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Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Wuhan,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

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Wuhan Gay Men Massage Boy Picture


Wuhan Gay Men Massage Boy Picture


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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Wanda Reign Wuhan Picture
Wanda Reign Wuhan Map Picture

Wanda Reign Wuhan

4.0 Gay Men Massage Wanda Reign Wuhan Picture

4-star hotel

Gay Men Massage Wanda Reign Wuhan Picture
Gay Men Massage Wanda Reign Wuhan Picture

Address: Fruit Lake Street East Lake Road, No. 138,Hubei Sheng, Wuhan Shi, Wuchang Qu,China, 430077

Phone: +86 27 5959 9999

Hotel details

Wuhan Wanda Ruihua Hotel is located in the scenic East Lake Scenic Area, surrounded by Han Street, Han Xiu, Wanda Movie Park and other shopping and leisure venues, from Wuhan Tianhe Airport only 30 minutes by car from the Wuhan high-speed railway station is only 15 minutes by car. The hotel has 413 rooms and suites, and has a variety of different styles of restaurants.

"Cuisine Hui" all-day restaurant brings together delicious food from around the world, "Banquet" a product Huaiyang restaurant to the classic Huaiyang mainly to absorb the essence of Cantonese cuisine and local cuisine, and Japanese cuisine to fine, fresh Dongying style features Into the French cuisine elements.

The well-equipped fitness center and the indoor heated pool offer a new leisure and fitness experience. Private club Mingshi will provide exclusive services for distinguished members, is the ideal place for elite Mingshi leisure.

Welcome to CoolifeSpa, we can give you best massage in Wuhan,we have gay men,male and female massage service.

Wuhan coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

Wuhan coolifespa club why the industry will play a leading role

Now people just mention the spa first thought is Beijing, because in the capital of a Wuhan spa will do quite perfect, so that the visibility is very good in the country, then some people will wonder why the same is the spa Club of Wuhan this one can be exclusive industry boss for so many years? In fact, we just see it's brilliant, it is behind us in the road has not been noticed, then we come to the specific analysis of it!

First, in the heart of Chinese politics, so that he is from the acceptance of new things, or from the development of the top has occupied the core position, the geographical advantages of their occupation of the industry's core position. As well as for their development also laid the foundation.

Second, Wuhan coolifspa club has been able to send up when they are relatively fast because of their ability to accept new things, and after they have received, can be quickly applied to the Chinese market now, this is also crucial point.

Third, they have their own foothold, no matter what kind of good form of communication, or some rigid development, their foundation will not become, it is their leaders know their core Competitive in what place, so become the industry leader is inevitable.

Above we are introduced to the Wuhan coolispa club has been able to occupy the industry's first few important reasons, so that no matter what kind of new things, in order to develop into the industry boss, must seize a certain opportunity, In addition to their clear positioning, the last indispensable is a bunch of people who do things, so want to succeed is difficult.

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Office family of five major eating habits

1: do not eat breakfast

Hazard: Nutritional unbalanced, reduced resistance.

Long-term do not eat breakfast will not only lead to inadequate intake of energy and nutrients throughout the day, and will cause excessive intestinal friction, damage the intestinal mucosa, leading to digestive diseases caused by malnutrition, so that the body's immunity decreased, the body's resistance Will be greatly reduced.

Do not eat breakfast is also likely to cause a variety of diseases. Such as susceptible to gallstones.

Prone to myocardial infarction, thrombosis. People who do not eat breakfast are easier to stick and agglutinate than those who eat breakfast platelets, and thus easy to form thrombosis.

Easy to fat. Do not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner will inevitably eat more, especially after dinner soon to sleep, the body too late to digest and absorb, the long run, the body overwhelmed, making the heat over, easily lead to fat accumulation, people fat.

Accelerate aging. Do not eat breakfast, the body can only use the body stored in the glycogen and protein, over time will lead to dry skin, wrinkling and anemia, accelerate aging.

2: dinner is too rich

Hazard: insomnia, obesity.

In the evening when the blood insulin content is the peak of the day, insulin can make blood sugar into fat condensation in the blood vessel wall and abdominal wall, dinner eat too rich, over time, people will be fat up. At the same time, it will destroy the body's normal biological clock, easy to make people suffering from insomnia.

3: addicted to drinking coffee

Hazard: Decline in comprehension

Coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine, can change the heart function and increase blood cholesterol in the blood; moderate drinking coffee has a refreshing effect, but too much to drink but will reduce the ability to work and efficiency, more than 5 cups of coffee The ability to understand it will decline, it will be difficult to complete the complex work.

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Teach you ten permanent appearance of the nine kinds of food

As long as the nine food to eat, you can continue to purify the body, so that the body and in vitro have reached the best condition, so wrinkles, spots and spells are one by one to remove. Do not ignore the daily diet on the skin's strong influence, from now on to eat these nine kinds of food, you can let the skin back to the best condition of 18 years old!

1. Western pear Chinese medicine face analysis theory, the pear is able to significantly improve the deep law of the secret of the law! A medium-sized pear has a fiber content of up to 5.5 grams and is mostly insoluble fiber. High levels of fiber can be removed from the body before old toxins and waste appear on the face with wrinkles.

In addition, the western pear contains beauty vitamin C, E, and vitamin B, K, and rich in a variety of minerals, has a very high free radical absorption capacity (ORAC), can effectively eliminate the aging of free radicals. But it should be noted that the majority of Western pear antioxidants are in the peel, so need to eat together with the skin in order to obtain complete nutrition.

2. Korean cabbage is one of the most popular vegetables in Taiwan, although ordinary and cheap, but do not underestimate him! Gao Li Cai contains the magical beauty of the Golden Triangle: Vitamin A, C, E, its vitamin C content is not only the same weight than the orange 11% higher, able to treat damaged tissue and ease the deep wrinkles, and cabbage in the vitamin A can also Reduce skin lines. In addition, the cabbage in the sulfur with vitamin C can help detoxification, can purify the blood toxins, slow down the signs of aging skin.

3. Papaya papaya enzyme and stomach stomach juice similar to the inside and outside the decomposition and metabolism of old waste, to purify the body, to maintain the health of the skin effect. In addition, papaya contains a high concentration of vitamin A, C, can repair the skin, keep the elastic moisturizing muscle.

4. Blueberry Blueberries In addition to the beauty of the Golden Triangle: Vitamin A, C, E, there are special antioxidant groups: carotenoids and flavonoids, with all the highest antioxidant free radical absorption capacity, can eliminate the freedom to cause aging Base, and better than any food effect.

5. Spinach Spinach is rich in β-carotene, can make the skin to keep moisture, so the skin and keep young, help to prevent wrinkles. Potato also contains lipoic acid, can help vitamin C, E regeneration, is to maintain the skin of the important nutrients needed. In addition, spinach has the ability to promote healthy plant nutrients: carotenoids and flavonoids, can provide a strong antioxidant protection against free radical damage.

Spinach is not only a cosmetic effect, its rich amino acid content and more than twice the fiber of other vegetables, let him become a full range of star ingredients. Spinach raw food can be cooked, but vitamin C will be destroyed at high temperatures, need special attention.

6. Banana study pointed out that bananas are rich in vitamin B6, not only allows you to keep a good mood, sleep better, but also help you anti-aging. In addition, banana high fiber content and high concentrations of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), can promote digestion to prevent constipation, and vitamin A and natural oils can also make the skin more moist.

7. Western celery celery which balanced potassium, sodium content, can help the body to discharge excess body fluids, so that the skin looks more healthy. In addition, celery can improve kidney function, remove toxins from the body, reduce the burden on the liver, but also help defecation.

8. Avocado rich in skin to become more beautiful vitamins A, C, E, K and unit unsaturated fatty acids, skin regeneration and moisturizing indispensable nutrients, can prevent the production of wrinkles. In addition, a large number of its pear fiber can purify the body, so that the body to keep young, slim, and can help control blood sugar concentration. It should be noted that, although the nutrition of avocado, but the heat is also quite high, remember that you can only eat half a day of pear.

9. Red Pepper In addition to vitamin C, the red pepper also contains silicon, can eliminate wrinkles and make the skin more smooth, once the lack of silicon, the skin will become loose, no flexibility. Therefore, the intake of red pepper can make the skin become healthy and flexible.

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Men's health, help extend men's life

We all know that men's life is generally shorter than women, one of the important reasons is that the male body lacks detoxification function, and men's life pressure is generally higher than women.

So many men in life for many years are in the workplace, over time, the body's health gradually away from him, in exchange for a sub-health of the physical state.

So, now men's health by more and more people's attention. And a lot of men concerned about the health of men, one of the important reasons is because men's health helps to extend the life of men.

Men's health is mainly about the body's detoxification and pressure release. When these two, the male body health care will have a great effect, and in the process of men's health will be greater protection.

Perhaps you will be curious, in the process of men's health in the end what are the main service content, can play a magical health care effect.

In fact, the process of men's health is mainly to include some of the traditional point massage and sports health and other content. Perhaps you will say that these aspects are very simple, but seemingly simple, just just insist on three or two days is not enough, you need a long time to adhere to.

In addition, usually in life some of the basic eating habits and restraint habits also need to be carried out according to the rhythm of health. For example, in the diet, some can not eat more food as much as possible to eat, in the rest of the process, need to rest the time, try not to force their own body in a state of tension, and many people usually in life Stay up late is an example of not conducive to health.

Can be taken in all aspects of attention, and adhere to the long years, your physical health will naturally be provided, longevity is naturally not difficult.

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Men need to start from the age of health?

Men are generally over the age of the word after two years, began to enter the establishment of the year, it was said that when the man was the first time when the man is the most men, in fact, at this time the same as a woman with a woman need to health, and not Said the man to this time the strongest body, in fact, whether it is a woman or a man, as long as it is older, the body of all the functions will change with age began to decline gradually, this is a natural physiological condition, so Do not blindly think that when the three-year-old do not need to health, this is not right, men in their twenties when it is really very passionate, but to the age of thirty still have, but this time the body All aspects of the need for health.

So for a man need to health, men need to do what health work? In general, when men go to this age, this time it is best not to eat some sweets and the like, because the heat of these products is very high, some men will not eat after eating this heat, resulting in physical The problem, so for health in order to safety, or eat some light food is better, in addition to sweets there is a man's health must be the thing is not high-fat protein to eat things, because it is easy to lead to block blood vessels, it is easy to life The danger, so this need to pay attention.

In fact, for men in addition to these, the usual time if conditions are available, you can choose to let some people relax, such as some of the massage where some of the massage can be done, and the effect is also very good.

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How can I find my favorite technician

How can I find my favorite technician, see the photo, no, so never to their favorite, of course, not completely, maybe there are 10 inside one.

Really want to point to their favorite, or to believe that the boss introduced, and that is what type of strong or older, should be clear. Photos of this thing, and now many guests say that the photo and I do not like, I have said before, and now again said that the photo is a lot of PS, and some people are very like, just afraid of a photo like a star, but I was generally like, and some people skin is not good, but the photos can not see, some people do I very good, but it is not on the camera, a camera does not look good, can be said to be ugly.

Look at the photos of the guests is how it will not point, how do we push the boss do not. See the photo is good, some guests will ask how I like, the club owner will generally say very good ah, in fact, is not good, why not say good?

Or because the guests do not believe our boss, we help the guests to introduce the photo is not good, 10 out of 10 guests will not want to say that good photos If you say I am not good, the photo is not good I am good Guests will not want to, then the guests business can not do, we all want to business is good, want to make this business, so the photo is not good I said good.

On the mirror of this thing we also understand that on their own fight than it, I ask you in the guests feel that they do not like it, and what is the difference between them, and sometimes they are afraid of the photos do not know their own, and some Guests are also very handsome, but their fear of a good ugly photo ugly.

I am now the club is also a new reform, I am not good to say bad, say the guests you like the request, I see this little brother is not suitable for you, not absolutely do not give the guests called past, I will help guests introduce their own , If the guests do not believe me, I also recognized, I believe that the course of time to see people, even if I am now almost business, but for my club's long-term, I want to adhere to my principles, so that guests find their satisfaction brother.

Now the club so much, integrity is the biggest winner. I am now recruiting younger brother is also, I do not see the photo, I see myself, no one bad, no matter how good I do not, my good picture and then I am also very welcome. There are guests you know the little brother I am handsome or very strong can also be introduced, thank you all.

But also a very important question please a lot of old friends to help, do not personally contact the little brother please, so I am so hard to do, you privately contact brother, brother did not take a proactive to our club owner said, we also have to make money , But also to eat and dress, if long-term so engage in private contact, we are difficult to do so, there are private contact brother is not very safe, and some little brother said what money at home, talking about the family is very poor, there are Also said what a few days did not introduce, please also do not believe that they do all the younger brother of this set.

Iron camp camp water soldiers, only our meeting will be long in this, the younger they are just a passing. There are tips, if the guests you really like this little brother or service is really good, willing to give, if the younger brother to tip please immediately to our club phone, do not say afterwards, there are travel expenses, I and you you Say how much on how much, little brother also please flew to our club boss phone. Do not be afraid of trouble, pay should be satisfied with the service.

Such as the guests to the younger brother 1000, they will not give us more money to the club owner a penny, if the guests said the cash is not enough, less 50, do not say 50, is less 20, the younger brother will call our club owner posted.

Usually guests to give them more time to come back they will not give me a hair., Guests less to travel 10 fast 20, the younger brother will ask your guests to, friends believe that you have had such a similar experience Right? Hey, now people are very realistic.

Heaven and earth conscience, so what is the problem or please immediately to our club owner contact. Of course not all the younger brother are like this, just have a little brother will be like this. Everyone has this hard to read .. forget you after a lot of support. Understand .. today it comes to it! Happy Mid-autumn Festival!

No end, waiting for updates.

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8 strokes teach you to catch wrinkles

Wrinkles are a lot of things that americans worry about, want to look young, how wrinkles can do? But, no matter who you are, wrinkles will slowly slowly climb your face slowly, no whether only The speed of the points. Want to let wrinkles away from you, or slower than others, the most critical or from their own care to start.

1, both hands at the same time was conical, and gradually move up to reach the eyes below, to both sides of the cheek move.

2, with both hands index finger, middle finger, respectively, along the two sides to move up to the forehead at the time and then all the fingers gently press.

3, with both hands index finger, ring finger from the upper and lower lip began to move to both sides of the mouth, in the cheekbones with all the fingers gently press.

4, with middle finger on both sides of the nostrils gently massage up and down.

5, with both hands index finger and ring finger by the two inner canthus (inner corner) began to move to the outer canthus, to the temporal (around the temple) with all the fingers gently stroked.

6, with a hand palm root gently press the forehead, five fingertips are gradually moved up to the hair, and then another hand the same method, repeat 4 times.

7, the face rinse with warm water, and then washed with cold water again, effectively reduce the pores.

Eliminate eye wrinkles:

1, first with the index finger hold the bilateral eyes Ming points, press a strong press every second, a total of 5-10 times press.

2, with the index finger vertical press the ant erior suborbital weeping points, press once a second, a total of 5-10 times press.

3, with the index finger pressed bilateral pupil hole, each time a press, a total of 5-10 times press.

Diet recipe wrinkle anti-aging

Honey wash your face

Honey has the role of moisture and sterilization, used to wash the face to make the skin smooth, delicate, freckle, moisturizing and other four effects. Wash your face, gently tapping your face, long-term use, can make your skin young l0 years old, before your dry skin will slowly disappear.

White vinegar wash your face

What is the benefit of white vinegar? White vinegar wash the right way you know? Wash with vinegar can increase the skin cells of water and nutrients to restore the skin's luster and elasticity, soften the stratum corneum, as well as whitening, bactericidal effect.

Although the benefits of white vinegar wash so much, but can not directly use white vinegar cleansing. Because the acidity of white vinegar is relatively strong, will stimulate the skin, causing great harm to the skin. It is best to use warm water to dilute the concentration of white vinegar and then use.

Green tea wash your face

Green tea wash Xi Xi shiny. Green tea can make women more beautiful, it is no doubt! It is not only rich in vitamin C, which can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C, to maintain skin whitening, young can be said to have a treasured effect.

Green tea can also be effective against radiation. The tannic acid effect of tea can make our dry skin disappear without a trace. Long-term use can also make your skin pores thinner.

Drinking water method

Drinking water is to add moisture to the body, drinking water is enough not only healthy, but also make the skin get enough water, adults drink 5-7 cups a day, large amount of people drink 10-12 cups of drinking water. Especially in the morning a glass of water, both effectively clean up the gastrointestinal tract, and promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body, but also added a night of consumption of water, reducing blood concentration, increase blood circulation, make the skin bright and shiny, so that life The beauty of your day begins from the morning.

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Wuhan Coolifespa massage face-lift method

Two steps to repel face swollen

1, the first step

Starting from the side of the jaw to the direction of the temple to draw, repeat to do three to five times, this can help the side lines of the shape, and then from both sides of the location of the cheekbones to the direction of the temple, but also repeat to do three to five , This is conducive to improving the apple muscle. Do the time to pay attention to the intensity in place, too light will be no effect, too heavy words will damage the face of the skin, so be sure to master the intensity of massage, so as to achieve the best results.

2, the second step

Introduction from the eyes below the depression began to the direction of the temple to the past, so repeated to do three to five times, you can effectively pull the end of the eye, to eliminate the eye's crow's feet, and then from the top of the eyebrows To the direction of the hair to do pulling action, weight three to five times, and press for five seconds. And finally from the top of the clavicle to the direction of chin to slide three to five times, and then slide the direction of the shoulder three to five times, so that can be effective detoxification.

Above is the Wuhan heterosexual spa push oil male technician for everyone to introduce the massage face-lift method of the relevant content, we can simply understand what Massage is mainly to promote the face of the blood circulation and metabolism, so that the accumulation of face and waste and toxins to eliminate, so that the face can be restored to vitality, showing the original three-dimensional, so as to get reborn, the distribution of charming luster.

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This massage is more useful than eating tonic

So the benefits of such a foot bath:

◎ people on the foot more points

China's ancient medicine that the human feet on the distribution of six meridians, attached to the liver, spleen, stomach, kidney and other internal organs, foot has 66 points, through the blood and meridians, regulate the function of internal organs. Therefore, the appropriate stimulation of the foot, can keep the body blood smooth, and can promote metabolism.

In the foot of the 66 points, the most important thing is Yongquan. Yongquan point of the position about 1/3 in front of the soles of the feet, draw a horizontal line, is the middle of the Yongquan points. Through the palm massage Yongquan points, with kidney and brain, enhance the effectiveness of intelligence, and can peace of mind God, Shu liver eyesight.

◎ feet before going to bed

In the traditional theory of ancient medicine in China, the human foot is a body leading to the "window", the internal organs are here in the corresponding points. Adhere to bedtime feet, you can nourish eyesight, relieve fatigue, promote sleep. Now, we recommend to you two kinds of small foot bath method:

Bath salt feet

Wash the feet with warm water, and then take another pot of warm water, scoop a spoonful of salt salt sprinkled into the basin, feet soaked in them. Clean only bath salt with the function, more importantly, the composition of the seaweed and a variety of trace elements caused by relieve fatigue, relaxation nerves, to appease the mood.

Essential oil feet

Tea tree oil with anti-inflammatory characteristics, can cure beriberi, muscle swelling, scalding, frostbite, but also accelerate the wound healing, balance oil secretion, for women also has the role of whitening skin; lavender essential oil can relieve skin aging, dry Dermatitis, eczema and other issues; lemon essential oil can be used to sterilization, anti-inflammatory pain, it is also rich in vitamin C, can prevent skin aging, but also has whitening, balance oil secretion, improve acne and oily skin. These essential oils can be said to be the best foot natural essential oils. Can be in the feet of water in the two drops, feet full soaking for 20 minutes.

Part II: foot massage shoes can bring those benefits?

The old roots of the first dry, old and old people first, "the mother of medicine that: feet are running blood, contact viscera, internal and external, through the upper and lower body of the twelve meridians of the important starting and ending parts of the internal organs in the ankle Department of more than sixty points connected.

Foot of the root of the human body is the center of the collection; also known as the body of the "second heart." Therefore, foot health is essential for human health and longevity.

Foot massage shoes can bring those benefits?

1, physical fitness longevity longevity.

2, to prevent neurasthenia and insomnia.

3, to prevent high blood pressure.

4, prevention of rheumatoid arthritis.

5, the prevention of leg numbness.

6, prevention of diabetes.

7, prevention and treatment of cold, dispelling cold warm body.

8, beauty to lose weight.

9, to prevent cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.

10, eliminate fatigue, relax


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The first heterosexual spa process white collar female unique heterosexual spa real feelings

One day, I contacted a local masseur on the blog and made an appointment.

According to the guidelines of the masseur, I found the clubhouse: an ordinary unit room, the masseur warmly asked me to massage room (room of a room). The room has a TV, there is a bed, the environment can be. The masseur asked, "Do you want to massage and push the whole body?" I said yes, he closed the door and let me sit by the bed. He was about 25/6 years old, about 183 or so, the body is also good, skin white, very handsome, I like the type. With a career smile.

I suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, because after all, with a "special service" motive, but this discomfort only one second, because I said to myself, I am a guest, where guests are afraid of the waiter. Then the masseuse smiled and said, "I'll give you a dresser." I stood up, and he untied my coat and took off (including bra). I feel that he helped me take off my pants embarrassed, on their own off trousers, underwear has been wearing. At this time he has a pillow, paved a bath towel, let me wear a one-time massage clothes, let me lie on the bed. I lie well after he said: "I help you take off your underwear," and then pull my underwear from the back to take off. This is obviously to avoid the guests off the embarrassment of the last piece of clothes.

Then she asked me how the air conditioning temperature, adjusted, asked me to watch TV or listen to music, I chose the light music, he dimmed the lights, and then began to service, in short, is very professional to start.

At the beginning is the hands from the shoulder to the back. He carefully asked me not cool hands cool, heavy and so heavy. This kind of ordinary massage I do a lot, so more habits. Anyway, is the beginning of the back, waist, and then do the buttocks, legs, feet, and then you can massage the arms, and then let the guests stand up, as if where are the order. But AGAIN, because now I want to "touch" the idea, there will be to the sexy side to think about the idea, so his every hands to touch my naked skin movements, let me feel a little more that taste The I found that the heart of the person to move in that direction, as if really do not feel the same.

Have not encountered any sensitive belt like TURN ON began to do this time, I told him chatting days. Nothing is gossip. He speaks very well and is very careful. I asked him how many women, he said no more. I asked him if he was only a female guest here, he said yes, they only received the women here. Talk for a while no words, it is only silent. He is really very comfortable massage, I think their lower body may be slightly a little wet, may be looking forward to it When he asked me to stand up, my heart beat faster, because I knew he was going to massage my chest. At this time I feel a little red face, but fortunately the light is not strong, he should not see it.

I closed my eyes and closed my eyes. He covered my lower body with a towel and went to the front of my head. Sure enough, he asked me this time: "You do not have any place is not convenient to press it?" I out of curiosity, asked: "other guests?" He said: "Oh, some guests do not let the nipples, that Is to keep the master. "Then, the two of us laughed. This laugh is embarrassed to be washed away. I said: "I do not care." Probably the face of strange sex of the opposite sex, his hands slip over me. "I do not care." Milk tip of the moment, I even gently shaking a bit, his mouth is also "silk" is heard. Smart hand massage nipple feeling great!

I believe that many women at this time will have some kind of sexual pleasure, may also be embarrassed, so he is very experienced to speak hard: "comfortable? A lot of people to do, the effect is very good, and now people work more tired , I went to work to relax ... "I now believe that the blog said, because I found that he will observe me, he found that I like him massage my chest, and repeatedly pushed my chest, pushed for a while, he With a very comfortable action: from my armpit, hands wiped the breast, nipples, along the two ribs pushed down, until half of the buttocks side, and then turned back ... ... and then he went in the opposite direction to do: from the neck Began to push down, after the breast, abdomen, pushed to meet my pubic hair, and then recovered from the side. Every time he pushed me in the direction below, I feel very excited, the body seems to expect her to continue down like ... ... I do not say anything, this is because I am sorry to answer. I feel like he pushed this time to push the pussy more ........

At this time he made an unexpected action: his hands stopped in my breast, with your fingers quickly rub up my nipple! This is a very exciting action. He said, "very comfortable," my expression at this time must be very strange. I bite my lips and say, "Well." When he continued to caress my nipple, I closed my eyes and groaned, because I could not control it, massage the nipples really exciting, feeling the nerves are moving. He continued to use his hands on the back of my breasts slowly rotating massage.

I have seen a short story, saying that if a woman in the massage with the male masseur had some kind of tacit feelings and the like. This is the romantic imagination of the novelist. In fact, between the water is between us is the money relationship, I pay, he gave me service. I think a lot of women think of this layer, may be lack of interest, because they seek the kind of intimacy is not only physical, but also feelings.

I have always liked the massage, because I think to beauty Ye Hao, to see a doctor Ye Hao, are good for the body to go, of course, to try to relax, otherwise it is money to buy a crime. There will be men, women asked, if there is a physiological need, why not find a man? I feel the same reason with the masturbation is the same: a lot of men or women masturbation, or because the sexual partners can not go to bed for a moment; or because of the climax of masturbation with the climax of sex can not replace each other, Although I usually have her husband in life. But her husband can not like these professional massage men give you every time the skin are delicate to caress to let you relax the body.

Psychologically, her husband is the active party, is the conqueror; massage men are my money invited, is for my service. So the male massage therapist to me massage, there is no place than her husband.

At this time he did not go on, but went out. Half a minute later came back, brought a hot bath towel, shop in my body gently wiped the oil, let me stand up and get on the ground. I would like to ask why, no nerve, guess, this is probably a service program. I later learned that I guessed it. They are in order to repeat customers, every time by enough time, so that guests feel it is worth it.

He began to start from the back, and this time with the feeling is different, the practice is like a lover to gently touch, lift my back, waist ... ... like a hand not only twenty fingers, but rather Was covered by a lot of fingers every nerve end ... ... he constantly touched me, and his mouth also issued a slight groan: "ah ... ... oh ... ...". I soon felt, feeling the wet below, and the lower body unconsciously rubbed the towel under the body ....... Then I heard him off the shoes, kneel My body behind, pushing ass and waist. These two places are women's sexual sensitive area, he certainly will not let go.

He was too comfortable, and I instinctively gradually put his ass up. But he did not immediately stimulate my core area. He kneeled forward, fell under the body, his hands starting from the buttocks, through the waist, back, and then sliding to the side, stretched out to touch the front of the breast! I was unbearable, when he met my nipple, issued a "oh oh" voice, hard breathing, he also greeted also groaned a few times, continue to rub my nipples. I feel the nerve of the nipple directly connected with the brain, to stimulate a wave of waves, as if scattered, the lower body of water shares in the secretion.

I unconsciously raised his upper body, so that he took the breast, while the body involuntarily helplessly twist, continue to "uh uh" groan. He probably felt that I groaned too loud, got up to tune the music, and came back with the original position to continue to do. Because he caressed my breast too comfortable, and my sense of concentration to the breast and the lower body, not sensitive to the back, so although he is a big loop action (from the ass, waist, back to the breast, and then back through the abdomen ), But mainly stay in the breast where press. I was going to be gaffled at all: I was groaning there. He sat up at that time, very gently pressed my waist about.

I will meet, get down the body. He made some oil in his hand and sprinkled it in my ass. God, I know he may have to massage my P eyes, and think, should not it? I can not think that his fingers have been there. He will play: he took two hands turn over the buttocks, each time after the P eye when I will be excited about this rotation turned up, excitement is hop hop. I guess when my water flows to the towel.

The end.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Wuhan Picture

Is located in the eastern part of Jianghan Plain, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, is the central city of central China, China's important industrial base, science and education base And integrated transport hub. By 2015, Wuhan has 13 municipal districts and 3 state-level development zones with a total area of 8594 square kilometers. The city's resident population is 10,607,700 and the urbanization rate is 79.3%. It is the only mega-city in the central region.

Wuhan has nine provinces, said the thoroughfare, high-speed rail network to connect more than half of China, China's railway system is an important large transit point and an important river port. The third largest river in the world and the largest tributary of the Han River in Wuhan intersection, Wuhan created two Jiang Lijiang three geographical characteristics, the city river aspect, lake and harbor, the whole area of ??2217.6 square kilometers of water area, the city's total area of ??four One of the composition of the Wuhan Binjiang waterfront ecological environment, so Wuhan has since ancient times, also known as Jiangcheng.

Wuhan is a national historical and cultural city, there are 3,500-year-old Panlong City ruins. Westernization Movement in the late Qing Dynasty, stimulated the rise of modern industry in Wuhan and economic development, Wuhan has become an important economic center of modern China. As the birthplace of the Chinese democratic revolution, the Wuchang Uprising became the beginning of the Revolution of 1911, which is of historic significance.

Wuhan is an important research and education base in China. By the end of 2015, there are 98 colleges and universities in Han, among which the number of ordinary colleges and universities is second only to Beijing and the second in China. The number of key universities directly under the Ministry of Education ranks the third in China; the total number of undergraduates and postgraduates is 1.0726 million Person, ranking first in the country. In 2019, the Seventh World Military Games will be held in Wuhan.

History of Wuhan

Archaeological discoveries in Wuhan can be traced back to the Neolithic Age of 6,000 years, with archaeological discoveries of the hibiscus, stone axes, stone, and harpoon of the rice husk at the site of the East Lake. Suburb of Huangpi in the territory of the ancient city of Zhang Xiwan site for 4300 years ago the ancient human life important relics. Panlong City site is about 3,500 years ago, the Shang Palace of the Republic of Miyagi. Spring and Autumn Period, Wuhan is under the jurisdiction of Chu.

Wuhan local construction began in the Western Han Dynasty, for Jiangxia County of sand Xian county. The Eastern Han Dynasty, in this Hanyang has been built on the city and Lushan city, in this Wuchang snake mountain construction summer city. When the Jingzhou animal husbandry Liu Pai Huang Zu for the Jiangxia Prefecture, will be located in the county government located in this Hanyang Kameyama "is on the city". "Is on the city" has become the earliest known castle in Wuhan city. In 223 (Wu Huangwu two years), Soochow Sun Quan in Wuchang snake mountain construction summer city, at the same time in the city of Huang Huji built watch tower, named Yellow Crane Tower. The Southern Dynasties, the expansion of the summer for the Yingkou, a state of Yingzhou.

Sui home Jiangxia County and Hanyang County, respectively, Wuchang, Hanyang as the rule. Tang Jiang Xia (Wuchang) and Hanyang were promoted to Ezhou and Mianzhou state rule, a commercial center along the Yangtze River. Jiangcheng said also began in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Since then the Song to the Ming and Qing, are the ancient state government.

When the two Wuchang Ezhou, Hanyang, Hankou is Hanyang military. In the eight years of the Northern Expedition to the Yuan Dynasty (1281), Wuchang became the provincial governor of Huguang province, which was the first administrative unit in Wuhan. Equivalent to the modern provincial level) of the government.

Ming Dynasty, the sixth son of Zhu Yuanzhang was sealed to Wuchang to do Chu. As the Chenghua River diversion from the Kameyama to the north of the Yangtze River into the Jiajing years in the Han River New River north shore (concave shore) to form a new Hankou town. Hankou and Zhu Xianzhen, Jingdezhen, Foshan Town, also known as the world "four famous towns", known as "the first prosperous Chu", become a national water and land transportation hub, enjoy "nine provinces thoroughfare" reputation.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Hankou formed Xiakou Hall (status with the county), so that the name of the three towns in Wuhan in the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, the three cities Dingzuoxiongzhi more rare.

Qing Xianfeng eight years (1858), the Qing government and the United Kingdom signed the unequal treaties "Treaty of Tianjin" in the 11 additional treaty ports, including Hankou. March 1861 Hankow officially opened. In the downstream of the old Hankou town along the Yangtze River has opened up the Hankou British concession, Hankow German concession, Hankou Russian concession, Hankou French Concession and the Hankou concession five concessions. These concessions are independent of the jurisdiction of the Chinese Government, and are set up within the boundaries of the administration, which is very different from the Chinese political system, such as the bureau of industry and commerce, the police station and the consular court. Qing Xuantong three years (1911) October 10, the Revolution of 1911 first in Wuchang, announced from the Qing Dynasty, the establishment of the Republic of China, the establishment of the Republic of China military government, Wuhan became the revolutionary center.

In the first year (1912), change Jiangxia County Wuchang County, waste Hanyang County to stay Hanyang County, change Xiakou Hall for Xiakou County. In three years (1914), belong to Jianghan Road. According to May 16, 1920, "Daily News": At that time, Hankou population of 400,000 people, 80,000 people in Hanyang, Wuchang 31 million. In thirteen years (1924), Hubei Province in Wuchang municipal preparatory office. In fifteen years (1926), change Wuchang County Wuchang City (in December to set up City Hall), Xiakou County and Hanyang County City and Hankou City.

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