kilometers of land, 1055.61 square kilometers from its jurisdiction, Shenzhen and Hong Kong from the designated sub-governance.

During the war of resistance against Japan, South head fall, Baoan county government temporary relocation to Dongguan county. In 1953, due to the Shenzhen-Guangzhou-Kowloon railway, population, industrial and commercial prosperity, Baoan county eastward 10 km away from the south of the Shenzhen market.In March 1979, the Central Committee and Guangdong Province decided to change Bao'an County into Shenzhen City, subject to the dual leadership of Guangdong Province and Huiyang. In November, the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee decided to change Shenzhen into a provincial-level city.

August 26, 1980, the NPC Standing Committee approved the establishment of special economic zones in Shenzhen, and now, the day has also been cordial to become the "Shenzhen birthday."On August 26, 1980, the 15th session of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress passed the "Regulations on Special Economic Zones of Guangdong Province" approved by the State Council and approved the setting up of special economic zones in Shenzhen.

March 1981, Shenzhen City, upgraded to a sub-provincial city.From 24 to 26 February 1984, Deng Xiaoping first visited Shenzhen and wrote an inscription for Shenzhen: "Shenzhen's development and experience have proved that our policy of establishing a special economic zone is correct."November 1988, the State Council approved the Shenzhen City in the implementation of separate national plans, and give it the equivalent of provincial-level economic and management authority.In December 1, 1990, the new China's second stock exchange - Shenzhen Stock Exchange was born.In 2002, Deng Xiaoping made a second visit to Shenzhen, and paid a very important speech: the planned economy is not equal to socialism, the market economy is not equal to capitalism, and the surname is not the capital.In February 1992, the NPC Standing Committee granted the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress and its Standing Committee, the municipal government the power to develop local laws and regulations.In 2004, Shenzhen became the first city without peasants without peasants.

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