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Six factors have the greatest impact on sperm quality

Over the past 50 years, Danish scholar Shabako analyzed the semen quality report of nearly 15,000 men in 21 countries and found that the number of male spermatozoa decreased by more than 40% in 50 years. Which reduced the amount of semen 20%, sperm density from 131 million per milliliter reduced to 66 million ... ...

Environmental pollution to reduce his sperm quality, bad way of life devour his muscle strength, increasing pressure to corrode his sexual ability ... ... cause the decline in sperm quality reasons, there are a lot of life caused by some human factors. In the study, the following six factors have the greatest impact on sperm quality.

A lot of men to sauna to relax the necessary content. In fact, testicular like low temperature, its temperature is lower than the body's normal body temperature 2 degrees to work properly. Frequent sauna to testicular temperature, its metabolic function will be obstacles, a serious decline in male hormone secretion, the number of sperm will be reduced.

Health Correction:

1. shower-based. Men are not suitable for frequent bathing, preferably with shower. If the bath, the water temperature is best lower, the bubble time is shorter.

2. regular massage. Bath or bedtime massage testicles, with your thumb gently pinch the testicles clockwise, counterclockwise massage for 5 minutes, long-term adherence will be beneficial, but also in the massage can be found in small testicular abnormalities.

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Silk feet, the most unique health care projects

Speaking of health care, in fact, many of my friends will not feel strange, and in our lives now, many people usually pay great attention to health care issues, whether it is diet or exercise, the main purpose is to hope that through health care , Make your body more healthy.

In this process, many male friends will choose silk foot service to help themselves to achieve the role of health care. And silk foot is also known as the most unique health care projects.

Silk foot service is mainly a number of young women wearing stockings to provide by, twist and a series of services. Through the foot massage can effectively relieve physical fatigue, let the body get relaxed.

And if you are an office worker, usually in the process of work more fatigue, then often foot massage, not only their own physical health will be greatly improved, the whole person's mental outlook will be improved. This is the advantage of silk foot, it is one of the reasons why it can be recognized by the public for a long time.

Silk foot service in the current social life which is actually a lot of see, a lot of foot institutions or health museum will provide silk foot service.

The industry was getting a lot of people in the early days of resistance, that this is a kind of unwarranted consumption, but now with the social life of the ever-changing and progress, people began to re-examine the foot, but also for the foot has a new understanding.

Moreover, the foot in the development process from the early few, to now the streets can be seen everywhere, which we can imagine, silk foot in the development process does have a great development market, and the prospects of unlimited.

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What are the benefits of men's spa

At present, many male friends began to pay attention to men's spa industry, they often access to men's health club to enjoy SPA business. So, what are the benefits that men's fins can bring to men? By consulting an industry person to understand the following answer.

The men's spa is a special business that has only emerged in recent years. It has been designed for urban male friends. At present, some business men often go to business places, work more busy, making no more time and effort to relax themselves.

The choice of men spa has several main benefits.

First, you can better relax the muscles, relieve fatigue. Most of the men who choose SPA because of heavy tasks, work pressure and the emergence of some "sub-health" symptoms, then, if not promptly eliminate these symptoms, will inevitably bring harm to health. So, choose a professional SPA place is very wise.

Second, you can feel the same feeling. In the past, SPA is only for female friends to open the project, now, male friends can still enjoy the SPA.

In addition to the timely recovery of the tired body, it can also allow male friends to maintain a strong vitality of the skin, the timely removal of the body surface of the foreign body, repair damaged skin, so that men look energetic, more attractive.

It can be seen, the choice of men's spa for urban male friends, it is very necessary. After all, this health care costs are not high, once you enjoy the SPA, in order to have more time and energy for busy work, in order to have a more full of the state to meet the cause of competition.

So do not hesitate to enjoy the pleasure of SPA in the health club.

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Others care about your career, we care that you are tired!

Modern SPA has become an important way for urban health care. Today, summer thick, male friends use leisure time, to do a luxurious or simple SPA, not only for the dry skin and tired physical and mental comfort, better to achieve the role of health care. SPA care because of its natural, healthy, comfortable effect, attracting a lot of beauty men come to SPA care.

Summer caused the body sweat glands to reduce the amount of blood circulation slowly, in such a climatic conditions, to be a full range of physical and mental conservation of the SPA, as many urban men choose. Into the summer season soon after all over the country that set off a male SPA care boom. Recently, the reporter observed that the streets of Beijing street shopping district, the SPA clubs, beauty salons and many other customers, business is extremely hot. Reporters in-depth visits to several beauty salons, found during which there are customers into the store, and are directed at the SPA care to.

According to the beautician, "hot weather, to do a lot of SPA care customers, customers are very satisfied with SPA services, most of them will come next time to care." Customer Mr. Lee told us, "do SPA to help eliminate fatigue, refreshing spirit, the mind is more clear, very helpful to the health." Just finished SPA, Mr. Lin said, "done SPA, the feeling of the body light, the skin moisturizing a lot. Plus beauty salon environment elegant, comfortable, people feel very comfortable and relaxed, SPA process beautician care also Very good ".

Why is it so loved by customers? It is understood that this and the first-class service and outstanding results inseparable. Beauticians in the customer into the store back on the health care tea and health tea, in the SPA process beautician use a fingertip approach to professional, to help speed up the skin blood circulation, rapid absorption of nutrients to add water, and are used from the top European Luxury SPA products Kernai nursery, its product formula in the natural herbal essential oils and valuable medicinal plants and other substances, can make people reach the physical and mental harmony, relaxation, decompression of the spa effect, great benefit to SPA health!

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Coolifespa gay men woman male male female Tell us:

Men want to treat kidney deficiency impotence can choose to eat ginger, this is a very good treatment.

Foshan men - eat ginger benefits: treatment of kidney impotence, ginger warm in the cold, stomach and blood, medlar nourishing liver and kidney, smart head, Diet can cure impotence due Kidney failure caused by aversion to cold, Back pain, Yaoxisuanruan, burnout and so on.

However, ginger is Xinwen food, can only be used in the case of cold, but can not use too much, so as not to break the blood Shangyin. If at the same time there are sore throat, dry throat, dry stool and other symptoms, it is recommended not to use ginger, so as not to aggravate symptoms.

Take about 500 grams of male carp, dried ginger, medlar 10 grams each. (Ie, male white jelly sperm-like seminal vesicle glands), and dried ginger, medlar with fried, boiled, add wine, salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning Serve. Fasting time to take, eat every other day, and even served on the 5th.

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Acupressure can treat tinnitus

1, according to rubbing the ear points: with both hands thumb ends were rubbing both sides to listen to the palace points, Yifeng points, the intensity to feel sore is better. When kneading attention to open mouth, each hole 1 minute. Listen to the temple in front of the tragus, open mouth here was depression-like. This hole has Xuan Xuan blood, resuscitation Cong ear effect, the ear disease, especially for a variety of reasons caused by tinnitus have a certain therapeutic effect. Yifeng points in the earlobe after the temporal papillae and mandibular angle between the midpoint, this hole with Tongluohuoxue, Anshen ear effect, the ear disease has a better prevention and treatment.

2, rubbing the ear: with the index finger in the former, the thumb in the post-affixed to the front and rear ears, a total of rub for 3 minutes to ears through the degree of heat. This method can effectively improve the blood circulation within the ear, especially for the inner ear ischemia caused by treble tinnitus can play a good therapeutic effect.

3, twist ear method: the thumb and forefinger at the same time twist kneading two helix and earlobe, from the top down a total of 3 minutes, so that the two ears for the degree of heat. There are a lot of acupuncture points and nerve reflex points on the ear wheel and ear lips. Gentle twist rubs the benign stimulation of these points to help improve the environment of the ear and promote the elimination of the middle ear inflammation and the maintenance of the inner ear nerve function.

4, Mingtian drums: two palm rub, so that each other produce heat, and then press the ears, palms aligned ear canal, four fingers affixed to the pillow, for the slow press, slowly let go (pay attention to relaxation to be gentle So as to avoid inner ear pain) 3 times, so for 1 times, a total of 5 times. This approach is also by changing the pressure in the ear canal to give the middle ear a certain degree of benign stimulation, low tone tinnitus has a good therapeutic effect.

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Gay, I want to have a home

Home, is our homosexual heart forever pain. The more homosexual people you touch, the more you can find their hearts can not achieve the desire, as a fate entangled in their life - want to have a home.

Gay people always live in loneliness, this loneliness comes from the love they need is always hard to get, it is difficult to long. When you recognize that you are a homosexual time, it is necessary to prepare the fate of loneliness, because you are difficult to get family recognition, friend support, social affirmation, you have to face will be to do their own hardships and life Ubiquitous helplessness and embarrassment.

Moths of the same homosexuality with their own moment of magnificent moments to complete his life vision, with the lonely price of life to describe the unusual heavy. Want to be a homosexual should be extremely brave, but this brave back is so sad. Fireworks dazzling light of the sky when the fire is told after the loneliness of life, homosexuality is the case.

There is a proverb that "a grass drop of dew drops can live." But the situation of homosexuals is far more difficult than this. Many homosexuals in the finish after most of the life is always feeling back to the origin, perhaps for their only comfort is those who have warm their own touched by a moment of love. But for homosexual love, and finally are "their horizon to the dream."

Homosexual, a group of homeless lonely souls, they love, hate, joys and sorrows, in order to find that little humble even sad homosexual love, exhausted my life to make every effort, even if there is no result of love Also want to firmly grasp.People are always going to die, probably for this crowd, the moment before the death of the moment, close your eyes that moment, the hearts of meditation may be: our love only we understand.

I have longed for comrades to live, in fact, very simple. Looks in general, interest cast. Two people, you have your work, I have my work, come back from get off work at night, lying on the couch chat, you can talk about your work on the bother, I can talk about my work on the happy things. You are tired, I can give you hammer back rubbing his shoulders, I am sick, I hope you will be greeted.

In the morning, if the sex is good, you can come to a sex, if you do not want to get up and brush your teeth. Want to eat at home, I can palm spoon, if you want, you can also cook. When idle, two people can go to the movies, sports or travel. If it is really do not want to go, the house is also very good at home, listen to music, watching TV, just lying in bed silently is also happy.

I sometimes have some wayward, I hope you can be inclusive, of course, you spoiled to me, I like it. Two people can fight, can be noisy, can make trouble, but I do not want to have violence, slander with the cold war. I am still a very reasonable person, openly talk about, there is nothing can not be resolved. Two people do not stick too tight, to give each other a certain amount of space to breathe. I do not want you to be with me when you are still entangled with another person, loyalty and trust is necessary.

If two people really can not go, please promptly tell me, strong twist of the melon is not sweet, so good scattered. I am not the kind of crying people, now society who left who will not live! Like to listen to Zhao Yonghua that song "the most romantic thing", I can think of the most romantic thing, is with you slowly grow old. I want to have someone who can join me slowly.

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Xiamen City (English: Amoy), Fujian Province under the jurisdiction of the provincial-level administrative regions, also known as Egret Island, referred to as Heron. Xiamen is located in the southeast of Fujian Province, west of Zhangzhou Taiwanese investment zone, north of Nanan, southeast and the size of Kinmen and Dadan Island across the sea, through Taiwanese, is the southern region of the main city, and Zhangzhou, Zhangquan, Minnan Golden Triangle Economic Zone.

In 1650, Zheng Chenggong stationed in Xiamen, the future recovery of the island of Taiwan an important base. The implementation of the Treaty of Wang Ha in the late Qing Dynasty forced the Xiamen area to become a semi-feudal and semi-colonial public concession. In October 1949, the People's Liberation Army liberated Xiamen, and until January 1, 1979, Xu Xiangqian, Minister of National Defense of the People's Republic of China, Shelling large, small Kinmen and other islands of the statement, "which lasted 21 years of Kinmen shelling, put an end.

After a century of vicissitudes, October 7, 1980, Deng Xiaoping set up the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, the Xiamen economy, people's livelihood rising. On April 18, 1988, Xiamen was awarded the National Social and Economic Development Plan of the city, in February 25, 1994, identified as the sub-provincial city. Since the beginning of the new century, Xiamen has been approved as an experimental zone for comprehensive reform of open countries (ie "New Special Zone") and a free trade pilot zone. Xiamen has become a demonstration area for cross-strait new industries and modern service industries, Southeast International Shipping Center, Regional financial service centers and cross-strait trade centers.strait trade centers.

Xiamen consists of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, the West Coast Haicang Peninsula, the north shore of Jimei Peninsula, the east coast of Xiang'an Peninsula, the size of the island, inland Tongan, Jiulongjiang and other components, land area of ??1699.39 square kilometers, the sea area of ??390 square kilometers . Xiamen in the 21st century has gradually become a modern international port tourism city, with the first national 5A-class tourist attractions - Gulangyu. Former US President Richard Nixon praised Xiamen for "Oriental Hawaii." As of 2015, Xiamen built-up area of ??317 square kilometers, the city's resident population of 3.86 million.

History of Xiamen

According to legend, the ancient egret habitat, it is also known as "Egret Island." Jin Taikang three years (282 years) home Tongan County, is a county, and soon abolished, merged into Nanan County, until 600 years after the county set up again: Fujian 933 years of the first year was promoted to Tongan County, Once again the county is Quanzhou.

Tang Zhenyuan 19 years (803 years) Nanan County southwest home Datong field, Tang Guangqi two years (886 years), Wang Chao Ke Quanzhou as a provincial governor, to 947 years, the Southern Tang Dynasty to destroy Fujian, Tongan for Wang Chao and Fujian country, Which lasted 61 years. Wang Chao, Wang Ching know the brothers have for the mighty army Jiedushi, Tongan for its governance, the first year of Kaiping Min 909 years, Wang Shi know Min Wang, Li Fujian, Fuzhou, Datong field for its jurisdiction. In 949, the Southern Tang or Quanzhou for the Qingyuan army (jurisdiction of this Quanzhou, Putian, Zhangzhou).

In 963, Song Qingyuan army to level the Navy, to Chen Jincheng for Jiedushi, Tongan county levelNavy. The Northern Song Dynasty Taipingxingguo three years (978 years), Chen Hongjin soil in the Song, Tongan County began with the level of the Navy Song. The same year, Song Fuping Navy for Quanzhou. Song is a flat Navy, Quanzhou.

Element is Quanzhou Road.Ming Quanzhou House. Hongwu twenty years (1387) before the construction of "Xiamen City" - meaning the door of the National Building, "Xiamen" since the name included in history.Kangxi nineteen years (1680); Kangxi twenty-three years (1684) set up in Taiwan and Taiwan military equipment (1680), Chen Shui-bian, (1686) to Quanzhou House with the division of anti-set Office, Yongzheng five years (1727 years), in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ) From Xingquan Road (after Xingquan Road, under the jurisdiction of this Quanzhou, Putian, Xiamen, Yongchun, Daejeon) moved from Quanzhou in Xiamen.

In 1912, the first year of the Republic of China (1912), Tongan County, Jiaheli (Xiamen) and Kinmen, the size of the home Siming County, April 28, Siming county government was formally established, under the Fujian military government, in September rose Siming House, spin waste, in 1915, a golden gate, the size of a Kinmen County, the same year set South Road (1914 changed its name to Xiamen, Quanzhou, , Xiamen, Datian County, 1925 waste).

1933 "People's Revolutionary Government of the Republic of China" (the "Fujian People's Government") located in Xiamen Special City, Xuanfei. In January the following year, "Min change" after the failure of the Xiamen Special Government and the revocation of Xingquan Province, Xiamen to restore Siming County organizational system, and Tongan County are the Fujian provincial government directly under the central government.

In 1934 Tongan, Siming county is the fifth chief inspector of the area (in Tongan),In 1935 April to Xiamen and Gulangyu and other seven islands located in Xiamen City, revocation of Siming county set Wo mountain special area, and Tongan County belong to the fourth chief inspector of the area (in Tongan, administer this Quanzhou, Putian, Xiamen).

1938 May to 1945 September fall, in October to restore the city of Xiamen formed, set the center (later changed Siming), Kaiyuan, Gulangyu, Wo mountain 4 area. The victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the National Government to restore the Xiamen city government formed under the jurisdiction of the Fujian provincial government.

September 1949, October, Tongan County, Xiamen City, liberation, Tongan County is the fifth area (in 1950 changed Quanzhou area, Jinjiang area), Xiamen City, Fujian Province.In October 1950, Xiamen City Kaiyuan, Siming, Gulangyu, Xiamen Harbor (after the waste), Wo Mountain 5 area.In 1953, Tongan County Jimei town under the jurisdiction of Xiamen.In 1958 January, withdrawal Wo mountain area, set up suburbs.In 1958 August, Tongan County by Jinjiang area zoned to Xiamen.In 1966 August, Kaiyuan, Siming District renamed east wind, sunny area.In 1979 October, recovery name (Kaiyuan, Siming District).In 1970 February, Tongan County is Jinjiang area (area).In June 1973, Tongan County and then go to Xiamen City.In 1978 September, set Xinglin District.In 1987, an additional lake district, suburbs renamed Jimei District.1997 年 01 May, the county with the withdrawal area. At this point, Xiamen City Gulangyu District, Siming District, Kaiyuan District, Xinglin District, Huli District, Jimei District, Tongan District 7 District.

May 2003, the State Council approved the adjustment of part of the administrative division of Xiamen. First, Siming District, Gulangyu District and Kaiyuan District merged into the new Siming District; Second, Xinglin District Xinglin Street Office and Xinglin Town under the jurisdiction of Jimei District, Xinglin District changed its name to Haicang District; District, Tongan District under the jurisdiction of the new Dianzhen, Xinxu Zhen, Ma Xiangzhen, within the town, the town of 5 towns under the jurisdiction of Xiang'an District. Xiamen City has jurisdiction over Siming District, Huli District, Jimei District, Haicang District, Tongan District and Xiang'an District 6 City area.December 12, 2014, the State Council decided to set up China (Fujian) free trade pilot area, of which a total of 43.78 square kilometers of Xiamen Area.

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