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Hotel recommended (One of the hotels close to us)

Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xian Picture
Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xian Map Picture

Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel

4.0 Gay Men Massage Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xian Picture

5-star hotel

Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xian Picture
Gay Men Massage Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xian Picture

Address: No.1 North Yanta Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, 710054

Phone: +86 29 8786 8855

Hotel details

Xian Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel All 345 rooms are well-appointed with facilities and services that include the following:Internet Broadband connectivity,In-room safe box,In-house movies and satellite television programs,IDD and DDD telephone,Mini bar and refrigerator,Hair dryer,Concierge service,Laundry & Dry-cleaning service Wake-up service,24-hour room service.

The restaurant and bars and restaurants play a large part in the overall appeal of Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xian, with each outlet offering a diverse selection of dishes and accompanying beverages.

The Tianyu Gloria Grand Hotel Xi’an is conveniently located in the thriving commercial and shopping district.It is only a 15-minute walk from the hotel to the city centre and close to most attractive sites of Xi’an.

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How to protect the kidneys

Men's married life is a period of happy period, not only more than a wife, but also because they finally set up their own family, the future is busy for their own small home to become better, but for men, happy The marriage life is very good, but must pay attention to hidden in the darkness of the risk Oh, such as the disease is to let men do not happy things after marriage, and many men living in the three years after the kidney will appear this change.

Men's kidney changes

Then the man married three years after the kidney will be what kind of change? In fact, after marriage because men desperately work, it is easy for kidney disease, and even can be said that after three years of marriage, the kidneys more or less will have some diseases , And these kidney disease is not only caused by life, and men of various work also have a relationship!

Men get married after the kidney susceptible to what disease

Then the man married three years after the kidney prone to what kind of disease, in fact, men married because of hard work hard to suffer damage, and the kidney is the first to bear the brunt of a body parts, because men in life a lot of things need kidney Support, whether it is work or daily kidney has been at work, so the man's kidneys will be easy to suffer from the disease, then the man's kidney easily suffering from what disease?

One, kidney deficiency

Some people have said that ten men and nine virtual, which is the virtual word that is the kidney of this disease, in the Western medicine argument is no kidney, kidney can be said that a unique Chinese medicine, you can not believe, but kidney Does exist in the human body, and men in life after marriage is not a good maintenance of the body, often overdraft kidney, it is prone to kidney this situation!

So men in life want to protect the health of the body, for kidney deficiency this situation should pay attention to, especially men after marriage often overdraft kidney, so it will make kidney disease this disease incidence becomes very high. So the man after marriage to pay attention to protect themselves to prevent the case of kidney deficiency Oh!

Second, nephritis

Kidney inflammation is also easy to appear in the body of the disease, many men will work hard after marriage, so that their back a lot of pressure, this will lead to men's kidneys appear overdraft, and not only overdraft, There will be a decline, so that men prone to kidney disease.

And nephritis is such a disease, so in life want to protect the health of the body, for this disease should pay attention to, work and rest with appropriate rest can effectively reduce the chance of kidney disease, especially for nephritis This disease, the appropriate combination of work and rest can be effectively avoided, to prevent the disease harm to good health!

Third, kidney activity decreased

People's physical quality since the beginning of the 25-year-old are walking downhill, and the kidneys is no exception, the man's body after walking down the road, and day and night to work at home, the speed of kidney aging will naturally become fast, and kidney aging , The activity of the kidney will drop.

The decline in renal activity does not seem to be a dangerous situation, but in life it is the source of a variety of kidney diseases, so in life want to protect the health of the body, for this situation should be taken seriously.

Men should be married to want to give their children a better life, so usually in the work become more desperate, but the men at the same time must remember to protect the body can be Oh, or when the kidney Disease, the body will collapse, then even if the cause of success, there will be regret life things!

So how do men protect their kidneys in their lives?

How does man protect the kidneys?

One, soon sit

Long sedentary most hurt the kidney in the life of sedentary will cause serious harm to health, not only damage the health of the spine, but also because the sedentary will oppress the bladder, and the relationship between the bladder and the kidney as liver and gallbladder Like the relationship, they are each other in the table.

If the bladder for a long time in the oppression, the health of the kidneys will naturally be affected, so men must not be sedentary Oh!

Second, do not hold back urine

A long time holding back urine is also a lot of men will do the confused things, why is it confused thing? In fact, this is because a long time holding back urine will lead to a large number of bacteria in the urine, toxic and harmful substances attached to the kidney wall Kidney suffered direct damage, and even lead to stones appear in the body!

So men in life must not hold back urine, no damage is not only the urethra, bladder, kidney will be the same thing damage!

Third, drink water to moderate

Appropriate drinking water can also help men to effectively protect the kidneys, the kidneys can help people regulate the body's internal organs of the body, drink water can be a good way to reduce the pressure on the kidneys, the kidney has a good protective effect, of course, To be appropriate!

People do not drink water in the past is certainly not, but too much water is not the same, in general, people keep eight cups of water a day, about 1500 ml is the best choice, of course, the number of water needs Personal physical changes and regulation, not that must drink so much water. A little more or less, as long as the body will not feel thirsty is the best.

Four, rest

Often rest can also help us to protect the kidneys, because the kidneys in charge of the energy, no matter what things need to consume energy, and energy consumption is large, for the kidneys will have a great burden, so by rest to add energy to reduce Kidney burden is a good choice!

Through the rest of the energy consumption to help reduce the burden of the kidneys, the kidney is a very useful thing, so want to protect the kidneys, may wish to take some time to take some time to add their own energy Oh!

Five, control blood pressure

Modern unhealthy eating habits lead to the age of hypertension is getting lower and lower, and high blood pressure is a very easy to induce kidney disease, and even many of the complications of kidney disease will be it to catalyze, so want to protect Kidney, for the control of blood pressure need to pay attention to it.

And we can also be found in life, no people with high blood pressure, most of the kidneys are very healthy, and people suffering from high blood pressure, not only the kidney will be affected, the rest of the body will suffer damage, so even if not In order to protect the health of the kidneys, we must also control blood pressure on the safety line.

We all know that healthy kidneys are very important to people, but in life if we want to protect the health of the body, the protection of the kidneys will pay attention to it, especially after marriage, men in the life of the kidney more Is the need for great attention, the only way to effectively protect the health, reduce the chance of kidney disease!

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Men spa open a new era of health

Now the social and economic development is very fast, in such material conditions, pay attention to personal hygiene, to maintain a good personal image is no longer a woman's exclusive, men's beauty began to gradually wake up, more and more Men join the ranks of beauty health care.

Among the many health care methods, the men's spa as one of the best, by more and more people sought after, opened a new era of men's health.

Men's spa is collectively referred to as a variety of men's health programs, these projects using physical therapy, etc. to health care for men to ease the pressure.

Men's spa health concept from the traditional Chinese medicine meridian, qi and blood theory, from pure natural plants to extract essential oils as a supplement to massage, beat, open hole points, etc., to drive wet and cold, warm up, Shujin Active, the release of anxiety, tension and other pressure, pleasure of their physical and mental, to alleviate the poor state of the poor state of men, so that they re-energized.

Men's spa service is very much, including the head, viscera, body lymph and other maintenance and aromatherapy, as well as facial, eye and other important parts of the maintenance.

Which part of the body care can also be broken down into scraping detoxification, the maintenance of the kidney, essential oil massage and other physical therapy projects.

For men's spa better understanding than to experience. It is not uncommon to provide men's spa services in major cities, and consumers can choose to experience.

As a new health project, the men's spa also has its corresponding cultural etiquette, so before the experience to do a little simple understanding is still necessary.

Finish.-xian gay men massage

Men do not have a healthy old age is not sick

There are a lot of men always think that they are the body of the man, so the body will not be a problem, in fact, this is not the case, the more men, the more prone to some physical problems, because the pressure of men compared to a woman More men, if the men do not give yourself a chance to let themselves be able to reduce the pressure, and finally lead to injury only their own, men in the case of age and stress, will lead to physical harm, if the age of it, not That men only to the age of 50 when the need to health, is the need to start from the age of twenty-nine, because now the beginning of the body's function has been a step by step in the decline of the situation, men have a lot of ways to health.

For example, when the usual time to do some exercise every day, you can choose to run every day, in the diet above also need to pay attention to some of the above, in addition to these, there is pressure caused by the male body problems in the body And the soul is at the same time under pressure, so this time is needed to relax, men have a lot of ways to relax health, for example, to find a good place to carry out some professional massage massage is worth recommending.

Massage can help men's body above some of the acupuncture points, so that men can help better achieve no longer subject to stress.

So in the usual time, as a man want to be good for themselves, we must master some of the way men to health care to protect themselves, only love their own after the eligibility to love their own people around, Have a good body to take care of them.

Finish.-xian gay men massage

Men often drink burdock soup can kidney to improve sexual life

Burdock is rich in burdock glycosides, fatty oils, a variety of vitamins, can speed up the intestines activities, lower cholesterol and some bile salts, have antihypertensive effect, reduce carcinogenic substances, prevent suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke and other effects Function of the disease.

The kelp is rich in iodine, a buck, lowering blood pressure, maintaining the effect of thyroid function, help the body fat burning, to prevent obesity, and increase the vitality, excitement.

Kelp soup has been because of nutrient-rich, delicious and become a birthday when people will drink soup, in fact, if coupled with some burdock, not only can control the impact of sexual function of the disease, but also improve sexual activity.

Burdock contains burdock glycosides, fatty oil, a variety of vitamins, can accelerate the peristalsis, lower cholesterol and some bile salts, have antihypertensive effect, reduce carcinogenic substances, to avoid suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke and other sexual function Of the disease.

The kelp is rich in iodine, a buck, lowering blood pressure, protect the role of thyroid function, help the body fat burning, to avoid obesity, and increase the vitality, excitement.

Do this soup, the first prepared 500 grams of burdock, kelp knot 200 grams, a carrot, ribs 500 grams, 1 tablespoon salt. And then burdock and carrots peeled, rushed, cut into hob blocks, the burdock block soaked in water. Kelp knot rinse, drain.

Ribs into the boiling water boil for a short iron, picked up, rushed. Will be all the material Sheng pot, add water to cover the material to the fire to boil, turn a small fire slow stew for 30 minutes, salt seasoning Serve. This soup can help the body appropriate intake of protein, fat and a variety of nutrients, effective maintenance of sexual function, improve sexual performance.

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Eat these five kinds of food Runchang detoxification

Heavy work, grudge, excessive diet and dirty air is not let you suffer from toxins infestation? Constipation, headache, dull skin, dry mouth, nameless bloating pain and other sub-health state to accompany you for a long time Do not worry, follow me, the use of spare time to give yourself a body and mind detoxification, to adjust themselves to a healthy, relaxed, a new state to meet the tension to work in learning.

Life of the detoxification method

1, seat weight loss training

Suitable for office crowd use of seat weight loss training. Sitting on the back of the back chair with his hands on his back, feeling like to slide down from the chair. At this time to try to relax the body, as far as possible bow back, so that the waist as far as possible to the chair surface. And then take turns to do pedal bike action, then be sure to pay attention to relax the leg muscles. Exercise requires one foot to stretch down, and the lower the better, as long as you can not touch the ground, while the other foot bent up, and the higher the better. You can also bend the legs at the same time and then stretch down at the same time, do the action when the waist should be as close as possible to the chair surface. These actions need to practice one or two groups per day, each group of not less than 20 times.

2, massage

In addition to exercise, massage is also a common and easy way to lose weight. It is mainly the use of kneading and other actions, and with the effect of weight loss massage cream, to achieve the role of improving the body fat content. Because massage can improve the temperature of the skin in order to achieve a lot of energy consumption, and can promote bowel movements, promote blood circulation, so that excess water from the body. The basic method of massage: the navel as the center to do a similar way questions, first massage the right side, after the massage on the left. Massage 1 day, each time on both sides of the massage 30 to 50 times.

5 kinds of food eat the most common intestinal detoxification

1, spinach

Spinach can clean up the body's stomach heat poison, can prevent constipation, make people radiant, known as the stomach heat poison cleaners. Spinach is rich in all kinds of vitamins, can prevent goggle, night blindness; spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants, with anti-aging, promote cell reproduction, both to activate Brain function, but also enhance youthful vitality, to prevent aging of the brain.

2, black fungus

Black fungus is the famous mountain Jane, edible, can be used to make up, the Chinese people on the table for a long time without food, the reputation of the dirty, the world is known as the black treasures in the Chinese food. Black fungus contained in the plant gum, in a short time to adsorb residual toxins in the intestine, and its excreted, play the role of washing the intestines.

3, peanuts

The nutritional value of peanuts than food, and eggs, milk, meat and other animal food comparable. It contains a lot of protein and fat, especially the high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Peanuts can be strong intestinal, this is because the peanut spleen, there are Yang Wei wake up, the role of smooth intestinal smoothing. Peanut unique phytic acid, plant steroids and other special substances, will increase the toughness of the intestine.

4, yogurt

Yogurt is a semi-fluid fermented dairy product, because it contains lactic acid ingredients with a soft sour, it can help the body to better digest the absorption of nutrients in milk. Currently on the market a wide variety of yogurt products, a solid type, stirring type, as well as adding different fruit juice, sweet and sour, to adapt to a variety of different flavors of fruit juice yogurt. No matter what kind of yogurt, its common features are containing lactic acid bacteria.

5, celery

Celery is a high-fiber food with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect, it is through the intestinal digestion to produce a lignin or enteral fat substances, such substances is an antioxidant, high concentrations can inhibit intestinal bacteria Carcinogenic substances. It can also speed up the stool in the intestine running time, reduce the carcinogens and colonic mucosal contact, to achieve the purpose of prevention of colon cancer.

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Three habits before going to bed, make you relaxed young 5 years old!

One: three habits of women before going to bed anti-aging: three good habits before going to bed, so you easily young 5 years old!

Here, to remind you female compatriots, do not stay up late and too much alcohol and tobacco. In this way, no matter how good your body, the skin and more stick, youth will soon be exhausted. So, every night do not sleep more than 11:30, every day to drink enough water, eat enough fruits and vegetables in order to really keep the youth.

In addition, sleep is the golden age of beauty, and insist on three small habits before going to bed, can help you delay aging, so that age caused by skin problems no longer troubled.

First, before going to bed a move, bodybuilding figure show

Before going to sleep, you can lie in bed to do some simple small exercise, relax your body, is also good for physical and mental health Oh!

First lying on the bed, raised his legs raised, from top to bottom to massage. Legs continue to lift do not put down, or L-shaped wall to lie down, this action can help thin leg fat.

And then lie flat, legs were hanging in the mid-air 90 degrees position, 45 degrees position, and 30 degrees position, each angle about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or you can insist on the limit. This action can shape the muscles of the thighs.

You can lie on the bed, legs shrink in the chest, chest close to the thigh, his hands straightened in the ears next to the elbow above the palm of your hand attached to the bed. This action can help rule out the stool.

Two, five fingers into a comb, keep hair

We know that the head of the people who focus on several important points, through the combing process of stimulation, can play a massage effect.

First with a comb hair comb, starting from the forehead, from the top down comb, strength moderate.

And then use your fingers, gently massage the scalp, with their fingers from the ear, neck hair and forehead hair root parts to the top of the card to open, and then focus on rubbing the top. So repeated more than 30 times, feel scalp so far.

This action can help clear the blood of the brain, so that the brain get enough oxygen. So as to achieve improved memory, protect hair roots, consolidate hair follicles, eliminate brain fatigue and other effects.

Third, hot feet, blood to help blood

Feet are the farthest part of the human heart, not easy to get oxygen and blood, coupled with now is the winter, it is more likely to be cold to stimulate the blood vessels, so that blood vessels shrink, blood supply difficult.

However, the foot is another point of the human body acupuncture points, if the lack of blood supply, will affect the liver, kidney and other parts of the normal operation. So, before going to bed with a warm bubble of a foot bath, to promote the body's blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of many good.

In particular, you can add water in the foot bath of Chinese herbal medicine, because the feet tendon acupuncture points more, can be a good absorption of water in the drug composition. If you want to slow down the lumbar and lumbar pain, you can put angelica, Chuanxiong; if you want to slow down dizzy, you can put chrysanthemum, Prunella; if it is to Qushi athlete's foot, then put wormwood and so on.

Small change to sleep "sleep beauty"

Change 1: 10 o'clock every day began to sleep beauty sleep Some people mistakenly think that the more time to sleep the skin repair time is more, but in fact the skin's metabolic function from 10 pm to 2 am between the most active stage, in the past few hours, if you can guarantee Sleep, while using their own anti-aging skin care products, sleep becomes a genuine "age-restraint." If too early to lie in bed may also lead to insomnia, so as long as the beginning of 10:00 ready to sleep on it.

Change 2: Say goodbye to sleeping pills Sleeping pills conceal the problem of sleep, and did not solve the deep problem of insomnia. Many studies of sleep have found that both prescription and prescription are harmful in the long run. They are highly addictive and potentially dangerous. For short-term use, perhaps sometimes need some sleeping pills, but after a period of time, they will only make the situation of insomnia worse, not better. If you take sleeping pills for a while, ask the doctor to help you develop a set of health methods, from their dependence. Taking sleeping pills and can not let you sleep a "beauty", a long time and even harm your health!

Change 3: Turn off the bedside lamp before going to bed In fact, sleep is not the most important, the key is to turn off the lights, because the cells need a melatonin called self-repair, and night light on the retina, will greatly reduce melatonin production, thus affecting Repair of the skin. Can listen to music in the dark or meditation, can be a good way to relax the nerves. So, to sleep real beauty, please develop the habit of turning off the lights to sleep.

Two: the inspiration of animal sleep habits

Enlightenment of animal revelation of animal sleep habits

Guinea baboons

Guinea baboons usually sleep on the top of the tree. Their sleeping position is very strange: ass sitting on his heel. This sleeping position helps keep them alert when they are asleep. It is also observed that baboons will use yawning to intimidate their enemies.

Revelation: how wonderful life is. In order to retain life to enjoy life, sleep is not so comfortable is worth it.


A distinctive feature of the dormouse is hibernation. They sleep six months a year, and if the weather is cool, they will sleep longer. During hibernation, sometimes they will wake up briefly and eat some food that is stored in advance.

Revelation: home with food, you can sleep a sense of security.

Hazel Dormouse

Hazel Dormouse is a kind of dormouse. They can balance themselves in the branches for a long time (they choose the trees are usually their own familiar trees), as long as the branches of a quiver, they will wake up. When awake, most of the time they are feeding on the branches. They would rather be around a lot of detours, nor down to the ground, so that their exposure to danger.

Revelation: In order to be safe, sometimes it must be detours.


Frogs are one of the most well known hibernators. For example, the northern leopard frog is to stay under the ice in the lake under the winter. They are quietly in the deep water at the bottom of the lake. The frog's body has some natural antifreeze chemicals that protect the body, and some species of frogs can even be alive after a few weeks of frost, no heartbeat and breathing.

Revelation: silence is not terrible, terrible is that you have no talent. As long as talented, will eventually usher in thawing moment.

Swan 's Night Thrush

Swan's nightbird is also called the tree, is a kind of body size of the dove class, during the day, it will play hundreds of nap, but only a few seconds each time. In the process of migration, this "mini-sensation" is helpful for the physical recovery of this migratory birds.

Revelation: work and rest is very important, or in the middle of life will be dangerous. "Labor" to have degrees, "Yi" also have degrees.


Dolphins and other large marine mammals are always open with one eye, keep half awake to keep some degree of awake and need to breathe and take care of those possible dangers. They sleep when only one side of the cerebral hemisphere into the slow wave of sleep. This unusual sleep technique allows dolphins to remain vigilant against natural enemies at all times.

Revelation: It is not wrong to do something to stay.

Green ducks

When the green ducks sleep is always in a row. Through observation, people found in front and back of the team are often sentry. Set the sentry, is to make the middle of the companions more sleepy.

Revelation: It is so important to have a good relationship with people. Ultimately, the benefit is both sides.

Three: sleep habits to see personality

Lying in bed, maybe you will not think that sleep will actually reveal the character.

Dr. Simon Williams of Wavick University in the UK wrote the following eight types of sleepers in the latest issue of Sociology, according to time, place, performance, etc.

Social type of people most likely to wake up, as early as the mother of women, the slightest cry of the newborn can wake them; narrow sleepers put their sleep in the first place, such people are often grumpy; selfish people Hear the child crying regardless of, or know that their snoring is not the slightest guilt;

People who are helpless, regardless of time and place, want to sleep; nap type people usually take the time to take a bus to take a nap but will not ride the station, this person is more reasonable time planning;

Lucky people are more concerned about their feelings, they believe that enough sleep to work; sleep type mostly women, they are more willing to escape in life; sleepwalking type is more prone to violent tendencies.


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Massage makes me so happy

I am a professional Chinese massage technician, a professional massage in Xi'an work, because my real and upright, and soon be the boss responsible for the management of business, in addition to the routine management of the massage shop, he will give guests massage, Although it is hard all day long, but I am particularly happy, this may be my mother said the labor of life.

I am away from work to accept massage appointment, mainly male health care, prostate care, genital health care, essential oils push back for middle-aged successful people to ease the pressure to relieve fatigue massage. Generally I am 6:30 pm after work according to the guests to provide the hotel address to his massage service, almost all of the clients to travel to Xi'an business people, the overall quality is quite high. I like to give high quality people massage, they do not have too much demand, and pay happy, with the lyrics that you are happy so I am happy. I am comfortable with his massage happy, and he paid to the service is also happy to pay, can be said to be happy.

Many people in my massage will chat with me, brighter chat, I and this person who can talk to, like the chemical magnesium ion activity ability is particularly strong, and I can let the massage more relaxed by the more Happy, you can hearty experience of traditional Chinese medicine massage fun.

I am healthy, intelligent thinking, full of vitality, a person free life, looks no more than 40 years old, like 30 early look. I especially like the massage work, some friends to ridicule me is not like the hobby of men, so choose male health massage, massage in the hotel for men to take the opportunity to massage the male male to meet their own desire? I laughed that there may be many such ingredients, but not all men like to be harassed, Moreover, I am a professional massage technician should have the professional ethics, I would like to use their superb massage technology and personality charm for their own reputation The Happy is my massage from all over the country friends, all satisfied with my massage level and good quality, to make friends satisfied and let their own spiritual material double harvest, I am happy smile.

Because the choice of massage career, I also understand a lot of health knowledge, their physical health better, the state of the morning is accompanied by every day I wake up from sleep, to meet another bright day. Morning Bo is a gesture, the morning bo is a kind of capital, the morning bo is a man's pride, my morning Bo proved my energetic, accompanied by Chen Bo is the lingering desire of sex, so I am a person's habits , I have many ways to self-reliance to solve their desire for sexual desire, masturbation ability can be said to let many people catch up.

I am now engaged in massage in Xi'an, there are many friends suggested that I go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, as the city massage, you can earn more money. I really like the 13 ancient capital of Xi'an, Xi'an is a modern metropolis, I stay in Xi'an waiting to greet many of the many to Xi'an, attracted to find my friends booking my massage. I think the vast sea of ??people can find me massage, we can finally reach a consensus experience of a unforgettable Chinese massage, which is fate.

I am going to work for myself, one to improve their income, one to improve their ability to communicate, but also for their own future massage studio to accumulate experience and money. I will not feel tired to give up their own ideals, do their favorite things do not feel tired, massage is something I particularly like, I do not feel tired and particularly happy.

People who trust others are wise and trust is a kind of happiness. If a friend from afar to Xi'an and trust me to make an appointment me massage, I will be particularly happy and happy. If someone wants to make an appointment me to massage but to doubt me, as I can not believe through the massage to get money, I do not do any explanation, big deal not only massage, after all, I am more people booking.

I know that this world is not all people can become friends, not everyone has fate encounter an unexpected happy experience. I am a traditional Chinese medicine masseur, I have been happy in Xi'an, the wind raised his own flag, waiting for every person willing to accept a healthy call, I will be healthy and happy happy to my friend said: Met you is a kind of edge, you met me is a blessing. Because of me, health will escort for you!

Now, I live in the beautiful Xi'an, is a professional excellent Chinese medicine massage technician, in the massage industry has been working for 4 years, also began a business venture booking home to make a living line, my full-time 2 years of booking out of the massage awareness Friends from all over China, massage experience told me integrity, professional, healthy, friendly, safe service, will definitely usher in their own market.

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Xi'an, the ancient "Chang", "Gao Jing", is the capital of Shaanxi Province, is located in the middle of the Guanzhong Plain, north of the Weihe River, South Qinling, eight water Runan. The city has 10 districts and 3 counties, with a total area of ??10108 square kilometers. The end of 2014 the resident population of 8.6275 million, of which the urban population of 6.2644 million.

The Western Zhou Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the 13 dynasties built their capital in the Xi'an area (the year of which was 1077), and the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty, . Is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, the starting point of the Silk Road. Changgung Palace, Sui Daxing City, Tang Daming Palace, Xingqing Palace and so on to outline the "Changan complex."

The Western Zhou Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the 13 dynasties built their capital in the Xi'an area (the year of which was 1077), and the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty, . Is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation, the starting point of the Silk Road. Changgung Palace, Sui Daxing City, Tang Daming Palace, Xingqing Palace and so on to outline the "Changan complex."

Xi'an is one of the best tourist destinations in China, one of the civilized cities and one of the important scientific and educational centers in China. , Tang Changan City Daming Palace site, Han Chang'an City Weiyang Palace site, Hing Temple tower. With Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology 7 985 or 211 engineering university.

Evolution of Xi'an Institution

Xi'an is the first national historical and cultural city published by the State Council. There are 13 dynasties in the history, including Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang. They are one of the four ancient capitals of the world. They were once the capital and politics of China. , Economic and cultural center for over 1100 years. As early as 1 million years ago, Lam Tin ancient human built settlements here; 7000 years ago Yangshao culture period, there has been the embryonic form of the wall; in 2008, Xi'an Gao Ling Yang Guanzhai unearthed more than 6,000 years ago Neolithic Age Late city ruins, was selected as the first Chinese archaeological discoveries, which is found in China so far the earliest urban sites, but also the history of Xi'an city to 6000 years ago to promote the late Neolithic Age. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, more than 200 heads of state and dignitaries have visited Xi'an, including the United Nations Secretary-General, the President of the United States, the Russian President, the German Chancellor, the French President, the Queen of England, the Emperor of Japan and the President of South Korea.

In ancient times, the "Lantian ape-man" to multiply here; Neolithic "Banpo ancestors" in the establishment of tribes, Banpo people's economic life, agricultural production occupies a very important position, they burn trees, cultivate farmland, Millet and other dryland crops. At that time people engaged in production activities using the tools are stone, animal bones, antlers and pottery and other manufacturing. In addition to food production, Banpo people have begun to grow vegetables. Livestock breeding industry has emerged at the time, when raising livestock and pigs are two kinds of pigs, mainly pigs. Hunting, fishing was also an important production activities.

On the basis of archaeological excavations in 1957, built on the spot Banpo Museum in Xi'an, built in April 1958 and officially opened to the outside world, is China's first Neolithic Site Museum, is also the first new prehistoric settlement sites Museum .About 3000 square meters, a semi-crypt type houses, cellar hole, circle and the role of protection and flood discharge from the ditch ditch and other sites, more complete preservation of Banpo primitive society of the original village.

Xi'an, in the Western Zhou Dynasty known as "Feng-ho." "Feng-ho", is the King of Zhou and Wang Zhou Wang Feng Jing and Gao Jing were built together. Western Zhou Bo Ji Chang (Zhou Wen Wang) in Xi'an this city southwest to build Fengjing, the subjects moved from the Qishan Zhou Yuan. And the fate of Ji hair (King Wu of Zhou) in the east coast of Fengshui to build ho Beijing. The latter as the political center, the former as a religious, cultural center, collectively known as "Zong Zhou", for the beginning of Xi'an city. King Wu to eliminate the establishment of the Zhou Dynasty, the Feng-ho for all, as the beginning of Xi'an as the capital.

Western Zhou Bo Ji Chang (Zhou Wen Wang) in Xi'an this city southwest to build Fengjing, the subjects moved from the Qishan Zhou Yuan. And the fate of Ji hair (King Wu of Zhou) in the east coast of Fengshui to build ho Beijing. The latter as the political center, the former as a religious, cultural center, collectively known as "Zong Zhou", for the beginning of Xi'an city. King Wu to eliminate the establishment of the Zhou Dynasty, the Feng-ho for all, as the beginning of Xi'an as the capital.

Metropolis Xianyang, most of the area in Xi'an this area, terra cotta warriors and horses in the territory of Xi'an in this (located in Lintong District, Xi'an). Qin's ancestral temple in the south bank of the Weihe River, Jing Ke assassination of the Qin Dynasty, took place in the Qin Zhang Taiwan Palace (later Han Wei palace Qian Dian); Lian Po Lin Hsiang-ju, Qin palace layout has not yet formed Miyagi, Imperial and three hall layout. Qin Xianyang city across the Weihe River north and south.

In 202 BC, Liu Bang took power, in Chang'an (now Xi'an city northwest suburb of Seoul) to establish the Western Han dynasty. Liu Bang are off, take the meaning of the local Changan Township, established the name of "Chang", which means "long-term stability."

Han Chang'an City is located in the Guanzhong Plain south of the Weihe River, an area of about 36 square kilometers. In the Western Han Dynasty, as the capital of Chang'an City has been the country's political, economic and cultural center, but also the history of China's first large-scale, many residents of the city. Han Chang'an is built on the basis of the site of Qin Xianyang, "Historical Records": "Han Chang'an, Qin Xianyang also", Zhang Heng "Xijing Fu": West Han Chang'an "is Qin system, cross-week" Figure sequence "also says:" Wu Zhao, Xianyang rule, to the Han Dynasty. " Qin Xianyang from the Huiwen Wang later, continue to expand southward, in the south of the Weihe River to build a chapter, Xing Lok Palace, the Oasis of the Spring and Autumn Annals of the Qin Dynasty, Palace, the letter Palace, the Housing Palace and seven temples and other buildings. Liu Bang won the world, the Lou Jing, Zhang and other persuasion, capital of Chang'an. Repair of the palace of Qin Xingle Changle Palace, built on the basis of Qin Zhang Weiyang Palace. Han Chang'an city is built on the basis of the Qin capital Xianyang, indicating the location of the capital is Han Cheng Qin system. Han palace in this city of Xi'an in the Preservation Zone, located in the north of the North Second Ring, and the Han Dynasty Emperor Wu Emperor Emperor tomb, in this Xianyang City. After the opening of the Silk Road, Chang became the center of Oriental civilization, known as the "West of Rome, Chang'an East."

At the end of the Western Han Dynasty in 9 years, large Sima Wang Mang formally proclaimed Emperor, Chang Chang'an as "Chang An".In 582, Sui Wendi orders in the city of Xi'an Changan southeast of this city of Xi'an to build a new capital Daxing city. Sui opened the country at the beginning, the capital is still the old city of Chang'an, due to war, dilapidated. Therefore, the Sui Wendi to give up the north of the dragon head of the original Chang'an City, Yu Long Shou to the south of Changan city southeast to choose a new site, the construction of Metro Daxing city.

After the capital Chang'an Chang, Changed the city for the Sui Daxing City, and carried out renovation and expansion. Emperor Taizong Zhenguan eight years (AD 634), in the original foreign Guo Cheng northeast of the original building on the original Daming Palace. After the years and continue to build walls, tower, Xingqing Palace and other buildings. Miyagi completely coincides with this Xi'an, the palace and the city of Xi'an this city wall coincides. Imperial mausoleum of the Tang Dynasty, such as Zhaoling, Qianling, and so most of the territory in this Xianyang City. In the Tang Dynasty, Tang Shihaling all in the jurisdiction of the county government Jingzhao, Qianling Mukden is Jingzhao Mukden.

Since the Sui Dynasty Emperor Kaihuang two years (AD 582), to the emperor Yongzheng five years (AD 654 years) basically ready, which lasted 72 years. City area of ??84.1 square kilometers, the layout of the planning and tidy, something strictly symmetrical, sub-Miyagi, Imperial City and the outline of the three major cities. The layout of urban structure fully embodies the grand feudal society during the grand style, in the history of Chinese architecture, urban history has epoch-making influence.

Five Dynasties, the rear beam to Jingzhao government for the Yongzhou, located in Daan House, after the Tang Dynasty to Daan House for Jingzhao House. Song Dynasty home Shaanxi Road, Yongxing military after the home. Zhao Kuangyin unified China, had intended to move the capital Chang'an, and finally because of subordinates opposed, had to give up the Jin Dynasty Yongxing military road to Jingzhaofu road.

The beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, Chang'an city still follow the scope of Han Jian "new city", and use the name of Jingzhao government. To yuan nine years (AD 1272), the Yuan Zucai closed its three sons for the Anxi King, guarding their land, built the West Palace. Yuan sixteen years (AD 1279) then the Jingzhao House for Anxi Road. Later, due to the rebellion of King Anxi, Anxi country was withdrawn. The first year of Emperor (1312 AD), but also changed Anxi Road to Fengyuan Road. According to Li Haowen in "Changan map" in the painting "Fengyuan City map", surrounded by only one door, South Gate East, North Gate West, East and West are not symmetrical, the city building is also no symmetrical pattern. Market concentrated in the northwest corner of the city, a horse city, sheep and Qinchuan station. Northeast corner of Prince Edward House (Ming and Qing Dynasty Palace), Temple, the hospital and so on. Marco Polo in the Yuan Dynasty twelve years (1275) traveled here, wrote: "the city is very magnificent, for the city of Jingzhao Guo ... ... the city industrial and commercial prosperity, silk production, the people of all kinds of Jin Jin silk silk ... ... The things which are necessary are in the city, and the value is very cheap.

Ming formed the pattern of today's Xi'an, Xi'an name also originated in the Ming Dynasty. Ming Hongwu two years (AD 1369) in March, the great generals into the soldiers Feng Yuan Xu Da, the Ming government that changed to Feng Yuan Road, Xi'an House.Hongwu three years (AD 1370), Zhu Yuanzhang Seventh son of the Qin Dynasty. In the same year the northeastern corner of Xi'an city government began to build Qin palace. Hongwu seven years (AD 1380) and Hongwu seventeen years (AD 1384) were the construction of the Drum Tower (the first year of the Ming Dynasty) Clock Tower, its location and the Yuan Dynasty when the King House and the clock tower is no different.

Hongwu twenty-four years (AD 1391) Zhu standard West after Xi'an, had proposed to move the capital of Xi'an, but he returned to Nanjing after the dead.Xi'an city in the Qing Dynasty is still set, but in the northeast of the city to build a Manchu garrison, built in the southeast of the city of Han garrison, as well as an increase in the southwest of the bell tower of the governor cloth hospital. Boxer of the change, the Empress and Emperor Guangxu to escape in Xi'an for up to a year.

October 22, 1911, after the outbreak of the Revolution of 1911 in Xi'an also broke out armed uprising, accounting for about a quarter of the total area of ??the city by the rebels captured and burned into a dead city in Xi'an.In 1921, Feng Yuxiang first supervised Shaanxi, in the original Qin Wangfu city (eight flag field) to modify housing, stationed troops.On the eve of the Anti-Japanese War, the National Government had established the preparatory committee of the National Government Xijing.

During the war, Henan and other places fell, a large number of refugees along the Longhai Road into Xi'an, mainly in the railway station and Shangren Road (now Jiefang Road) area. Shang Ren Road, the rapid development of a new business district, the city's commercial center of gravity began to focus on the eastern part of the city.After the long march of the CCP, the northern part of the province became the Soviet area and Xi'an became the important front line of the Kuomintang, where the Xi'an Incident occurred.

May 20, 1949 Xi'an liberation, is the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border city.In 1950 by the Northwest Military and Political Committee leadership, in January 27, 1953Northwest Military CommissionThe Northwest administrative committee jurisdiction, Xi'an is the Northwest administrative committee.March 12, 1953, to the central municipality directly under the central government for the country, one of the 12 central municipalities; June 19, 1954 to provincial cities.

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