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Wuxi coolifespa Gay Men,Male,Female massage stories and news

An unforgettable experience of life

Life travel long way, many of the first time are inexplicable to happen, back to the rest is always memorable. My life first massage let me I do not know how to express the feelings of the time, do not know how to better explain the kind of pressure relief effect.

Massage types are divided into many kinds, previously heard, but generally do not dare to try, whether external or personal prejudice, always feel that some massage places really messy, there are many special nature of the service. With the growing age, life pressure more and more heavy, then let me completely put down the burden of the heart, with colleagues when the meeting in order to soothe the individual's mental state, a better attitude to face pressure, together to the club.

A lot of places are very famous, we went to the middle of the club on the side of the club, the environment comfortable and clean, the service staff took us into their own private rooms, houses in the furnishings are very neat, large double bed, intimate big Fruit plate ... ... looks very warm atmosphere, but my heart was very nervous, do not know what to do. At this time came a tall tall leg beauty, she talked to me, let me open mind, here is the leader, do not need any sense of pressure, she told me to take a bath bathrobe clean, ready I was very relaxed lying on the bed, watching the music of the music, she did me, put on a moving stockings, but I have a bit of excitement in my heart, she was sitting in my waist, Exquisite hand to help me massage the back, the intensity is extremely moderate, behind her began the real silk foot, stockings gently touch me behind, so I suddenly feel the body with the mind is very leisurely, forget some trouble life trivia. The whole massage process about 120 minutes or so, in these two hours less than the time, I feel the heavenly service, so I really feel the soul to enjoy, to enjoy.

The first full-hearted silk foot experience, so I fell in love with the kind of pressureless feeling and the environment, since that time, almost a month will go to one or two times, so that their self-confidence, find themselves, to meet The arrival of pressure.

Finish.-wuxi gay men massage

Sleep is an important part of men's health

Men are now more and more people are concerned about health, more and more people are beginning to learn to live, because it can be very good to help their body has a very good upgrade, can be very good to ease their own Fatigue, so that their body is always in a best state, this is also a lot of people like to health a reason, because he has a lot of benefits that can make people have a very good body has a good The mood, it is very important.

Men's health is a very important part of the sleep, although not as girls like to sleep by the beauty, but the male sleep is also very particular about the relevant people will say that sleep can help regulate the harmony of yin and yang, you can Very good nursed back to health, can be good for their own kidney, for their own kidneys have a very good help, which is very important for the boys.

Those who work very busy boys can sleep a meridian feel, that is, in the afternoon to three o'clock to sleep for half an hour, you can very good Yang Yang at night need to sleep at nine o'clock, this time Section of sleep, it can be said that his effect is the best.

Diet for men's health is also a very important part of the food will focus on to nourish the kidney essence, eat a little wolfberry and black sesame seeds, which can play a great help, followed by attention to more Add some protein, to ensure that other vitamins get, can not let them lack.

There is not to smoke, it is a great harm to health, and do not often drink wine, it is also very hurt the body. This is something that everyone needs to pay attention to.

Finish.-wuxi gay men massage

How to correctly look at silk foot service

The main reason is because in the process of massage health care services young women will wear stockings to provide services to the guests, so because of the equipment and with the This feature, the service is called the silk foot service.

However, in this process a lot of people for silk foot there will be a great prejudice, that this service is a violation of social morality services, with the yellow service has a relationship. Then we in the end should be how to correctly look at silk foot service?

First of all, silk foot is definitely a legitimate service, in the course of service silk foot itself is completely with the law is not related. Because the process of silk foot service, although the service technicians are wearing stockings dress, but it is completely nothing with the yellow service. And silk foot service is in addition to private parts, mainly for the body of the limbs for massage services. So, from an objective point of view we can not have any prejudice against the silk foot.

Second, the silk foot service in fact, whether male or female can participate, as long as you want to try, want to feel the effect of silk foot health care, into any of the facilities to provide silk foot health service or foot store can experience Services.

And in the process you will see the professional silk foot technician Everyone has their own housekeeping skills, casually one, seemingly no big deal, but in fact when you really feel when you will find Your body in this process will be very comfortable, the whole person's mental state will be greatly changed. This is the silk foot to bring us the health massage effect.

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Choose men need to pay attention to what health problems

At present, in some cities there have been many men's health club, a lot of men out of the club, then, in the choice of health clubs need to pay attention to what issues? For most of the men, they do not know, here for a brief introduction, for everyone in the future selection of men's health club reference and reference.

In general, in the choice of men's health club, to grasp the following links. First, to be familiar with the health club services. Different health club launched a different health items, such as the common foot massage, SPA and so on.

Different services have different effects and the object, the men need to consult the staff, combined with their own reality to select the appropriate project. Second, to choose a comprehensive and practical health club. Different health clubs in the hardware conditions and software environment is different, such as the comprehensive strength of female pharmacists, in the choice of health club, you can consult around friends or log on the Internet to select the way, so that cost-effective, At the right price to enjoy more and better service.

Third, we must be familiar with the health of the project price situation. It is understood that some male friends in the consumption, rarely inquire about the price situation, making the last appeared in the accident. So, before the choice of consumption, in advance to inquire about the consumption situation, so as to ensure that clearly white consumption.


Above a brief introduction to the choice of men's health club need to pay attention to several issues. Of course, there are many issues to be concerned about, the above is only part of it, we want to know more information, you can take to the health museum to view or consult the way the industry.

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Knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine

One: traditional Chinese medicine health meridian massage active qi and blood of the secret: balance blood

As the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution. We are only healthy, it is possible to create more. But modern people tend to work more busy, in the diet, rest is not the law, resulting in the state of sub-health in the body. So it is necessary to exercise through physical fitness. Meridian health health care can help us to clear the meridians, strong gluten bone, in addition to labor to trouble, illnesses and diseases, the following look at the specific practice of it.

Efficacy: lower blood pressure, the town of mind soothe the nerves

Feet open upright, arms stretched around, elbows naturally bent, palm up, the body to maintain straight, waist to the left bend, left arm down, right arm stretched to the appropriate degree of recovery, and then right bend, action Same as before, repeated several times.

Efficacy: smooth breathing, Shujin active

Feet separated from the upright, with the breathing arm slowly from the body on both sides of the forward, the middle of the move, until the palm and throat parallel, and then with the breath down the palm down slowly down the chest, and to take the sinking, Legs squat squat, until both hands are umbilical, repeated several times.

Efficacy: relax the body

Natural standing, two arms slowly move forward, keep with the shoulder with the high, palms inward to follow the arms back, back from the back of the two axils, waist, tail sacral joint direction down massage, and intended to guide to Chung Spring, legs squat, action can be repeated several times.

Efficacy: wide chest qi

Natural standing state, two arms stretched to the chest, such as holding a ball. Followers breathing two arms slowly stretch out, breathing recovery, legs to keep squatting posture, action repeated several times.

Efficacy: strong waist

Legs slightly squat, two arms stretched, elbow slightly bent, palm relative to a distance of about 1 feet. His hands back and forth rubbing back and forth, the body also will turn, repeat several times.

Efficacy: wide chest qi, waist strong legs

Legs stand upright, knees slightly bent Body turn left 45 degrees, left hand on the right hand in the next, palm relative to hold the ball. With the body from left to right rotation, right hand cross rise, left hand down, turn right to 45 degrees, right hand up to the level of the front lance 1 feet or so, left hand naturally drooping. And then reverse movement, repeated several times.

1, Du Governor

Du, the lungs, kidneys, small intestine, etc., are in the Du veil on the reflex zone, so the regulation of Du Mou can regulate the balance of internal organs, And can effectively improve the spine bending, cervical spine, lumbar problems, Du is in charge of human body essence of God, conditioning Du can make you more refined spirit;

2, any pulse

Ren pulse is from the female uterus (male perineum) initiated a meridian, it is in charge of the whole body Yin and blood, conditioning Renmai can effectively regulate menstruation in less, vaginal relaxation, facial chloasma and other issues, it is in charge of female sex hormones;

3, the lungs

Lungs in charge of the body's business and respiratory system, can improve the throat discomfort, shortness of breath, and to clear the role of lung garbage, often conditioning the lungs can ensure the normal work of the lungs, the effective prevention of lung disease;

4, large intestine meridian

Large intestine conditioning can promote the large intestine peristalsis, can the body of the large intestine of the stool can be excluded, and improve the conditioning constipation, so that the body of the evil source of the effective clean up and discharge;

5, pericardium

Pericardium is on behalf of the heart of the Minister, all the symptoms and problems of the heart can be through the pericardium of the conditioning to improve and treatment, and often clear the pericardium can be effective in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and myocardial infarction, especially heart season and family People with heart disease need long - term conditioning;

6, three coke by

Triple burner is the human body water channel, which is in charge of human endocrine system and lymphatic system, conditioning triple burner can feel the face, accelerate lymph metabolism, and the role of regulating endocrine;

7, heart by

Heart by the main head of the head, the activities of the head, conditioning your heart can relieve the pressure of the head to improve the quality of sleep and other sleep problems;

8, small intestine meridian

Small intestine by the blockage will affect the body of the absorption of fine substances, the body will become resistant to decline, physical weakness and other symptoms, when your meridian smooth, your body will slowly become strong, and can adjust chronic enteritis, Hernia and other issues;

9, kidney by

Kidney is the human congenital of this, 90% of modern people have varying degrees of kidney deficiency, and can help the kidney to supplement the kidney only kidney, because the injection and medication will hurt the vitality of the kidney, because the drug three drug, And all the toxins need to kidney metabolism, when your kidney is smooth, adequate kidney, the body can achieve the best function of all aspects of the function, and kidney main bone, the main reproductive and development, for women through the kidney can be improved Less symptoms;

10, bladder by the

Bladder is the body of the garbage station, so for the bladder by, we use the vent way to remove the body of the cold, wet, dry fire and other toxins, when the vent through the bladder you will find the smell and color of urine have changed, Your body's toxins in the external metabolism, and the bladder is the longest meridian of the body, it runs through the head, back, foot, conditioning the bladder can quickly improve the back.

11, liver by

The liver is from the foot through the uterus, the reproductive area, to the chest, to the head, to the meridians of the eye, it is in charge of the body's emotions, liver activity on the milk through the blood, so the liver is for women in terms of conditioning menstruation, Dark, breast, menopause, one of the best meridian, can effectively regulate fibroids, menstrual disease, breast hyperplasia, dry eyes, dizziness, symptoms, often conditioning the liver can make women more softer, away from gynecological diseases;

12, gallstones

Gallbladder unreasonable will seriously affect your blood clots in the legs, legs cold, but also cause obesity, often conditioning the gall bladder can help the liver conditioning, and to help lose weight and reduce the effect of fat, but also alleviate the phenomenon of migraine;

13, the spleen

The spleen and stomach is the day after the human body, and the management of the body's Yin and Blood, often conditioning the spleen can improve the spleen and stomach, menstrual dripping endless, edema, puffiness symptoms, and effectively improve the prevention of relaxation of sagging body;

14, stomach

Stomach is the guarantee of human longevity, conditioning the stomach can effectively improve the stomach discomfort, eye crooked, facial chlorosis and other phenomena, the spleen and stomach by the lack of blood directly affect your 25 years of age after the body function.

Two: traditional Chinese medicine health: traditional Chinese medicine meridian massage benefits and taboos

Original title: sick not press the meridian massage merit and contraindications

China's history records on the Qin Dynasty famous doctor Bian Que, had massage therapy, treatment of Prince Guo's convulsions. Qin Dynasty has been more than two thousand years, showing that massage in China has a long history. China's earliest massage books, when the push "Yellow Emperor massage by" (ten volumes, see "Han. Art"), can have long been lost. But in the existing classical medical book "Yellow Emperor", many places, talking about massage.

Such as "blood gas shape chapter" "form of panic, the meridian barrier, the disease in the non-benevolence. Rule of the massage mash medicine." And "foreign law should be on": "central, its level to wet, heaven and earth so all things The ancient people have long been mastered with massage therapy to treat limb paralysis, heart disease, disease, disease, wetness, and so on. Disease and cold and heat embolism.

Advantages of Meridian Massage

The benefits of massage are many and easy to learn. Easy to operate, economical and practical, but also replace the drug. If some patients use massage, can be excited, play a stimulant effect, but also allows patients to quiet down, play the role of sedatives.

As the massage is conducive to the circulatory system and metabolism, for the general chronic disease or physical weakness of patients, is relatively safe and reliable.

For children who can not take medicine, massage can enhance the physical fitness of children, play a preventive role in health care. For some complex diseases, but also with acupuncture, drug treatment. However, for some acute or high fever of infectious diseases, or organ lesions, such as typhoid, pneumonia, tuberculosis, massage can only play a role.

If suffering from cancer, acute suppurative appendicitis, intestinal perforation, biliary ascariasis caused by cholecystitis, the incidence of acute, speed to the hospital emergency, massage can not be used to delay the disease.

For the amenorrhea in February or so, the sudden occurrence of severe abdominal pain in married women, in order to confirm whether there is ectopic pregnancy or other acute illness may also be sent to the hospital, should not be delayed.

Chinese medicine meridian massage need attention.

(1) massage time, each time to 20 to 30 minutes is appropriate, massage times to twelve times as a course of treatment.

(2) patients in the furious, overjoyed, fear, sadness and other emotional circumstances, do not immediately massage.

(3) after eating, do not rush to massage, generally should be about two hours after a meal is appropriate.

(4) massage, some patients easy to fall asleep, should take a towel to cover, to prevent the cold, pay attention to room temperature. When the wind, do not massage.

(5) before the massage to repair nails, hot water wash their hands, at the same time, will ring and other items hinder the operation, pre-removed.

(6) attitude to be kind, serious and careful, to patiently explain the condition to the patient, for patient cooperation.

(7) the location of the patient and the doctor to arrange the appropriate; especially patients sitting and other posture, to be comfortable and easy to operate.

(8) massage should be appropriate, and at any time to observe the patient's face, so that patients have a sense of comfort.

No end, waiting for updates.

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Wuxi: family forced homosexuality and heterosexual marriage

"If there are unmarried young men at home, there is no reason to be reluctant to get married, parents do not insist." Yesterday afternoon, organized by the city male community organized by the "Rainbow Culture Festival", the city CDC experts said The It is reported that some male gay people do not want to disclose their true situation to their families, and family members do not know often "forced marriage", once married with the opposite sex, but is to harm them.

According to reports, Wuxi has a rainbow organization, volunteers use their spare time to male gay men to teach AIDS and other infectious diseases prevention and control knowledge. They either distribute condoms in public places or spread knowledge of disease prevention through face-to-face and network. Volunteer Mr. Chen has been in this organization for 8 years, he is also a homosexual, for friends in the circle of confusion is also a special understanding. Some of them are middle-aged divorced, and some are unmarried Some unmarried young men particularly distressed, on the one hand their own exclusion of the opposite sex, on the other hand the family are urging the marriage are very anxious, and their fear of discrimination and do not want to disclose identity, often riding a tiger. There are individual young men forced by family pressure, choose the hastily married with the opposite sex, but the marriage is very happy, in fact, harm the young people.

Miss asked me if you want to do massage, I think this lady is not as good as my mind, do not go back. How long did not come, but also came a lady, should be said to be young women, nearly three years old look, come to sit on my opposite chaos, smiled and asked me not to do massage, I looked at this young woman, body is very strong, X Ying's face, not like the kind of demon kitsch appearance, to also delicate and healthy, I am a little tempted, and that you help me to be a massage, she said we went to the small box inside, I said well, I Followed her to the inside of the small box.

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Coolifespa Gay Men Massage Wuxi Picture


Wuxi, referred to as "tin", the ancient Liangxi, Golden Chamber, known as the "pearl of Taihu Lake." Wuxi City is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta Plain, southern Jiangsu, the Taihu Lake Basin traffic hub, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal through. April 25, 2016, "First Financial Weekly" released a new Chinese city classification ranking list, the list of Wuxi is defined as first-tier cities. Wuxi Beiyi the Yangtze River, south of Taihu Lake, east of Suzhou, Changzhou, west, constitute the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou metropolitan area.

Wuxi is a land of fish and rice since ancient times, known as the cloth terminal, the money terminal, kiln terminals, silk, rice, said the city is China's national historical and cultural city. Wuxi is the cradle of China's national industry and township industry, the birthplace of the Southern Jiangsu model. Wuxi culture is a culture of Wu and Yue, Wuxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang people who use Wu language.

Wuxi has Yuantouzhu, Lingshan Buddha, Wuxi in the video base (the three cities, Water Margin City, Tangcheng), plum, Liyuan, Huishan town, Dangkou town, Donglin Academy, Chong'an Temple, South Temple and other attractions, is China Excellent tourist city. "Taihu good must, after all, in the Yuantou" is the poet Guo Moruo used to describe the scenery of Taihu Lake in Wuxi.

History of Wuxi

Wuxi is one of the cradles of Jiangnan civilization, with a written history can be traced back to 3000 years ago, the late Shang Dynasty. At the end of the 11th century BC, Taibo's eldest son, Taibe, set the third brother's quarterly calendar, Chung's second son Zhong Yong, went to the south of the Yangtze River, settled in Merry (now Wuxi Meicun). Today, Wuxi has Tabe Palace.weeks off after the business, because Taibo no son, Zhou Wu Wang Zheng Wang Yong-chung of the chapter for the Wu Jun Wu Jun, built Wu. King Wu off Zhou, Taifu sub-feudal descendants of the week for the son of Anyang Hou, Huishan District, Yangshan, also known as Anyang Mountain.

Zhou Yuan Wang three years (before 473 years), the more destroy Wu, Wuxi is the country. Zhou Xian Wang thirty-five years (334 years ago), Chu off more, Wuxi is Chu.Qin Shi Huang unified the six countries, to send Wang Jian stationed in Wuxi County. Qin Wang Zheng twenty-four years (before 223 years), Qin off Chu, home Hueiji County, Wuxi is. Han Emperor five years (202 years ago) before the home of Wuxi County, is Hueiji County.

The new beginning of the founding of the first year (9 years) changed its name to the county, the Eastern Han Dynasty Jianwu year (25 years) rehabilitation of Wuxi County. Three Kingdoms, points west of Wuxi County for the open field, set Piling rural farming captain.The first year of the Western Jin Dynasty Taikang (280 years) rehabilitation of Wuxi County, a Piling County (Changzhou House).

During the Six Dynasties, Wuxi Zhichu built Wei, a large number of water conservancy facilities, agricultural farming technology, commercial trade began to take shape. After the opening of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Wuxi River in the "business travel, not by boat."

Wuxi in the Tang Dynasty is the Jiangnan Road, Jiangnan Road. Wuxi agricultural development for farming, harrow,supporting farming techniques, the formation of rice and wheat two cropping system, humid around the Taihu Lake humidification into a canal, Hutang spread, drainage and irrigation combined with water system, sericulture industry developed. City gold and silver, color silk, tobacco, oil sauce, rice and other workshops set up complex.

The Song Dynasty Wuxi belongs to the two zhejiang road Changzhou, when the Southern Song Dynasty two zhejiang road is divided into things, Wuxi belongs to two zhejiang road Changzhou.Yuan Yuan Zhen years (1295) or Wuxi for the state, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province is a book in Changzhou Road.

Hongwu the first year (1368) and down the state for the county, is a central government of Changzhou. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the social productive forces in Wuxi developed rapidly, and gradually formed the famous rice city, cloth terminal. To the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Wuxi cotton textile industry with an annual output of 3 million cloth, accounting for 6.7% of the national cotton production.

Qing Emperor Yongzheng two years (1724), Wuxi Wuxi, Jinqu two counties, city and rule, are Changzhou House. Xuantong three years (1911), to overthrow the rule of the Qing Dynasty, Sikkim military sub-government was established in the original Jinguui County, the original jurisdiction of Wuxi, the Golden County; the same year in May, the withdrawal of Sikkim military sub-government.The first year of the Republic of China (1912) tin, gold two counties combined, said Wuxi County, Su Chang Road. In 16 years (1927), waste Su Changdao, Wuxi County directly under the Jiangsu Province.

In 23 to 26 years (1934 ~ 1937), the chief inspector of Wuxi District Office of the Commissioner. During the war of resistance against Japan, Wuxi Sixiang has established the leadership of the Communist Party of China tin north, tin, Taihu,Wunan, Chengxi and other anti-Japanese democratic regime.In 38 years (1949) in April 23rd Wuxi liberation, Wuxi city Wuxi, Wuxi, city, county city, Wuxi city is the people's Administration of South Jiangsu.

1953 built in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi City, the provincial city; Wuxi County has repeatedly changed, once a Changzhou area, Wuxi City, Suzhou area jurisdiction.Wuxi City in June 1958, the basic pattern of the formation of the four districts, namely, Chongan, South, Beitang 3 urban areas and a suburb. In August 25, 1958, Suzhou area of Wuxi County was placed under the leadership of Wuxi city.In 1962, Wuxi County was placed under the Suzhou area.In 1981, Wuxi city as one of the 15 economic center city.In 1983 March, the implementation of city management county system, originally in Suzhou area of ??Wuxi County, Jiangyin County and the original Zhenjiang area of ??Yixing County is zoned for Wuxi city jurisdiction. In 1984, the State Council approved Wuxi as one of the first "larger cities". In 1985, Wuxi City, the State Council has been identified as the Yangtze River Delta coastal open economic zone open city.Since 1987, the State Council approved the revocation of Jiangyin, Yixing County, Jiangyin (April 1987), Yixing City (March 1988). In 1988 in Ma Town, including Ma Wei region set up Masan area. In 1995 June, revoked Wuxi County, with its original jurisdiction area set up Xishan city.

In March 1995, the urban district of Wuxi and the administrative divisions of Wuxi County were partially adjusted to form Wuxi New District. Wuxi Township, Wuxi County Shuo Fang Fang and Fang Square, Xin'an, Meicun 3 towns of 19 administrative villages, together with the Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park, Wuxi New District.In December 2000, the revocation of Xishan City, the establishment of Xishan District and Huishan District; the revocation of Masan District, the administrative area of Masan and Xishan City part of the town (9) into the outskirts of Wuxi City, and suburbs renamed Binhu District .

October 2015, the State Council approved the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government "on the adjustment of administrative divisions in Wuxi City, the request" (State letter 2015 184), agreed to revocation of Chong'an, Nanchang, Beitang District, the establishment of Liangxi District, To the original Chong'an District, Nanchang District, Beitang administrative region for the administrative area of Liangxi District; agreed to the establishment of Wuxi City Xinwu District, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Hongshan Street and Binhu District Jiangxi, Wang Zhuang, Shuofang, Meicun, Xin'an streets were placed under the jurisdiction of Xinwu District. The administrative areas of Hongshan, Jiangxi, Wangzhuang, Shuofang, Meicun and Xin'an were Xinwan District's administrative areas. Government in Xin'an street and wind road on the 28th.

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